The King 2 Hearts Episode 14 Recap

This episode was a bit rough, because anytime you have an extended portion of scenes involving the foreigners (Bon Bon, Team USA, etc.), the laughably clunky English dialogue coupled with atrocious acting is given too much screen time. It’s a necessarily evil since this plot requires it, but goodness gracious it’s silly as all heck. I can handle it in small doses, but I’ll definitely be FFing these scenes when I rewatch this episode.

Episode 14 of The King 2 Hearts was part war games and part Eun Shi Kyung, royal detective. I personally love the WOC competition mostly for the bonding between the team members and seeing how they achieve their underdog victory, but definitely have no expectations in terms of realism or even pathos. It works because we are given the pay off set up in the beginning of the drama when disparate people on opposite political divides try to co-exist, and finally we see them face a common opponent as one unified team.

Episode 14 recap:

Jae Ha reaches into the glass bowl and pulls out a ball that reveals so dramatically that Team Korea’s opponent in the first round will be Team USA. Team Korea collectively looks stunned, like someone just egged them each in the face.

Bong Joo’s right hand man is sitting at the table in the Jeju Peace Summit and he’s playing with the WOC ball Bong Goo magically produced in the car. He pulls off the tag to reveal that this ball says USA. He smirks and meets Bong Goo’s eyes, confirming that Bong Goo has swapped the original Team USA ball and replaced it with a jury-rigged one.

In a rewind to Secretary Eun’s conversation with Bong Goo earlier, the mad man threatens Shi Kyung next if Secretary Eun doesn’t play ball with him. How would a son who thinks his father is the entire universe feel if he discovered the truth about his father? Secretary Eun warns that if Bong Goo says a word to Shi Kyung, if Secretary Eun needs to use all his blood to write a notice to the world about Bong Goo’s misdeeds, he will do it. Bong Goo says he’s too busy leading the world to do any of this.

Jae Shin nervously makes her first public appearance since her accident and she wheels herself on stage. Suddenly the music comes on from the orchestra playing and it’s the song Bong Goo plays and the one which triggers Jae Shin’s fearful memories. Even Queen Mother wonders why the entrance music has changed. Turns out Bong Goo asked Secretary Eun to change the music to one he liked, saying its such a small favor to ask.

That, coupled with skanky assassin Bon Bon slipping into the conference room and standing in the back to play the boogeyman and scare Jae Shin, causes Jae Shin to try and wheel herself offstage.

Jae Shin’s jerky movement causes her to fall out of her wheelchair and land on the ground. The media, and Bong Goo, snaps away at this embarrassing moment while serving ladies try to help Jae Shin.

Shi Kyung leads to the royal guards out to the lobby and he’s able to detain Bon Bon. He introduces himself as the captain of the royal guards and asks that she come with them for an investigation. Bon Bon declines and tries to leave but Shi Kyung stops her and forcefully brings her in.

The Prime Minister places a call to Jae Ha telling him to leave the WOC and come to Jeju now, Jae Shin is not fit to be Queen in his absence. The Prime Minister says there is no way the Korean Team can beat the US Team, plus the US is their ally. Even if Korea wins, it’s bad for their political alliance with the US. Jae Ha refuses.

After Jae Ha hangs up the phone with the Prime Minister, Hang Ah walks over with Dong Ha and she brings up the draw. She smartly points out that Jae Ha is wearing his royal insignia ring and it could have affected the draw if the USA ball had been rigged with a magnetized strip. She yells at Jae Ha for wearing the ring, while he protests that she was the one who told him to hurry up. The ring is a family heirloom and the King wears it at all public events.

Kang Seok is taking a dump in the toilet when some members of Team USA come in with another guy from a different team (French?). The non-US guy talks about North Korea as a terrorist nation that supplies weapons to Iran, part of the Axis of Evil, insane, etc., while the US team member says this is just a friendly game with officers and politics shouldn’t be a part of it. The non-US guy continues that Team US should feel lucky to draw such a weak team, since the two Korean have been separated for 60 years and there is no way they could work as a team now.

After the non-US guy leaves, Kang Seok is pissed and comes out if his stall and goes to wash his hand. The remaining 2 Team US members tell him that they weren’t the ones bad mouthing North Korea and one guy playfully pats Kang Seok on the back of the head saying they need to all get along. Kang Seok takes that gesture poorly and gets into a fight with the two US members.

Afterwards, Hang Ah yells at Kang Seok for behaving this way when so much is at stake. No matter how angry he is, he cannot lose his temper and just hit people. Hang Ah kicks him and punches him. Kang Seok refuses to apologize, saying they insulted their great leader and also Korea. She tears off his team badge and tells him to get out, kicking him out of the team.

