BTS of the Tender Fluttery Kiss in Episode 6 of The King 2 Hearts

I’m usually an happy customer when it comes to kiss scenes. Other then the dead fish lips, most kisses are squeeworthy since it brings the OTP closer together. Even if it makes no narrative sense, like the first kiss in Lie to Me. It still makes me happy. So when we get a kiss like the one at the end of episode 6 of The King 2 Hearts, which comes after some major emotional breakthrough, but still very tentative and tremulous. It’sĀ just amazing to watch. The editing on the actual scene purposely toned down the sizzling meter, so to see the real deal, check out the extended BTS of the filming for the scene. Those two were making out big time, but in a way that was really poignant because you can see the hesitation combined with the attraction. After this kiss, Ha Ji Won has officially proven that around her, Lee Seung Gi is a man’s man and no longer just a man boy cute puppy. Wed-Thurs are officially devoted to TK2H here at the playground.

Extended BTS of Episode 6 Kiss Scene:


BTS of the Tender Fluttery Kiss in Episode 6 of The King 2 Hearts — 18 Comments

  1. The whole episode was building towards this scene. Just a little disappointed that the editing toned it down a lot as if they were just touch lips and not doing a real kiss, I wonder why? Though the way the emotions just boiled over was really too hot to watch.

  2. Koala, just kill me already!! I have SOO much studying to do and here I am….otteoke? HJW’s perfect….I’ve only seen half of SG and this….when I watched SG I was shipping hard for her and HB and now you cannot even fathom…my DELUSIONAL heart just wants her and LSG to get together!! Yes, I’ve totally lost my heart and brains to this drama. LSG–with that kiss you cannot go back to being puppy, kreyo?

    • Kang Ah’s character never Kissed. So you expect her to be the good Kisser? The playboy who kissed a lot here is Jae Ha! LOL

      • So true! It was so much in her character. Who doesn’t remember the first kiss, even watching tones of movies/kissing scenes there is so much emotion. 100/100 points for her!

  3. Thank you, Koala-nim. By the way, where are they shooting to be dressed like this?
    I was wondering while watching ’cause I could always see them breathe xD
    I’m head over heels for this drama and sooo thankful for your updates on it :))

  4. They are going in on that kiss and I love it!!!

    Btw whoever is the stylist for K2H, Hi can you come live at my house and dress me from now on cuz I want all of HJW Unni’s outfits, please pretty please with a donut on top.

    YAY now I have a extra reason to like Wed/Thursday nites.

  5. I’ve always loved Lee Seung Gi but this is the first drama I have found him so manly and hot. When he is intense, he is actually smoldering. The boy is all grown up!

  6. Omg, multiple posts on the TK2H! I’m in heaven! Just so crazy about these two. They’re just the most amazing thing ever! Seunggi-ya, you’re not just a “national brother” anymore! You’re the man!!!

  7. They are totally makin out. (LOL) I agree with topper, too bad they cut it down. Ah well. Did anyone beside me notice LSG had problems standing up afterwards? *hehehe* Wonder why?

  8. The BTS is HOT! HOT! HOT! Sorching HOT!!!
    Why they cut it? But I will be too HOT~! I guess… haha~!

    When they start fooling around with wine, I knew something would happen but to have the king + HangAh’s father to catch them making out!!! Love it~! Behold the shocked face of the king~!

    This episode will help me survive to next Wed~! šŸ™‚

  9. What a nice take, such a passionate & a beautiful kissing scene, hope it continues until each and every episodes, thanks KOALA for bringing this up to us early and as always!

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