The Cast of The King 2 Hearts Attend End of Drama Celebration

Nothing quite says “it’s over” like pictures from the end of drama banquet celebration. The cast and crew of The King 2 Hearts happily gathered to eat and toast a job well done. And filming must’ve really been on a bearable schedule because no one showed up looking exhausted and about to topple over, as is the case in many a dramas that finish filming hours before the final episode airs. All our fave actors were there, and I thought it fitting to top this post with an adorable picture of Jo Jung Seok. While his Eun Shi Kyung died in the action, he lives on in our hearts, and his legacy in the drama was great indeed. I feel like I can finally bid adieu to this drama now, just like the actors say farewell to their own characters and move on to the next project around the corner. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for what all the leads are up to after this.

[Credit: all pictures as marked via DC TK2H Gallery]


The Cast of The King 2 Hearts Attend End of Drama Celebration — 46 Comments

    • Hahaha…yeah me too.
      First thought in my head after I see his picture.
      I really want to punch him in the face….lol

      I guess we all have the bad-ass side of Kim Hang Ah…lol

  1. LMAO. Okay, JJS’s card thing is cute.

    Q: Eun Shikyung, what did you eat to become this cute?
    A: The love sent to “The King 2 Hearts” by all of you viewers~~โ™ฅโ™ฅโ™ฅ

    They all look cute and happy and healthy. Even if the end was a bit of a letdown, I’m glad they seemed to enjoy making this drama as much as I’ve enjoyed watching it. ^^

  2. Thank Ms. K they all get along well and they do look well rested! People are asking for season 2 but me I’m not I’d like to leave that as is because no matter how much I love to see JH and HA make more babies but if they will make a season 2 there will be someone missing SK. They all look adorable. Great job! Love this drama! Please keep us posted Ms. K on what’s next to our four leads especially Ha Ji Won which I’d live to see in a drama all year around and LSG. Hope that the guy who played SK will get a lead role and so as JS they deserve it. Superb acting! Congratulations! Thanks!

  3. *tears* i already miss the cast and their comraderie…I’m totally checking out What’s Up next before any ofthe new dramas…I need more Jo Jung Seok in my life and there is also the added bonus of Im Joo Eun, who I discovered through Wild Romance and everyone’s favorite Im Joo Hwan

    • What’s Up was awesome….despite being trimmed down by 20 minutes/episode it was able to hold its own. WU and Sandglass (have yet to watch it) are the reasons for me to be get excited for LMH’s Faith as they have the same writer.

    • What’s Up is AWESOME, like the earlier poster said, even with the editing it was still a coherent story. TBQH I’m holding out for a Director’s cut. I started with it because of my beloved Daesung but the rest of the cast was great as well…though some characters were a bit annoying

  4. thanks much koala. i really hope that you would feed us with news and bits about our leads. missing lsg and hjw already, that feeling this great acting will not come by any time now. i really hope they would continue to do projects together. so greedy of me here. now, it’s only queen in hyun’s man for wed and thurs sigh. not really sure how i do i do will fair.

  5. JJS=haha!! I’ve seen him do the finger to cheek pose in another pic (w/ actor playing Dong-ha)!! Yes, SK’s legacy in the drama was great indeed!! *sniffles* The more I deliberate the drama in its entirety the more I love it! Great form of art, indeed.

    This cast was so well-rounded wrt their sheer talent. Hope K-awards have an ensemble award because these guise were fist-bitingly good!!

    Good Luck to the cast and crew for their future endeavors! Your dedication and hard work showed in every frame of this drama. <3

    • Hehe, I see that photo too, both of them is so cute and adorable. Kwon Hyun Sang tweet first, then JJS tweet later, but the photo indeed the same!

  6. Awww…Jo Jung Seok, how cute is he? And Seung-gi looked like he just rolled out of bed. Back to being adorable puppy, I see. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I will really miss this show. Its great to see everyone having fun and getting along well. Thank you Koala for sharing these pics.