Jae Ha walks in and tells Hang Ah to calm down and let him deal with it. Hang Ah apologizes and walks away while Jae Ha tries to deal with Kang Seok alone.

The two team commanders are brought before the WOC committee to discuss what happened. Team USA’s commander asks for Korea to be disqualified or forfeit the competition for their misconduct before the event has even started. The North and South Korea commanders try to plead their case, saying it was a misunderstanding and also the US did something that was rude.

Jae Ha sits with Kang Seok and they have a man-to-man talk. This is so amazing considering how much they rubbed each other the wrong way in the beginning, plus when Kang Seok tried to strange Jae Ha for the SNSD gift incident. Jae Ha explains that Hang Ah just wants to be a good team leader, but he knows Kang Seok must also be feeling bad about it.

Jae Ha tells Kang Seok to just apologize to the US team since it was a misunderstanding, and if Kang Seok won’t do it, then he will. Jae Ha asks if it hurt when Hang Ah hit Kang Seok back there? So how must the US members feel when they were beat up by Kang Seok in the bathroom? Jae Ha reminds Kang Seok that they are backed against a corner, and if they don’t win the first round, he won’t be able to be with Hang Ah for the rest of their lives.

The two teams are dragged before the WOC committee and told that there will be a penalty levied on the Korean team for the incident by a deduction of ten points, and the Korean team will need to apologize. The US team asks for an apology from Jae Ha not just as the team captain, but as the King. Since the US considers this an international incident, they want an apology from the King himself.

Jae Ha agrees and everyone stares at him as he proceeds to give his official apology. As he gets mid-way into the apology, Kang Seok suddenly walks into the meeting and bows low and deep to apologize to the US team. He apologizes for lacking discipline and breeding and sincerely apologizes to the US members. He made a mistake and asks that they be the bigger person and forgive him this once.

After Kang Seok finishes his apology, the US team steps forward and apologizes for their part in this incident. The guy who patted Kang Seok’s head apologizes because he didn’t realize it was an insult. The US team leader shakes hands with Jae Ha and asks to get along. He jokes that there is a rumor that Team Korea is going to let the US win because of their close ties, and he tells Jae Ha that he hopes it isn’t true.

Shi Kyung is interrogating Bon Bon and all he finds on her are a box of chocolates. Bon Bon theatrically eats a chocolate to show that it’s really just candy. She asks Shi Kyung how old he is, and whether he’s ever killed anyone before? Bon Bon says there are many ways to kill people, and her recent work is researching sunsets and fireplaces and fear. Shi Kyung realizes that this woman is trying to make Jae Shin even more afraid. Bon Bon claims that she’s an artist. Shi Kyung shakes her hand off and stands up, telling the guards to keep her detained.

The Queen Mother is asked by Shi Kyung if he can ask Jae Shin to try and identify her assailant since he has someone in custody. The Queen Mother is nervous since Jae Shin is still so shaky. She chides Shi Kyung for also trying to push Jae Shin so hard, but Shi Kyung says they don’t have time on their side. Jae Shin comes in and tells her mother that she is fine.

Jae Shin goes back to her room and is playing with her parakeet listening to Shi Kyung explain about Bon Bon and Club M, how she entered South Korea on dates close to when things happened. Jae Shin might not remember the incident when Jae Kang died, but she remembers the woman’s face from the hospital visit. Shi Kyung shows Jae Shin the picture of Bon Bon. Jae Shin barely looks at it before turning her head away, she’s not ready yet. But she confirms that it is Bon Bon, and is even willing to testify since this person is technically a guest.  Shi Kyung says he’ll make it so its less of a burden to Jae Shin.

Secretary Eun berates Shi Kyung for detaining a foreign guest. Shi Kyung explains that he’s got the law on his side in this investigation, plus the Princess’s identification of Bon Bon. Secretary Eun is upset Shi Kyung is personally handling the Club M investigation and wants him out, claiming he wants to keep Shi Kyung safe. He intends to bar Shi Kyung from continuing with the investigation, but Shi Kyung pulls out the trump card that he got the King’s authority to proceed, and then he shows his dad a royal card that gives him discretion to do whatever he wants to continue the investigation.

Bong Goo is taking a bubble bath while his right hand man confirms Bon Bon has been detained. Having to type Bong Goo and bubble bath in the same sentence almost made my fingers go on strike. My eyes already went temporarily blind. The lackey asks if Bong Goo let her get caught on purpose? He then shows Bong Goo the news that Team Korea has selected Team US as its first round opponent. Bong Goo acts all surprised and is happy. He discusses that Korea loses either way, since winning over the US is a blow to Korean-US relations.

