Alice in Wonder City with Aaron Yan Gets Timeslot Following I Love You So Much on CTS

Dang it! Now imma going to have watch this sucker. I Love You So Much is about to wrap up in 2 weeks in what might be a trainwreck of an ending to a trainwreck of a drama. CTS decided the drama made no sense anyway so ran a viewer voting contest to decide whether the leading lady ends up with the lead or second male lead. Guess what? Second male lead played by Nick Chou ran away with the voting (80% to Blue Lan’s 20%), so apparently Ivelyn Lee‘s character is going to break tradition and end up with the guy who is way too good for her.

In cheerier news, up next for CTS is Alice in Wonder City (給愛麗絲的奇蹟 translated directly as Give Alice a Miracle) starring Aaron Yan, Lara Veronin (her father is Russian-American and her mother Taiwanese), and Xiu Jie Kai. While I have zero hopes for Alice, I do like how pretty the drama looks from the stills and previews, plus all the Sunday dramas currently suck so badly I need a new word for that level of complete suckitude. Which is my way of saying, Alice has really small shoes to fill, and if it doesn’t drive me nuts, then maybe I’ll finally have Sunday TW-drama back on my roster.

That’s Lara on the left, and second female lead Tracy Chou on the right. I love Xiu Jie Kai since his brilliant turn as Xiao Ma in Black & White, but he’s been mostly underused in all his dramas, especially his last turn in Ring Ring Bell with Janine Chang and Peter Ho. Here’s the hoping he gets a meaty role here.

As if the stills didn’t give away the premise of this drama already, it’s a violin-themed music drama about two competing violinists. Aaron plays the focused and dedicated big city violin player who demands perfection from his craft, while Xiu Jie Kai is the country boy with hopes of making his violin dreams come true. That’s really all I know about the plot so far.

Check out the pretty teasers below. Alice premieres May 20th on Sunday night on CTS. I won’t deny that I find Aaron so insanely pretty in this drama. It’s like he’s finally shed his pretty young boy image and took over Wu Zun‘s vacated throne as the pretty young man of TW-dramas. Sadly, they act about the same level as well. Still, pretty is good for my eyes.

Teaser 1:

Teaser 2:

Character introductions:


Alice in Wonder City with Aaron Yan Gets Timeslot Following I Love You So Much on CTS — 29 Comments

    • You mean La Corda D’oro? God that manga drove me nuts. No clue what the hell the writer was taking this story. I also hate magic instrument stories. Drives me bonkers.

      • ah so finally you have him in here so what happened to Zun….hahaha well there things as we write for an artist…so maybe I can write a better one suited for him hahaha gotta love to write if the heavens allow me please hahaha 😉

  1. Seriously? They made vote the viewers to decide the ending for I love you so much? Bwahaha… I knew the situation was critical but not that desperate. Yes, it’s very bad and i still watch it for Blue.
    Now for this one: Why violin? It always feels fake when actors pretend to play it (painful memories of Material Queen). Can’t they stick to piano? (where at least you can be hidden behind it, or doubled by a pro for the close-ups). Plus it always gives me shivers when i think of all those cheap unedible yaoi series like Takumi Kun.

    • Apparently Aaron took intensive violin lessons for six months. He actually plays now. Not concert level, but he can play the violin. He always was musically talented even in Fahrenheit.

      • I’m sure it doesn’t hurt at all that he’s already musically trained. As I understand it from musician-friends, the difficulty in stringed instruments is “hearing” the timbre of the instrument, and reacting accordingly. If you can already hear the quality of a note, then you’re farther along than someone with no musical training at all. Of course, this doesn’t explain why another singer *koff*MQ*koff* couldn’t do the same, but then again, I don’t recall rumors of extensive violin classes for that series, either. A lot of dress-up for the fashion, yes, but not a lot of noise about violin-playing.

      • well comparing a violin from the guitar the violen has no fret and gives you a lot of neck pain you can’t see the string you gotta have an ear for tone…I can play twinkle twinkle little star in the violin hahaha 😉

  2. Love Xiu Jie Kai since I saw him playing the “sassy gay friend” in Easy Fortune Happy Life. He’s one of those actors I will never understand how come they’re not more popular (kinda like Kingone). Aaron Yan is the opposite. Almost as overrated as Wu Zun, so I think I’ll pass this one. Since Aaron’s in it, Jie Kai probably won’t be the main lead anyway, so…
    From the currently airing dramas, Absolute Boyfriend is surprisingly good, actually. I didn’t have high expectations because of Ku Hye Sun, (I only watched the first episode because I wanted to see half-naked Jiro), but she doesn’t annoy me nearly as much as I thought she would. And, given the circumstances, she has quite good chemistry with both Jiro and Kun Da. I’m surprised, really.

    • He’s one of those actors I will never understand how come they’re not more popular (kinda like Kingone).
      It’s because he and Kingone don’t get enough male lead roles, at least not in high-profile dramas. So sad, because they’re such good actors. 🙁

      • That was a pretty funny SCENE.. I couldnt stop cracking up it was hilarious.. But I’m actually still watching I love you so much.. its not bad, but its not great.. I’m only watching it for Nick and Blue.. i can’t believe its going to be over so soon.

      • Can you tell me what episode this happens in? I’m really curious!

      • woh! well…..I guess it sure isn’t the right drama for me. LOL

        Eye candies only go so far—if the storyline/acting suks, that’s it.

      • ah but Aaron has more emotions but I doubt it goes well with throwing a line….hmmm I wanna watch I hope a local channel buys it so Aaron endorses it here hahaha well 😉

      • na I’m quite sure Aaron has more emotions really! but if everyone seems icy then there has to be a chilly environment

  3. At first, I had no interest in this drama but changing my mind after reading some news.
    (I’m not their fan.)
    Aaron Yan makes a lot of efforts to practicing violin when he has free time.He even wants to hold a mini concert as a propaganda for this drama.
    They cooperate with Taipei Symphony Orchestra,and concertmaster Chih-I Chiang is surprised that Aaron Yan acts just like a true violinist!

    So I’ll give it a try.I also have zero desire watching Sunday TW-dramas though I am Taiwanese.

    • the trailers and plotline don’t sound anything like Nodame. Maybe they’re calling it Taiwan’s Nodame Cantabile because it is a classical music-themed drama. This sounds like more like Taiwan’s answer to Nodame Cantabile than Taiwan’s version of it. First Japan. Then Korea with Beethoven Virus and now Taiwan.

      Anyways, I’m a bit iffy on this drama. I enjoy watching Xiu Jie Kai, but CTS dramas have been really disappointing for me.

  4. My Sundays have fallen flat since Skip Beat ended (to my surprise given the zero expectations I went into the show with)…I’m struggling to like Absolute Boyfriend, but am watching just to fill up time. Have not watched the latest ep, but I feel no urge to. Is that telling of something? =/

  5. I like this drama so far and I agree with you Arron reminds me of Wu Zun too *i love both of then* but I think Arron’s acting truthfully is stronger than Chun’s…(I can’t believe I just said that) but the Sunday dramas have been pretty poor…I’ve liked this one so far but now it’s on pause for the Olympics><




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