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May 9th marks the one-year anniversary of a little K-drama bounding out of nowhere and ended up becoming one of the most divisive pieces of entertainment I’ve ever lived through. Those who loved it….LOVED IT, and those who hated it…..LOATHED IT, and then threw hate bombs everywhere proclaiming its sheer idiocy. I not only lived through Lie to Me, I’ve yet to encounter the same level of attention and fascination with any drama to that degree. I was getting upwards of 100K hits a day and the site was crashing towards the end of the drama’s run, and I survived purely on adrenaline alone and a few hours of sleep every night for 4 weeks straight.

That’s a testament to the potent chemical magic Yoon Eun Hye and Kang Ji Hwan created onscreen, and the HwanHye shippers went on high alert this week with some super duper juicy new reveals that continue to fan the flames of that possible relationship (for the record – I sincerely believe they are dating in RL, but I’m not asking anyone else to agree with me). To celebrate the one year anniversary of LTM, the little drama that failed at being a drama and succeed at making people experience the heady sensation of falling in love, let’s take a walk down memory lane with a screencap recap of the drama. Because so many active and lurking LTM viewers have told me over the past year – I Went Down With This Ship. Be loud and be proud, it was so much fun while it lasted.

When Kang Ji Hwan met Yoon Eun Hye the small screen almost combusted even though nothing made much sense. Did I care? No. Did I love it? Every single moment of it.

A walk down memory lane with Ki Joon and Ah Jung:

The latest HwanHye rumors have ratcheted back up to Defcon one when Kang Ji Hwan was spotted twice wearing what appears to be the Yoon Eun Hye designed braided cross bracelet which is sold at Eun Hye’s friend’s boutique E&E in Seoul. He wore it to the Runway Cop movie press conference, and also was pictured with it on his wrist while he was reading a script later the same week. To double the pleasure, Ji Hwan wore a thick black braclet with silver metal studs on one side at his Jeju birthday party this past March, and Eun Hye was spotted wearing what looks like the exact same bracelet last month in China. The tale of two bracelets, what more can I say?


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  1. I will go down with this ship
    And I won’t put my hands up and surrender
    There will be no white flag above my door
    I’m in love and always will be

    Not that I’m proud…I’m singing it form the top of my lungs πŸ˜‰

    • It seems like yesterday, I swear I still have butterflys in my stomach when I see those two πŸ˜‰
      I hope they are dating for my sanity.
      Thank you Koala, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you . . .

  2. Me too… I’m fully on board.
    Till now, haven’t had an OTP that SIZZLES as much to me.
    Waiting for their marriage announcement!

  3. I wasn’t part of the crazy, predates my introduction to kdrama. I’m actually not a lover or a hater. (or a little of both)

    I love, love, love all their cute datey scenes. And it possibly could be my favorite drama, except for the last episode… I just was not on board with her whole lost self mission.

    Their chemistry is pretty phenomenal though. Like…set you on fire amazing, and this is several time zones away and a year later.

    I totally rewatch lots of the episodes, because they are so great together. I’d happily watch them in something else. She deserves another really well written drama.

  4. I am still onboard ship LTM. I can only hope they’re dating in real life. I mean…if I can’t date him then it might as well be YEH, right? LOL! πŸ™‚

  5. Oh chingu, are you a mind-reader? Yesterday I actually thought about LTM and how I should rewatch it cos I do miss our OTP. A lot!

    • I only read my chingu Sere’s mind. πŸ˜€

      I actually rewatched LTM this past weekend. I knew the anniversary was coming up, hence my rabid need for Ki Joon-Ah Jung cuteness was triggered. It was oh so satisfying~

      • *g* Keep it up, my friend. It’s a welcome…er, perk. πŸ™‚

        You did? Awesome! I will do that as soon as I’m done catching up with the new dramas on my to-watch list. Speaking of which, I’m marathoning K2H and OMG! *flails* Yesterday I watched ep 6 and asldkjklfh akdshakdhklsdhfdlhgkβ™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯ Must watch ep 7 now.

  6. Oh, Lie to Me! Has it really been a year? I wasn’t crazy about your plotline, but I adored the chemistry between your two leads. And all the yummy kissing. ^^ I sure hope they’re dating for real, then proceed to get married and make beautiful babies.

  7. Now, I feel like rewatching the drama on Netflix….. Good thing I have summer vacation starting like tomorrow, which is May 9 here, the US..

  8. Great, now I want to watch it again. Man I loved this show. Goes to show sometimes it can be something as simple as chemistry that makes for an enjoyable drama.

  9. Fellow shippers…… count me in!!! I just finished the whole episode last week…. And even though it’s been a year ago and rewatched it over and over again, I’m still insanely and head over heals in love in every scene of LTM….. And to Ms. Koala….. Thank you for the tale of the two bracelets…. it made my heart jump into great happiness!!! And I will join you fellow shippers to continuous shipping….. Ms. K….. you are the best!!!

  10. woahhh! I JUST watched a Lie to Me BTS due to my interest in Sung Joon. I highly recommend Shut Up: Flower Boy Band for those who haven’t watched it. It is all heart and he was beyond awesome in it!

    Sorry to go off on that little rant up there. IF YEH and KJW are dating…yay!! Good for them! She’s amazing irl as everyone knows….it was heartwarming to see that in the BTS vid she ACTUALLY took Joon’s used tissue and put it in her pocket since the boy didn’t know where to put it away. o_O I mean this guy’s a rookie and she is frickin’ YOON EUN HYE!! How refreshing!!

  11. Wow!!! It’s been a year because of LTM I started lurking on this site an became a fan. I live LTM I laughed cried etc… This drama tickle every emotions I have in my system. Sizzling hot OTP that I hope to see them again in a project because they are worth it. Such an amazing actors! I do hope they are dating!!! I re watched lie to me this weekend it brought me so much joy (my antidote for K2H) the aganony of waiting for the next episode of K2H. I’d probably re watched it again. Thank you Koala for remembering!!!! I watched most KDramas you recap and suggest. Keep it coming your doing a wonderful job.

  12. That walk underneath the cherry blossoms?My ideal and standard now for all K dramas.Thanks for the reminders and potential dating news . I know I am a rabid fan when I not only remember the scene from each screencap but what the conversation and probably which line it was from. Boy the antis were really nasty then. I enjoyed the drama very much and might go rewatch it again.Yes leah just in case your edit is late.I still have their ice cream song duet on my phone.Every time I listen to it, it brings a big fat happy smile to my face. And that ” Blue sky of Jejudo” by Sung Shi Kyung- classic. Those kissing scenes were good, heart attacking inducing but the ” yobo , I am here” Squeal!!!

    • Agree. The cherry blossom walk remains THE gold standard in K-dramas. And I loved how LTM re-used it later in great subsequent moments. Such as their post-movie walk and Ah Jung crying under the cherry blossom trees.

      I can’t believe it but I pretty much have memorized the OTP dialogue in this drama.

      • Agreed! The part where AJ runs to KJ and cries on that path is my favorite scene in the whole series. Sniff sniff!!

    • You tell yourself you really shouldn’t be giddy about one little ice cream song after a year of hearing it, but I still get that goofy ear-to-ear smile, too, and my kids sing it, which is so adorable … I’m sure they learned the song from the re-watching of the drama.

      But I’m a bad shipper — I have not loaned my LTM dvd set out to anyone, I refuse to let go my steely grip, and it could be death to my husband if he should accidentally hurt it. He shut it off one time by rolling over on the remote as I was handstitching a costume and I stabbed myself yelling at him to turn it back on! That said, he even has his own favorite quote from it: “Women who bear grudges can even make it snow in June.”

      My personal favorite line? “You really make people happy just by looking at you.” Because that is what shipping Yoon Eun Hye and Kang Ji Hwan makes me feel!

  13. Oh boy… i remember LTM… and I was super sweeped up in the love story. There has not been another coupling that I have loved as much as this one. πŸ™‚ I just could not keep up with my own personal life and the shipping of the 2 in RL so I haven’t been able to keep up. I don’t think that anything is going on, but if they come out and prove me completely wrong, I will be sooo happy. πŸ™‚ Please Hwan-Hye -> come out and prove me completely wrong!!!

    I should watch LTM again… the story did go to complete crap but the chemistry is unmatched!!! So sizzling!!

    Thanks Ms Koala for taking us back down memory lane. I had so much fun following this drama.

  14. Happy anniversary to LTM…it’s been a year!and can’t get enough of YEH and KJH…hope they are really dating!no confirmation yet…but i’ll keep on sailing with the ship!i miss them so much!

  15. Memories this just brought a huge grin to my face. I found this playground because of Lie to me. Meaning i’ve been lurking here for a year now. Thnx Koala for all the good memory / hard work.

    • It’s good to de-lurk here, too! πŸ™‚

      But, I feel something is missing ……

      like Koala forgot some of the kissing camera angles, I’m not really sure she was thorough enough with the skinship/relationship montage! LOL, she’s going to kill me now!

  16. IWDWTS (I Went Down With This Ship)!! I already loved Yoon Eun Hye & Lie To Me made me a fan of Kang Ji Hwan, too. πŸ™‚

  17. It’s already been a year, whu?! Ahh, the memories of a ship gone awry. I loved it and I’m not afraid to say it. ^^

  18. I Went Down With This Ship too!!

    I have been a regular here at the playground since Dramabeans ditched LTM and I discovered like minded shippers on this site. Thank you Koala for loving this drama.. although the storyline sometimes made me tear my hair out, but Ah Jung and Ki Joon moments kept me afloat and in the game, and finally unable to break free. It also made me a fan of KJH, and not even Hong Gil Dong succeeded in doing that for me.

    Looks like I’ll be joining you gals on that LTM marathon. Wanna walk under those cherry blossoms again!

  19. Omo…Busted hahaha…happy anniversary to LTM n HwanHye shippers..the zombie strain still spreading lol

  20. awww, happy anniversary =D those were some great memories of last year. i’ve been actually thinking about LTM lately and missing all the lovely moments between the OTP. i am glad that a lot of people feel the same way. it’s time to listen to the sound tracks again and rewatch LTM. =)

  21. Wow! How time flies!!! A year has passed. I remember having to search all over for updates and spoilers for this drama and the first thing that I check every morning when I woke up was Koala’s Playground as you always had all the latest updates and rambling about the drama. It was really fun and it kept us all going.

    KJW and YEH made it all so exciting for us during that short spell and even till today, we can still excited looking at the photos and re-watching the drama all over again. I have to say that I have watched the whole drama so many time and it still gives me goose bumps.

    One of the best drama for all of us fans who are still swooning πŸ™‚

    Happy Anniversary πŸ™‚

  22. squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel !!!!

    do you know how much i love you Captain Koala? πŸ™‚ thank you sooooooooooo much for this beautiful walk down memory lane. it always give me the love chill whenever i see photos of hwanhye together. my grandmother and my aunty watched ltm with me just 2 weeks ago and they loved it. my grandma said how come no wedding scene? lol. my sisters gave me the best present ever, LTM DVD! πŸ™‚ and a poster which my aunty took off me for souvenir! hehehe we are now watching Coffee Prince and grandma said i like ki-joon better for eun hye πŸ™‚

    well looks like grandma may get her wish with the new shippy news of hwanhye! and i am sooooooooooooooooooooooooo overjoyed with it!!! hoot! hoot!

    keep dating hwanhye!!!!! praying it will lead to the altar!!! πŸ˜‰

    fighting!!! πŸ˜‰

  23. I Went Down Happily With This Ship too
    Maybe I’m late but I’m sure I’ll be the faithful shipper of Hwan-Hye.
    Quote; Miss K :”(for the record – I sincerely believe they are dating in RL, but I’m not asking anyone else to agree with me)” , you can ask me Miss K because I’m 100% agree with you πŸ˜‰
    The Most Memorized Dialog :
    GAJ : “Do you know how tough it was for me today?”
    HKJ : β€œDo you know how much I missed you today?”
    Your Word Miss K : “Do you two know how much I love you both, and how tough it is when I can’t spend more time with you darn lovebirds?”

    Quotes from spirituallythinking
    “When people hurt you over and over, think of them as sandpaper. They scratch and hurt you, but in the end you are polished and they are all used up”

    They -all the antis- are all used up and Lie To Me are polished over 8 countries…YES

    So, Happy 1st Anniversary My Love of K-Drama Lie To Me <3 <3 <3

  24. I just can not believe that it has been. It seems yesterday lurking to find out next episode preview. I can not believe that I have been lurking this website an year since this drama. I love this couple. I hope that they are really dating in real life. that would be best news for us shippers. Happy one year everyone.

  25. It must be in the air because I have been thinking about this drama again. I rewatch episodes pretty frequently and it still has that effect on me. Just love these two together! I am loving Rooftop Prince, but every time I see the cherry blossoms in it, I think of these two and the park bench. It was a great ship to sail, even through dangerous waters…. but it was so worth it. Thanks for the memories!!

  26. Happy Anniversary!!!! Seems like by some strange intuition, HwanHye shippers have revisited LTM in and around the same time!!!
    As for me, whilst gnawing at my knuckles waiting for TK2H – I thought, besides re watching TK2H to death – how about re watching that OTP Juggernaut Lie To Me – and that’s what I’ve been doing this past week!!!!

  27. Really? It has a year already; OMG, time flies fast. I have been rewatching LTM gazillion time. I almost memorized all the dialogs for this drama and did not reallized that a yr has gone by. :o). I miss KJH so much. I wish he can make at least 2 dramas a year like Roy Qiu as I love Roy too. But it seems famous Korean actors produce fewer dramas than TW famous actors.

  28. And, Kang Ji Hwan update his tweets today
    ν™”μ°½ν•œ μˆ˜μš”μΌ μ•„μΉ¨!! μ–΄μ   λ§ˆνŠΈκ°€μ„œ μž₯λ³΄λŠ” ν‰λ²”ν•œ μ²­λ…„! μ˜€λŠ˜μ€ μ°¨ν˜•μ‚¬ ν™λ³΄λ•œμ—μ°λŠ” νŒ¨μ…˜ν™”λ³΄μ§€ 촬영! ν•˜λ£¨λ§Œμ— μ΄λ ‡κ²Œ 극과극적인 μƒν™œγ…‹

    and On Line in KHS forum too πŸ˜‰

    He must remember Lie To Me Anniversary today πŸ˜‰

    • hehe…I guess we’re not the ONLY ones who have fond memories (he obviously “enjoyed” the drama & his co stars *wink*wink*

  29. Omo! Has it really been a year now? Thank you so much for the photos ockoala unnie, especially those new ones. Now, I’m back to those times, still feeling giddy about these two.

    Yes, I do feel (or wish, if that really has a difference to me) that they are dating in real life. By George, I am so ecstatic just looking at those photos with them wearing identical bracelets, aha ha, and these are latest photos!

    I am not so active with current kdramas lately, but I’m watching old ones (latest are Secret Garden, Dream High and Princess’ Man). I do read your K2H recaps though. I will watch that when the DVD comes out. From where I am, downloading from streaming sites costs so much more than buying the DVDs, it’s ridiculous.

    Anyway, thanks again ockoala unnie! I really miss this couple, my favourite in kdrama land! I really hope to hear wedding bells for YEH and KJH soon, and when that time comes I’m sure all of you, wherever you are, will hear me scream with joy aha ha ha ha!

  30. OMG!!!!! Weeeee’re back! Thank you my dear Captain! I don’t know which excited me more – the memories , the fun and the feelings your LTM post evoked or the possibility, gosh, the evidences pointing to a probable RL dating of our beloved OTP!!! *hyperventilates, flails arms, jumps, screams to let it out!

    I loved the show – LTM! But apart from that, I had a blast partying with like-hearted individuals. I do remember hanging out in this blog ’till the wee hours of the morning, met a lot of interesting people from all parts of the globe, chatting, sharing and then passing the baton when the sun rises in their time zone, and it’s time for us to catch some zzzzs.

    Eun Hye and Ji Hwan… dating??? I’m in heaven. I haven’t visited the HwayHye HSI Team forum for a loooong time. *red-faced guilty It’s high time I check it out again. To be honest, I had given up hope on our OTP. Until now, OMG, am so pumped!! *runs to the forum…*turns back…have to shout it out….
    YES, I went down with this ship!!!! And I’m proud of it!

  31. Happy anniversary LTM-YEH-KJH. I will always be your 4ever fan. Thanks Ms. Okoala for this. Miss them so much…

  32. Thanks for posting these pictures, Happy Anniversary! Truly watch this drama two times, both ACTORS were efficient in the delivery of their respective role and match as couples/lovers.
    The story was also magnificient hence it focus on RELATIONSHIP’s. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. I actually just re-watched LTM last week and I still get all giggly with all their cute scenes. LTM will always have a special place in my heart, my obsession with it led me to A Koala’s Playground πŸ™‚ Has it really been a year? Time flies so fast, but these two beautiful people will forever be my favorite OTP. Now if those dating rumours are true then I would be one happy HwanHye shipper.

  34. i love LTM (eventhough towards the end the story disappoints a bit).
    i love YEH&KJH on-screen chemistry.
    ‘nuf said.

