Love Rain Releases Official Stills and Drama Website Opens

I was so moo-ry last night a bunch of friends texted me to make sure I wasn’t about to leap off the proverbial balcony. Moo-ry is a word used in the Koala household, it means to be mopey and crabby. What can I say, I like coining my own lingo. One friend said this “Now you know how I feel when Yoona was casted in Raining Shit” (said person shall remain nameless). She actually managed to make me crack a smile with that line, but yeah, that about sums it up. She’s pretending her BF Seok is off in the army during this potential drama debacle, so I’ve decided to likewise pretend ShiGe is off traveling in Egypt again with HongMi and the four of them are happy as baby clams.

Turns out our conversation was just serendipitous because this morning the official drama website for Love Rain launched in anticipation of the drama’s premiere on March 26th on KBS. It will be taking over the Mon-Tues time slot of Dream High 2. Starring Jang Geun Seok, Yoona, Kim Si Hoo, Son Eun Seo, Seo In Guk, and Hwang Bora, the drama is helmed by Seasons PD Yoon Seok Ho with a story spanning two generations where the parent generation fell in love but couldn’t be together, and their children meet in the modern times and have another go at it. Seok plays a painter in the 70s and the photographer son in 2012. I have zero expectations for this drama, but if the cinematography is pretty I would love to take some screencaps. Check out the first set of official stills showing all the characters, and of course the titular love rain. There is even an umbrella on the title logo. Heh.


Love Rain Releases Official Stills and Drama Website Opens — 32 Comments

  1. Who is shige and hongmi?! But I know I’ll be joining them cos Egypt is where I’m going on holiday this year…D

    So yeah zero expectations for this drama, I really don’t like it when they cast idols in main roles unless I’m sure they are REALLY good and I’ve never liked YoonA, I dunno she seems like a doll..plastic… (no offense) I really wanted Han hyo joo for this role she would have been perfect with seokie. Oh well nothing we can do except lament lost hopes..

    • Hi there, for your info, Yoona the doll plastic, has won few awards for her acting in You Are My Destiny and Cinderella Man! But anyway, with more people like you who always like to say negative comments on Yoona, instead of making her fall, actually will make her more popular with your bashings!!!

    • I’ll just be fair to yoona here
      She might have had a little jaw work done but she’s like Park Shi Yeon
      She was pretty before the surgery too and didnt really need it
      So yoona is actually less plastic than most actresses in kdrama land who get the (Nose+eyes+jaw) done.

      having said that i think yoona is pretty bad as an actor
      and I’m not a fan of the teary autumn tale stuff so i’ll pass.

  2. This drama is reminiscent of The Classic, a film starring Song Ye Jin. I find his dramas cliche and dated but I am sure the cinematography will be very pretty. I actually enjoyed PD Yeon Seok Ho ‘s Autumn Tale( my first kdrama) and Winter Sonata when I first got into Kdramas years ago, but by the time Summer Scent and Spring Waltz came out, my cold jaded heart refused to be moved by them sappy story lines.

    Of course, I will check it out, but I have no great expectations.

    • I know, these dramas are dated, korea and its hallyu following have moved on from this. That is the reason I was so happy Han Hyo Joo didn’t pick this, even as her fan I wouldn’t of been able to stomach watching this dreadful sounding plot line. But despite all this I know that I am speaking too soon, and they may pull this off in a unique way- maybe like they handled Will It Snow For Christmas. But then again that drama had pretty experienced actors so not really holding my breath for this one.

  3. the teaser photo of the raining and umbrella scene remind me of autumn’s concerto…but as i watched all of autumn’s concerto NO RUNNING INTO AN UMBRELLA SCENE HAPPENED and i was quite disappointed…..hmmm i’ll check this drama out not really on the top of my list though

    • I was thinking about the exact same scene as well. I was pissed that the scene never came out!!! Actually, I was thinking that may be I missed that scene and went back to watching key episodes to find it.

      The atmosphere in the drama seems moody and very melo. And I’m not a fan of Yoona. Too bad Geun Seok picked this drama.. After YAB, I didn’t like any of his other works even if I want to like them so much.

  4. snsd members should be barred from acting… I’m feeling mean tonight, I admit it. Especially since Jessica Jung hijacked Wild Romance from my wonderful Lee Si Young. I can’t say I’m excited about this one. It’s very pretty looking but seems kinda boring. I’m feeling too jaded for young love right now.

    • I agree. SNSD should stick to being famous for being ajusshi-bait. (Though I actually really like Seohyun from watching her with Jung Yong-hwa in We Got Married.) Failing that, idols should have to go through auditions like everyone else, and should NOT be put in starring roles opposite actual serious actors. JGS is going to eat her for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and not in a salacious-fun way, either.