Team Korea is on a boat heading towards an island where their first round competition is going to take place. Hang Ah and Jae Ha are standing out on the bow of the ship looking all ready for battle. But then Jae Ha expresses his dawning fear that their opponent is the US Team. Hang Ah tells him to believe in their team. She assures him that they will win.

Everyone goes inside to be briefed on the rules of this competition. It’s pretty much a mock war game that ends like capture the flag, but instead of a flag, each team is protecting its national key. The team which captures the other team’s key will be able to return to the mainland and wins. The only way off the island is a motorized raft which can only be started using both keys, and each team has only one key and needs to get the other team’s key. They have 8 hours to get the two keys and get off the island. If neither team gets both keys and gets off the island within the 8 hours, there are also surveillance cameras all over the island and will allot points to each team for various tasks. The commanders remind the team that since they were docked points already, they need to get off the island to win.

The team changes from their uniforms into their fatigues. They pack their backpacks and then place their Korean team logo on their forearms. It’s so cute, it’s a picture of the entire Korean peninsula, signifying a united Korea. Jae Ha puts Hang Ah’s logo on, then she slaps his on. They smile at each other. Adorably earnest Young Bae kisses his logo before putting it on.

Team Korea lands on the beach and gets ready to deploy. Team South Korea gives a “fighting” cheer, while the North Korean trio do a hilarious weird version of it. Jae Ha teases that they ought to have a coordinated cheer. The US Team has landed already and they walk by, holding up their key and wishing Team Korea good luck.

Shi Kyung receives a report on Bon Bon’s background. She was born in the UK and is experienced in explosives and assassination. Pretty much she’s a psycho freak killer. They have confirmed that her chocolate does contain a drug (no wonder she’s always munching on it), but its a new drug that South Korea hasn’t seen before so is not illegal. Secretary Eun is talking to someone in German when he gets a call from the Prime Minister who screams about a press conference going on with Club M.

Bong Goo’s right hand man addresses the media, saying Club M is deeply sorry for the tragedy involving the assassination of the South Korean King and the injury to the Princess. But that does not justify the detention of a foreign guest by the royal family and they demand Bon Bon be released. Secretary Eun goes to yell at Shi Kyung to release Bon Bon immediately. He tells Shi Kyung to be patient, that is all they can do right now.

Bon Bon is released back to Bong Goo and Shi Kyung delivers her back. Bong Goo claims Bon Bon is not just his personal guard, she’s like a daughter to him. Bon Bon taunts Shi Kyung, asking if he slept with the Princess. He must not have, since she’s crippled and he won’t want to bed her. Shi Kyung clenches his hand. Bon Bon whispers to Shi Kyung that Jae Shin was trembling that night and kept asking someone to save her like a coward.

This is all being recorded by Bong Goo via a hidden camera, but Shi Kyung doesn’t fall for the trick and lose his temper. He calmly turns to address Bong Goo and brings up why Bong Goo wants someone around who has such a bad track record like Bon Bon – killing her own SAS squad members.

Bon Bon says the shooting was an accident, to which Shi Kyung replies “Really? Then what about your mother’s death?” Then Bon Bon loses it and starts screaming at Shi Kyung for daring to point out that she killed her own mother.

Bong Goo looks impressed and asks his name, only to be told its Eun Shi Kyung. Bong Goo looks at Secretary Eun and asks if this is his son? He then takes Shi Kyung aside to talk to him privately. Bong Goo asks why Shi Kyung is loyal to Jae Ha, tsn’t Jae Ha just a useless guy? He tries to get him to come work for him. Shi Kyung turns him down by saying he doesn’t eat rotten fruit. Oh booyah! This confirms for Bong Goo that Jae Ha does indeed have people loyal to him.

Team Korea is sitting in their bunker plotting their strategy. Jae Ha wants to resort to tricks and underhanded tactics to win. He suggest swimming back to land (ahahaha) or bribing the US team to lose. He reminds her that their engagement is on the line here.

Or they can shoot their own signals and pretend they are dead to mislead the US team, or hide in areas without any hidden cameras. He grabs her hand but she coldly tells him if they don’t win fairly, then she won’t get engaged. She wants a man who is honorable that she can respect. Jae Ha realizes that no one sides with him on this as he looks around the bunker and everyone avoids meeting his eyes.

Team US sets off and heads towards the Team Korea bunker, surrounding the place. A team member shoots a surveillance camera onto the window of the bunker and now Team US can spy on Team Korea.

Team Korea is discussing who should hold their key. Jae Ha refuses to hold the key since he’s a despicable guy. Hang Ah and Jae Ha argue like kids while the other four finally decide to rock-paper-scissors for it. Poor Young Bae wins and gets to keep their key which worries him since its so important. Team US sees who has the key via their surveillance camera. Team Korea sets out on their ATVs to capture the US key, leaving Young Bae and Dong Ha behind. Jae Ha gets on an ATV but Hang Ah wants to drive. He tells her to get behind him and they take off. Is this their version of a date?