  35. I thought they were very cute together but I had a serious case of Second Lead Syndrome when I was watching this so I gave up halfway through for my own sanity. I have it around maybe i’ll pick it back up.

  36. Thank you Koala, I discovered this site because of Lie to Me. I’m so in love with this drama that i practically watched it almost everyday after it ended. I downloaded the whole episodes here in my computer so i could watch it anytime when i need a fix. I shouted so loud when i saw the pictures the two wearing identical bracelets. Do you people think they’ll do a “Creating Destiny” Remember Eugene and Ki Tae Young? Thanks again Koala, do take care……

  37. Wow! It’s been a year already? Ms. Koala, thanks for this walk down memory lane. I miss LTM, YEH and KJH sooooo much! I’ve got to re-watch it again since I don’t how many times I’ve re-watched my favorite scenes in this drama.

    I’m still a HwanHye shipper but I must confess I haven’t been visiting the HwanHye HSI thread for sometime. Due to the recent evidence you’ve mentioned, I think I need to go back there now and do some backreading. πŸ˜€ Oh so excited!

  38. and there goes the best and most passionate kiss of all………………………………………

    HwanHye COLA KISS!!!!!!!!

    thanks again Captain! πŸ™‚

    • So happy Ms K ; just wanted to join in the “party”… I was so hooked last year and was reading your blog closely too. The best kissing scene yet .. they were trying look “apart” at the end of drama party .. But we shippers “caught” them .. hehe.. come out in the open please … WE’ll continue to support your acting – Don’t worry !

  39. Time went by so fast. I miss the Hwan-Hye couple. The Tale of two bracelets… Eagle eyed netizens bring me joy and warmth just dreaming about it. They just need to admit the truth to the public and let me celebrate for real. Champagne, anyone?

  40. I love love love love love this couple. Thanks Koala for sharing this news. Lie To Me is of my fave kdrama :). So far LTM kisses are my fave in kdrama’s kisses. Their kisses were so real filled with urgency, passion and desire. If they are now a couple, I love it cos I support this gorgeous couple. Both are my fave actor and actress.

  41. So its been one year already..and it seems like the HwanHye couple is celebrating our anniversary too with their couple bracelet! πŸ˜€ I guess they’re trying to tell us not to forget them and to hold on with the ship? I wish they can tell us how many anniversaries more before they go on public lol! To everyone I met here in your playground eversince last year (and to the rest who became close to me even after LTM aired) HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to all of us and to you Ms. K *cheers*

    • and talking about LTM memories ..when i watched Fashion King last night they have this ice cream kiss that makes me sing the “Lovin’ Ice Cream” instantly lol! ..Nowhere is right, the LTM is still ON! πŸ™‚

  42. Auntie K
    What a beautiful wonderful mess butbsuch an enjoyable mess.
    I do not care what anyone says ” Yes I stepped foot on that ship and it went down like the Titantic, but oh what a ride, a glorious Coke Cola with whip cream on top ride.
    I don’t regret watch Lie To Me because it brought me to the playground and I made so many new playmates, while I don’t believe there will ever be quite a Kdrama that brought about such frustration and the unification of grievances from it’s viewers, I fully enjoyed it and the memories that came from it.

    Thank you LTM for being so awesomely bad that you were actually brilliant in your tragedy.

    Lie To Me 4EVA HWAITING!!!!

  43. It’s been a year? Time sure fly..
    It was because of my “blind” love (well, that’s what those haters said) for LTM that I became a lurker in this playground, I remember looking for a place where people share the same devotion as I did back then, and i really have to say thanks to someone at somewhere who’ve kindly gave me the right direction. Because of them I’m here.. πŸ™‚
    Now, I need to re-watch LTM and get some Ah-Ki/Hwan-Hye fix..

  44. i watched LTM again just because i like it and will always like it.never been so in involve with anyone in a drama before.but it is such a joy to this day.

  45. OMG I loved this drama. It’s going to be shown on our local tv soon~~~I literally shrieked when I saw the cf. XD

  46. I remember watching episode 8 and waiting for episode 9! The week in between was unbearable. I think I visited this blog every 30 minutes looking for updates. I could not function properly at work; I had to be near my laptop every second! That pretty much set the tone of my entire viewing experience with LTM. My friends thought I’ve gone batty.

    As much as I enjoyed watching LTM…I really enjoyed reading and spazzing along with the shippers more (those affected with the LTM syndrome a.k.a. converts, the zombie strain gals a.k.a. lurkers and posters not minding time zones, the ship’s clue logbook and looking for endless symbols!); Michael’s LTM love story at Thundie’s…really moving; our very own Captain’s piece…inspiring!

    Thank you for bringing us together Captain K, thanks for the wonderful memories. Happy Anniversary Shippers!

    • very well said Doc…. πŸ™‚ LTM introduced me to many friends and am proud some of us did continue the friendship… Happy Anniversary my dear bats…. Love u!!!

  47. I watched this drama by happenstance… didn’t know who Kang Ji Hwan was, didn’t even think he was cute from the posters and winded up loving him and watching his other dramas… all because of this little nonsense drama. The kisses were so hot, wish kisses on all the dramas were that hot. Boy, is it getting hot in here when I think of the kisses! Can’t say I loved it, can’t say I hated it. I guess, I loved hating it and hated loving it?

    I do have a question for anyone… why do Korean stars for the most part keep their romances so under wraps? Are the paparazzi even more insane in Korea than the US or UK?

  48. happy anniversary HH shippers and captain K!

    so its a year since we all met and had a blast watching LTM all together, enjoying the “most palpable adult romance” that mz k had us all at the edge of our seats anticipating her recaps and spazzing and squeeing together… and most of all the friendships we gained from like-hearted LTMers. cheers to the ‘bat cave girls’, the zombies, the lurkers, the sharp-eyed detectives scouring the net for proofs that our OTP may have something more going on in RL. ah the excitement of looking forward to YEH-KJH lovey-dovey scenes and hot kisses!

    i miss them all… and you fellow shippers! mwah-mwah!!

    • Hello lurkylab and drmjs on top. Remember me? us? others? Omo! memories are all coming back to me now. Those were happy, crazy
      times. Good to read from you ladies again.

      • @ wits… of course i remember u and many others here. actually, some of us have met already and communicate with each other once in a while. i hope you’re doing well, tho i sometimes read your posts elsewhere… i usually read some of the recaps of other kdramas, t-dramas, etc.

        some plans in the offing to visit s.korea within the year to see the iconic cherry blossom lane and many other sites that roweina (LTMer from Indonesia) has seen during her tour earlier this year. hope the plan ‘visit korea’ with LTMers pushes through. πŸ™‚

      • I miss you wits! I’m so happy to hear from you! Hello lurkylab! Hehehe

  49. Thank you Ms Koala for making us all here in your playground so happy with the Lie to Me
    banner and the tale of the two bracelets as we celebrate with you the 1st anniv of Lie to me.
    I will not waiver and still hope for a real life love story of our OTP.

    Still keep on watching LTM for the nth time and I still enjoy it as much.
    Thank you thank you for a walk down memory lane with our lovely couple.BTW can some1 tell us what the tweet of KJH was about? Thanks again.

    • momsy jim, his twitter update not mention about LTM, just showing his activity on tuesday, take a photo shoot for promoting his recent movie ‘Detective Cha’;) .

      But, for someone who rarely update his twitter, I don’t know, maybe shippy brain who’s thinking, it’s very, very coincidental with LTM anniversary πŸ˜‰

      This is the english transalation by Google translate
      “Sunny Wednesday morning! Yesterday, an ordinary young man treasure mart go! Car criminal case to promote a fashion shoot for me. I never shoot Tues! γ…‹ day life so geukgwageuk”

  50. I love a Yoon Eun Hye and Kang Ji Hwan and iam very happy for celebrate the one year anniversary of LTM: The Best Drama of Corea for me …….

  51. Happy Anniversary to us HwanHye shippers!!!!!
    Will forever visit this and of course our Hwanhye’s forum, too. Bec.of LTM i came to know this very enjoyable site.
    Really, how time flies. A very good news for us (tale of 2 bracelets) just in time for our anniversary.
    Thanks a lot Ms.K for keeping the flames burning inside our hearts, for the love of our OTP….
    also to my fellow friends whom i already considered as sisters/brothers all around the globe although we differ in nationality,religion,timezone we bonded as one for the love of our couple.
    the memories, laughters,frustrations,threats,feelings,banters we shared will be forever etched in my heart. Thanks everyone for keeping our forum (Hwanhye)alive.
    Wwwhhhoooaaahhhh………..just this morning the comments are less than 20 and now (evening in my timezone) 71 comments…… no wonder LTM have lots of supporters.

  52. I like lie to me so much
    For me this drama is the best k drama ever and i love yoon eun hye and kang ji hwan πŸ™‚

  53. Happy 1st yr. anniversary to all LTM avid viewers. I can no longer remember how many times I watched KJH & YEH in the romantic comedy-drama. All the time, viewing gives me a feeling of happily in love and doing amazing things for love. Wishing in RL, they are really sweethearts. I gave up that idea when I saw their wrap-up party. KJH & YEH were not sweet in that video. I was looking for traces of closeness, but there was none. Or are they really hiding it in public? The similar bracelets they are wearing seem to tell us that the lie has now become love and that sometimes in the lie there is truth hidden that is more passionate than reality. Hope they make their wedding announcement soon. They are not getting younger.

  54. if I had the chance to write a Korean story she’d be the my girl, I don’t know I can see an ordinary girl who can blossom overnight I think its the magic rabbit front teeth smile….ageless πŸ˜‰

  55. is it that long already? wow time goes by pretty quick! love this couple and i’m with you koala, also think that they are dating in real life, with the explosive chemistry? been re watching LTM many times lol just can’t get enough of this beautiful couple!

  56. i thing yoon eun hye is gonna say that my love kang ji hwan don’t worry i only love you if i mad a drama or movie i will never gonna kiss anther man.

  57. I just had to say Ms Koala, this shipper is trashed. I’ve finished watching the whole drama since your article came out.

    See the toothpicks holding my eyelids open πŸ™‚ Just kidding. Sorta. It still is magic and it is actually better marathoning and not doing the weekly wait. It’s not as bad as I recall the antis ranting about.

    The cherry blossom pathway… still sweet. But even more so, I still think ” yobo, na yeogisuh?” as daebak

  58. Regarding the tale of 2 bracelets………..since you fired up my shippy heart, did some back reading and happens to know that the thick black bracelet w/ metal studs worn by YEH in 6th Asian Film Awards party March 19, 2012 Hongkong while JiHwan wore it on his bday March 20,2012 Jeju.YEH went back to Korea the next day which is March 20, 2012.
    YEH’s photo above wearing the braided cross bracelet was taken last Feb.20,2012 when she attended Love Fiction’s VIP Premiere and Kang JiHwan just this May,2012 during his Detective Cha movie prescon.
    YEH will be in Taiwan on May 19-20, 2012 for her Artistry promo.
    I heard that his movie Detective Cha is for May 31, 2012. Will Yoon Hye attend the movie premiere ? Just like what she is doing for her friends and fellow actors/actress to show her support….. like when she attended his previous movie My GF is an Agent.
    Well, shippers lets all wait and see……

  59. It was so good while it lasted. Will there ever be a more sensual/fun/funny/romantic Drama? Do share any news on the 2!!

  60. Wow so thrilled with those common bracelets! They are my most fave actors/actresses who could manage to act like fools in those total funny scenes! I wish there will be a part 2 where Ah Jung ah would play the chaebol’s wife πŸ™‚ Thanks koala unni! Looking forward to KJH-oppa’s Runway Cop, he’s hilarious in the trailers! ^^

  61. Thanks you..Thanks you….Thanks you….Ms.K. You’re really kind to celebrate the anniversary of the first year for lie-to-me-viewers had a chance to celebrate together and it’s the first year that I know this warmest playground. Happy 1st year to all playmate.

  62. Omo! Omo! i so love you, Koala, really I do, for posting this and letting us travel back memory lane with LTM. i am so excited. hugss and kisses to you…

    I so much love this drama, no matter what other people say about this. I watched this 4 times already and i keep on watching it whenever I feel down and low. It so de-stressing. luv it really. I hope something good comes out between KJW and YEH! and i hope they get to have another drama together.


  63. So fast a year! This drama is still one that I rewatch the most just because of the sheer chemistry between the leads. Wow, there was a lot of kissing in this series that I forgot. I wish other dramas had it. I really hope they are dating in real life just to see both of them happy like they were in the best moments of this drama. Thanks koala for all your hard work as always.

  64. whoaaaa been busy for days that I missed this important day…my bad!!! reading this and looking at the pictures of our beloved LTM and KJ/AJ made my heart flutter again…I couldn’t help feeling vulnerable and sensitive….It’s nice to go down memory lane…LTM will remain etched in my heart forever….

    Thank you madam K…you made me very happy today….and am proud to say that am still with this ship…I will only surrender when any one of them decides to marry other people…. that’s how stubborn this halmoni is!!! hahaha πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  65. gosh already a year. it feels like yesterday to me.
    hmmm… maybe because i still watching lie to me right now for the X time.
    still hope some good news to come.

  66. awwwww love love this drama so much. It really solidified YEH as one of my faves since Goong bec no matter who she’s partnered with, I believe the love she delivers on screen.

    I thank u for the couple update πŸ™‚

  67. OMG..am i late for this??? I saw many familiar names here,the member of Hwan-Hye Investigation Team! Because you ms.K and LTM fans analize every single scene in drama…fiuuh,like when you notice YEH expression while KJH says “do you want break with oppa?” (sorry,if i’m wrong. Forgot the right words.) i still remember coz i’m thingking how ms.K do that???.
    Thank you ms.Koala and Happy Anniversary Lie To Me.

  68. OMG, I am late for this post! So glad Ms K you wrote this down for LTM and the HH ship!~ Fighting~!

    Love Lie to Me to the degree that I find other K dramas not as attractive for me to re-watch many times too.

    Note that there will be a pure the-making-of-Lie-to-Me-DVD expected to be released in 18 Jul 2012 and there is still no sign of whether we will get the director’s cut….sigh….

  69. I am an elder and I, up to this point in time, have liked YEH and the projects she has chosen. One thing this little ole lady knows for sure, is that ole KJH shouldn’t have gotten nervous and indicate that he was disappointed in the numbers. If your stars start to indicate that they are less than thrilled with the public’s reception of the drama, the fans, who see this, start to wonder too. Mums has got to be the word, from the actors who star in dramas. Just my opinion. I may be wrong about what I read KJH said, but I don’t believe I’m, because at the time, it surprised and dismayed me.

  70. SEASON 2 of lie to me PLEEEAAAASSSEEE! continuation of Ah Jeong & Gi Jun lovestory as husband and wife. i think its really exciting to watch. i hope that all the team that created the korean drama LIE TO ME would hear my request..hahaha..


  71. I love KJH and YEH…. great chemistry… you will not only see it, you can feel it! Part 2 please (I’m begging!)

    I’ve been watching Korean dramas but never been so addicted… until Lie To Me came. Judging from fans’ reactions, I believe that makers of Lie To Me achieved their goal of making it one of the most outstanding romcoms ever.

  72. sorry because my English is less regular, I just love drama korean lie to me in particular. I love this drama because of KJH and yhe do acting naturally, like people who have fallen in love. Meraka somehow seem to have a sense of each other, but it is difficult to open. I hope the future they could have a chance together again.
    Each starting job at the office, the first thing I do is open this site hoping I get info about KJH & yhe, but until now I have not gotten the info from them.

    Yesterday I felt sad because I read the info that yhe and ETHAN have a relationship. I just hope it does not happen.

  73. It is really so great to be back again here after a year Captain. Nice to see old familiar names here!I never get tired of watching this drama…hope to hear new news from our most love couple….take care everyone!happy one year ! c’,)

  74. i’m addicted watching Lie to Me, i watched the drama twice but still addicted to it, now its airing here in the Philippines..feels like it’s my first time to feel the story..still the best!!! I agree…SEASON 2 PLEASE !!! excited to see them as husband and wife, they really look good together!!!!

  75. A very nice teleseries….Hope there is a PART TWO LIE TO ME….A very perfect couple Yoon En Hye And KAng Ji Hwan…Thank you Koalas for udadating us and we really appreciated .

  76. Hi everyone, i’m new On this site but also an avid HwanHye fan after watching LTM, i became a fan. Wow! i really can’t forget every episode, keep on watching it till now… Ethan & Hye is not an item, i just read that ethan has a girlfriend, and she’s definitely not our Eun Hye. HAPPY?

  77. hi, congratz to LTM..’twas a big hit here in the Phils..wish for a sequel which tackles ’bout marriage & family values but still with romantic comedy on it which we all loved..HWANHYE are both such an amazing & brilliant actors oozing with charm & personality..hope something good (fate) might happen in the near future as you both deserve to be happy.. as i believe in match made in heaven..keep the faith ^^

  78. I am a new Hwan-Hye fan! I just finished watching LTM in netflix last month and I am so crazy about both of them. Ockoala, I really love your commentaries on everything about LTM. I am really hoping that they get together. KJH keeps saying on his interviews that he is looking for a girl to marry since he is 35 years old already while YEH is saying that she would want to marry, too. so, I hope that in the end they will really be married. I hope the bracelets are a sign that they are still in touch with each other and they are in a relationship. I am very thankful for the Hwan-Hye updates. Thank YOU!

