More Stills of the Various Leads of Time Slip Dr. Jin

While its direct competition A Gentleman’s Dignity just released its first teaser trailer, it feels like Time Slip Dr. Jin just started filming. With less than three weeks left until its premiere, the drama about a modern day surgeon who time travels back to the late Joseon era to practice his craft in less ideal circumstances interests me only because I love Song Seung Heon and Lee Bum Soo. Otherwise I’d admit that its a hot mess in the making and steer clear of it. Now I admit its a hot mess in the making and steer myself right into it. How can I not, when my Heon oppa makes cute smirky faces and plays a hot-shot surgeon. *snicker* In addition to Song Seung Heon’s first saguek outing, the other two males leads Lee Bum Soo and Jaejoong are also doing this for the first time, and I must say all three are rocking their sageuk outfits. And if my Heon oppa looks slightly too modern for it, it actually makes sense in the context of this drama. Ha, that would be a first. As for the picture of the OTP above….sigh, it looks so awkward to me, like Park Min Young is trying to dislodge something stuck in my Heon oppa’s throat. I hope they look more compatible in action.

The picture below is the crew filming the scene where Dr. Jin arrives in the Joseon era. I’m assuming he might be suffering from some broken bones if he lands in the middle of a cliff.



More Stills of the Various Leads of Time Slip Dr. Jin — 29 Comments

    • LOL!!!! This is what I’ve been doing ever since I saw the first still.

      I was trying to figure out his expression in the first still. It makes me laugh when I see it. What is he trying to convey without words? Player works…

  1. I admit it, I’m a bit scared to watch this, given that I loved the original Japanese version. BUT, I’m going to fly right into this without regrets. (I hope)

  2. Bah. I’m not liking where this is going. Cheesy romance all around. The Japanese version was nothing like that. We shall see what happens.

  3. GAH. I didn’t think it was possible for SSH to look any better than he normally does, but that first photo… *sigh*

    Dare I say I’m not digging Jaejoong in his saguek clothing? While he is ALL kinds of pretty, I think he is better suited, well, suited.

    I’ll still watch. Who can resist this much pretty in one place?

  4. All of SSH’s expressions in all the poster stills have hilariously mockworthy so far…..PMY isnt helping with the back hugging either

  5. Call me prejudiced but I wished Kim Tae Hee had been recruited so
    we could repeat the incredible chemistry between SSH and her. (I
    know I need to get over it ’cause it was acting, but OMG they sizzled.)

  6. “…Park Min Young is trying to dislodge something stuck in my Heon oppa’s throat.”

    Ha ha. 🙂

    Actually, to me, something about the pic makes him look younger than usual and perhaps more age-compatible with PMY.

  7. Hmmmm, it does look like a hot mess. The first pic reminds me of some kind of cheap romance novel, the time slipping cold yet genius neurosurgeon and moi!
    I don’t doubt the supporting cast at all but the two leads……..I mean Ayase Haruka can be a hit or miss but as Saki she was definitely a hit. (and not to mention Miki Nakatani who was perfection as Nokaze)

  8. My first thought…ok really my 4th thought since I was drooling at the pretty…are Song Seung Heon and PMY that close in height? If she straightened her posture, she would be about within an inch or two of his height. I thought she was pretty tiny.

  9. the japanese version was less focused on the love line , although it was still very lovely between them . I just can’t help it, I feel I will be comparing this two heavily although I know I shouldn’t . JIN (jap. version) is forever the beeeesssssttttt. I’ll have to pretend to not have watched it when i try the korean version *tear*

  10. Yep, the Japanese one was awesome. This one, I’ll watch for Eye Candy, not for content so I won’t be depressed. If you haven’t seen the original then don’t watch it. Watch this first so you don’t cringe everytime you watch the Korean version butcher the Great Dr Jin, his love, his work, his story x.x tear drop…

  11. These are pretty and slick!
    I like the look, even if the objects are sortof, well, processed.

    So what do I do? Watch the J one, get a wonderful story, and then watch the K one and complain with the purists, or watch THIS one, enjoy it, but then spoil the J?
    Decisions, decisions…

    • I watched the JPN version, and I love it, but I’m not too worry for the remake. Reason being, this one has to do with Korean history. They have to change it to fit Korean history. JPN version has JPN history. You won’t be spoiled. The selling point of Jin is that a doctor from modern time went back to a turmoil era of a nation, uses what he learned in modern time and help out the history, giving it a push in the medical field. He changed the medical field history, but not the political side. Certain events still happened in the political side. The history side in Jin was just to show what era he’s in and the significant players he met along the way of his journey back in time. That, and they made it at the end of an era specifically was because the diseases that Jin supposed to cure occurred during that time-span and it’s close to the time when certain scientists invented some antidotes for it. The romance part kickstarts the story, and what brought it all together.

      Honestly, I’m more worried about SSH acting and PMY and him taking over the screens all the time than the storyline. The scriptwriter for this drama is one who co-wrote Time Between Dog and Wolf, as well as Taegukgi, and Once Upon a Time in Seoul, Running Wild, and Road No.1. I’m also worry about Han Heui, I hope he’s a good director, because his producing job isn’t so good…

    • I suggest you watch the K-version first. 🙂

      Started two Jdramas-Jin 2 and Kagi no Kakatta Heya while waiting for QIHM’s subbed episodes….

  12. “…like Park Min Young is trying to dislodge something stuck in my Heon oppa’s throat.”

    hahaa. Too funny. I scrolled back up, looked at said pic, and laughed!

    I don’t think I’ll be tuning in for this one but I do wish the best of luck to the cast & crew. TSDJ, Fighting! =)

  13. “Park Min Young is trying to dislodge something stuck in my Heon oppa’s throat. ”
    lolling to this. exactly my thought

  14. That promo pic of SSH and PMY made me realize that either PMY is taller than I expected or SSH is shorter than I expected. They shouldn’t have had SSH look off into the distance because it really does make it look like PMY is giving him the Heimlich maneuver! hahaa Jaejoong’s too pretty to be a guard or warrior or whatever he’s palying. He should be a scholar!

  15. “As for the picture of the OTP above….sigh, it looks so awkward to me, like Park Min Young is trying to dislodge something stuck in my Heon oppa’s throat.” LOL!!!! XP

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