Dong Ha is in the toilet when Young Bae spies Team US members outside, They come in shooting and Young Bae hides. Team Korea hears shooting behind them coming from the direction of their bunker. Dong Ha buttons his pants as he hides in the toilet, trying to find his way out.

Young Bae grabs his eye and pulls it off his necklace. Team USA has his cornered and Young Bae swallows his key. OMG, this is hilarious! The poor guy literally has to force the key down and almost chokes, but manages to swallow it.

Team Korea returns to find their bunker ransacked and Young Bae captured, with Dong Ha left. The North Korea commander calls Hang Ah’s dad.

Young Bae is in the Team US bunker and he’s taunting them about the key being in his body and they can’t remove it. Team US is horribly racist and taint Young Bae about whether Asians can defecate the same. They decide to give him an enema.

Hang Ah discovers the surveillance camera that Team USA planted on their window. A call comes in and Jae Ha answers it. Its from the Team USA leader telling Jae Ha that they will get out the key in 3 hours so the Korean team has already lost. He warns them not to do anything else.

Team USA gets the key out of Young Bae and heads to the beach, thinking the first round is over. They get there and discover the boat is gone. We see the South Korean team has hidden it and maybe even sabotaged it.

Team USA sends two members to check out the Korean team bunker and they find it empty with a note that says “welcome”. The US team leader puts the Korean key round his neck along with the US key. We see Dong Ha and Jae Ha is outside the Team US bunker.

Dong Ha tosses something to lure the US team members outside which allows Jae Ha to sneak into their main bunker room. Jae Ha removes the light bulb in a lamp and looks at it. We see Hang Ah rushing back on the ATV. We hear Jae Ha’s voice telling Hang Ah to trust him, this competition requires teamwork to win. So he needs her to trust him like he is also trusting her. Jae Ha opens up his cell phone and we see him taking apart the inside guts and jury rigging it.

Thoughts of Mine:

This episode was a really plot-driven one so there isn’t much to discuss or analyze. It moved fast and took all the various story lines forward. Shi Kyung dives deep into the Club M investigation and finds himself now within the view of Bong Goo. That worries me, because Bong Goo likes to take out people close to Jae Ha, and I don’t want anyone laying a finger on Shi Kyung. But its important for Shi Kyung to actually see Bong Goo face-to-face and put a face on the enemy. Plus each step Shi Kyung takes into the investigation will only bring him closer to discover his father’s misconduct. I need the boy to right the wrong on that ship, and his dad isn’t going to do it himself.

I’m beginning to sense that Bong Goo doesn’t have a big plan, he’s sorta like a trickster just trying to screw with Jae Ha. Or like a bully picking on someone to make himself feel better. I supposed having a villain whose sole purpose is to wreak havoc makes him an unstable foe that is hard to fight, but it does take the teeth out of watching a greater conspiracy be thwarted. For example, what if Bong Goo was building up all his strength to somehow create this ground swell of popular support to topple the South Korean monarchy so that it can become a democratic state and he can use his vast resources to be elected president. That would be a doozy of a conspiracy, won’t it? I suppose his plan works for him, which is to target Jae Ha personally.

I love watching Jae Ha continue to mature as a person, showing a sense of responsibility as a team leader and King, but as the same time, display instances where he regresses back to being a guy who avoids difficult situations or looks for the easy way out. Hang Ah is his anchor, but she’s also got her weaknesses, such as her temper and straight laced ways. Being on the WOC team together brings them full circle to the training days which was marred by the moment when Jae Ha shot Hang Ah out of mistrust. Now is the time to truly get past that incident for them two, and I foresee that Team Korea will somehow etch out an underdog victory no thanks to Jae Ha’s think-outside-the-box ways coupled with Hang Ah placing her faith in him pulling it off.


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  1. I think Bon Bon’s actress is pretty good though. Better than many korean actresses that are regulars in k-dramas.

    • agree…. only, when she screamed “You bastard I’m gonna kill you!!!!” it was to fast.. I wish she took some time to realize what SK said and eventually get mad like a crazy bitch..

      • I think it was okay… because its natural to know what ShiKyung is going to say once the topic about her own mother is brought up…

    • Agreed!

      She was the only English speaker in the episode I wasn’t cringing at. Sadly the “Americans” besides their awful dialogue… their delivery actually made Mr. Bad Toupee look pretty Shakespearean.

      (Tara wasn’t too bad either, really. Its the dumb “Americans” that just make me hurt. On so, so many levels.)