  79. Watched Lie To Me on Netflix, fell in love with KJH, really makes me believe in his charecters, even when the plot is weak or uneven it is watchable because he does so great with whatever they give him. Love the rollercoaster of LTM, cried like a baby even after I was done watching for the day. I also love Hong Gil Dong, it’s a toss-up for me between the two. Don’t want to get my hopes up about there personal lives, it is risky and I don’t want there futures to be judged by my expectations, except for thier ability to entertain me through thier work. Capital Scandal is another KJH drama worth your time.

  80. Hi HwanHye Team, I can’t restore the last Discussion forum comments section so here’s a new one for you guys!

  81. OMG!!!!

    thank you! thank you! thank you Captain for this Part II! it’s simply gorgeous to look at!!! kumawo!!!!!

    sad we cannot restore the previous forum comments but I’m sure the HwanHye shippers all have copies of the comments in their heart! meaning the information that really gives us a clue as to what is the real score between our HwanHye πŸ™‚

    fighting! fighting! fighting!

  82. thanks ms k for part II! now, how do we let the other hwanhye shippers know this new link? It’s a good thing i checked out your old posts for ltm! you are heaven’s sent! β™₯β™₯β™₯

    • Thanks ms.k as well as amazed for giving the link on where to find hwanhye forum coz there’s some problem with the previous one..i really go crazy for the past few days coz can’t get in touch with u guys, its really a good thing that I checked too on the LTM forum where I saw the link u posted. Thank u very much, now im at ease hahaha..

  83. Thanks M. K for past ll it this new link?

    Hello my friend. I was shocked beacause i thought the message would not be lost ,another friend of mine and great message to HWANHYE OUR LOVE . Finally , i am very glad i found again. Iove you my friends.
    HWANHYE FOREVER. β™₯β™₯β™₯

    • …HELLO everyone!…i’ts been a while …BUT ..i’m here with all of you guys every day^___^…& i’m sooooo happy with the latest news….Dredz,nineteen,Eileen,rainqueen,amazed,chon..THANKS MISS K for effort& support!HWANHYE SHIPPERS FIGHTING!!…THE HAPPY END IS ALMOST HERE..^_^..^_^…^_^

  84. OMO! what happened to our forum??? its just so sad that this had happened to our playground after we’ve reached more than 16000 comments at this very important time for our OTP! But so happy to see you all, guys! its good to be back! lets once again, make history, HH shippers! HwanHye, fighting!!!!

    Mz. KOALA! thank you so much!!!^__^

  85. Hi, amazed! Just visited LTM thread and saw your post there so others would also know about this new forum. Would like to thank you, chingu, for all your efforts to keep this ship alive and sailing! it also saddened me that our playground had dissappeared just like that. But once a HwanHye shipper will always be a HH shipper forever until we reach the port and beyond!^___^ Thanks to all HH shippers aswell for always keeping this ship sailing come what may. Aja aja, OTP, fighting!!!!^_____^

    • dredz lornz1230 hellen chingus glad you found this link! i am going nuts for several days because i can’t open the playground! i keep checking soompi for info but i can’t find any! i finally decided to look for ltm discussion here in the playground and found the new link! haaay, we’re almost there and this happened! i think with 16,480 posts, the playground run out of memory! i have been getting the same message for several months already & it finally stop. Thanks to ms k for part ii. i don’t want to sign up for soompi (i’m just lurking there, he he) but i have to let hwanhye shippers know of the new link! i hope eileen, rainqueen, alpha storm, nineteen, evelyn, nancy, eppy, eryns, skype ( i hope i didn’t miss anybody!) will find their way here. hwanhye fighting! trying to keep this playgrond alive…

      • same here @amazed, i’m already going nuts, as it’s been days that i can’t lurk at our favorite playground, & at the same time i’m missing you all much chinggus, it’s good to be back,
        we made history chinggus, HH shippers, made one blogsite crashed down because of endless reasons/comments we have for our OTP, no other shippers has done what we have done, agree with me? πŸ™‚
        our love for our OTP is really amazing πŸ™‚

  86. i hope eileen will see this update from minjie (niece of kjh)…

    * IMPORTANT * Sorry I haven’t been updating for a while! Here’s the update on Kang Ji Hwan!: On the 28-29th of July (which is a few days from now), Kang Ji Hwan will be returning to LA (He’s in Las Vegas again Because of the Filming Schedule Constantly being changed) These will be the Last Two Days Filming Days and he will be returning to Korea on the 30th . BUT! On the 29th of July, Kang Ji Hwan wants fans to Come Meet HIM at the place he will be filming so that he can take pictures with fans and give out autographs! However, the place and time isn’t exactly decided yet, but it will most likely be at a beach in Korea Town. (LA) The time and place will be announced on the 28th. PLEASE “Like” or comment below if it’s possible for you to come! (I need an * ACCURATE * count of how many people can come by the 27th) THANK YOU!-AdminMinjie

    • Did you see that kjh is returning to korea on the 30th? i smell something fishy here! After minjie announced that kjh will be in chicago come august, this news, lol! i will believe this if i see a picture of kjh arriving in korea 1 or 2 days after this date!

      • really, she said that? i havent read about it yet. but if she said so, hmmm, amazed, i think i know what you are thinking! is this some kind of misleading info again??? lol aigoo, cant wait and see what’s going to be the next move of our OTP, again!! OTP fighting!^___^

    • kjh fb operators have released a statement that this is unofficial kjh news!
      but i believe minjie, lol! baidu believes minjie too!

  87. hahaha..HH shippers not only think alike but also react alike! hehe.. Am so glad too, amazed, actually, before i found out this new forum, i was about to post a request to Mz. K just in case she was not aware of our playground’s problem. But i saw Eppy’s post dated yesterday asking the same to Mz. K. And so happy to see her reply to eppy as posted by her above.

    Once again, Mz. K, thank you for creating a new forum for us.

    About your above post, am sure eileen would be able to read that and even would give her more chance to be up-close and personal with KJH-ssi!Eileen, so happy for you, chingu! fighting!^____^

  88. Thanks Ms. K! I thought I lost the HSI team coz I can’t see the messages anymore but it’s good that I tried this part II and here u all are my chinggus! Wheew! nice to see u all again πŸ™‚

  89. I was very dismayed to find tht my favorite discussion forum was no more, but after searching, found it again, thank God! Pls keep this one going, because I am still a fan, and I will forever love KJH n YEH! When will we hear the good news?

    • Hi LTMfan , i think we all could feel it, the good news is coming soon? baiduers have the same feeling! hwaiting!

    • minjie lives in chicago so she doesn’t know much about los angeles. maybe it’s about a beach nearby so it could be sta monica beach or malibu beach or any beach close by where the shooting would be. hope they all get to see ji hwan ssi! good luck, guys, specially eileen! where are you girl? we missed you!

  90. If only my cousins living in LA were hwanhye fans I can easily ask them to go and see/meet KJH in his shooting set but unfortunately they’re not,they even yelled at me when I tell them about it saying i’m totally crazy lol..what can I do,i love them both..i’m so excited to see pics of KJH back in Korea again hopefully as well as some news on YEH coz she’s so quite and MIA after the Cartier event..

  91. hello HH shippers! thanks once again to each and everyone for the love and support you have shown in our playground for the love of wuri OTP! Hence, this ship would not sink no matter what happens! All the more this gives me the reason to be so proud to be one of the HH shippers! HwanHYe fighting!!!

    Lets start our new day with this LTM vid i got from you tube. enjoy, chingus!^____^

    Btw, lets also cheer with all the fans in the USA who would be joining the short fan meet to be held tomorrow at 3 pm at the LA airport! aja aja fighting!!!


    • thanks dredz! it has been more than 2 years after ltm but still this forum is still alive and crashing due to a lot of posts! hwaiting!

      shooting towards the sun, did you see the instagram posted by kjh’s leading lady? the embracing scene! oppa is kind of being extra careful in posting pictures on twitter, i think… well, who wouldn’t fall for oppa, he he he. is it just me, lol!

      • Hi amazed! i was not surprised anymore, chingu, even during IOM’s shoots, he had been already very careful on posting pictures because he knew someone was watching his every move..hehe..^___^

      • where did you read about the 3 pm short fan meet? i was turned of by their ‘unofficial’, ‘official’ rants! was vindicated later on because the unofficial news is true! is your info ‘official’?, he he he!

        we believe minjie, don’t we?

  92. haha..cool down, amazed, lol. KJH USA has finally announced it on FB i think just an hour or two hours ago, in fact, they apologized for the sudden change due to abrupt changes of their shooting. but this is now official coming from Choeun via KJH USA.^____^ so let us cheer our chingu, eileen! she must be very excited about it!^___^

    • Has Eileen found already this new Discussion Forum? Hope she will have
      the chance to see KJH and tell him about this forum.
      If it is really true that he is going home to Korea at the end of the month, he must really be missing somebody

    • he he he, i saw the posts at kjh fb, dredz, they only mention 3 pm, how did you know that it would be at los angeles airport? are you one of the operators? it’s ok chingu, you don’t have to answer my questions! lol

      • lol, you made me smile, amazed, hmmm, let me guess, say, slip of the tongue! lol! how i wish i am one of them..hehe.. funny, after i’ve read your post, i immediately checked the announcement and was surprised to see that it was only the time has been mentioned. Frankly, when i read that, in my mind, i really saw the time and place, lol, maybe just like what you have said, this was unofficially announced already by his niece so, i guess at the back of my mind, those info were sticked to my mind and just assumed upon reading the time that the place was also mentioned..but thanks, chingu, i stand corrected, good thing, this is just between us here, otherwise, i must have added an additional burden to the nine operators..hehe..but glad to know, now finally, they have announced it already, so am also correct after all, lol. re-posted:

        KJH USA Β· 347 like this
        47 minutes ago Β·
        Hi guys!! This is an update of the time and place for the surprise meet and greet!! We have asked for you to send a message, not because it is a private event, BUT to be able to know how many would be attending.

        Here is the Address:

        658 S. Bronson Ave
        Los Angeles CA 90005

        Time will be 3PM.

        If you could, please get there at least 15~30 minutes earlier as we don’t know how long we could have the meet and greet! KJH’s manager and staff from KJH USA will be helping out at the meeting.

        We would appreciate it if you could message KJH USA of your attending so we can estimate how many to expect! We will also be able to supply you with a contact number of the staff incase you get lost.

        I hope you enjoy the meeting our actor has created from his love for his fans!!

        Thank you.

  93. @ eppy i want eileen to find this new discussion forum before their fan meet with ji hwan. eileen, share your pictures with oppa! you must be sooooo excited now! that’s right, he must be really missing somebody and if not the miss must be with him! lol

    • amazed, i couldn’t sleep! i am too excited! i hope that there won’t be too many people so that i can do close ups but enough people to show KJH that he is appreciated. i am going to get ready now.

    • yes skyjuice, our part 1 discussion forum was so full of lively discussions because of that! it crashed later on, lol! glad that you could join us! post often, ok?

  94. I wrote a letter to KJH and I was going to put it with the white cap gift that i am giving him. here is the paragraph that i put down for our ship…

    Your hwanhye shippers from Koala’s Playground would like to send you their love. We are all from different countries but we have a common couple that we adore, YOU and Yoon Eun Hye. We hope that we will see you in another project soon or you guys will even get together in real life (wishful thinking). Dredz, Nineteen, Amazed, Rainqueen, Eppy, Eryns, lornz1230, Hellen Yoon, Nancy, LTMfan, Minchin-much, Chon, Dar and more (fans from Koala’s Playground) would like to send you their hugs and kisses, too! We used to meet at https://koalasplayground.com/2011/07/03/discussion-forum-the-hwanhye-hsi-team/ and we already had 16480 comments with loads of information about the both of you. It sucks because a virus shut our forum down. We are all now meeting at https://koalasplayground.com/2012/05/08/lie-to-me-one-year-anniversary-i-went-down-happily-with-this-ship/. So, I hope you visit us once in a while.

    what do you guys think?

      • Go go go eileen..wish u all the luck! We’re all excited to hear ur goodnews on meeting our KJH..take care too!

      • eileen, so happy for you! by this time the fan meet must be over. i wish that you’ll be allowed to post fan meet photos! go go go girl. God bless!

      • Wish you all the luck, Eileen! Hope KJH will get and read your letter.
        Thank you for including all of us. We will be waiting for the good news from you.

    • Wow! Eileen . I am happy with you too. I am exciting to hear good news by you.
      And other photos of you.

  95. eileen, saw some pictures from your fan meet with ji hwan from kjh fb! where are you in the picture, chingu? lucky you! we are jealous!

  96. Waaaah! I had a great time at the fan meet! there were about 22 or more of us who came. i am sure there would have been more if the time was done in the evening. at 3pm. most people are still at work. I met new friends who loves KJH as much as we do. I want to share all the pictures here but I don’t know how to do it fast. so, I shared all of KJH’s pictures to Kang Ji Hwan Philippines and KJH USA in facebook. so, please check it out over there. I am going to share my own personal pictures here.

    here it is, chinggus…


    • i will write a detailed account of what happened tomorrow. i just need to rest right now. i didn’t get to sleep last night because of too much excitement.

    • omg! @eileen that was awesome, you’re so lucky, i’m so happy for you.. seeing the beautiful expression in your eyes, it feels like i’m with you there also (wishful thinking, wish i am too :-))
      can’t wait to hear stories from you, can’t wait, so excited πŸ™‚
      i hope finally, he revealed the big secret at least to you ke ke ke…

      tnx chinggu for sharing πŸ™‚

      • Hahaha..we know ur still tired at the moment but dear ur question is killing me lol..oh my,i’m imagining again!

      • Yes, Eileen. Is that the couple ring? It has been a long time not seeing him wear the couple ring.

      • yes we did, i was about to ask you about it! Did he wear it while shooting the movie? That’s the first thing I noticed in the pictures! What is it? A ring that people wear after they say ‘I do’?

    • OMG…. Eileen so happy for you and so envy of you too hahaha….. can’t wait to hear the details.
      Hwanhye Forever..

    • WOW!WOW!..Eileen i’m sooooooooooooooooo happy for you !..& for us..dont’we guys?..WE ARE VERY PROUD OF YOU !..MANY THANKS Eileen!..and on his finger definitely is a COUPLE RING..^______^ HWANHYE ALWAYS & FOREVER!FIGHTING!^_^… THANKS Eileen for share with us this joy!..thanks all of you my friends for posts & comments!

    • thanks guys for being happy for me! it was truly one of the greatest experience of my life! i love KJH more now than ever!

  97. I still can’t sleep! So, here is my story of what happened…

    First of all, driving an hour and a half is really out of my comfort zone. For KJH, I did it! I also had to bring my son and pay him to take pictures. Lol! I was there at the meeting place at 2:30 pm and I met some great people. The staff is so nice because they even provided drinks for us. We first waited in the yard. At around 3pm, they told us that it might be more comfortable on the second floor sunroom. So, when we were all gathered in the room, they told us that KJH is here. So, the once quiet room became kind of loud because we were all so excited.

    So, he comes in and he is so nice. He even apologized to us because of the venue. We thought the venue was just fine. One of the fans even told me that he can do the fan meet in the bathroom and we would still be fine. Lol! So, this is the part where I took the video…


    After that, we lined up to get his autograph. I was first in line. So, I went in and told him my name. Of course that means I have to shake his hand. Omo! His hand was so soft. I gave him the LTM DVD covers for him to sign. He smiled when he saw the pictures of him and YEH. Eeeks! He started signing them and then we took pictures. There is a story behind his hand being on my shoulders. My daughter hugged him right away when she saw him. He laughed and hugged her back. So I said, β€œCan I get a hug, too?” We all laughed. Then he put his hand around my shoulder while our picture was taken. Chinggus, I can’t believe I said that aloud! Omo, he smelled so fresh like soap after a shower. After our turn, we had to go to the other room to give the other fans a chance. I couldn’t ask him anything because I felt shy asking him questions. On top of that, I was still shaking when he came in.


    After almost everyone had their turn, I went back in to take pictures of one of my new friends in the group. He was so nice because he would even take the pictures himself with the fan’s cell phone. He did the same for me. Eeeeeks! By the way, there was one American fan that stood out. We were all Asians except for her. He was delighted to see that she enjoyed Korean dramas. She told him that she would read the subtitles to understand it but sometimes you don’t need the subtitles because Korean actors are very expressive. She loved him in LTM & IOM. I just thought I would mention her. After all the fans had their chance, he did a message for KJH USA operator using KJH USA operator’s sister’s cell phone. (I think it is for KJH USA operator.) I think I might just be in that video. Lol! My friend wanted to ask him to do the same but they said there is no more time. Then, I mentioned to him that the gift is from the Hwan Hye Shippers! His face lighted up and smiled when I said that. I really don’t know why I blanked out when I was there. I should have asked him about why he is following YEH on twitter. Aargh! I guess I was just in awe and I couldn’t believe that he was in front of me.

