Mid-Week Update on The King 2 Hearts

Just a reminder that there is no new episode of The King 2 Hearts today, as episode 7 is being preempted for elections and will air tomorrow back-to-back with episode 8. SBS is doing the same thing for Rooftop Prince, but KBS remains the lone channel of the three to maintain its regular programming. My gut tells me The Equator Man might become the Wed-Thurs leader going forward after this, with TK2H taking up the rear. Sometimes a preemption can completely change the ratings landscape. I hope it doesnโ€™t happen, but I love TK2H regardless of its ratings. Iโ€™m a ginormous Uhm Tae Woong fangirl and Iโ€™m just banking TEM to marathon when its done, not because Iโ€™m not interested in the drama. I need to watch dark dramas in one sitting, whereas TK2H is the perfect drama to follow along live. It balances serious and funny, sweet and romantic. Have some new stills released by MBC to tide us over until tomorrow, showing our future Princess Hang Ah in her fusion Joseon-era bridal finery, plus Lee Seung Gi sitting down for an interview about his performance and character in TK2H.

Latest Seung Gi interview about TK2H:


Mid-Week Update on The King 2 Hearts — 22 Comments

  1. Ha Ji Won…gorgeous! I’m in love with the fabric and style of that dress. Now, if Jae Ha is mean to her on her wedding day, I’m going to dangle him off a bridge.

  2. OMG!!! I’m dying here, 24 more hours to go. Miss them… Well tomorrow is gonna be double the dosis ^^. Can’t wait.
    Thanks Ms. Koala

  3. Thanks for the pics and vid!

    I love the fact that there IS such a thing as a “Mid-week-update-on-the-king-2-hearts!”

    I do like the way LSG pronounces things. He can do the repetitive or onomatopoeia words like nobody else. And example – when he was telling poor HA that his heart didn’t flutter when he held her hand, he said it a couple times. Makes me so happy to hear it!

  4. omo omo….
    it’s first time i saw ha ji won in traditional wedding dress.
    still, she has this military aura in her.
    maybe when she’s wearing the head accessories ( i forget what it’s called) she’ll look princess-wise *grin*
    anyway….thank you for filling my hunger for TK2H *smooch*

  5. OOOoo, LSG looks handsome..,he has a lot reason to smile this is role of his life. Some people stay mark for ever, and this is going to be his. Just like Jung Il-woo, he’s always gonna be Scheduler and CCSo for me. You’re right Mrs. Koala, there’s no time, but Equator man seems like strong drama.., it will be watched. I can’t wait for tomorrow marathon.., ooo, Jae Ha, I love the way you lie ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. Ha ji won looks great in the picture.Is she going to finally marry the prince because on the preview she said she wouldld like to go home and looks like she did?. One spoiler said hat she’s already pregnant or had a miscarriage.Is it true?

    • I read too. The dress is wedding dress, is this means we’ll watch wedding soon?. But she’s also in the car with her father, crying… What’s with a king, is he saying goodbye to Jae Ha?.

    • Pregnant or miscarriage?!! o.O Not yet anyway….poor children just kissed and got caught in the act by the elders, heh! I think when she’s sitting on the bed he kinda makes fun of her middle-class status blatantly saying that she’s poor which understandably hurts her pride and when on the phone she says, “all the prince talks abt is money, money, money and I want to return!”….dunno if this’ll instigate her to move back home or how it actually turns out!

      As much as I want her to get preggers it’s a little too early for that to happen esp with the mayhem that’ll break out soon!! A little more than half a day to go….ohhhh to wait!! *twiddles thumb*

  7. i agree with you koala…there is balance in this series…and i just cant understand why with all the rating…

    well i dont mind about ratings…hope to watch this tomorrow…:-)

  8. I was quite sad & dissapointed this morning not seeing this drama as I wake up so early, anyway thanks for the information. Truly addicted to it. Your updates at KOALA was the most common read items because of this, keep it up, we’re you’re followers as well!

  9. Ahh can it be tomorrow already?

    Thanks for the update and the interview. Ha Ji-won looks gorgeous and so does that outfit. I love her clothes in this drama, such a step up from her hideous wardrobe in SG.

    I love how Lee Seung-gi gushes about how much he loves working with “Ha Ji-won sunbae” and how the reality is even better than what he imagined. *dies of cute*

    I admit, I was SO WRONG to doubt this pairing would work. They have incredible chemistry.

  10. Thanks Koala! I had a feeling I get a K2H fix if I stopped by ๐Ÿ˜€ One thing that I’ve found help with the addiction is watch Sang Doo, Let’s Go to School on dramafever. I just started it yesterday and I love it already.

  11. Today I saw on TV something about North Korea and a north-Korean comrade was giving the patriotic speech and I recognize the accent that HJW uses in this drama – :))) now I can admit that I’m an addict and I need a DAA group! :)))

  12. I JUST FINISHED WATCHING EP 8!! o.O omigosh omigoshhh!! Koala, you KNOW why I’m freakin’ out, right!!! JH and HA…….hold on, lemme pull myself together! I was literally fanning myself and going, “holy crap, holy crap….” Totally dreading next week….

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