  2. Finally!!
    Thank you very much Ms. KOala!!

    Last night real time rating was dropped, so I was a bit worry. But seem it because the viewers must handle too much intense, too much action…

    Still praying for the best. And most importantly, the ‘next spoiler’ it is 😉

  3. Thanks for the recap. Looking forward to next week!

    Cheers to Jae Ha & unified team Korea for thinking outside the box! Swallowing the key is definitely considered “taking one for the team.” 😛

  4. Thank you for your fast recaps, they are amazing. I keep refreshing this page over and over again.

    Has anyone seen the preview, omg cant wait for next week episode….
    till wednesday….

  5. O I just find myself new revelation…
    The highlight of episode for me was Bon Bon SKyung clash…It was so excited I just couldn’t sit still. Now it’s gonna become personal…and that means more intense. Bon Bon read SKyung and SKyung read her life… I sense some future soft feelings 😉

    I love this open war game JH/Mayer…this Tommy and Jerry game.
    Everyone has his opponent and everyone has his protector…

  6. I notice the most of the plot in Kdramas is happening in toilets… 8)
    He,heee…but toilet humor is funny 😉

  7. It has become my routine now, to read your recap every morning. 😛

    Gotta love interaction between Jae Ha and Hang Ah in this episode. I just die when looking at Jae Ha smile when Hang Ah put the batch on him. And the moment before the got on ATV.They were fighting just minutes before that but then they are back to the sweet bickering couple again? GAH!

    This drama shows us that you don’t have to be lovey dovey couple all the time but you can still win the viewers’ hearts. Well, at least it works for me. Coz our OTP somehow shows that true love and relationship are not just about being together and shower each other with romance but this OTP shows us how they complement each other in dealing their daily responsibility. Isn’t that what’s relationship all about?

    • They are so cute and sweet!!! They are flirting with each other all the time, wonder how the bystanders stand them~ keke~

      I am so falling for JaeHa all over again, especially when he smiles so sweetly when HangAh slapped the logo on his arm~~~

  8. Royal detective Eun Ski Kyung and his royal majesty Jae Ha McGyver FTW

    I’m a little worried that whatever Jae Ha’s plan is, it doesn’t conform to the rules of the WOC.

    Jae Ha is already driving Bong Gu more insane than he originally was (if that’s even possible), which is satisfying to watch, but I hope Jae Shin also gets some sweet revenge.

  9. Shikyung in action, Ahha couple bickering and loving, and how I love the youngest NK soldier who swallowed the key..
    the intense and action in this drama is really amazing, seems like a movie..
    i wonder if the explosion is caused by Jae Ha in the preview though, what is on his mind… waaah curious here and excited for the next episode..
    Thanks Ms. Koala for a very fast recap.. =)

  10. “Kang Seok is taking a dump in the toilet when some members of Team USA come in with another guy from a different team (French?). The non-US guy talks about North Korea as a terrorist nation that supplies weapons to Iran, part of the Axis of Evil, insane, etc.”

    –> I am French and also thought that the soldier was French at the beginning. But his accent bugged me, plus what he said really surprised me – I am not a big-time nationalist or anything, but it did give the weird image of the French military being the trouble stirrers – so I rewound to check the soldier’s flag on his sleeve. He’s actually sporting the Israeli flag, which makes much more sense if he’s being wary of the whole North Korea / Iran thingie. Just thought I’d clarify 🙂
    I do appreciate that there is a logic in the dynamic between the WOC teams, though. The one to blow up at the USA soldiers is a North Korean, which is only logical given the strained relationships between the two countries in the real world. So good job to the writters for anchoring their world so close to ours it feels plausible !

    • What were the writers thinking when they misrepresented the US military in an effort to dramatize the TV show? I hope the viewers aren’t irrationally influenced by it. The lack of attention to the continuity of the plot and character development should be corrected if the script is to include political messages.

  11. Looks like Jae Ha is up to his old tricks! I say screw playing fair, they need to win. lol Go Team Korea!!! 🙂

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    I love your new line ” I’ll fangirl if I want to “. hehe I agree with you.

    Stalker of your amazing blog. ^^

  13. The king is still resorting to his old tricks of taking the easy way out.I’m glad Ha is there to straighten him out. He is so funny resorting to tricks so that he could get engaged to Ha. Let’s see what are up his sleeves in order to win.Very interesting.May be he could rig something like -just like Mcgyver ,hence the 187 IQ.

    • since he speaks more than 3 languages.. I consider he wasn’t lying when he said his IQ was 187…

  14. Thank you for the recap Ms Koala. I was stalking your site and pressing the F5 button for a while till I had to leave the house. Just now read it. With exception of the acting of Bon Bon, I too feel that the other foreign actors were given too much scene time. 🙂 However, they do have to show the plot. When I replay Ep 14 again, I will probably skip through those part. I also love the bickering of Jae Ha and Hang Ah. It makes their relationship more normal. Kinda cute. I wonder if Si Kyung’s dad will be found out in the next Eps. I kinda wish that he confesses before it’s too late. I just wish Wednesday is here. Will continue to stalk your site for more spoilers. Thanks again.