    So, we followed him downstairs and we took our group picture. I shook his hand again to say goodbye and say thank you. So, I held his hand twice, when we said hello and goodbye! Eeeeks! Maybe, I shouldn’t wash my hands again. Lol!

  98. OMG!!!! Eileeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen!!! could not be any happier for you!!! that must have been a dream come true!!!

    thank you so much for telling Oppa of his HwanHye Ship here in the playground. i am sooooooooooooo jealous of you and very proud! that’s the truth! πŸ™‚

    all of us shippers appreciate all of your amazing effort! i can’t blame you when you blanked out, i would be too had i been in your place πŸ™‚

    kumawo fellow shipper!!!

    hwahhye fighting!!!

  99. OMG!!!! Eileeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen!!! could not be any happier for you!!! that must have been a dream come true!!!

    thank you so much for telling Oppa of his HwanHye Ship here in the playground. i am sooooooooooooo jealous of you and very proud! that’s the truth! πŸ™‚

    all of us shippers appreciate all of your amazing effort! i can’t blame you when you blanked out, i would be too had i been in your place πŸ™‚

    kumawo fellow shipper!!!

    hwahhye fighting!!! πŸ™‚

    • minchin-much, thank you! i should have done more but my nerves got the best of me. he was just too handsome! hehehe! i seriously hope that he reads the letter!

  100. Thanks eileen! you really can’t sleep, you’re posting at 3 in the morning! I’m glad you shared the video and pictures, it feels like we are there to! Thanks again! So, oppa is going back to Korea, no more vacation in Chicago, okay eppy you are right he must be missing somebody badly, ha ha ha!

    • he is missing luxury! joke! i am sure he is missing his love! i saw his pictures in Kang Ji Hwan Philippines FB. He is back in Korea.

  101. Ha..ha..ha.. Eileen, I understand your nervousness, but I am really happy for you! Were you able to give the white cap and the letter that you wanted to give. What do you think of the rings he was wearing. I saw that he was wearing a ring on his ring hand finger and another on his left hand finger which I think is the couple ring. Did anybody mention Yeh to him? I hope someone did ..

    • when i had him sign the LTM DVD covers, i told him that i love him and yoon eun hye. he looked at the covers and then, he gave me a big wide smile. i hope he understood me. omo, chinggu! i almost couldn’t speak. when he came in the room, all our mouths were open because we were all in awe. lol!

      • Eileen..just merely looking at his photos oh my dear he’s so damn gorgeous and sexy hahaha..u really is lucky to sit beside him!..I really hope to see them together in real life.

  102. Eileen, your pictures, videos and your post here at the playground made it to baidu!

    Yeah, eileen, i’m waiting for your answers to eppy’s questions above! we’re curious!

  103. aigoo, eileen, you are really so blessed that you were one of the few lucky fans that had been given this rare opportunity to meet our KJH, no less, in the flesh! we envy you, yes, but definitely very happy for you, chingu! wish we were in your shoes! Its okay, very understandable to be starstruck, i would have felt the same way if i were you and even be numbed the whole time while in front of him! Good thing, you didnt pee for being so nervous! lol! lol!^____^

    Seriously, you did an amazing job, eileen! the white cap is the best gift you could give him, so lets wait i think, he would always wear that cap in replace of the cap we often see him wearing. and the letter is DAEBAK!!! you did say exactly what we would have wanted to tell him about our forum. Thanks so much for acknowledging HH shippers as well! Did you tell in your letter we fondly call them “wuri OTP” lol. But i think, you have already conveyed to him our message that we are rooting for them to be together in real life. BTW, about the ring on his left finger? so you think by seeing it up close that it is really a wedding ring? omo!so it is the same ring we saw him wearing during his bday fanmeet?we always see YEH wears the same lately! Happy for you too that after the fan meet, you have met a lot of new chingus out there! KJH are you there? have you read all our posts?
    ^____^ OTP Fighting!

    • Eileen you’ve made’it!!!!..amazing effort..GOD BLESS YOU ..THANK YOU SO MUCH!…fan’s dream to meet his idol …i’m really ,really happy for you!^___^

    • thank you, dredz! <3 i do hope that he reads it! i guess i can nudge him a little bit and ask him on twitter if he read it. hehehe!

      regarding the ring on his left hand, i definitely think it is a wedding band! the ring on his right hand has crosses on them. so, i have a feeling it is given to him by YEH. actually, i was surprised that he wasn't wearing finger-splint during the fan meet. i should have asked him about it but my brain was in lala-land when i was there. lol! i saw him wearing one when he came back to Korea.

  104. I noticed the ring on the right hand finger has cross design and the bracelet I believed also came from Yeh. The ring on the left finger I already saw our OTP wearing on different occasions. What do you think, Guys?

    • @eppy..I noticed too about the right hand ring his wearing having a somewhat cross design might be from the miss?..i was hesitant to ask it coz im afraid my eyes were just fooling me lol and is it a trend now in korea to just wear a ring on ur ring finger as accessories hahaha..

  105. @ Capt. K

    Thanks so much for this new forum. Shippy me went crazy last night because I couldn’t access the comment board of the old forum. (:

    @ Amazed

    Kamsahanida, chinggu, for posting the link at the soompi LTM thread. Keke, you saved this shipper from going totally batty. ^_^

    @ Eileen

    Kyaaaaaa, chinggu, you’ve done it! And you’re still alive! ^__^ Sooooooo happy for you, chinggu! Dream came true and wish granted!

    Lol, I was panicking last night when I could’t access the old forum. I was like, how on earth would I see Eileen’s account of her encounter with wuri Ji Hwan? Yay! So glad I visited the LTM thread over at soompi and found the link. A very big THANK YOU, chinggu, for mentioning us and our little playground to wuri Eun Hye’s oppa. Hope he finds the time to visit us one of these days. Keke, too bad the old forum is gone, with all the evidences we’ve gathered. I wonder if I can repost some of them here. He certainly needs to see how daebak we are at cracking the Hwanhye secret code! ^_^

    Waaaaa, chinggu, you’re so lucky! But your daughter is luckier! Lol, you should have let her ask the question instead! ^___^

    @ Everyone

    Yay, chinggus, the port beckons! Keep those fingers crossed! Aja aja!

    • @rainqueen, waaaaah! dreams do come true! he is the best and nicest idol ever! i really hope he reads the letter so that he can visit us here in KP sometime. i sent him a twitter message to let him know how much we appreciate what he has done for us. he really didn’t have to give up that precious time but he did. he still had to do an all nighter shooting for the movie. i love him more now because he does spoil us (just like what Secret said)! eeeeeks! i still can’t get over it.

      • yes eileen. makes me loves him moreee… his a very kind celebrity and very humble.

    • You’re right Eileen, i didn’t notice it at first! That’s a blurred image of a lady’s hand! The photographer knows how to exclude the face of the person! korean fans are so protective of their idol’s secret, lol !

    • THANK YOU…THANK YOU…SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH Eileen for the pics !!!!!!!& his smile is more than obvious …^_^..i have a feeling that soon He will announce A BIG NEWS…what WE all want to hear ^____^ again ,WELL DONE!..

  106. Eileen, i have a blast reading all your posts! daebak is your new family picture! he he he ! chingu, your husband might be lurking here, careful!

    This is so cute. xury misses daddy so much! the mommy misses him much more!!! kyaaaaa! check this out!


    @ rainqueen glad you found your way here! i have to post the new link, it is not fun shipping our otp by myself! welcome back chingu!

    • Waaaa, chinggu, I was really flustered when I couldn’t access the old forum. I tried opening it using two laptops but the result was the same. I was like, did the Hwanhye shippers get too crazy that Capt. K locked the forum? ^_^ Good thing I checked the LTM thread at soompi. Thanks so much again for posting the link.

      @ Eppy

      Thanks, chinggu. Glad to be back here. (:

  107. Sorry, forgot to give credit to baidu for the welcome back home kiss from luxury!

    Baiduers are so good, didn’t notice that oppa’s necklace is an ‘H’. I have to download it for you guys, later!

    Cheers to all hwanhye shippers! so happy!

    • Yes, Amazed. The same necklace he wore in Thailand. Does it represent
      Hwan or Hye or both, h…eh…he..he.. He is becoming bolder and obvious nowadays. Good for both of them..

    • is this necklace part of the “Y”, “E”, and “H” acronym? Yes oppa is getting bolder, baiduers thinks the same way, they said oppa is not ‘shy’ anymore! he he he.


      Another korean celebrity couple announced their upcoming september wedding. Aaaaaaayyyyyyyy, OTP please be the next one, please!

  108. @ rainqueen @ nineteen @ dredz

    please repost some of our evidences, please please please! the rings please particularly. i was not able to copy them before.

    @ nineteen where are you girl? i hope you will find this new link soon!

  109. WOW!!! Eileen..Thanks, for your post and share you so lucky to meet kjh. He so cute and really spoilled his fans I love him. I’m so happy
    with you.

  110. Miss K thank you so much for making us “HH Shippers” happy once again. πŸ˜‰

    To my fellow shippers, miss you all chingus. I went crazy when i found out that i could not access our playground. It’s good to be back:-D

    Amazed, thank you for sharing this link.

    Eileen, OMG! Indeed you made to meet oppa up close and personal. Im sooooo happy for you. Oppa is so darn gorgeous and handsome LOL. thanks for sharing your experience with him. β™₯_β™₯

    Dredz n Nineteen thanks for accepting my friend request β™‘

    Rainqueen, Hellen Yoon, Evelyn Ng, Eppy, Chon, Eryns, Lornz, Nancy and to everyone who love our OPT let’s continue to support them. Fighting!!

  111. @ rainqueen

    thanks chingu for the repost, i copied them already! do you have a copy of the cross and the star necklace that they switch wearing? That’s daebak evidence! thank you once again!

    @ alpha storm

    so happy that you found the link! so who else is not yet here? have not heard from nancy, nineteen & skype ???

    • Amazed

      Nineteen knew already the new link long before i shared it to her. She is very busy and she said regards to all fellow HH shippers.

  112. so many evidence.. and make us really happy is KJH follow YEH twitter, its very obvious,
    nineteen is busy lately..knowing fr FB…

  113. @ alpha storm @ secret

    it’s good that nineteen knows where to find us. thanks.

    pictures of glowing Eun Hye attending italian clothing ash aug 2, 2013! credit baidu.
    makes me wonder, what’s the connection between kjh leaving los angeles on july 30 after an all night shooting the night before to get to korea on july 31? is oppa also attending the event, he he he! or is somebody with him attending the event? kekeke


    • @ Amazed
      I read yesterday on Hye’s soompi that her fans were wondering where was Yeh and why was she so quiet these past days and now came our Oppa from U.S.and suddenly our Yeh emerged out with a glowing face. Love is intensified by absence he..he..he.

    • maybe she just came back also from the states, lol! baidu thinks so too. i remember minjie said oppa is going for a week vacation in chicago after the shooting, why the sudden change in schedule??? maybe because of the ASH event! these two are driving us nuts! no denying, yeh is IN LOVE! She has three rings on her right hand and one on her left hand!

      on kjh usa facebook, here’s the comment re: oppa’s ring on his left hand
      ‘ Anh Rohrbach KJH is so tan, good looking man….what is the ring on his left hand?
      2 Β· Wednesday at 2:15pm via mobile
      KJH USA he also has one on the right
      Yesterday at 2:14am

  114. Oh, I’m so happy to be back on this ship! Eileen, you’re one lucky lady! So happy for you n yr family! Thanks for sharing all yr photos. Makes us able to share your amazing experience to a degree. Wouldnt it have been lovely if all of us had been able to be there too? Sigh!

    • LTMfan, that would be have been loads of fun if we can all be there. it is always better to share the excitement with a fellow hwan hye fan. so, we can nudge each other to ask him the right quesitons. lol!

      next time any of us gets a chance to meet him, we should have a hwan hye banner, a collage of pictures, a one of a kind gift, etc. i had brain fog because of too much excitement that i didn’t think of doing these things. aaarggh! i think i needed someone to snap me out of it. lol!

  115. Eileen_certainly very happy and could not be spoken with words..can anyone notice Bracelet KJH used yesterday in meet N greet LA??there any sign of 84 over e or e+e???

    • thanks for posting, amazed! shippy me thinks also those black bracelets were specially made exclusively for her yobbo!^____^

      Yeah right, amazed, i also love his tanned skin! He actually defines already a “tall, dark and handsome” guy! which shippy me thinks that his “wifu” cant take her eyes of him right now!^______^

    • @Amazed,
      Thank you for your explanation about Twitter, so Oppa is interested in all the messages the our Yeh is sending.

  116. @ eppy

    maybe it’s a hint for us shippers that’s why he followed yeh on twitter! wild guess! We did not see any twits from yeh all the time that oppa was in the states, right? Also, yeh seldom twits nowadays why follow her? anyway, you could follow somebody else’s twit even if you are not following that person!

    Check again the post of eileen , a person petting luxury when kjh arrived in korea. look closely and you would see a lady’s hand only that the hand’s image is kind of blurred. the finger has nail polish so i assume it’s a lady. here it is, what do you think? Only a few would notice this…


    • amazed, they said that a fan took the pictures when he came back to korea. i would think that there will be more people there. doesn’t it seem like there was only luxury, him and her (the owner of hand) there? my hwan hye mind is going overdrive again. what do you think? i am thinking that YEH picked him up from the airport.

      • @ eileen since the fan who took the picture exclude the face of the one petting luxury, makes my mind go overdrive too! why exclude her face, lol! It could be that she picked him up since luxury is with them BUT if she picked him up why pet luxury? She misses luxury too??? That means she just arrived also? he he he .

        Ji Hwan ssi, the only thing missing is for you to make an announcement! After naming your agency ‘choeun’ and following yeh on twitter (the only one you are following at that) we got the real deal! You could have included several names to follow in your twitter account but you just put only one! Thanks for the clues! Are you checking if korean netizens will react? Now that they don’t, go ahead, make us happy and give us the real score, right chingus?

        Crazy for HwanHye!

        @ meine

        welcome to our crazy but happy playground! enjoy!

      • I second the motion, chingus! shippy me thinks also that hand though its blurred yet you could still see that lovely hand belongs to YEH, no less!

        About KJH followed YEH on twitter, why shippy brain and mind keep telling me that such a surprise move of KJH aside from the fact that it is absolutely “testing the water”, is actually an “official” announcement to the public already! It is just up to us to read between the lines! Gut-feel our ship has already docked! KJH’s brilliant idea is DAEBAK!!! OTP, forever!^_____^

      • @ eppy

        on twitter it doesn’t mean that you sent a message if you followed a person, it just mean that whenever there is a twit from that person you are following the message will automatically be displayed once you open your account. Before, since oppa is not following yeh, he wouldn’t know if yeh sent a twit/message, he has to enter yeh’s twitter id in the search bar and all of yeh’s twitter messages will be displayed and that’s the time oppa would know that she twitted.

        I hope i got it right!

      • @Eileen,
        I also think that Yeh picked him up from the airport because when he left
        the U.S. airport he was with his producer or I don’t know if she was with them that was why they were in a hurry to go home because Yeh has to attend the Ash event. Remember the fans of Yeh were wondering where was she most of the days last month.

    • @Amazed,

      I am sorry , I am not using Twitter that is why I don’t have knowledge about it. If he followed her, does it mean he sent a message?
      If Yeh is w/ JiHwan then who brought Luxury, the driver. It might be Oppa’s mother or any relatives but the way I looked at hand it seems like Yeh. (still guessing.

      • i am curious why is the hand image blurred while the rest of the images are not? Is it photoshopped? Intentionally, the hand image was made that way? Weird, isn’t it?

        Same guess here eppy, looks like yeh, lol !

    • @Amazed,

      I am just wondering why the fan who shot the photo did not include the woman whose hand is blurred in the picture.

      • @eppy, i would think that the fan would be in the picture, too. so, i wonder the same thing.

  117. Hi there, I’m new here… thanks to eileen who told me about this forum.. eileen, I envy you and other KJH fans who attended the fan meeting in LA… I to see KJH in the future…

  118. Eileen, i almost forgot to thank you for telling KJH that the cap you gave him was a gift from HH shippers, which is so generous of you to say that to him! and i love you for that, chingu! <3 right, chingus? And also for sharing with us some of your pictures and "family" picture as well! lol!<3^____^

    @Rainqueen, welcome back, chingu!

    @Alpha Storm, you are welcome, the pleasure is mine, Alpha Storm, thank you also^____^

    @Dar , your name sounds familiar!^___^ are you the same "Dar" I know? If yes, glad you have joined us here at our happy HH playground! Hope to regularly hear from you!

    Chingus, about those rings, i absolutely concur with you, guys! the LEFT ring is the same ring both OTP were wearing during KJH's bday fan meet and YEH in her magazine interview promoting IMY in Japan!

    Here's a closer look courtesy of Jinky's pic in LA:(Pls click to enlarge the pic) http://i.imgur.com/aotwwER.jpg

    @RIGHT ring KJH was wearing is the same ring he was wearing at the "Beauty Expo" where @nineteen noticed such to be YEH's design and i agree with her as i saw a picture of YEH, just cant find it right now, and YEH wearing almost the same design like KJH's.