    • Agree, I’m still bitter about Jessica’s casting in WR. I can only imagine how much better it would have been with someone who could actually act like a human being. 🙁

  5. Sounds so ‘Easy Fortune Happy Life’ to me…. no expectations for this at all.The same with Dream High (both) just watched a bit and was like meh… I’ll just watch the cuts where they sing… The only recent musical/high school related drama I enjoyed was “What’s up” even if there are a few points to be raised about it as well.

  6. looking forward to rooftop prince so this one is going to be out of my zone too.. I love JGS.. but watching yoona is a total fail.. I glanced at Wild Romance too and to find that another SNSD girl is going into acting is just bleh.. they should just stick to looking pretty dance and sing. Enough said.

    • I guess you haven’t seen Yoona in You are My Destiny, which is worth a look for unintentional laughs and a study in bad acting.

  7. I’m a JGS fan…but not so much Yoona although I do like Girls’ Generation as a group. ^_^
    I do hope this drama turn out good though. There going to be lots of tears? You betcha! haha! Who knows, I’ll wait and see until then.

  8. I really miss Jang Geun Suk…and for him and him alone (and maybe that beautiful cinematography YSH is known) I’m looking forward to this drama….Kim Shi Hoo and Hwang Bora are both adorable too..maybe I’ll watch just to see where it ends up

  9. Yoona the person seems harmless enough and is quite funny in real life but by gosh is she duller than cardboard onscreen. There was a glimmer of hope when she was the young writer in “9 Ends 2 Outs” (pre-idoldom) but “Your My Destiny” and “Cinderella’s Man” squashed that glimmer like a bug. I wonder had she just left SNSD early on and really focused on acting training if she would of improved rather than go on this downward trend. Anyways as much as I like Jang Geun Suk the actor, I am bit allergic to SNSD members as actresses (most of SM entertainment idol-actors for that matter) so I will have to pass on this one . There are far too many potentially great dramas in March for me to waste my time trying to discern just what emotion Yoona is trying to make in a scene.

  10. Looks pretty, but I probably won’t be very attached to this drama. I’m unsure about Yoona’s acting and I’ve never felt that love about Jang Geun Seok. And the movie “Classic” first came to my mind when hearing about this drama. But the pictures do look beautiful.

  11. I like Yoona, but I really hope her acting has improved a lot. I love JKS, and i really hope that Love Rain will make him popular in Korea. It is nice to see him act in this type of genre, it is quite different from his previous dramas.

    PD Yoon and the writer did not have any successful drama after Winter Sonata but their previous 2 collaboration all have high ratings. I hope Love Rain will be good too. Even though, the plot might not be the type that people love recently, i think it is nice to see a change from the normal K dramas we seen nowadays.

    By the way, a super short 13s teaser is out. It seems romantic although i can’t see their faces.

    • oh noexz!!! the music sounds very soap opera-like. But I do wish that this will turn out to be ok. Why does it feel like JKS has been making not-so-wise choices in the kinds of roles he has been doing since YB? Someone noted before that this also coincides with him managing himself^^–so maybe no one dares tells the boss his choices are crappy. I just wish to see him do stuff that stretches him out as an actor. In his documentary, he complains about not being acknowledged for his acting in Korea. Well, the problem with that was lately his choices aren’t really that stellar. Before he was getting awards for work that was really deserving of it.

      Anyway, having said all of that, I wish that Love Rain won’t at least be puke-worthy, ‘coz, yeah, casting Yoona, the narrative, the sound, the other co-actors and the 70s hair are turn-offs for me as a viewer. I hope that it will turn out to be better than I thought—for JKS sake.

  12. i am sure for this upcoming success of this drama , i am also certain about progress which has been made by yoona ,she has dealt with several efforts to give the greatest sense for it,for those freaking craps who do know nothing of yoona , i beg u to shut your barmy mouth for commenting about yoona up to you watch yoona”s acting in this upcoming drama, u must check this
    even the expert said “yes” he does know about acting and facial expressing,how could amateurs such u all bravely bragged about yoona’s. pathetic!

  13. Han Hyo Joo why why you could not be in this role? :(… I don’t have many expectations for this drama I’m a fan of Jang Geun Suk, but I’m not a fan of horrible acting of Yoona (no offense to the sones), but hey we’ll see that this is, although I don’t have high hopes

  14. Big fan of JKS! I am confident he will do a great job portraying both Seo in ho and Seo joon! I hope viewers can give Yoona a chance. With the help of veteran director and co-stars, we might see her improve on this one. I can sense great chemistry between JKS and Yoona. All the best for LOVE RAIN!

  15. Lately, Sukie’s dramas don’t give me the same thrill anymore….. sigh. I’m not a fan of SNSD so will give this a miss.

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