  15. …I sense here that there would be someone to die…come on not Shi Kyung or any of the royal family..
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  16. Why was this episode so darn silly, but still compelling? I was at the edge of my seat.

    Thank you for the recap! I LOL’ed at a lot of things, but loudest at
    “Having to type Bong Goo and bubble bath in the same sentence almost made my fingers go on strike. My eyes already went temporarily blind.” Seriously.

    I think the JM character has settled in nicely as far as his weirdness…He still freaks me out a little, but I actually have sympathy for him…a little…I mean, he did kill that girlfriend out of the blue, so it’s about –> . <– that much. BonBon is a nasty piece of work, too. Her acting works with the fact that she is out of her mind. I hope we get to see her die.

    I agree with leyzlie that this felt like the second half of a buddy war film. We already met everyone, and saw they are fond of each other, now it's SHOWTIME with the cool guns and sliding along walls like real soldiers.
    So cool that they stole the boat! Go! Go! Go!
    Have to wait a week to find out how the heck Blue Korea Team gets the keys…

    Having HJW and Hunky bickering and sulking and riding the ATV and making up was absolutely why I signed up for this drama from the beginning. As you said, they balance each other out so beautifully.

    I almost choked listening to Sec Eun's German. He was so earnest, and it was ridiculous, but, man, that actor is game for anything the show's throwing at him. I hope he gets to pull a gun later and defend someone royal. Maybe he'll have a bubble bath, too! HA!

    • Ew, no more bubble baths! Especially from Bong Bong. I could deal with the doughnuts, but not neekid Bong Bong. Our eyes are sensitive, especially to the Bong bong bath scenes. How about a couple more scenes of Jae Ha taking a bubble bath? Now, that’s something that all of our eyes can handle.

      • Arghhhhhh!!!!!
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    Thanks for the recap Koala. I have a feeling that Bong Bong next plan is to either turn evil or kill off anyone that trusts Jae Ha and that is why jowha now feels that our Si Kyung will probably become the collateral damage. Bong Bong wanted Bon Bon to get caught so that he could film Si Kyung assaulting a member of Club M and well that plan back fired because our Si Kyung is too smart and knew how to really piss Bon Bon off by asking if she killed her mother on accident. Secondly, Si Kyung dissed Bong Bong by telling him that he doesn’t eat rotten crackers (that’s my BOY!). Bong Bong: “I’ll give you lots of crackers.” Si Kyung: “I’m sorry, but I don’t eat rotten crackers.” (Was this Bong bong’s way to making fun of the gift that SK gave to the princess. Polly (SK) want a cracker?) Anyone who makes fun of Bong Bong and messes with his plans end up hurt or dead; usually dead.
    I guess Bon Bon’s chocolates weren’t so sweet after all. If Jae Shin ate those chocolates and jumped off the cliff, she would have been the prime suspect because of the drugs in her system.

    • To me Bon Bon/ SKyung clash was the highlight of episode…I hope will see more kick ass from them…it’s gonna be some serious love/hate games.

  19. Its the first time I’ll be thanking you but it isn’t the first time I have partaken with all the recaps you did for this drama. So please consider yourself thanked in a very big way Ms. Koala. Really appreciate all the hardwork you put into this. Gob bless!

  20. How can I not love the king 2 hearts!?! Week by week even with spoilers this show surprises me and trigger all my emotions in every scene. Bravo to the writers how they were able to make all the characters shine no overshadowing and all roles and hopefully intentions are clear. Each have their own moment and with every moment is a revelation for their characters. I’m deeply invested with our OTP i like to say a lot but I don’t know where to start!!!!! How awesome is SK!!! I do hope JS will miraculously walk or even be cured with the trauma she had and bring justice to JKs death. I wish hope etc that this will have a happy ending and please no more passing of the throne or stepping down JH and HA is the perfect ruler! (come on guys the actress who plays JS/princess already became a queen in goong I hope they are not planning to do that again?!). I could not understand the preview yet because the subs is not complete yet but as far as I could understand its there will be an explosion that HA said you did not let push or call for it to explode or something then HA said I love you with tears then there’s a hug then explosion… OMG one second I was sqeeeiinnggg the next I’m freaking out if JH called which causes the explosion. I really want our OTP to be with each other all the way that there will be no more angst to shake their foundation of love. Because at this point in order to successfully bring down that crazy bubble bath villain which by the way made me lost my appetite really 2x bubble scene for him!!!!! Geeeezzzz!!!! Please stop!!!! I know how awesome SK is but he was left to deal with the baddies alone… I love how the show progress while I couldn’t wish that all 6 episode will be lovey dovey with our OTP and no more threats from the bath tub villain we know that there will be but I do hope they will be able to out smart the bath tub villain. Thank you Ms. K again you always deliver… Thank you!

