Love Rain with Jang Geun Seok and Yoona Premieres this Monday on KBS

When I saw the picture above, the first thing I yelped was “OMG, no way Lee Mi Sook plays the aged older version of Yoona‘s character from the 70s?!?” And then of course, a quick check confirms that, indeed, 70s version of Yoona’s character turns into Lee Mi Sook in 2012. I hope this is one of those casting specifically against the realm of possibility simply to make it funny. Because one is fire and brimstone and walking sex on legs and the other is……not. Despite being pre-sold to seemingly a bajillion countries, Love Rain with Jang Geun Seok and Yoona seems to be flying under the radar in terms of anticipation around the English drama blogs. You all know it’s premiering tomorrow on KBS, right? When I watched all the previews, I just realized that Yoon Seok Ho‘s brand of hyper-posed romanticism just comes across as anachronistic in this day and age. It’s been exactly ten years since Winter Sonata, so we’ll just have to see if the audiences are craving for more of Maestro Yoon’s brand of season-driven lovelorn angst. Read on for all the English-subbed trailers for Love Rain.

All previews for Love Rain (English-subbed):


Love Rain with Jang Geun Seok and Yoona Premieres this Monday on KBS — 26 Comments

      • Me too, the transition between the 70s and the modern time was shot & edited rather beautiful.

        I really cant wait for tomorrow.
        JGS looks more manly as well, Yoonas acting seems to be fine so far and they dont seem to be without any chemistry ๐Ÿ™‚
        The only thing to worry about is the story itself. I’m ready for fluffy, romantic, heartchaing story but I’m not sure whether the plot has enough story for 20 episodes without getting boring. But maybe there are some suprises here. ๐Ÿ™‚ Hoping for the best ^-^

      • Me, too!
        Love him especially.
        Have to say, any other writer, and I would be interested in the older couple’s story. But I just can’t do the pain, especially needless pain that goes on and on. Too happy? Let’s blind one of them! Cause that makes…no sense whatsoever!
        (Yes, I am bitter from WS, AimH, SumScent.) (I wised up before Spring Waltz could maim me.)

    • I rolled my eyes through this trailer…but yes its pretty

      However I did like that guy playing the second lead- he was in sunny right?….theres something about his eyes

  1. pretty picture & scene but the story… i guess it’ll go classic & maybe it could remind us why we’re so in love with Korean drama, hehe

  2. I agree…I can’t in the least imagine Yoona as a younger Lee Mi Sook…there’s just no fire or passion there….unless if Lee Mi Sook could be able to mellow down…i still dont know how i feel about watching this

  3. โ€œOMG, no way Lee Mi Sook plays the aged older version of Yoonaโ€˜s character from the 70s?!?โ€

    What?! That is insane, now I might have to watch it just to see how Lee Mi Sook portrays her character in 2012 because I can’t imagine her not being loud and crazy like she usually is.

    Maybe expectations are low because it’s a melo and melos aren’t exactly gobbled up by international fans as of late. Add to the fact that it comes from the guy that gave us the season dramas so you know it might be a crazy weepfest.

  4. I’m still on the fence about this. I’m not too much of a fan of Winter Sonata, et al (*ducks flying bicks*) and I’m lacking in opinion where Yoona is concerned, so I’m iffy. But I definitely will check out at least the first 2 episodes because I do like Jang Geun Seok. I might just be surprised. I’m open.

  5. Well I’ll wait and then decide whether this drama is good or not this Mon~Thu’s episodes, since I’m not really anticipating this drama much, since the day Yoona was cast as leading “actriss”, so I’ll wait and tolerat Yoona just for PD-nim and Sukkie! ^^

  6. how are they going to end the show becuase the younger new versions are their kids from their different partner
    while the older verison seems like they want to reuntied with each other
    when their own kids are falling in love
    isnt it weird having relationships like that having both parents and kids togther
    i hope you guys understand what im trying to say

    anyway after seeing the previews it actually changed my mind and saying give a chance i might actually like it so cant wait!!!

  7. “Where do I begin to tell the story of how great a love can be…I have no answer now, but this much I can say” It’s all in the hands of the Kdrama gods.

  8. It’s all there at the beginning…the breathless accidental closeness…meeting in the rain… unselfish umbrellas…hearts being torn and pulled in two directions…stolen glances and touches…the, parting.
    S L O O O O O O W forward through episode after episode of surpressed desires, chances not taken, unjust situations that most normal people would fer – reak out having to deal with. Spending time with despair and obstacles to true love. All this for what finally? In the last 2 minutes a glimpse of a hint of happiness?
    No ha-way!

  9. Great cinematography I ever watch …. This is like MOVIE quality. And …. Soe In Ha (JGS’s character) EYES was killing me ! Love eee

  10. so sad that even in this blog LR did not get attention to recap.. LR is really one of the best drama for 2012.. i been watching King2Hearts and Rooftop Prince… liking them too because it making me laugh especially rooftop prince.. hope you guys give LR a chance.. even yoona that everybody seems disappointed in her acting did well and likable character in LR..

    Praying and Wishing all the best for LOVE RAIN!!!

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