    And lastly, the ring on his necklace, kindly refer to my above picture, where we could see all the three rings, and lets find out together if its another couple ring! what do you think guys?^____^

      • Eppy, about your question as to why he was bare with rings upon arrival in Korea, hmmm, which you made me also think why? But let me make a wild guess. Firstly, shippy me thinks that because his fore finger has injury which requires free of any accessories. Secondly, i go with amazed’s thoughts that he prefers to wear those OTP’s accessories in fan meets to let everyone knows that he’s already taken! Lastly, maybe because the person he shares those rings with was either with him on the trip or as per @Eileen, she was one of those who fetched him at the airport! lol, sorry, my shippy mind couldnt stop making wild guesses! but i think the best who could answer our queries is none other than LUXURY! lol. Once and for all, Luxury, what’s the real score between our OTP???? LOL ^____^ ^_____^

  119. Hi everyone, am so happy that i stumbled upon our new HH playground. I am a silent lurker most of the time although my day is not complete without a visit to our playground. You know, i even went to thundie’s prattle to write, nay, beg Captain K to restore our playground. thank you so much, Captain K, for opening this new playground for us. We really appreciate it. And to all my fellow chinggus, great to hear, eeerr, read from you all. Btw, so envious of Eileen and co. who got to have an up close and personal meet and greet with KJH. So lucky.. Miss our OTP. Hope we get news soon about them being together for real.

    • hi mamachum happy that you found this new link. thanks for visiting the playground everyday! i think we need to regularly check this playground for the most important announcement! we all feel it is happening soon, yay!

      • Thank you, amazed. Yes, i found this link when i went to soompi which i also visit everyday. It is simply that i cannot have enough of KJH and YEH. Haay! I join you in all the fun and excitement in uncovering all the little clues left by KJH for us. HH shippers, fighting!

  120. dredz, eileen, eppy i was lurking at baidu and i have an aha moment! i need to look for the interview at soompi where kjh said something like ‘ if you found that someone, wouldn’t you be married ‘ !!! i was like is he indirectly saying he’s married already? hahaha . i have to find that interview! dredz this is in connection to what you said that our ship has finally landed! but this is what i think even last year! let’s investigate!
    we may be right or we may be RIGHT , hehehe.

    • @Amazed,

      I would wait until you find that interview at soompi. What I love about
      our Oppa, is that he was not only happy with wearing or showing 1 couple ring but instead couple rings on left and right hands, bracelet, and a necklace w/ a ring. He…he…he.. Results of being too much in love?

    • @Amazed, Dredz, Rainqueen Eileeen and HHShippers,
      Why do you think our Oppa usually wears couples rings, bracelets, necklaces and other evidences when he is with fans? Is that intentional, coz after the IOM I did not see him wear any of those couples rings only again on this LA fan meet.

  121. @ nineteen

    what a great fan art you did for kjh philippines! daebak! what a print on kjh’s shirt! great job, girl! we bow down to you! miss you here at the playground!

    • You’re right amazed, another masterpiece from nineteen. Good job chingu.. it is good to know that kjh phils used it as cover photo which you can see the wonderful sceneries of the phils. Even the shirt of kjh have the map on it. Im so proud of you nineteen and proud to be pinoy too πŸ™‚

    • I don’t understand it either amazed. As of yesterday in my time zone, he still follows yeh.. why all of the sudden it turnout he’s no longer following her. Im confused the moment i found out πŸ™

      I hope just like what you’ve said that he only wanted to protect yeh.

    • Amazed, thanks for posting this link!^____^

      At first i got shocked upon seeing your post but then as i analyze KJH’s sudden change not to follow YEH on twitter, i must say i totally agree with the baiduers on their conclusion. Its absolutely “testing the water!” for 23 days! Obviously, there were no “violent reactions” from the fans! In fact, i have even heard nice words from some of them and bestow our OTP best wishes! In my mind, i believe that the plan was indeed well-thought of by KJH and apparently he succeeded! He really never gives up on something until he achieved it! My hats off to you, KJH!

      So, If you would ask me, i would say i am not bothered at all, chingus! And it makes me even more eager and excited to witness the ULTIMATE MOVE of KJH and its getting nearer, that is – The “OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!!!” Right, Kang Ji Hwan, ssi? and you know HH shippers would support YOU & YEH, all the way! Fighting!

      Shippy me could be wrong but has a strong feeling that i am on the right track backed up with our tangible evidences and wuri OTP’s undeniable actions!^____^

      Amazed, i wish to post the link


      • I absolutely agree with you and baiduers, kjh was testing his fans reaction and he succeeded.
        Hwanhye Forever!!!

      • i agree with you, dredz! KJH is testing the waters. i do hope that he got positive feedback from everyone. i was one of the people that cheered him on twitter for having a connection with YEH. we all know the real score with our OTP. they are together!

    • And the plot thickens… ^_^

      Here’s what I think – a certain miss asked her a certain oppa to unfollow her because people have been talking. Methinks that between the two of them, it’s her who’s a little anxious about “it” getting public (keke, it’s the oppa who’s been giving most of the hints).

      I don’t think this latest development is bad news, but rather another hint to their real relationship. Because if those two are just friends, what’s wrong with one following the other on Twitter? Unless, of course, there’s something more going on that needs to be kept hush-hush until the right time comes. ^_^

  122. @Amazed and alpha Storm
    What do you mean he no longer follow Yeh. but what’s is wrong with following on Twitter or is it with regards to JiHwan’s new project.

  123. Hello chingus! Shippy me knows this new post from baidu got some of us a little bit nervous and shock at the same time. Hence, i wish to lighten up our moods!

    I just found this link at baidu where they post here the vid of KJH singing “Cant Take My Eyes Off You” during Japan’s concert last Dec 2011. And i find him so cute and entertaining while singing the song!

    BUT here’s the CATCH, chingus! kindly scroll down the page and you would see a very familiar face in the audience! lol! Actually, am kinda confused on what the baiduers were saying but i just thought maybe they were saying that “a familar face had been spotted in the audience!” so lets all take a look, chingus, if i am right! ^______^



    • Happy thoughts again dredz. To tell you frankly it bothers me a lot. Thank you for posting the link. Im gonna watch that video again I might spot our missy in the crowd.

      Now, I can spend my short vacation feeling happy and worry free. πŸ˜‰

      Eppy, don’t mind my post..pls. read what dredz just posted. Sorry if it made you confused.

      Fighting till the end chingus.

      • @Alpha Storm,

        Actually it didn’t bother me at all. Not being a follower of twitter would not affect their relationship. They don’t need it. If they want
        to say or stay connected with each other, all they have to do is call or text each other. he…he..he..It will be more romantic…

  124. dredz it was not 2011 fm, that video was taken in 2009 – can’t take my eyes off you! no wonder eun hye is in the audience because at that time nobody knows that they are an item, lol ! kjh keeps pointing his finger at somebody in the audience but maybe the camera man doesn’t know who he’s pointing at. i made a copy of the bottom mv, here it is!


    the unfollow twitter, well, i was kind of expecting that maybe after an hour or so oppa will unfollow the miss on twitter but it took 23 days. btw, where did you read the comments wishing our otp well after oppa following yeh on twitter?

    did you read further the baidu’s comment? they said that ‘they are together visiting relatives and friends… ? and further more the post said oppa will be attending ‘british sister’s wedding ?’. he he he, they got me confused? our otp overseas? maybe, i’m going to read again.

    • here’s what baidu wrote ‘ After adjusting the time difference and together they return visit to see friends and relatives ‘. well…. so it is the ASH event that changed their original vacation plan?

      • Amazed, you’re right, ’twas in 2009 concert and not 2011. thanks for the correction, chingu. Because of that, i have come to realize one thing about OTP. Wasnt it that same year, 2009 where KJH invited YEH to attend the premiere night of his movie?And then this concert where the baiduers were thinking that KJH was pointing at someone in the audience and voila! YEH was spotted in the audience! And both attended the wedding of their common friend! And lastly, havent we uncovered some clues as early as 2009 like the black gloves, black bracelets posted by nineteen and the recent black leather with gold design, to name a few?

        Chingus, its getting clearer to me now, based on those facts, In 2009, OTP had been very visible in the public eye without them worrying that no one would ever think that they were spending time together as they were not considered a “hot item” at that time. Obviously, ’twas only during and after LTM that they were very discreet on their actions up to now and of course we all know very well the reasons why.

        Chingus, here’s the link from baidu about their analysis, and those facts ive mentioned above you would find here in this link


    • Amazed, because of your info, i got curious so i checked again the last page of the said link and look what i’ve found, chingus! Baiduers posted the twitter of DK SOul! isnt that the singer whom KJH had met in LA and posted their pictures? Take a look of the two koreans he is following on his twitter! not sure though, if he just followed them only recently!Amazing, isnt it? Is that coincidental or what??? ^_____^

      • it’s raining hints, chingus! can you imagine, we are getting clues that they are attending events together in 2009! lol, maybe the love affair started late 2008, for all we know! the korean fans are like japanese fans, they just keep to themselves what they know! now, i know why a lot of korean stars know about them being a couple as posted in our old playground. dredz, you’re right before ltm they don’t hide their being together.

        Is the 2009 kjh fan meet held in japan? they are together in japan in 2009? hahaha, japan is an old hangout for these two! yay,

        the out of tune singing of ‘can’t get my eyes off you’ maybe is because yeh is around! aaahhh, oppa is so in love with his girl!!!

        oppa, we both wish you well! you can come out in the open, either korean netizens have grown up OR they only care about k pop idols! Fans won’t get mad! fight for your love! lol !

      • DKSoul i think is also part of the cast for ‘shoot towards the sun’. funny, he is following both our OTP! Another clue for us shippers!

  125. Chingus, ive been very curious with this link from baidu, once again, thanks, baiduers for all these interesting info about our OTP! Please check this out, am not sure though if i got it right, that KJH delivered to YEH those foods during their celebration they called in Korea “Mid-Autumn Festival” posted in this link


    • hi dredz, the way i understand this is those gifts where given to kjh and baiduers said the food would definitely go to yeh’s mouth because she love those rice cakes, hehehe!

  126. Welcome to all the newbies! And welcome back to all the oldies ^^ who’ve been MIA like me!

    Yay, chinggus! This ship will most likely dock soon! Aja aja! ^__^

  127. Hello everyone .. Thanks for your post about KJH β™₯YEH. I am very happy.
    I hope to hear good news by them. I want to watch a new project by them again.

    HWANHYE FOREVER β™₯β™₯ ^___^

    FIGHTING !!!

  128. welcome back rainqueen! you have been mia lately! busy with work? visit us once in a while, ok!

    you are right, kjh has been giving us all the clues! thanks oppa! His trip to thailand won’t be known to us had he not tweeted about it! if it’s up to the miss, we won’t have any clues, hahaha!

  129. is this true? the reason for the ‘unfollow in twitter’ is because yeh is going to do another work for a network? i thought the miss is on low profile this year!

  130. have you seen this? taken 20120716 kjh in shin-osaka station to hakata.
    this is a fan made video, warning : you’ll get dizzy watching this, lol!
    i just love how kjh face lights up like a bulb everytime he receives a text message! i was imagining who he is communicating with!!! i would say he is well known in japan!


  131. Do You Know YEH will playing new drama with Lee Dong Gun and Jung Yong Hwa(CNBlue)??about KJh vacation to Thailand,Did you know..when KJH comeback from Thailand to Korea??did You know that in the picture upload one fan YEH shows a Churh?YEH fans also wondered if the fact that carried YEH in Japan after the True Vision Magenta Night in Thailand??and until now..no one can answer this questions..everything full of question marks.???????????????????????????????????????????????

    • dar, at least we don’t have to worry about lee dong gun being involved with YEH because he is in a relationship already. hehehe! i don’t know about jung yon hwa. i heard he isn’t a very good actor. is that true?

    • @ eileen

      i read from baidu that lee dong gun is the former boyfriend of yeh’s friend. i don’t know how true!

      i am praying that yeh won’t sign for this drama! kind of weird having a very young actor in a triangle story, oh please!

      • amazed, i am not sure about jung yong hwa, too! i thought he was supposed to do heirs with park shin hye. i wonder what happened.

  132. @ dar

    it was in the news, yeh might be doing another drama.

    your questions re: thailand trip have been answered in our old playground which crashed. here is baidu’s post which answers your questions:
    ” Jiang actor in the May 13, Thailand, Japan, May 16, May 20 back to Korea
    an actress May 15, Thailand, Japan, May 16, May 20 back to Korea
    as well as Japan and South Korea’s entry time too coincidental”

    here is the baidu link where i got this post:
    use google chrome when opening this link.


    based on that post, they both came back to korea, may 20, same time! our otp is together in japan!

    • i think choeun is the best evidence we have that they are together! it is a combination of their names. KJH is so obvious in his ageny name! love it!

    • @ dar

      you mean yeh’s picture in front of a church in japan? although, i have not seen the picture, we could only guess why yeh visited a church. maybe yeh attended a church service since she is a christian or maybe she went to visit a pastor friend or she’s getting the services of a pastor in the future? hehehe. i would go for the last option, lol !

      chingus, credit baidu, is it coincidence that yeh’s co actors in her coming drama, lee dong gun & jung yong hwa are both from fnc entertainment
      and ji hwan’s co star in shoot towards the sun is also from fnc? is there a connection? there must be a deal between choeun & fnc, lol! what do you think? it could be that the house company is also choeun? everything is linked, yay!

      i’m still in awe why this forum/playground is still alive! if kjh is not giving us clues every now and then maybe this forum is not as lively as it is today. thanks oppa for the obvious clues! the first clue ‘ice cream shop for the woman he loves’. second ‘i love this woman! post?’ third is the choeun agency, fourth ‘thailand tweet, thailand – japan trip’ , fifth ‘following yeh on twitter’ , rings, necklaces, bracelets, and the list goes on and on!

      if yeh is doing a drama this year then i’m disappointed because that means the announcement is not this year??? waaaaahhhhh! i’m getting impatient! i hope this would not take as long as the lby & js love affair! it took them 9 years?

      • amazed, i know what you mean about being impatient! seriously, i hoped it will happen this year. you might be right that the announcement might not happen this year. i am crossing my fingers that it will happen early next year. i will not be disheartened. i will fight on! hwan hye fighting! we are almost at the dock! πŸ˜‰

  133. Amazed_Yeh was not in fron of a church but only a church and in fron of the church there were cars..but fans believed that YEH in the church about what she did in the church, fans are not knew..emmmm ya..ya Im agree with your guess..hee
    Oke, Im always waiting news in this forum because its very interesting Fighting!!!

    • @ eileen

      hahaha, after you and dar comments , i’m starting to believe what i originally meant as a joke! possible, really specially when you see the glow in the face of yeh when she came back from japan, hehehe.

    • Hi, dar! Welcome to the HH playground!

      If I remember it correctly, there were some info some months back that YEH went to Japan to attend a church-related activity. There were pics of her arriving at Incheon from Japan, but there were none from Thailand, so I’m assuming that she went straight from Bangkok to Fukuoka. What’s interesting is that her Thailand and Japan trip “coincided” with the Thailand and Japan trip of KJH. ^_^

    • Brigette, welcome to the hwan hye haven where we are all anticipating the nearing announcement of our OTP. i hope it will be very soon!

      • Hello Brigette! i welcome you too to our Happy playground! Please do visit us more often^____^

  134. @ brigitte

    are you new in this thread? if you are, welcome to our playground! if you are an old timer, welcome back! happy to hear from you!


    ji hwan ssi looks so young here! credit to choeun, kangstar, kjh fb
    this was taken last may in thailand. at first i thought it was an old picture! boy, was i wrong!!! the power of love?


    • amazed, he does look young here. so, this was taken last may? i guess love does make you feel and look young. i hope YEH took this picture. hehehe! she has an eye for beauty.

    • amazed, Eileen I agree with you. Kjh’s so young. Fan in thai to see kjh she said
      the real kjh’s looking so young. This picture is so young.

    • Thanks for posting, amazed!

      Our guy is really happy, isn’t he? So happy he’s ageing in reverse. ^_^ Methinks he (and maybe a certain miss ^_^) went back to Thailand for a vacation. Maybe one last down time together before they throw themselves back to work. (:

  135. Amazed_hahaha..ya..ya,why not??I’m agree with you..especially she was married to KJH ssi,is not that what we expect??right??hehe because curiosity so Iam here..waiting for the news and evidence about them in this thread..xixixixixi

    • amazed, i really miss both of them, too! i wish they would do something together again. πŸ™ why is it that in the korean entertainment industry, they don’t encourage love teams nor real life shipping? at least, KJH is giving hints about them. he is quite a guy to be more open about his relationship. love him more now because of that!
      hwan hye shippers, fighting!

    • @ eileen

      me too, i love kjh more because i think he really wants to tell us already! that’s why i’m only lurking at kjh thread in soompi for our otp’s news! if you truly love someone, don’t you want to let people know? for korean celebrities it is a sin to fall in love, yay!!! career, career, career! career fades away!