    • Maybe that’s why they call it black comedy? I mean, instead of having our hot male leads taking showers (a classic fan service in K dramas) here we have the super cute villain in bubble bath twice. LOL

      • I would understand if this is British drama…I love their black, wick humor… But there’s no excuse for Kdrama… 😉

      • Ohhh shiela please tell me you did not mean it the villain is cute…. I’m tearing up now.

    • lol I was cracking up about the bathtub scene comments from Jowha’s to yours. My sentiments exactly. Maybe BG likes to plan all his illustrious villainy business in the tub. 😀

      • Thank you! It’s just disturbing. When I re watch it this weekend I have to fast forward it but still to the thought of having even a for a second a glimpse of that scene is making me …. It so inappropriate to say the word. But my love for our OTP and SK is stronger! 🙂

      • When I saw the bubble bath scene with… BG!!?? I screamed!!! out of horror and skipped it~

    • I am scared that it might JaeHa facing dangers…
      My heart can’t stand that… I need JaeHa to be safe and well at ALL times…

  21. The King 2 Hearts is the only Kingdom where I can escape from the boring of the real world of mine… Thanks for the recap Koala….

  22. the preview really drives me crazy.
    especially the part which shows jae shin screaming while being pulled and pointed to guns. and the scene of shi kyung screaming and crying in the rain afterwards.

    I really thought I was going crazy for thinking that jae shin might die to cause shi kyung shedding tears. but when I looked at it again, the scene where jae shin was screaming was actually a flashback of what happen in the pension on the day of the former king’s death.
    therefore Shi Kyung’s reason for screaming and crying might be something else.
    maybe because he is finally aware that the real traitor is his dear dad?

    this thought relax me a bit. though I don’t know how far it is true.

    • ooh me too,

      i’m still playing the preview over and over again…
      I sensed it would be that Jae Shin would her memories coming back. because the flashback shows us the princess in the same clothes as when she was captured by thos evil assasins.

      About Shi Kyung I am thinking he find out about his father lying and cheating with Bong gou. Breaks my heart seeing him like that….

      • well definitely. I think so too.
        He wouldn’t be able to bear the pain of being cheated by his trusted father.

        can’t bear to see him crying.
        I love him soooo much after watching K2H, I don’t think that Eun Shi Kyung would have this much effect on me if he were played by someone else because Shi kyung’s personality is somewhat simple yet sophisticated.

        Jo Jung Suk plays his part really well. I love the way he always tries to divert his glance from the prince. when talking to the prince, he always tries to avoid looking at her straight in the eyes, he keeps diverting, and then stealing a glance, but in the end he can’t keep his eyes from her….
        really love this couple.

      • Jia Min; I don’t know have you seen it but they are back to egagement place…
        What that menas?

      • mtoh,
        yeah… I heard that Seung Gi (there was no mentioning of HangAh) went back to Everland for shooting… but I am also not sure what it was for…
        I think it might be for scenes with less crowd?

  23. **”For example, what if Bong Goo was building up all his strength to somehow create this ground swell of popular support to topple the South Korean monarchy so that it can become a democratic state and he can use his vast resources to be elected president. That would be a doozy of a conspiracy, won’t it?”

    @ockoala <==== Nooooooooooooooooooo it wouldn't!

    I'd stop watching TK2H this instance, if **that was the case. This plot is complicated enough (I like Bong Gu the way he's written— comical); we don't need any "Presidential" anything added to the mix.

    • that would be really crazy.

      but this drama is really unpredictable. everytime I watch the next episode, I am always surprised by the unexpected development. love the writers.

  24. please, i want to hibernate and skip 5 days just to watch the next episode!!!! such an awesome awesome drama!!

    I wanna know what the preview meant and I’m dying for more spoilers!<3

  25. I’m loving this drama. I just started watching one day ago and now I caught up. I can’t wait for the next episodes to air. I used to not really like Lee Seung Gi as an actor. I didn’t hate him, but I didn’t love him as an actor either, but this one is perfect for him. Also, I think that Ha Ji Won has a lot more chemistry with him here than Hyun Bin (no offense). But maybe because I didn’t really like Secret Garden, especially her character. I mean, she was awesome during her stunt scenes but she was too weak and unlikeable in other scenes, especially in scenes with Hyun Bin. Hyun Bin ate her up in Secret Garden. And Lee Seung Gi also has more chemistry here than Shin Min Ah and Han Hyo Joo… Just my opinion. I mean he was adorable with the other two, especially Shin Min Ah, but maybe it’s just the character here and how perfect he is for the role that makes me think that he has more chemistry with Ha Ji Won. I’m not dissing the other two because I like them too. I actually liked them more than Ha Ji Won before but now, they are on the same level to me. I think that she has more natural and other expressions on this drama than SG.

