Lee Ji Ah is Simply Lovely in the April Edition of Look Magazine

I’ve made no attempt to hide the fact that I’ve never liked Lee Ji Ah as an actress. She’s notorious for over-acting and just never seemed to have the right pitch and cadence down in her performances. After watching Me Too, Flower!, I’ve now come to believe that she may have turned the corner as an actress. With a bit of blending reel and real, her performance as emotionally withdrawn cop Cha Bong Sun was the stuff that can’t be denied. She was raw, vulnerable, and sincere. A bit shaky in the beginning, but once she hit her stride she never looked back. I was suitably impressed, and am hopeful she can grow on that performance. For the April edition of Look Magazine, Lee Ji Ah shows off a boyish cut that nevertheless looks cool on her, paired with simple yet effortless clothes and poses, this is truly a winning pictorial and a breath of Spring air.

[Credit: Look Magazine]


Lee Ji Ah is Simply Lovely in the April Edition of Look Magazine — 14 Comments

  1. Thanks Mrs Koala! Bong-sun forever… When she wears her sad face it breaks my heart, and when she smiles she lifts my mood. My favorite is the one with the hooded jumper: Litlle girl trying to hide from the world. I want her back on my screens.

  2. I know that it may sound random… but she looks like Jang Geun Suk on the 6th picture LOL i’m not saying that to be mean, it was just the first thing that came to my mind xD

    • Hahaha! Now that you mention it, she does look a bit like Jang Geun-seuk. I had to scroll up and look at the pictures again and realize that. It’s not just on the 6th picture though. If one looks closely, she kind of resembles a mature, older JGS.

      (I’m not trying to be mean here either, just expressing my opinion. And besides, everyone knows that the commonly-used adjectives to describe JGS is “pretty” and “feminine”. So… I don’t know if my comment is an insult or complement to the both of them or either one of them.

  3. Wow! She looks so relaxed and at ease with herself.
    Love the shorter hair on her, too.

    Thanks for the pics!

  4. Lee Ji Ah made me a fan of hers after watching Me, Too Flower, dang that was a really ood show, miss it.
    I like these pics, love the clothes and her facial expressions. I hope to see her in another good show again, soon.

    And was that a belly ring I saw on the third to last pic or is my mind messin with me?

  5. Wow, I’ve never thought she was particularly pretty, but she looks gorgeous here! She should always have this haircut.

    I’ve also never been a fan – I’ve only seen her in Beethoven Virus and part of Athena, and I wasn’t impressed. It’s good to hear that she’s improved, and that she seems to be doing well after all the hullabaloo last year.

  6. She looks great! I ner liked her in anything (Beethoven Virus, Athena – didn’t watch Legend) And Me too, Flower was a drama I never intended to watch, but for me it’s one of those few that have a special place in my heart and that I rewatch certain episodes of now and then. Both she and Yoon Shi Yoon did an awesome job.

  7. Wow! She really looks good in this pictorial. The new cut suits her. Hope to see her in a drama soon. She owned her character Bong Sun. The makeup was really toned for Spring.

  8. Thank you Ms. Koala for sharing these pictures of LJA.Thanks also for today’s pretty banner: Jae Hee and Bong Sun! 🙂 Both brings back good memories of watching “Me Too Flower” last year. Hope to see them in new dramas soon. Happy Saturday everyone! 🙂

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