  136. hello chingus, i share your sentiments too, eileen & amazed, and feel sorry for them at the same time as we all know very well how hard it is to suppress our emotions especially when it comes to love but left them no other choice but to keep it a secret to themselves and maybe among their families and close friends and patiently wait for the right time to go in public. Hayz, just really wishing our otp that they would fight for their love till end! Aja aja fighting!

    Like you, guys, i really miss our otp much! I’d like to share once again this “House warming” BTS (Full Rehearsal), its one of my faves where you could really see how comfortable YEH is with her yobbo! She just could not hide her feelings towards Ji Hwan-ssi! Such a perfect match, indeed! enjoy, chingus!^____^


    • thanks dredz , i was just watching it yesterday… no denying the feelings.

      i was lurking at baidu re ‘kjh following yeh on twitter’ and they said if it is in china it would be all over the news the next day! now, i don’t think korean netizens have any idea about our otp, you won’t notice that not unless you are a shipper just like us! lately with all the korean celebrities revealing their lovelife, nobody is being attacked so maybe it is now safe for our otp to make an announcement. one korean celeb getting married in september even has a drama just about to start!!! they are all humans after all. they all need to love and be loved, lol!

  137. a light just went up my head, hehehe , did you notice all the bracelets (e+e/braided) that kjh wear, fit his wrist arm perfectly??? tailor made for him, hahaha. i could just imagine that while the miss is making them she has oppa by her side … and also one of a kind , just for him, aawwww! β™₯β™₯β™₯

    if you buy those bracelets from a department store it just can’t be that perfectly match! β™₯β™₯β™₯

  138. @ eileen

    that picture in thailand where kjh is soooo young looking is part of a pricey dvd that kangstar is putting up for sale ‘special holiday in thai ‘.

    price ??? $75 including shipping and handling!
    credit soompi for info

    • amazed, that is expensive! how many dvd’s does it have? does it have english subtitles? i am going to check soompi about that. thanks for the info!

    • eileen, it doesn’t say how many dvd’s there are. this is intended for japanese markets ( reason for the price?). i would guess there is only one dvd!

  139. why do i have a feeling that these pictures were taken this month,august??
    our otp are so quiet after the ash event … they went back to thailand???
    see twitter’s translation : threw himself into the sea again! if these pictures were taken last may why tweet them this month??? new pictures , lol!

    Kang Ji Hwan’s latest tweet via his official twitter account @Kangjihwan_ 8/18/13
    translation credit: KJH USA OFFICIAL OPERATOR

    Vacation is over~~!! Are you getting through this hot, hot summer okay?? I had my fun dipping in the ocean once, so I’m back off to work! For next month’s Japan fan meeting, I’m off to do an authentic drama-play that will make you cry!! This time, instead of making you laugh, I’m coming to make you cry!!

    twitter’s translation
    the holidays are over! ! So so very hot summer everyone’s patience yet? Threw himself into the sea again before going to work.


    • ji hwan so happy in these pictures! having the time of his life! i hope and pray that your special one will be proud to let the world know that you are her boyfriend! wish! i want you to have a girl who would be willing to give up everything for you! i believe you deserve one! fighting! you are just one of a kind!

      • @ eppy you maybe right , the miss must be the photographer! ji hwan looks so happy and contented! as if he’s saying ‘ what more can i ask for? ‘. happy also for you oppa! stay that way always!

    • That is right Amazed.
      To all HwanHye shippers affected by floods and storm Maring, please avoid
      going out of your house if it is not really important. Take care!

  140. Welcome to all the newbies! And welcome back to the oldies (^_^) who’ve been MIA like me! (;

    I’d like to echo what amazed said in one of her posts – it’s amazing that this ship is still sailing! There maybe times that things get quiet and some of us go MIA (lol, I plead guilty as charged), but let’s keep sailing until we dock! Hwanhye, fighting! ^_^

    • I love to read your posts the most, rainqueen. Your analysis and train of thought just seems more realistic. So please, don’t be MIA anymore πŸ™‚

      • Hey there, Verdance!

        Keke, so sorry for being MIA every now and then. RL is taking so much time from my shipping these past few months. But no worries, I’ll drop by every now and then. I’m sailing with this ship till it docks (hopefully, it will be soon)! ^_^

        Hwanhye, Fighting!

  141. welcome back rainqueen! agree with you, it is reverse ageing for oppa! he’s getting younger and younger in his latest pictures! a happy guy in love! verdance16 is right, we all missed your posts!

    ltm press con rewind —- http://i.imgur.com/7hcuY0x.gif

    come closer ji hwan ssi, why are you so far away! eun hye is so obvious here!

  142. i must be going nuts, i keep dreaming that our otp will have a tv drama soon!!! aaaawwwwww , i wish it will be real! remember, wishes do come true!

    • @ eppy

      that is a good question! i agree with rainqueen, maybe they went back to thailand! they maybe back by now unless they went somewhere else again, hehehe..

      eun hye just twitted a bible verse, isaiah 41:10-20. this version is from the new american bible catholic edition. after reading the bible verse i was asking myself ‘hhhmmmm, wonder why she quoted this verse?’… she’s defending a love one from some attackers??? … read on!!!

      Do not fear: I am with you;
      do not be anxious: I am your God.
      I will strengthen you, I will help you,
      I will uphold you with my victorious right hand.
      Yes, all shall be put to shame and disgrace
      who vent their anger against you;
      Those shall be as nothing and perish
      who offer resistance.
      You shall seek but not find
      those who strive against you;
      They shall be as nothing at all
      who do battle with you.
      For I am the LORD, your God,
      who grasp your right hand;
      It is I who say to you, Do not fear,
      I will help you.
      Do not fear, you worm Jacob,
      you maggot Israel;
      I will help youβ€”oracle of the LORD;
      the Holy One of Israel is your redeemer.*
      I will make of you a threshing sledge,
      sharp, new, full of teeth,
      To thresh the mountains and crush them,
      to make the hills like chaff.
      When you winnow them, the wind shall carry them off,
      the storm shall scatter them.
      But you shall rejoice in the LORD;
      in the Holy One of Israel you shall glory.
      The afflicted and the needy seek water in vain,
      their tongues are parched with thirst.
      I, the LORD, will answer them;
      I, the God of Israel, will not forsake them.
      I will open up rivers on the bare heights,
      and fountains in the broad valleys;
      I will turn the wilderness into a marshland,
      and the dry ground into springs of water.
      In the wilderness I will plant the cedar,
      acacia, myrtle, and olive;
      In the wasteland I will set the cypress,
      together with the plane tree and the pine,
      That all may see and know,
      observe and understand,
      That the hand of the LORD has done this,
      the Holy One of Israel has created it.

      • eppy_maybe because she read a article where YEH gets a pretty heavy beating in terms of criticism against her acting performance, question about the validity of her status in the industry as an A-Lister and Hallyu Star and wild insinuations about her personal conduct and character……ect…bla..bla…sorry I can’t write all in this forum because I dont have many time..Im read it in “Yoon Eun Hye fans” hee

      • Hmm, makes me wonder why she chose to post those Bible quotes. They could just be random verses she chanced upon, but I’m more inclined to think that she’s trying to send a message to some people.

        I think dar got a point about YEH getting a pretty heavy beating from some rabid netizens. She’s one of those people who can be really polarizing – she’s either passionately loved or passionately loathed, and sometimes (or most of the time), the haters are really the noisy ones.

        I don’t think she needs to prove her worth as an actress and as a Hallyu star. She’s done that already. What she needs is to constantly challenge herself with roles/projects that don’t box her in as an actress. And as for her personal conduct, I don’t know of any scandal she’d been involved with that she had a direct hand, most of the rumors about her so-called personal affairs were made up by some lazy netizens who had too much time and too much hate in their system. She’s very private and from what I’ve read, she’s’s very far from the bad girl type her haters paint her to be.

  143. chingus, you will all love this article…..

    credit soompi/pechumori
    excerpts from latest post that Kang Ji Hwan has made on Kanghamsa 8/18/2013 at 3:35Am in Korea
    ( i only picked up those things that will interest you chingus, i know you are all busy)!

    About his latest movie:
    Right now the movie has about 3 more shoots to go and I had many things to organize as soon as I got back. I didn’t have any time to rest for a while and finally I had one week to rest; eat and sleep. There are many people that still don’t want me to be an actor… sigh…..

    About xuri, @ eppy this is the answer to your question, kekeke, who brought xuri to the airport when oppa came back!
    Ah.. Yes and Xuri is doing very well. The only thing is.. while I was in the US, he was with my parents and when I came back.. He looks more like a calf then a puppy.. — My father says that every time he tried to take Xuri out for exercise…. He would walk for a bout ten minutes and play dead, and so he really couldn’t take him any further… Ha

    Another news!!
    It’s been so long so as my punishment I will tell you something else..
    I think you will see me in a cooking program soon@@@#$%@^^&^#
    So random huh?? Keke

    I want to be of help to my dear friend Hyun-moo and my little chef friend that has stayed by my side during my hardships… You will see me in an apron soon ^^ They are really good friends of mine so please please watch it, and let’s cook lots of good eateries together~~ Oh my it’s three in
    the morning already.. Sweet dreams…….. and thank you…. always ^^

    PS// For the first time in my life, I will host a wedding tomorrow — So nervous

    end quote

    he hosted a wedding??? hehehe… wonder when is his turn to get married? or done already, lol!

    • @Amazed,
      You said that as if Yeh is defending a love one from attackers from the Bible quotes that she twitted and here came a post from JiHwan that ” there are many people who don’t want him to be an actor” as if implying
      to his detractors. Co incident?

      • @ eppy

        you and i are thinking about the same thing! must be the reason for the tweet! ji hwan , fighting!

      • “Do not fear, I am with you”

        Hmm, now my slow shippy head is thinking. There’s a likelihood that she’s publicly but indirectly encouraging her oppa with those Bible quotes. ^_^

        Aja aja, Ji Hwan-ssi!

  144. haha i have been posting too much, this is a continuation of the kanghamsa post:

    About the september japan fan meet

    Next month at the Japan’s Fanmeet, I am planning a play along with the Incarnation of Money promotion. It’s been a long time since I got to meet my Japanese fans and so I feel I can’t take this lightly. After much consideration, I decided to do a play instead of singing and dancing
    like other celebrities. People around me say it will be hard to do a written style play, but I will try my best; my way. One thing special about this play will be that it won’t be a fun, but very sad and touching. So from this coming Monday, I will go down to the basement rehearsal room and spend the rest of what is left of summer there. If I think about the time I practiced for the play “Cafe-in”, I really don’t want to do it… But such a long absence calls for my best efforts!! I will try… for you guys to be able to see this in Korea as well so please look
    forward to it.
    end quote

    I just thought of something, i keep re reading the above lines and i don’t know if this is just a translation problem but he said ‘ i will go down to the basement rehearsal room….’. the tour of his house last december ‘it is a 2 floor story condo unit , there is no basement there or rehearsal room, right? i think you know what i’m getting at ‘did he/they move in the new house already???? kekeke… just a thought! ignore me, lol…

    • Amazed, KJH has a basement rehearsal room? Wow! I bet his new house is huge! I hope it has a big back and front yard so that their kids can play happily. do you guys think KJH will let us see it, too? I have a feeling that he won’t because he wants his privacy with YEH. hehehe!

      • eileen, i don’t think he will let us see his new house, i think the basement rehearsal room thing is a slip of the tongue on his part! He didn’t realize that we will make something out of this! Basement is a give away word, hahaha!

    • @ eppy

      he must be living in another house already! no more mention of decorating the ji hwan park in his interviews… happy for you oppa! finally, you are done with the decoration, yay! Pretty sure, you’ve got some help!!!

      • @ rainqueen

        you are right hwan park is now occupied! i would guess when they came back from thailand-japan trip they are living in the new house already! we may be right, lol… good for them, they are all set and ready….

    • @Amazed. You are always welcome. We should do this in order for this ship to be alive as we are waiting for the big annoucement.

  145. @ eileen @ rainqueen @ eppy

    re : basement rehearsal room , even if the basement thing is mis translated, in his house tour last december, there is a gym on the 2nd floor BUT there is no rehearsal room as far as i remember! and you would not have a basement if you are in a condo unit!!! yay, i hope this is another clue from ji hwan who loves his fans so much and oppa i think is eager to let the fans know!!! keep all our fingers, toes crossed… P.S. after the incarnation of money oppa is in a hurry to decorate his house ‘he said he is doing the decorating day & night’ ……. in haste to move in, hahaha, why o why ???

  146. it’s confirmed, yeh has a new tv drama with lee dong gun. choeun (kjh and yeh in collaboration with fnc entertainment! lee dong gun and the other co actor are both from fnc. ji hwan’s co star in shoot towards the sun also from fnc , what is the deal, hahaha ????

    • yeh must have started shooting the tv drama already, i think i have the answer why ji hwan is posting messages at kanghamsa at 3 in the morning.

    • @Amazed, I was smiling as I saw these pictures of our OTP from Korean
      vogue. They looked like husband and wife who just came from Alaska he..he.he.. Love it.

  147. hi all chinggus long time no write here. but am still on the ship, just more silent now hahaha. i really want to hear gud news from our otp.
    hwanhye keep fighting.

  148. Thanks, amazed for shairing this video Kang Ji Hwan’s Special Holiday in Thai.
    He,s so cool and handsome. I love him very much.

  149. Did you know that when Kangjihwan a dramatic play. I miss the show so much.
    If possible,I want him to play with his beloved. ^__^

    HWANHYE FOREVER β™‘β™₯β™‘

    • chon , with regards to our otp’s drama together, i think in korea if the celebrities are romantically involved they don’t put them together in projects!!! weirdest thing , lol ! probably, they know about our otp ! waaaaaaahhhh ! hope i’m wrong !!!

  150. Hello chingus! huge thanks to everyone most especially to our dear chingu, AMAZED, for keeping our ship sailing towards our final destination! worry not and have faith, this ship will surely dock!^___^

    Btw, have you ever wonder if our otp’s resemblance to each other would be noticeable even when they were both still cutie babies? hehe, i have come across their lovely baby pictures and lets all figure out if this is true, guys. As we always say, if two persons have a resemblance, most likely both would end up together!fingers crossed this would come true to our otp!^____^

    KJH’s baby picture – http://i.imgur.com/2TnFZoq.jpg

    YEH’s – http://i.imgur.com/uEUXXsZ.jpg

    • hello dredz, glad to see you back! you are very much welcome, it is for the love of our otp ! there are times that i want to quit already but i just can’t do it ! i’m addicted to this playground, hahaha!

      nice baby pictures you’ve got there! where did you get yeh’s baby picture? i have seen kjh’s baby picture just recently! you’re right, with resemblance! hwanhye fighting!

      visit us, once in a while !

      p.s. kjh’s coming cooking show, i want to watch it when it airs, i just wonder how! any idea?

      • Hello amazed, thanks chingu and yeah we cant quit now, together lets keep our hwanhye playground alive for the love of our otp! Fighting!!!

        About Yeh’s pic, regret i didnt save the link where i got it, hehe, its just for me, i could really see the resemblance and find it amusing!^___^

        About the cooking show, i have read that he would do it for a friend who stood by his side when he was at his lowest point of his career. KJH is truly a great friend!

      • Hello eileen! i know right, hehe, thanks chingu! same here, looking forward too to see him in a cooking show! We all know he also loves to cook! I wonder if he also prepares special dish for her or vice versa! hehehe

      • Hello Eppy! hehehe, thanks chingu! just been busy lately but rest assured i will sail with you until we docked! OTP fighting!!!

  151. i want to post this photoshoot of ji hwan , i think for his latest movie! not for anything else but i saw a mannequin wearing a wedding gown, hahaha wonderful sign??? i checked the website below and i found out that this photoshoot venue is a wedding studio , am i right? that’s how i understand it !!! or am i going nuts ??? hehehe of all the places , why go to a wedding studio , or is this a photoshoot for something else ? yay….

    PHOTOS by RYU 8/29/13
    credit: http://www.ryunique9.com and http://m.blog.naver.com/seho1987/60198985942


    • thanks, eileen, eppy, dredz. i hope we will we see them together again in pictures just like that photoshopped picture! aja aja fighting!

  152. Kang Ji-hwan side “received the offer appearance of conditions” and “love drama, but refused to politely”
    MYDAILY |01 minutes 14:23 August 2013
    My Daily Photo = DB
    Actor Kang Ji-hwan has denied the appearance theory “Conditions of Love” drama (working title). I told the 22nd, officials of Kang Ji-hwan side in the telephone interview with My Daily “has received the appearance offer of male protagonist role of conditions” and “love Kang Ji-hwan, but refused to politely” he said. “Conditions of Love” is a new work of Lee Hyun-min director who dealt “I’m sorry, I love you”, “Let’s go Sang Doo, to school!” KBS 2TV drama and “The Snow Queen”. Actress Kim Jung Eun is to accept the appearance in the heroine, our goal is the broadcasting of the second half of this year by the end of the main casting, best supporting actor and male hero. Conditions “and” “Love should be a soap opera of orthodox add a picture beauty sophisticated story painful a special manner never seen before. Broadcasting official video and beauty of Lee Hyun-min supervision only I told that it “will stir up a sensation back in with a delicate rendition. After recording of “Shoot toward the sun” movie he was starring recently, Kang Ji-hwan is considering the next project while taking a rest.

    credits to: news.kstyle.com/

    whew!! chinggu’s i’m having a hard time deciphering the content, what i only understand is that our favorite OPPA is considering another project after shooting his new movie…

    it’s raining projects for our OTP… that’s why we still have to wait a little more time for the announcement to come soon…

    HWANHYE!! waiting!!! & fighting!!! πŸ™‚

    • Evelyn , that was a nose bleed, hahaha! thanks for posting! good to hear that oppa has another project in the works! well, they could make an announcement even if they are working on a project just like lby and js who will get married this september! wish….