    Anyways, the thing that bothers me the most in this drama is how they portray the Americans. It”s ironic how they portray them all as arrogant and racist, when we clearly know that this is only a drama, written by South Koreans, which I think is a little or more racist of them. Get what I mean?

    I mean, yes, there are racists and arrogant people in the US but do they have to portray everyone as such? I’m not a natural born American but I am a citizen who is Asian and I feel disgusted by how Americans are often portrayed in KDramas. And this includes white and black Americans. But I did like that not everyone in the US team are white but a variety of ethnicities. Actually, this should have proven to them that not everyone is racist in the US, so I don’t know why they made them as one.

    Anywayzzzz, can’t wait for the next episodes.

    P.S. I am hating the Head Secretary…. Even more than Bong Goo. At least BG is admitting his crimes. The HS is being a big dummy (I would use stronger words, but I don’t curse) playing for both sides to save his butt. And he talks about doing what’s best for South Korea, when what’s really the best for him to admitting his guilt and connections with the culprits.

    • Well, I’m a Japanese American and there are times when I feel the animosity toward the Japanese. I surprises me that the writers incorporate such racism when they know the leads are international stars and the dramas will be seen worldwide. It’s contradicting as well, since they portray going to America is an advancement to success. Japan is like this also. It’s so funny that the two countries are always butting heads, but the culture and their stance are so similar.
      I know it’s only a drama world and doesn’t apply to all the writers but…it’s annoying. I’m kind of scared to watch “Bridal Mask” starring Joon Woo though I like him as an actor.
      I guess I need to ignore those peeves and just enjoy the drama.

    • After much thoughts and watching the episode with subs, the “racist remarks” were sooo bad…
      It was used as a strategy to scare Yong-bae.
      Moreover, WOC IS a competition with people from all different countries coming together, no matter how ‘friendly’ it is supposed to be, plus people taking part are all top ranking militarians full of pride and self-confidence, thus I feel that “racist remarks” are somewhat inevitable…

  26. In the drama, south Korea is already a democratic state with a constitutional monarchy meaning the monarchs have no political power at all. They are simply figure heads. Hence this was what jae ha was arguing with jaekang in the very beginning, I don’t know what bong goos intentions are but if he wants to rule, thats the wrong way to go

  27. Maybe one major point of the drama is for the viewers to really see how racism has been embedded in their society to the point that they made it quite extreme to poke fun at the real situation. Satire-ish, anyone?

  28. Found one technical screw up in 32:15 when dong- ha passed something to young bae, he was with the Korean peninsular sticker. But when the scene flashes back again, he was without the sticker.

    M into this drama so much that I rewatch again and spotted this.. Lolz..
    Thanks Ms koala for ur recap each time. 🙂

  29. I find it interesting that no one noticed the mistake made in the bubble bath scene with John Mayer (Kim Bongu) and his assistant – who was supposed to say something along the lines of “But it seems the competition will be conducted fairly” but instead he stutters. “But the c- *insert jibberish* conducted fairly, so…”

  30. By watching in details, I found some discrepancy in the story..
    1) in ep 16, HA mentioned to queen mother that her own mum died when she was young. HA’s mum was able to read stories to her until she contracted TB. But in Ep 7, when HA’sdad was kneeling and asking JH to take good care of his daughter, he said that HA’s mum died soon after she was born. I hope I did not take the translation wrongly.

    2) in the tent kiss episode on JH’s first love, JH told HA he was sent to a normal school. But in ep 16, BG mentioned to queen mother that he was sent to royal school by his own mum. So the schools were not in line. Both JH and BG Have to go to the same schools else how BG stabbed JH with his pen?

    3) in ep 14, in the ship going to the island, in 32:15 when dong- ha passed something to young bae, he was with the Korean peninsular sticker. But when the scene flashes back again, he was without the sticker.

    Anyone spotted these like me?
    Guess this TK2H is into me so much that I did not like the imperfections discovered.

    Nevertheless, Really hooked into this drama. OMG.. Watch, look out for recap, comments, rewatch ep 1 to 16 again..what is this drama doing to me?

    Look at the preview ep 17, BG seems to hv done something and want to keep JH from knowing.. Did someone died? Did the mother Queen died? I do not think HA died, probably being shot? Argh…. The waiting kills…:(

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