Ella Gets Married in Taipei with Her S.H.E. Sisters by Her Side

Ella had her real life version of We Got Married this past weekend in Taipei to her Malaysian-Chinese fiancée Alvin Lai. It was a star-studded lavish affair that officially takes Ella off the market, leaving Hebe Tian as the only S.H.E. member still single. Get on it, Hebe! I love how the three girls are genuinely good friends who entered the entertainment industry together and created their own group and individual success. Selina Jen is slowly easing back in music and endorsements, while Ella has no plans to phase out of her entertainment career now that she’s married. I hope S.H. E. drops another album later this year. For now, congrats to the happy couple, who apparently performed a choreographed dance to “Single Ladies” that was so hot and NC-17 I’m afraid of showing pictures of it here. Taiwanese weddings can get pretty racey towards the end when enough alcohol has been consumed by all that the bride and groom are forced to play the most embarrassing games. Ella decided to open the floodgates and pull her husband up for a dance that left me feeling like a voyeur.

[Credits: all pictures as marked of the respective news agency]


Ella Gets Married in Taipei with Her S.H.E. Sisters by Her Side — 25 Comments

  1. Oh wow. Before I say congrats, oh wow is that short shorts on the bride 🙂 * fanning myself *
    and this is real life?

    Congratulations to the bride and groom. And whosever parents they were, the mum is stunning.

  2. Wow.. Ella looks soo pretty.. he is one lucky guy and S.H.E isn’t looking too bad themselves…

    I just love how Ella just enjoys herself.. she has such a great personality.. makes everyone love her!!! 🙂 Who would’ve known she’d wear short shorts and dance the night away.. Only she would pull off such thing! 😀

  3. omg.. ella look sooo beautiful there.. this mean a really GOODBYE to my dream otp Jerella.. 🙁

    awww.. poor jerry… nvm jerry, u got me.. 😛

  4. Congratzz Ella. Love her since Down with Love, silly drama but she was so endearing I can’t help but liking her and became her loyal fan.

  5. Omg that video was too cute.
    I’m really happy for her.
    All the best of joy, love and laughter in your marriage Ella.

    You Rock!!!

  6. Does anyone notice that the girl who got the bridal bouquet was Yani Tseng, the NO.1 in LPGA?They are very good friends and Ella even came to see some Yani’s tournaments.
    Congrats Ella.I am also a big fan of “Down With Love”~~:)

  7. oh wow. I couldn’t stand her nose before – looks like she got it fixed. now she actually looks pretty. congrats to her.

  8. They make such an awesome couple! A guy who will have fun dancing to “Single Ladies” with you in front of an audience is a keeper!

  9. am so happy for them…they look great together…Ella is very beautiful here and Alvin looks so dashing…. the dance is so fun!!! 🙂 Ella and Alvin I wish you everlasting love and happiness …
    and lots of beautiful kids…… 🙂 🙂 🙂

  10. Awww congrats to Ella!! She has always been my fave in SHE. I do hope they release an album soon, I miss them performing! At least I have their HK concert dvd to pass by the time.

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