Ariel Lin Accepted C-drama King of Lan Ling Because of Star Crush on Daniel Chan

This story gets cuter every time Ariel is asked about it, and the TW-media is all over it right now. Ariel Lin has been even more of a media darling since her hit drama In Time With You really connected with viewers and critics alike. Folks were sad when she announced she would not do any more dramas due to the hectic shooting schedule and personal health reasons, so it was a happy surprise when she suddenly announced that she was accepting the lead in the C-period drama King of Lan Ling.

Despite her leading man being Feng Shao Feng, Ariel has confessed that she accepted the project solely because of the other lead Daniel Chan. Apparently Daniel was her first ever star crush, and when she was in 9th grade, she owned many laminated pictures of him  (over 200 so she admits) and he was plastered all over her bedroom wall. Tee hee, the chemistry in this drama is going to be so fascinating since in the drama, it’s Daniel’s character that is rabidly in love with Ariel, while she falls for Feng Shao Feng’s character.

It’s okay, Ariel, don’t be embarrassed. Go ahead and fulfill your star struck fantasy and oogle Daniel all you want for the next few months on the set of King of Lan Ling. We totally understand why. It’s not every day a girl gets to act opposite her idol. Every time Ariel is asked about Daniel, she starts giggling and blushing in interviews, it is so darn cute. King of Lan Ling starts filming shortly, and I’ll bring the stills from the set when its unveiled. Ariel has also revealed that her elder family members love seeing her in period dramas, so here’s to hoping she’ll do more period roles after this. I also love seeing her in period pieces. But as a period project, Ariel probably won’t see her crush Daniel in his more natural state. Boo for her (and us). Let’s let this picture tide Ariel over.


Ariel Lin Accepted C-drama King of Lan Ling Because of Star Crush on Daniel Chan — 18 Comments

  1. That is so cute! Ariel is still my favourite TW actress. I don’t usually watch Cdramas, but I might watch this just for her.

    Wow, I don’t blame her for having a crush. *fans self*

  2. I wonder if she loved his duet with Gigi as much as I did back then. Lol the man has aged well… He feel off my radar back in 2001 or something. But I remember seeing him on 100 entertainment singing his old songs and I swooned. Hehe. Brings back good memories.

    Excited to see them act together

  3. That is adorable!!!!….we all have our crazy star crushes when we are young but she is actually getting to play a love interest to her’s!!!…200 laminated pics??…LOL…I love her…reminds me of a friend of mine who had a similar obsession with Leo DiCaprio when we were teens..good times

  4. I’ve been rewatching They Kiss Again recently, and it’s only confirming my girl-crush on Ariel. It doesn’t hurt that she majored in Korean in college. I would be so epicly happy if she ever agreed to star in a Korean drama.

    • I LOVED her in TKA. XQ is honestly not such a likeable character, but she played her with such charisma and vulnerability, I was totally on her side even while rolling my eyes at her idiocy.

      And she speaks Korean?! I would love to see her in a kdrama too! That would be so awesome.

  5. I’m glad she decided to keep acting. I have seen too many times peoples health deteriorate more when they quit working. I sure hope she has an alternative to acting before she does stop altogether.

  6. *looks at last pic*

    What was the news again? Something… about periods. And a girl called April… Avril. Something. Yeah, and a cdrama… I think.


  7. Hmm … she got sucked back in by an old teen crush, and wouldn’t we all??? (Okay, NOT, for me, my Tom Cruise crush days are LONG over, thank you, Jesus.)

  8. I’m happy that ariel is starring in this drama for many reasons: the unique cast of Daniel Chen and Feng Shao Feng, a period drama after the condor heroes almost 5 yrs ago, this drama will tide us over during ariel’s year long stint studying in London, her second more matured image away from youngish roles.. I simply cannot wait!
    Ockoala, can u post link to the video where ariel blushes when asked about Daniel? Thanks. Much appreciated.

  9. Aww, Ariel. That’s alright. I don’t blame you having a crush on him. I’ve only seen her in “In Time With You” and the more I read news reports about her, the more I like her. I have to watch that film of hers with Bolin Chen.

  10. Aww, I remember reading about Ariel’s crush on Daniel. It’s awesome that they finally get to do a drama together, although I hope Ariel picked the drama for the script, too, haha ;D

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