      • couldn’t agree with you more chinggu…

        or maybe they have already done a LEE HYORI & LEE SANG SOON act who both have agreed to tie the knot in secret…

      • @Amazed. I agree with you, they can do the announcement even if they
        are both working on a projects after all they are mature enough to do that and I’m sure fans and no fans will understand 2 persons in love. They can also tie the knot in secret but it would be much better if they announced it.

    • hooray for our OTP! they are both really busy with projects! i can’t wait to see YEH’s new drama and also KJH’s new movie. i hope KJH’s new project will be something like IOM. he was so good in that!

      regarding out OTP tying the knot, i have a feeling that they are already married. i wish they would announce their marriage already. they are both making a lot of money for their future kids. hehehe!

      • amen to that eileen, i think it is true! otp please make an announcement already! i was reading baidu’s old posts and they think they are living together since 2011! maybe they are in the new house now!!! hwanhye forever!

  153. The latest tweet from KJH via his official twitter account @Kangjihwan_ 9/2/13 translation credit: KJH SINGAPORE OFFICIAL OPERATOR

    Isn’t the Autumn Sky so beautiful? Because of this, I’m sharing a picture with a beautiful sky! I’m currently practicing the play in the rehearsal room, trying my best; sweating! Never ending practice without an audience is very tiring, but I get my strength right back when I imagine your faces watching me act it out!!

    oppa, we didn’t see any recreation room in your december house tour, how come you have one now?

    chingus , oppa included also english & chinese translations for his tweet, he is making sure that there won’t be a mention of a basement , lol!

  154. hello amazed, eileen, eppy! sshh! isnt it that’s our secret here at our playground that they are already a couple? and what we’re just waiting from them is their confirmation!^____^ ^____^

    Btw, i’d like to share this latest vid posted by pechumori with written trans but since its too long to post here, i will just post the vid. This was in 2010. I just find KJH in this video soooo charming and good looking and i so love it!^____^


    • You are welcome, chon!^___^

      Here’s another newly posted video by KJH Club but have decided to post the written eng trans as well. I know some of us would be able to watch this vid on fb but i wish to share this here as well for our own playground’s copy^____^ And besides i find him also so charming and adorable on this video too! ^____^

      The “Coffee House” leading man is here, It’s Kang Ji Hwan! Cameraman: A shooting game? KJH: I think so. This is PSP it is a game to defeat the enemy while shooting gun.
      *KANG JI HWAN* When I look back in my past I never thought that would be able to play a game like this during my shooting break. But since I’ve been in this business for a long time now, I could spent this free time. I’m feeling nostalgic…filming inside the SBS Studio the last time I filmed for SBS I think…it was 5 to 6 years ago in drama ” SAVE THE LAST DANCE FOR ME” Where Actor Ji Sung ssi was the leading man. In those days I was hired in this studio as an extra, but this time I’m the leading man. I’ not saying..”IT’S A RETURN TO ONE’S HOMETOWN GLORY”, but I’m feeling like that right now. The studio is still the same as well. What a fullnest of heart I feel since i become a leading man who started as an extra. Now, I can play a game in my breaktime! It’s Great![And KJH put back his earphone to start playing again his PSP game.
      Director Pyo Min-So: You did a good performance KJH: Really? Director Pyo Min -So: The scene that I liked the most is when you were walking and you looked back. KJH: How about the scene when I was wearing eyeglasses did I look it good? Director Pyo Min-So: Oh..the scene when you rushed into the phone booth after you which turned around.. KJH: So you like it?
      Cameraman: It’s so hot isn’t it? KJH: The weather yesterday was 4degrees and today it’s 24degrees.It’s suddenly cold and yet it’s getting hot like summer. My plan today, after this..since it’s sunday the weather is good..filming is done early..I’m planning to go watch movie with the staff.


  155. hello πŸ˜‰ i love hwanhye since last yr. When lie to me airs in the phil. Im so addicted,hehe i watch it every now and then, i found this forum last june, and im happy everytime im here,thanks for all the post πŸ™‚ im with this ship always, hwanhye makes me so kilig whenever im watching them πŸ™‚ im hoping that they will end up together, im waiting for them to reveal thier relationship, even if it takes time or years,(but the soonest the better)as long as its them together, thanks everyone;) HWANHYE FOREVER!<3

    • @ lj zapanta welcome to our crazy & happy playground! you learned about this playground earlier than i did! thanks for letting us know you are one of us! i know there are more silent lurkers out there! say hello once in a while! we are hwanhye always!

    • Hello lj! Finally, you have decided to break your silence! Thanks and welcome to our happy HwanHye playground! Please do share with us your thoughts about our otp! See you around, lj zapanta!^_~ OTP fighting!!!

      • dredz, looks like lj is also one of your recruits to the playground! hahaha. the more the merrier! we are increasing in number! amazing! i have looked at ltm’s bts videos and there are a lot of people of have just seen ltm and loved it! hwanhye forever!

      • lol, amazed, you made me laugh! lol, not that its intentional, it just so happened Dar and lj also love our otp! hence so very happy as well to know that we are indeed increasing in number! and i echo your invites to all our silent hwanhye lurkers out there to join us express your love for wuri otp, who knows if you do, our OTP would also be encouraged to come out in public due to insistent public demand! hehe..^_____^

        HwanHye fighting forever!!!

      • that’s right, dredz, paging all the silent lurkers out there, please let your voice be heard so that our otp will make the announcement soon! our otp just waiting for you! if not both our otp, i’m pretty sure, oppa will give in soon! hahaha

    • Hi amazed, thanks for posting! oppa is bolder/braver?, hmmm, absolutely! if not, he wouldnt dare to follow YEH on twitter! eeekk! ^____^ Chingu, do you have an upclose photo so we could see clearly those handful of rings? Agree, I also have a hunch those are their identicals too knowing our otp, both are shouting out in silence^____^

      • hi dredz , sorry there is no bigger picture! i’m kinda curious too if he has the same ring again on his left ring finger! maybe, we’ll see a bigger picture one of these days! i have a feeling that oppa will have another ‘move’ again soon! hwaiting!

  156. Hello chingus! i’d like to share YEH’s upcoming project, below is her new look with curly hair! omo, does she really look so lovely and adorable! and lets take a closer look of her accessories, do some of it look familiar?^____^


    he reading session for the new KBS 2TV series, “Choice of the Future” had a script reading session.Actors and actresses Yoon Eun-hye, Jeong Yong-hwa, Han Chae-ah, Choi Myeong-gil, Ko Doo-simand others gathered at the KBS 2TV Star Hall. The reading went on for four hours but no one complained about being tired.”Choice of the Future” is a new kind of time slip drama where the future ‘me’ returns to the past to aid and advise for self development. Also the life and work of people in the entertainment business will also be looked at in a new angle.Yoon Eun-hye takes on the role of Na Mi-rae. Bad tempered but having strong belief in himself is Kim Sin byLee Dong-geon. Jeong Yong-hwa takes on the role of an undercover boss named Park Se-joo.The first reading session was overwhelmed with the passion and reality of the characters. It was way more than expected and everyone was satisfied.To be aired on the 14th of October after “Good Doctor”. β€” ‘The Future Choice’ – 1st Script Reading


    • dredz, looks like she gained some weight, huh? good for her! she was so skinny! this time around, it is oppa who is so skinny based on his latest pictures!

      looks like eun hye is wearing that same chain bracelet again on her right arm! the same one she wore in madagascar. i think that bracelet is soooooo important. i have seen her wore that in several occasions! oppa have worn that too before so many times…..

      yeh’s style ‘wearing a lot of bracelets’ or a lot of rings so that it is not so obvious!!! i love oppa , there’s no deceiving his fans!!!

      • yeah i know right, hehe, you are right pretty sure will see more pictures posted soon. Agree much, YEH is really blooming and so flawlessly beautiful! Shippy me thinks she had rested well and do believe that’s what love can do for someone so much in love and inspired! wooot! lol Fighting!

        In the case of KJH, i think because he has lots of commitments these days to fulfill thus he has no time for enough rest. But you could see he’s very happy and inspired too! hmmm, i wonder who gives both an inpiration???lol ^_____^ otp fighting!!!

      • haha, amazed, i love what you said about YEH’s tactics so not to be too obvious that she’s wearing what we so-called “otp’s identicals”, perhaps she knows already how sharp HwanHye shippers’ shippy eyes are! lol! ^_~hmmm, i wonder if we could uncover another new identicals from those? fighting!

  157. ltm wrap up party rewind (from 100 proofs princesspiona) – missed them!

    68. In LTM wrap party all the unnatural interactions by KJH YEH: they were caught peeking in each other’s direction for countless times. KJH’s unnatural reactions’ statistics: bit knife 6 times, touched nose 5 times, lifted cap 3 times, touched collar 2 times, touched ear 1 time, looked at watch 1 time, rolled sleeve 1 time.

    69. At LTM wrap party KJH smiled when YEH cut the cake as her knife landed on KJH’s image on the cake

  158. Hallo..all..Im still in here..waits good news about our couple HwanHye..pray to God!??I hope YEH reveal and announce about wedding like Jadu(one of YEH’s bestFriends)xixixixi

      • i think the singer who likes to play with her guitar in LTM that’s JADU….

        really? she’s getting married? or get’s married already, i believe it’s the same wedding ceremony KJH’s is talking that he’s going to host sometime though…just a thought πŸ™‚

        HWANHYE still waiting & fighting!!! πŸ™‚

      • thanks evelyn! wow, maybe that’s her who got married! can we assume that our otp were both at the wedding?

      • Evelyn_yes, you’re true..she is singer who likes to play with her guitar in LTM,Jadu getting married this Nov 23rd..

    • really, wow, that’s really good news, seems like autumn is really a marrying month for koreans after all, hmmm, how ’bout the our beloved couple we’ve all been waiting for since 2011???keep the faith, hwanhye fighting!!!

      Thanks for sharing this very interesting news, dar!^____^

  159. thanks amazed and dredz for the warm welcome, thanks for the links πŸ™‚ i love this forum, you are all great, thumbs up for all the info,evidences & pictures πŸ™‚ the only thing is missing is thier public declaration! πŸ™‚ ur right KJH is obviously love YEH very much!;) I remember i’ve read on kjh fb,that one of his friend said tha oppa is very lonely and wanted to get married, im hoping that he will never get tired of waiting YEH πŸ™‚ because of this forum i began investigating them,lols! Like all of you guys, i looked thoroughly on their new pics on fb, hoping they have common stuffs, πŸ™‚ im just crazy about them, only kjh & yeh.. Keep on sharing all the info guys,i really appreciate all of that πŸ™‚ kjh<3yeh

    • Hello lj! you’re welcome, i knew you would because i felt how much you love our otp.^___^

      Guys, lets continuously support wuri OTP by keeping this ship sailing until we reach the port!Gut-feel the most awaited 30th bday of YEH would be our key to ensure that this ship is going to dock real soon!^_~

      Keep the faith, Hwaiting!!

  160. i guess it’s now official, let the world know about choeun company!
    credit: kjh fb

    Hi everyone! Choeun Company has released its new office address If you have any fan mail or gifts, you can now send the to the office! Here is the address:

    Postal Code 135-517
    5F, 96-1 Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
    Choeun Company
    Kang Ji Hwan Office

    • Yeah, obviously they would want to officially inform everyone about their business’ whereabouts, which made me wonder how far this is from YEH’s boutique shop? ^____^

      Thanks for posting, amazed!

      • dredz, our minds are in sync, that is exactly my question, the boutique is in gangnam also, yay!

        the house company’s address last 2011 is:

        TheHouseCompany ‏@TheHouseCompany 2 Oct 11
        The House Company
        #108-2 Shinsung-Misocity
        96-3 Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Korea

  161. dredz, are they getting ready for something? the new office of choeun company, the expanded/bigger boutique of yeh, the new house (ji hwan park). i don’t know but suddenly i am so excited, i hope this is not false alarm!

    • Calm down, amazed, i know right? lol! Seriously, thanks for posting YEH’s address hence here’s the link where we could see YEH’s office^____^So do you think both their addresses are located in Gangnam?? omo, am speechless if that is true! Agree, both are really preparing for something bound to happen in the near future!^____^ HwanHye Fighting!

    • I have been thinking since we saw the three words “THE” in KJH’s house where he took pictures of all the gifts he received on his birthday. Looks like those three letters have something to do with the “TH e + e” House company of YEH or could be those are actually referring to the boutique shop per se. just a wild guess, though, fingers crossed its true^____^

  162. I was back reading baidu’s posts right after ltm, this is for the year 2011.
    I have not seen these before might as well post for newbies & also our old playground is gone in the wind!

    yeh’s tweet on her birthday oct 3, 2011 (as translated) — my comments

    ah .. I was happy people child. sincerely thank the people give birthday wishes, although not anything special day birthday yesterday, has been a smile never left. born in this world, to get so much love .. doing like to do things, feel alive again is a happy thing, how thankful thing!
    — so much love indeed

    there is another tweet to jadu but looks like it is for someone else, lol!

    Grace: heart symbol RT @ jadu0504: rich and deep, with a similar fall readily transparent woman! Well, oh! We really born captain too well! Today, because of you and become a good day, because of you and become a beautiful day! Congratulations too, I love you!

    — baidu thinks the tweet is meant for you know who!

    • thanks amazed:) about jadu’s wedding, im hoping we could get to see who attended in her wedding, kjh might be there too, hehe, with yeh ofcourse, afterall jadu is in lie to me, she should invite kjh too.. just wishful thinking πŸ˜‰

      • lj, dar said that jadu’s wedding is on nov 23! hahaha , so it was not her wedding that ji hwan is the emcee! let’s find out who of ji hwan’s friend got married!

    • Thanks amazed! So now i fully understand who jadu is on YEH’s twitter! thanks evelyn for giving out that info! and amazed for this post which helped me learn about it.

      So agree with you, amazed and lj, there is a big possibility that both of them and guess even their other co-stars in LTM would also be there at jadu’s wedding on nov 23. So we have something to look forward to if otp would be there! hmmm, i just really wish and pray that come nov 23rd, our ship had already landed!omo! fighting!!!

  163. bear with me, hehehe

    this is the 2011-10-08 posts from baidu, the fireworks video by yeh…

    Girl so hard today, because tomorrow is certainly a birthday party and excited about it. . .
    Maybe what dark secret dating it, ha ha ha ha


    and we want to watch it very hard to beat the ~ did not see all of you together and see ~ Article II: In Yeouido very lucky to see the beautiful fireworks ~ like a small Open the windows like a child watching carefully, unconsciously smile ~ “Woah, so beautiful,” so yelling, revealing a smile not seen in a long time. Little touches so obtained, the feeling of happiness, it is too thanked.

    — baidu’s comments on the video
    *Looked at how the scene inside like LTM, ah, president a man drove to the river that. . .
    *Wow yeah yeah, not calm bird, happy feeling, this is thanks to who else, we know everything
    *Wow. . Huan G to force too much. . . This video is certainly treasure or Huan shot himself, and is designed for Umbro amp, or who will be all right for others fireworks shoot video, ah, is not never seen before. .
    *Gorgeous fireworks, starry sky quiet beauty. Lan like video streaming,
    Uh-oh. . I did not see the girl at the translation of it. . Turned out to
    be occasional fireworks ah.
    However, in Yeouido? Dating baa? Why in this place ah. .
    Excited, excited, Huan brother too clever, in time for the birthday girl
    in front of some action. . .
    Avoid eyes and ears wow everyone. . . Haha. . .
    Us to benefit persons = wisdom, how smart we are, Huan brother can avoid
    the paparazzi and Korea rice eyes and ears, but can not escape our eyes,
    ha ha ha ha
    *Amount, that is, ah, Han River that you, ha ha happy Hahn treasure always
    said, appears to be really happy, ah, oh
    *Umbro home you can see the fireworks that way?

    — i love baidu’s comments, they were right it was the hahn river and
    they believed oppa took her there for a date, lol , after a year
    the video of the house tour of oppa they realized that the fireworks
    video was taken inside oppa’s place !!! the view from the window of ji
    hwan’s house tour is the same as the view in the fireworks video!!!

    — i just love this fireworks video, i thought i could hear eun hye’s
    voice in the background…

    • Hi amazed, i remember that video on the fireworks. I could hear YEH’s voice while she was filming it. Great find! How i wish that they will announce their relationship.

