Bromance Rules at the Time Slip Dr. Jin Press Conference

Drama press conferences are good for two things – snarking/admiring the outfits and checking out if the leads evidence any chemistry together. When its a sageuk drama, I usually eschew the former since the leads typically appear in character wearing their saguek outfits, and its almost always suitable for showcasing the drama but not much dissection involved. The press conference for Time Slip Dr. Jin was held this week and follows the tried and true method of presenting the actors in character, which also includes Song Seung Heon and Park Min Young in their sageuk outfits as opposed to modern doctor garb.

What struck me was this: (1) the OTP in this drama has got to be Song Seung Heon and his RL good friend Lee Bum Soo (c’mon they held hands when they entered the hall!), (2) Lee So YeonΒ is so so breathtakingly beautful, (3) Park Min Young is adorable and genuinely looks like Song Seung Heon’s neice, I’m preparing to be icked out seeing them do love scenes, and (4) Jaejoong does not look as fine in sageuk clothes as he does in modern attire. Check out the mostly LOL-tastic pictures from the press conference. Remember me joking about Song Seung Heon and Jaejoong engaging in a preening/smirking contest? They’ve already started judging from some of these pictures. I’ve also posted the 7-minute long trailer below in the comments section.


Bromance Rules at the Time Slip Dr. Jin Press Conference — 20 Comments

  1. Beautiful, as always, all the way round, but Park Min Young looks 12 (EEP!) so that romance may be a stretch on the ‘ick’ factor. πŸ™‚

    • Bromance, yay!

      Deer in headlights, but oh what a handsome deer.
      LOL True

      Btw, is it only me or Jaejoong looked particularly bored and…frown-y in the press conference pics?

    • omo….Lee Beom Soo and Lee Won Jong….*squeeee*
      love all their previous project

      thank you for sharing the teaser *hugs*

  2. Bring on the bromance! πŸ˜€

    Weirdly enough, Mister Hand TowelΒ© emanates a Pocahontas vibe in my mind while Hero resembles Mulan with their sageuk outfits. *menotgoingbonkersnopenopenope*

    Now that penultimate pic does seem awkward, doesn’t it? I wonder what caused PMY to hide her face in her hands. Everyone but her keeps a straight face. Out of strict curiosity, anyone knows whether she was she crying, laughing, blushing, pulling spinach from her teeth…?

  3. Hrmm.. I gotta admit Koala unni, it is interesting. I am sad that there is now LYS in the 7 minute trailer. Despite I do not like PMY. She look decent and her acting was okay and I can see some chemistry between her and McHandTowel. However, you are right Koala unni, I think that LBS will steal the show. oh, JJ look awesome and why that I recognize that one evil guy from METS. I think that he loves to be in saejuks dramas as this is his third time being in a saejuks and being evil.

  4. We had the age difference thing happen in Tree with Deep Roots with Shin Se Kyung and Jang Hyuk (playing similar aged characters) and it wasn’t so bad. As long as the drama isn’t too romance-focused, the ickiness shouldn’t be that icky. It sort of sucks that PMY’s sageuk outfit makes her look 18. In modern times, I can almost buy that she’s her real life age – 26(?).

  5. I can buy PMY and McHT if they are cute enough to captivate me πŸ™‚ He doesn’t look that old, well, she does look super young in her sageuk character but it’s all about the interactions. I’m not expecting much of anything from this drama but some really good looking people… so anything beyond that… I will be pleasantly surprised!

    Does MHT’s character still speak in modern speak when he goes back in time?

  6. Ok, the change the storyline… The LSY character is supposed to be his girlfriend in modern world but in this version it is PMYoung instead…. Well let see whether the drama is good πŸ™‚ A lot of time travelling dramas recently…

  7. Listening to JJ in this preview was like hearing Chunnie talking in RP. OMG,
    could Chunnie have given him pointers? πŸ˜‰

  8. i’d watch this frP MY & LBS, ummm.. I’m now convinced that gisaeng’s ‘hair’ in general is just scary, n d this one has just gave me nightmare..

  9. I also think Lee So Yeon looks absolutely stunning. However, I don’t like Park Min Young’s hanbok, it makes her look washed out and plain. I wish she was wearing a more vibrant color. I think Lee Bum Soo and Lee So Yeon will still the show from the main leads.

  10. The bromance is killing me, Lee Bum Soo and Song Seung Heon holding hands?

    LBS has the acting chops and SSH brings the pretty. Can’t wait.

  11. I still think Kim So Yeon should have played Park Min Young’s role. Yeah I know she was up for the other role but I think she would have made a better pairing with SSH.

  12. agree DaDa….song seung hyun and lee soo yeon will make a great couple than park minyoung..SSH is bit old for minyoung..and i think minyoung and jaejoong make a perfect couple

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