Da Mo Yao Drama Switches Actress for Li Yan Mid-way Through Filming

I’ve already rendered my initial opinion of Da Mo Yao the drama (miscast, shoddy costuming and wacky set pieces, sure-to-be poor CGI based on Tangren track record). I’m fine being proven wrong, but I doubt that will happen. I’m genuinely not following the filming, except this bit of stunning casting news hit my news feed and I had no choice but to LOL and then headdesk some more. In the MIDDLE of filming (a month and a half into production), the actress playing second female lead Li Yan has been replaced. It was originally Sookie Pan (girl on the right above), and now Fala Chan (girl on the left above holding the yuan bao) is stepping in. No complaints. Fala is pretty and can act alright. Sookie is plastic and cannot act at all. But changing one of the major characters mid-filming confirms this production just doesn’t have its act together. In case folks are still holding out hope, have some of the latest pics from the set.

These are the thoughts going through my head. Hu Ge is sitting in the wrong place, he’s supposed to be the one holding Shi Shi. ARGH. KOALA RAGE. Also, I have this uncontrollable urge to rip those fur collars off the guys’ neck. Finally, I think its hilarious that Shi Shi is staring balefully at Eddie Peng. It’s supposed to be a look of love, sweetheart. Otherwise she’s channeling shades of Sadako from The Ring.

Liu Shi Shi can do cute quite well as evidenced by Bu Bu Jing Xin, but all my attention is directed to Jiu Ye’s space wheel chair contraption. If something like that existed during the early Han dynasty (around 100 BC), I’ll eat my shorts. I know Jiu Ye is rich as Croesus, but he hasn’t developed the ability to time-travel to another era to bring back that wheel chair (this is not BBJX, people!). How hard is it to get a simple wooden wheelchair made, with some pretty wood carvings on the side to render the luxe factor? Sigh, these things bother me more only because I do so love this novel.


Da Mo Yao Drama Switches Actress for Li Yan Mid-way Through Filming — 20 Comments

  1. why did they pick Eddie again?! i like Eddie as an actor especially when i saw him in Chinese Paladin, but as HQB?! gah!

  2. I bet snookie pan is pissed! I don’t care though Fala Chen is the better actress. A bit shocked that they would switch actresses in the middle of filming though

  3. omg fala chan? REALLY? she’s EVERYWHERE in TVB series.
    i started watching mainland series again to get away from the overused actresses, but it seems like i can’t escape her. so sick and tired of seeing her in everything.

    • She has only been in Lives of Omission and Queens of Diamonds and Hearts lately…really not that common..like Linda Chung who is REALLY everywhere.
      I like Fala Chen and she is pretty so I am happy for her.
      However, question: so are they gonna refilm the previous half, or is this one of those cases where they switch actors midway and and expect viewer to not notice/ignore it?

  4. “It’s supposed to be a look of love, sweetheart. Otherwise she’s channeling shades of Sadako from The Ring.” LOL. thanks for making my day

  5. I hope they look better on screen… somehow. I mean.. those are candid shots (?). Perhaps with the power of lighting & magic cameras it’d work out.. somehow lol. Eddie looks starved. I don’t like how his cheeks are all caving in. As for the casting change, I really don’t mind. I like this Fala more than whoever they casted in the first place. But it must suck to get switched out midway.

  6. I am sorry but really cant stomach even seeing pics of EP as HQB (not even side view!:))THATS so NOT HQB–sorry for the rant:)

  7. I don’t know which is worse, that it is possible to switch out actresses in the hope that no one will notice it, or that said actresses are so cookie cutter (or other kinds of surgical cutter) alike that it might be possible to pull the switch off.
    Honestly to someone who is unfamiliar with them (me), I could not tell the difference from those two photos.

    • Are you serious? Fala and the other girl look nothing alike. I’d say the other girl is more beautiful but apparently plastic. Fala is all natural and not classically beautiful, but I find her pretty. Regardless, Fala can act well enough and I’m interested in seeing her in something else than TVB.

  8. Maybe it’s that part where HQB saw the bite on Jiu Ye’s neck and Jin Yu is giving that scared uh oh, I’m in trouble look to him? And the wheelchair kinda looks like a fancy wooden chair with some golden rims.. so..it could be possible.. The wheelchair doesn’t bother me as much as how doors automatically open from some contraption Jiu Ye made. I think that is what is impressive. Haha!

  9. I am sure there are reasons for switching, maybe filming it they realise it just doesn’t work. Tang Ren is good enough to realise when people are fit for certain roles and not for certain roles. I am getting use to Eddie as HQB and now sees no problems with him. Prefer Hu Ge of course, but what can one do? They DO look pretty good so I am not worried. I have less problems of Tang Ren productions that what Yu Zhen will give us of Yun Zhong Ge. Now I am more worried about that than DMY. I don’t want DMY to be like BBJX, where everything is beautiful, and then YZG to be like Gong where it is all too colourful and just not right.

      • haha..i love your answer..

        dear L, this is a koala’s playgroup..whatsoever s/he did..it’s her/his place..we are visitors.. if you dislike it, stop reading, don’t give a comment and just leave.. case closed 🙂

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