      • Yup, remember that vividly, amazed, thanks for re-posting! its even just in time to recall it as time really flies now its YEH’s bday once again.

    • Omo, i wish to congratulate everyone for reaching 500 comments despite being so very hard to achieve this goal still we did it!^____^Keep on sailing! fighting!

  164. Love is patient; love is kind. Love is not jealous, it does not put on airs, it is not snobbish. Love is never rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not prone to anger; neither does it brood over injuries. Love does not rejoice in what is wrong but rejoices with the truth. There’s no limit to love’s forbearance, to its trust, its hope, its power to endure.
    1 Corinthians 13:4-7

    Reminds you of someone you know?

    • Absolutely, amazed! She’s very fond of posting the same on her twitter account! did i guess it right, chingu??? Keep it coming until the end, amazed! Aja aja! ^_____^

      • hahaha dredz, i was thinking it applies to oppa because he is patiently waiting, kind and not rude! kyaaaaa!

  165. what do you see?


    on the bottom right corner of the picture, a finger is partly blocking the lens. Look at the reflection just below ji hwan’s left knee! must be an illusion or are my eyes playing a trick on me! Could you see whose taking his picture? Is this in japan???

  166. Missing our otp much, would like to post again this video, where kjh was at the recording studio rehearsing “lovin Ice Cream” which i find him so very good looking! So cute of him when he couldnt get the right tune of the song!At the last part showed otp rehearsing it, i really love watching them together as they look perfectly good together!



    Another answered prayer! Yes indeed, you can not put a good man down!Hooraay for Kang Ji Hwan-ssi!!! KJH, fighting!!!^____^

    *Good News for KJH fans*
    Constraints on the Entertainment Activities of Kang Ji Hwan to be Lifted Soon
    translation credit: KJH USA OFFICIAL OPERATOR 9/14/13

    Actor Kang Ji Hwan’s dispute with his ex-agency that has affected his entertainment activities will be cleared up soon.

    According to a statement from the Korea Entertainment Management Agency’s Sanction Committee, issued yesterday, Sept. 13, 2013, they have come to a decision to release the hold on Kang Ji hwan. They have been pressuring the filming agency and broadcasting companies about not allowing any other celebrities in their association from being casted in anything KJH is casted to do. They are discussing the release of this constraint and will come to a decision by the end of the month. This will be great news for Kang Ji Hwan and many new opportunities from now on.

    Kang Ji Hwan and his former agency, SPlus, had a contract dispute which started last October 2012 and have fought over issues surrounding the conflict.

    Previously, Kang Ji Hwan was involved in another contract-related dispute with his former agency, Jambo Entertainment in December 2008. At that time, Kang Ji Hwan had eight months remaining in his contract with Jambo Entertainment and yet decided to prematurely end the contract by notifying the company with the certification of contents for cancellation of the contract. Before the dispute was over, he signed another exclusive contract with S-Plus Entertainment.

    credit: starnews

    Note: According to an article from dcinside, at the time that KJH had a conflict with his former agency, Jambo Entertainment, the courts decided that Jambo was guilty and the verdict was for Jambo to compensate 500 million won to KJH.

    • so, the ban is the reason why kjh said that a lot of people doesn’t want him to be an actor! how could they ever ban anybody like that! so vindictive! haaaaayyyyy! but it is a good thing that kjh was able to do incarnation of money and shooting towards the sun! well, it’s clearer why eun hye’s co actors are from the same agency as ji hwan’s leading lady in the movie! kind of deal maybe between choeun and that other agency! thanks for posting dredz! i still could not believe that they would do something like that! just keep cool, ji hwan, we are all behind you! fighting!

  168. Hence all the more we should await what’s gonna happen next to our otp! Clearly, otp couldnt stop the inevitable! lets all believe that next breaking news will be hearing is their confirmation! Hwaiting!!!

  169. Sorry guys, senti mode^_____^

    If I may say this, would love to grant amazed’s request the least i could do to re-post some of what we have lost and missed from our old forum! Frankly, up to this moment, shippy me still saddens by what had happened to our old ship! As if all the treasures we’ve stashed in there were all blown away just like that!:( and what’s even worse we might not be able to surmount the number of posts we’ve made there. But nonetheless, the only consolation i get is my shippy gut-feel that someday soon this new found ship will find its way to dock!Aja aja, fighting!!!

    Having said that, for all the newbies and oldies alike here if i remember it right was the first ever “identical rings and e+e red bracelets” the baiduers had uncovered and i think it was rainqueen who first posted it in here! I believe this alone would already give us the CUE that our hwanhye couple is into a relationship otherwise, they would not be seen together wearing exactly the same/similar accessories, would they??? and of course, more evidences had been unveiled thereafter!^____^


    • thanks dredz, thankful that you still remember the request that i made! i know, our old playground is like a treasure that we all have lost! i’ll try to repost what i have one at a time! by the way, the older posts from baidu are a gold mine. they have reasons to believe that our otp were together in hawaii right after ltm (2011), the madagascar secret trip of ji hwan (2012) and when the miss returned from her new york trip. i’ll repost all the comments from baidu one at a time!

      • I will try to post as many as i can, amazed, and yeah lets bring this ship to the shore, chingus! aja aja, fighting!!!^___^

  170. ji hwan’s latest tweet 09/13/2013

    credit kjhamerica
    Thanks to Kanghamsa, practice was canceled today! Take responsibility please.. It’s raining.. Healing is the best!

    PS: Kanghamsa sent a 좔석(Chuseok) gift to our Star, and they were Korean beef set and rice cakes.

    sept 19 is korean thanksgiving day, the reason for the gifts. look at the 7 empty bottles of soju! did he drink all of that? i read from previous posts that he will be drank after 2 bottles of soju and the miss can drink 5 bottles, hehehe, 2 + 5 = 7 ? since the lady started shooting, oppa is going out drinking with friends. missing her already, oppa?

    are your eyes open? did you see the coke zero bottle? coke??? kyaaaaaaa…

  171. thanks a lot dredz and amazed for being thoughtfull to all newbie like me πŸ™‚ i did’nt finished browsing the old forum, thats why im always excited to all of ur post, take you’re time guys i patiently waiting to all the evidences that all of you posted before and also our lovely couple to announce their love for each other! hehehe hwanhye fighting <3 by the way, is the baiduers still ship our couple until now?

    • Hello lj! you are always welcome, chingu!^__^ and thanks for hanging out with us too, shippy me hopes that will be sticking together for our one main goal that is to await the big announcement of our OTP!Till then, lets keep on sailing this ship, chingus! Hwaiting!!!

  172. baiduers visited the office address of choeun company.

    these are my take on the posts:
    –the place is very hard to find
    –they see guards & variety of sports cars (maybe because opposite the road
    is the ferrari store location)
    –park outside the building is the van in the car wash that kjh tweeted
    –there was a mention of a guitar in the video of the open house
    –baiduers left a gift & said that they are university students from china

    translation credit: KJH USA OFFICIAL OPERATOR
    It’s a beautiful afternoon! All my managers are busy, so I hopped on my scooter to run some errands. T_T It’s really hot today. Soon I have to get back to my basement practice room!! Playing around is meaning less.. I should work like a cow!! Fighting!!


    i wonder who is with him! isn’t that a woman’s hand taking his picture using a cellphone (iphone????) ?
    (see the image reflected on his sunglasses!).

  174. Hello everyone! It’s been a while since i last visited our playground. Miss you all chingus.

    So sorry that you felt left alone and you almost gve up… thank you so much for keeping our ship afloat.
    By the way, i think that photo of oppa was taken by himself. Selfie mode only, oppa is so darn gorgeous.

    Thank you also chingu for sharing again the precious treasures of our otp.

    To all newbies,
    Welcome to our KP… It’s been more than 2yrs but let’s continue to support our otp.

    HwanHye figthing β™₯

    • hi alphastorm, glad that you drop by! you’re right, that is a selfie, i forgot that oppa has womanlike hands! thanks.

      yes, it’s been 2 years since ltm so maybe only a few left to ship our otp. they must have grown tired! when is the announcement, oppa??? anyway, ltm soompi thread always has more than 100 shippers logon everytime! the magic of ltm!

    • welcome back, alpha storm!!!definitely you are missed in here, chingu!^___^ you are welcome, its the least i can do for this ship to sail on!^__~ lets spread our love and support to our one and only OTP!!! Hwaiting!!

    • hi alpha storm! i have been mia at our playground, too! i miss this place so much. life is just getting in the way. lol!

      Amazed & Dredz, thank you very much for keeping our ship afloat!

  175. oppa’s rehearsal room (in the basement?)
    the furniture looks new to me, there’s a box left from construction, hehehe!
    if you check the twitter of the empty bottles of soju (few lines up), it looks like his old place (compare it with his house tour – the trophies and door and table is the same!)…

    where do you think is this rehearsal room? maybe we are thinking the same!

    credit cjoeun facebook kjh philippines facebook

  176. 84 over e was not only updates about new products but also updates about Mid-Autumn Festival..what do you think??or am I think too much??hee

    • Hello dar!^___^ no you are not, chingu!^__^ Why shippy me also so familiar with Mid-Autumn Festival! arent you, chingus???^_~ OTP fighting!!!

      • waaahhhh chingu, i did not get that mid autumn festival! kindly sxplain!
        i was absent when it was discussed, hehehe.

  177. Hello chingus! sure bet we all missed nineteen! hence would like to share once again, my fave video created by her “Keep On Movin’! Enjoy!^_~


    Speaking of nineteen, its her birthday today, September 19th, lets all greet her a very happy happy birthday, our dear nineteen!!!! have a blast, chingu!!!


    For Kang Ji Hwan ssi and Yoon Eun Hye ssi and all our Korean friends,
    “Happy Chuseok Day!”^___^

    • dredz, thanks for posting! great job, nineteen!

      Happy birthday nineteen, wishing you get all what you desire in life! Enjoy your special day, chingu. Drop by at the playground and say hello once in a while. We all misses you!

      Happy chuseok day to our otp! Wish that you are together celebrating this thanksgiving day! We miss both of you so much!
      It would be a treat to all of us hwanhye shippers if you could post even just one picture of you together here at the playground! please, please, please….

    • Thanks dredz, for your post video created by nineteen. So cute and cool.

      # Happy birthday nineteen, I hope that is what the heart wants.

      β™₯β™₯β™₯ ” Happy Chuseuk Day ”

      FOR HWANHYE ^___^

  178. Hello! I’m new here,but I’ve been to this site every once in awhile waiting for good news. I’m just curious, was the stuff toy(white with pink ears) YEH used in LTM very common? Because it looks the same with the stuff toy of KJH when he was touring the interviewer to his own room at his new house.

    • @ darna , in the house tour, that house would soon be kjh’s old house! i believe the ‘ji hwan park’ is now ready for occupancy or he moved in there already maybe today, hahaha!

    • hello darna! welcome to our Hwanhye playground! nice to know there are still lots of silent lurkers out there ever ready to support our ship! please do visit us more often!^___^

    • Darna, it is the same stuffed toy. Both KJH & YEH got the same doll as gifts from their fans. It is just really cute because he sleeps with that stuffed toy. So cute!

      Btw, welcome Darna to our hwan hye haven!

  179. hi darna! nice name! welcome and thanks for joining us! as far as we know that stuff toy is the same one that YEH used in LTM! One of oppa’s clues for us!

  180. hi darna! nice name! welcome and thanks for joining us! as far as we know that stuff toy is the same one that YEH used in LTM! One of oppa’s clues for us! it was discussed in our old playground, baidu made a good posts on that house tour. i’ll post the link once i find it! too many clues in that hose tour! aja aja!

    • i love that stuff toy i wish i have one, haha but i think its exclusive for hwanhye, πŸ˜‰ i noticed it to when i saw the screencap vid of oppa’s house tour, i thougth im only mistaken that its the stuff toy that ah jung and ki jun hug πŸ™‚ thanks darna for inquiring about that, now i know, thanks chingus πŸ™‚

  181. I am so overwhelmed, Eileen , chingu, you are back! We missed you so much!
    Thanks for posting some of our evidences! This time I’m gonna make sure that I copy all of them! Good thing you have all these clues! Welcome back!

  182. English translation of the song ‘Thanks’ by Kim Dong Ryul which is the theme song for the drama of KJH on Sept 23 in Tokyo. Look @ these lyrics ‘Now i think i might know the reason i was born that i meet you and love you till I die….. I don’t wish for anything else anymore that we love each other just like now is the happiness given to me’. Aaaaaaaawwwwwww! Even in song he’s giving us shippers a clue! Are you wishing it was meant for you???

    Again today, as I’m showered in the blinding sunlight
    For being alive, I thank you
    That my lacking heart can become the strength to someone
    Just for that, I thank you

    Showing to anyone that you’re mine
    So that it won’t embarrass you, I will love myself
    Even for one moment, that you’re mine
    So that you won’t regret it, I will love you

    Now I think I might know the reason I was born
    That I meet you and love you till I die
    Is the happiness given to me

    That you’re mine no matter where
    So that you can’t forget it, I will always be with you
    Even for one moment, that you’re mine
    So that you won’t be hurt, I will love you

    Now I think I might know the reason I was born
    That I meet you and love you till I die
    If it’s the reason given to my life

    I don’t wish for anything else anymore
    That we love each other just like now
    Is the happiness given to me

    Hangeul lyrics @ gasazip
    Romanized + translated by littleariel13
    http://littleariel13.wordpress.com/2011/10/18/감사-thanks-kim-dong-ryul-김동λ₯ -han-rom-eng/

      • Amazed, Eileen, am singing along with you, too! lol! just like from all his previous FMs where all his chosen songs where pretty obvious to whom it was dedicated to! Thus this song could also be one of those special songs apparently meant to someone very close to oppa’s heart!!! I also love the lyrics! thanks for posting, amazed!

    • @Amazed, If it is only Oppa he has no qualms admitting about their relationship. Remember during the LTM days and they were being chided for
      being late and together, it was just okay with Oppa only our Yeh is so privy about her affair. Maybe she has her reasons. but a least they have
      their evidences to prove.

      • @ eppy i remember that bts! oppa even arranged yeh’s collar! makes me wonder if they were in a hurry to get to the set! hehehe . yeh acted as if she’s mad! why appear together??? one could go ahead and the other to follow after 10 minutes, right? making us think! lol!

  183. oppa is sooooo good looking!!! if i am his special someone , i will tell the world about it and not hide it!!! only once in your lifetime do you meet somebody like him and who loves his special someone sooooo much! some people are born lucky ! i hope that somebody knows how lucky she is!!!

    only that the heart has a mind of each own, unteachable, lol!

    • @ evelyn i have read that oppa’s partner for the fan meet drama is married! haha , making sure that there won’t be an issue between him and you know who!

      according to the storyline for the drama for the fan meet, the characters in the play registered their marriage before they even get married! well, i didn’t know that you can do that in korea! is it the opposite in real life??? they got married already but have not registered their marriage yet? oh my! oh my! Raining clues?

      • haha really, his wife in their fm drama is married? that’s good to hear, amazed, so its safe to say, their being so sweet in their pictures were merely promotional. hehe just wanna make sure of it^___^

      • Hmmm, i’ve been wondering about KJH’s chosen drama he had presented in his fm in Japan? Was this another way of “testing the water”???? Come to think of it, it seemed to me that he was trying to make his fans getting used of him as a married man! and to my surprise, i think he’s somehow getting the response he would want to know! hehe just a wild guess but i could be right^___^Have faith, hwaiting!!!

      • these rings are daebak! it is an uncommon ring and nobody could say it is just a coincidence! life is wonderful!

        dredz remember the photo of ji hwan sitting on a chair with rings on his fingers and we were looking for a bigger picture? i have a closer picture of one of the rings and it is the identical rings of our OTP that you posted a few lines up! I will try to post it, i hope it would not take me one whole day. One post takes a long time, hehehe. OTP please please please make the announcement already, we have been crashing down website forums, waaaaaahhhhhh.

  184. look at the picture posted by choeun facebook before kjh fan meet:

    curly hair for oppa? i know somebody who just started shooting for her drama with curly hair also! i cannot take this anymore!!! lol ! even in hairdo ‘in sync’. ayyyyyyyyy have mercy…

    • hehe do you think they bought those bags in pair too or its a HIS/HERS bags???^___^Great find, amazed! good to see once again another latest OTP collection! Keep it coming, amazed! aja aja fighting!^___^

    • Amazed am afraid this forum is starting once again to experience word error just like we had in our old forum! aigoo, how could we prevent it from shutting down? i cant post also my comment. I hope this comment will post, let me also try

      • dredz – i was thinking, how about if we do our shipping in the ltm thread at soompi? yes, it is scary, i don’t want this forum to shut down again. it’s not even 1,000 mark and we cannot post anymore. same symptoms as the old one before crashing!

  185. this is a selfie tweeted by kjh right after the fan meet! got this from baidu. the right image is the boots designed by the miss for ugg australia!
    could you guess who designed/made oppa’s red hat??? hahaha…. according to baidu, same rivets for both! kekeke i’m so excited & i just can’t hide it! clues clues everywhere, awwwwww!