MoonSun Finale Might Air this Week as PD Returns to MBC from Strike

Recently minted “national drama” The Moon that Embraces the Sun was supposed to air its final two episodes this week, but in a case of drama outside the drama, the PD of this entire operation recently booked it to join the month long ongoing MBC strike. Bravo to the PD for standing up for his beliefs, but OMG I feel so bad for the fans of the drama and the overworked cast and crew who are left dangling. Initially the rumor was both episodes will be preempted this week, but the latest news is that PD Kim has returned to set and aims to finish all primary filming by March 8th since that is the last day leads Kim Soo Hyun and Jung Il Woo can film due to their jam packed schedules. Talk about cutting it close.

Latest news has MBC airing a special on Wednesday, which will focus on the child actors. I hate to belabor the point, but those darn kids and their story line was the only good thing about this drama. Even poor Soo Hyun is just half-mailing it in at this point. Thursday’s broadcast remains unclear, whether one episode will air, both episodes will air, or once again a special will air.

Here’s what I think: if within the next 10 hours enough footage is shot and edited for episode 19, then MBC will likely yank the special they cobbled together and go ahead and broadcast MoonSun. King 2Hearts is ready to air, and this drama’s ratings are through the roof and its fans will be clamoring for their sure to be peachy King+Queen=Happily Ever After ending. I’m glad I bailed, but I still don’t know why this drama ended up being so dull and flat for me. I’m glad other folks continue to love it, and hope this last minute craziness doesn’t drive you all bonkers.


MoonSun Finale Might Air this Week as PD Returns to MBC from Strike — 24 Comments

  1. I really hope this airs! Though I understand MoonSun’s blatantly obvious flaws and though I can name off the top of my head at least five historical dramas that are better in (most) aspects, for some reason this show is my jam! I absolutely adore it. So I really hope the finale isn’t delayed. But at the same time, I don’t want it to be rushed and poorly edited either. But, ah, confliction!!

  2. It was a limited return, for a scene or two, and he’s gone back to join the picket lines again. As I understand, they don’t have enough for ep. 19, even less for ep. 20. There’s also the matter of post-production necessitating the main PD. If they can’t find a stand-in, I don’t see it happening this week.

  3. Isn’t the whole point of striking is to strike, not to go back, film some stuff, and then go back to the strike? That seems to defeat the point.

    While I’d love for K2H and Rooftop Prince to start on time (the latter also moved its airing date one week so as to avoid clashing with the end of M/S) and for God of War not to be affected (don’t care for M/S other than feeling bad for its fans), I think what they are striking over is very important, so good luck to them! Hold out as long as necessary, guys!

    • I’m with the strikers too! I’ll willingly wait another week if that means that hard-working drama crews can negotiate for their rights. I hope they’re successful at delaying the drama because a) it’s frankly about as complex as a soggy biscuit, b) I can bet you my back teeth the finale is going to be a Happy Reunion and Rightful Ascent to the Throne ie, totally predictable. The only good thing is that this is sure to catapult Kim Soo Hyun and Kim Min Seo to bigger and better roles.

      Hmmm, I think the delay will be in the post-production and editing. As per dramabeans, filming with the actors is about to finish since they’re booked solid afterwards, but the editing and directing team has refused to post-produce the episodes.

  4. I actually gave up watching Kdrama for Lent. Thanks to you, I’ve replaced watching kdramas with reading and re-reading your beautiful english translation(s) of Da Mo Yao and what ever “crumbs” (from Yun Zhong Ge) that falls off the master Koala’s table. : )

  5. I wonder if it is IMPOSSIBLE for the two doing the CFs to move those filmings, rather than rush the finale of this one?
    Am I living in a dream world?

  6. Koala unni, I watched it raw links.. I stopped watching it on episode 13 half with english subs.. It is kind of getting bored.. Will you be doing a baby recap/full recap of Rooftop Prince koala unni?

  7. Ah how could I not agree with you? Have been following this drama crazily in the beginning but now just hope that it ends so king2Hearts can start! Everything was so beautiful in the first 6 episodes and things started to go down hill. Unfortunately KSH and JIW still didn’t nail it. Guess could only blame on their chemistry with female lead. Ah that frustrate me! But since I have K2H and RTP everything seems fine ^*

  8. Oh no!! According to Dramabeans’ blog it is not gonna air and so……Rooftop Prince is delaying airing by a week. NOOOO! Worst news EVER!!!!

      • I know right? I can take MoonSun being delayed. I can even take not getting to see my Lee Seung Gi for another week because of the delay. But pushing back Rooftop Prince? So depressing!! I understand why but it’s just so disappointing!! T^T

  9. I actually just started watching this drama again after bailing in Episode 11 (or was it 12? Anyway, the draggy part). I just got caught up on all the episodes and excited again so this news kinda deflates me a bit but I’m certainly all for the strike. Political interference leading to media censorship is a big no-no in my book so I hope the strikers win this one. Dramabeans reports though, that the finale’s gonna air next week, not this week. Either way, I’m tuning in since they already got me. It certainly has its share of flaws but man, I wanna see my happily-ever-after.

  10. Auntie K
    While I do not watch MoonSun but hello I’m waiting for RoofTop Prince and King2Heart to start so if this messes with my Unnie ( Ha Ji Won) and Oppas ( Yoochun) premieres, I willnot be a happy playmate not one bit.
    MBC get your business straightened out and do the right thing sheesh, stop dragging the feet.

    I’m currently trying NOT to be a POed viewer but I can only hold off for so freaking long.

    MBC just Do Better!!!

  11. Er, you found it dull and flat because it’s kind of dull and flat? 😉

    To be fair, I only watched the odd episode here or there so I’m not exactly invested in the story arc. But what little I watched seemed terribly slow-paced and be-laboured. Inoffensive, but really extremely safe and predictable. It doesn’t help that the acting quality is, er, patchy; ranging from excellent to, er, … never mind … . I mean, I don’t expect a deep or profound work for a drama that is unshamedly geared at its target audience. But I kinda expect a bit more, oh I dunno, crack? Zip? Energy?

  12. From what I read they are able to film everything with the lead actors but are still airing specials because they are just too short handed to get the editing done for broadcast. As of the most recent news the final two episodes are going to be aired next week . As a result SBS has also decided to air specials next week and have rooftop prince air the following week on the 21st so it will go against King 2 Hearts instead of risking it against the moon/sun finale. No word on what kbs is going to do. Which means we have 2 weeks until we get to see our time traveling prince and his crazy sidekicks. I lost interest in moon/sun awhile ago but I do check in once in awhile, I am just not feverently waiting for the next episodes anymore. Regardless of the recent upswing in the story I feel that the drama dragged for far too long that from this point on all they can do is tie the loose ends for the sake of tying them rather than have a great suspenseful ending .

  13. the heroin has to have her own personal moon dillemas….aside from the royal servant although I’m not following….it’s not just the circumstance thrown at her….I’m just guessing 😉

  14. I really want to see the finale of my favorite drama right now, but I understand what they are doing is important and I can wait for it. As for after M/S finishes, I have no idea what I’ll watch since all that’s coming are Lee Seunggi and Yoochun dramas and that does not make me happy. Poor Ha Ji Won and Han Ji Min.

  15. I really love this drama its beautiful from the start to finish… And its really worth to
    wait until the end cause I am satisfied the ending of this drama… Thanks to MBC
    and to all the cast, staff, crew, director, writer & the PD of this drama. I really love
    it!…And special applause to “Kim Soo Hyun” he is really a great actor… I really
    like his acting from “Dream High” up to this drama his really great!… Well done!…
    Fighting!… Cheers!.

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