First Look at Time Slip Dr. Jin with Song Seung Heon and Park Min Young

My love for Song Seung Heon is one of those truly inexplicable things, and one which I’m always glad is out in the open so I can endearingly mock him and gush about him without feeling like its some sort of guilty little secret. The first stills have been released for his upcoming time travel sageuk drama Time Slip Dr. Jin. I call it sageuk since the original Jin was mostly set in the Edo period, so I’m assuming the K-version will follow the same play book. The opening sequence is similarly set in the modern times where Dr. Jin is an accomplished surgeon. The first pics show Song Seung Heon in his doctor white coat joined by Park Min Young playing his girlfriend and fellow doctor at the hospital. The rest of the cast have only roles in the sageuk portions, so we’ll have to wait to see Lee Bum Soo, Jaejoong, and Lee So Yeon. I’m actually way excited to see Song Seung Heon don his first sageuk attire. See, the littlest things get me all worked up.

I think Park Min Young and Song Seung Heon look better together than I had thought they would. Chemistry is another thing, but I’m hoping both of them can somehow wow me with some unexpected magic.

Below are the two pictures Song Seung Heon released from the set on his Me2day account showing his Dr. Jin in surgery. It’s pretty funny, but what do I know. After Grey’s Anatomy I should be used to hottie surgeons.


First Look at Time Slip Dr. Jin with Song Seung Heon and Park Min Young — 37 Comments

  1. Do I really want THT cutting into my brain? Shin Ha-Kuyn, yes…but something in me is backing away from the idea that that much pretty could also be that skilled.
    I am sorry for my bias against gorgeousness!

      • As long as there are plenty of examples for me to try to be not biased against. Lee Je Hoon, Go Soo, Lee Jun Ki – I am soooo biased against him.
        Yes, and I think I will have to be reeeeeealy close up in order to desensitize myself.
        Yes, and for long periods of time. 🙂

      • You know, dearheart, Dr. Abs need only to strip off the scrubs to make any training obsolete. 🙂

    • THT: I sat there wondering what this acronym was for? Then, it finally dawned on me and I snorted….hahaaa. And, I couldn’t agree more with you about ‘biasness against gorgeousness’!! Case in point: in the first OR pic…look at how he’s holding the ‘thing’. oh goshh, watching this one will be a riot! Oh wait, I have commitment issues I think I’ll just read recaps….errm, for the humour!! heh

      • Well, when I first saw the still of how he was handling that surgical instrument, I was lol….*shakes head*

        They should not associate this with Jin at all….

      • @Jomo: Hmmm, THT…Oki…if we go Grey’s anatomy path…totally McSteamy 8)

      • mtoh – Thanks for letting me know.
        I clicked on the “publish this page” so maybe that did the trick?

      • Hmm.. I don’t see anything wrong with his handling of the instrument. Its the right way. The first and the 2nd. The first being him trying to open a hole in the skull which is thick and hard.

      • @peppermint.tea:
        Thanks for pointing it for us. Please don’t mind us!! We like to rib SSH good-naturedly!! 😀 As much as we like the eye-candy and his acting skills, or lack thereof, we love him!!

        I remember my first SSH experience whilst watching My Princess and thought he was a good actor. puwahahaa. I blame the eye-candy! It met the fate like 85% of my K-dramas do….I abandoned it midway through…haha!! <3

      • @salma

        I understand 😀
        SSH not my fave actor in terms of acting. But yes major eye candy. Sometimes he’s like posing all the time.. Him and kim tae hee.. I don’t know why I’m able to finish that drama xD

      • @Jomo:
        linky’s not working!! :/ btw, your friend doesn’t like abs or what?! hahaaa. Abs are the way to lure non-Kdrama watchers into watching ’em!! 😀

      • @Saima –
        If you go to FB, and search “The Hand Towel,” you can find the page. There isn’t much to it, but I thought that he should have a correctly named fanpage.

    • That much pretty can wield a knife, I’m sure ….. that’s like saying Miss America cannot cook, run a corporation, or have successful personal finances because she’s gorgeous.

      Bad girl, Jomo!

  2. McDreamy…McSteamy…what name should SSH have? McCreamy? (OMG, that’s lame) Thanks for the great pics!

  3. I too am really looking forward to seeing Mr HT in sageuk garb. 🙂 I’m sure it will be all sorts of hotness. When it comes to SSH, I have no words other than I am super shallow in that I overlook his crappy acting skills and go for the looks 🙂 No idea why… as I don’t think he’s the hottest one out there, but he kinda has that strange aura about him that just draws me to watch his dramas. I am sure all medical accuracy will be thrown out the window, but whatever… just have to deal with that. 🙂

    PMY – I think she’s ok. She looks really pretty here. I’m not sure what her chemistry will be like with him but I hope it’s turns out be really nice. I hope they knock it out of the park for me. 🙂 I really want to like this drama as I do really like JIN.

  4. Posing like a model in the stills. Hee.
    I can’t help but LOL at the pictures of him doing surgery. He looks like he’s having fun with the patient’s head. Poor patient.

  5. ay yaiyai Jomo and mt and trina….with all the comparisons between McSteamy and McHandTowel!! I love it! 😀 let me get my senses back after on McGorgeousness from this post alone! gotta love me some grey’s gorgeous docs! 🙂

    Thanks Ms Koala for the heads up and reminding me SSH’s Dr Jin is coming up. Now I cannot wait to see McHT in saguek garb….hoping for good chemistry between McHT and PMY.

    and yay! it’s Wed almost time for some McKing–Ah-Ha couple 🙂

  6. i’m a medical student and i’ve come to a conclusion that most of the handsome doctors are surgeons.

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