Alice in Wonder City with Aaron Yan Releases Gorgeous Second Teaser

OMG to the nth degree! I must’ve been so blinded by the Aaron Yan prettiness (who can blame me, the boy is ridiculously gorgeous) not to notice the actual substance behind his upcoming TW-drama Alice in Wonder City. Once I found out who the scriptwriter was, I went from mildly curious to 120 mph I-want-this-drama-NOW. Alice is written by the female scriptwriter Wang Li Wen, who wrote the sensational Black & White with my Zai Zai as well as the phenomenal The Hospital (also called White Tower) with Jerry Yan and Janine Chang. Both dramas are almost unanimous picks for best TW idol dramas for the last decade.

I was originally interested in Alice because all currently airing TW-dramas majorly suck and I thought the directing was super pretty. But now I’m pretty much guaranteed live streaming this sucker when it airs in less than two weeks taking over the CTS timeslot to be vacated by I Love You So Much. Plus….Xiu Jie Kai as a genuine second male lead with substance and a compelling storyline? Already won brownie points from me. Check out the gorgeous second teaser below, with the title theme song to be sung by Aaron. I’ve always had a soft sport for Aaron as the maknae of Fahrenheit, but he’s really come into his own in the last two years. It’s like watching Justin Beiber grow up.

Teaser 2 for Alice in Wonder City:


Alice in Wonder City with Aaron Yan Releases Gorgeous Second Teaser — 15 Comments

  1. ‘I love you very much’ is quite alright if I might say, maybe you can write a synopsis or recap about it too ockoala.. Thank youuu…

  2. Why is Xiu Jie Kai never 1st lead? It’s looks interesting, I’ll tune in and hope it won’t diasppoint me. The last T-Drama I watched was ‘In time with You’ I kinda like the story and Baron Chen. Currently I’m following ‘Ti amo Chocolate’ but only because Vanness is in it, the story is nothing special. I’m craving for a really really good drama…

  3. I haven’t checked out a twdrama in ages – none have appealed to me. But this looks like it can break the spell. I love love love Black and White, XJK and Aaron (I’ve been fond of him ever since the bizarrely addictive PiMiLit). Plus, it does look gorgeous. I need it NOW!!!!

  4. hehehe and so I wrote too some fantasy but then since life taught me a lot I’ll just keep it in my blog site…. 😉

  5. i love aaron cuz he’s so good looking, but i don’t like Lara =/ i wish they pair aaron with someone else.

  6. I was about to pass on this because CTS dramas have been disappointing, but the writer of Black & White? I’m in!

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