  7. Okay, I can officially that JJS is at the top list of my favorite Korean actors. He debunked Siwon for number 2 spot. Number one will always be Gong Yoo because my first ever kdrama was Coffee Prince. Siwon was number 2 because, well, do I really need a justifiable reason besides that he is hot as hell?! So that means that now Sung Seon Heon is number 4.

    Oh, but be still my heart. JJS is just too cute and too talented. And he sings! I am a sucker for guys that sing.

    • Oh, and the list is usually a biased one in which cuteness, hoteness or just because I feel like it are my cnsiderations. But JJS has everything AND talent.

      • amen to that. jo jung suk is THE whole package. <3 i will be keeping my eye out for his future roles

  8. Thank you.The cast was incredible.You know what? I am so happy that the main leads are sitting so close together because in other cast photos in other dramas, they are separated.
    LSG. looks rumpled next to his immaculate “wife.”
    JJS is in a movie next right? Man I am going to follow his works from now on.I have haven’t recovered from my love for him.His character went straight to my top 3 most loved drama character for me.Sigh.Shi Kyung- your last scene and your last smile at Jae Shin.Such love and understanding.

  9. Everyone look so happy ๐Ÿ™‚
    The died eun shi kyung happy even bong gu happy ๐Ÿ™‚
    I really want to know what is hajiwon and lee seung gi talking about??
    List of to do :
    – wanna try watching What’s up
    – watching TK2H all over again when I miss it
    – check lee seung gi schedule,,*became crazy fangirls after TK2H ๐Ÿ˜€
    – waiting korea premier in my country
    – everyday listening ost TK2H

  10. Thanks, I love the first pic with JJS holding the diorama with the action figures starring the many fashion faces of Eun Shi-kyung. So Cute. Great keepsake.

  11. Great photos, love the whole cast, esp LSG. They all look so happy, I am sure they will miss each other as much as we miss them and the drama.

  12. Aww our shi kyung looks very cute. He looks more handsome in reality I guess.
    Love seeing them all together in that picture.
    Jae kang, shi kyung, Jae shin, and of course our Ahha couple.
    They all looks so happy.
    Hearties gonna miss them a looooot T______T

  13. aw…King Jae Kang is back, normally Bong Goo the villain, not so pure image Si Kyung, and can u see how close HJW and her dongsaeng Lee Seunggi sit to each other?? wow…in the pictures we can see the true age of Seunggi, he looks young compare to his role and HJW looks like noona and his girlfriend at the same time…. Thanks for sharing Ms. Koala

    • true, other dramas the main leads are sitting away from each what up with that.
      sighh looking at lsg and hjw sitting close to each other makes my heart melt. it does look like HJW is his noona-girlfriend,hahaha. one can only hope, lol.
      love that they all seem happy and close!!

  14. Yeah I am for jjs. I think he steals limelight from lsg. No apology for tat..Wahhhh…yong bae looks like hippie…

    I will watch for their next moves …aren’t we “stalkers” ha

    • LSG ‘s portrayal as King JH is truly unforgettable and daebak and this show is about him, the King. I like JJS too but no, LSG is the best and no one and take this away from him or steal his limelight. LSG fighting!

    • Well that’s certainly your own opinion.
      For me,K2H was able to showcase ALL of the cast’s talents according to their characters in EQUAL footing..there’s no such thing as “limelight stealing” as everybody shined in their respective roles.
      (…I swear in every presumably sane fandom there’s always a few narrow-minded people who ruin it…)

      • *sorry, i meant this as a reply to “Pandamay”.
        I love both JJS and LSG, but I hate it when people are still bitter that he died and that he didnt end up with princess.and these people take their anger out on the main leads’ happy ending. Like hello!! Get over it. Make your own fanfic or something.

    • Pandamay/Did you know that it was JJS’s wish for ESK character to be killed?
      As yy mentioned below, ‘thereโ€™s no such thing as โ€œlimelight stealingโ€ as everybody shined in their respective roles’.
      I think your comment is inappropriate and childish.

  15. I was truly satisfied with this drama, it has an excellent & the best finest actors at all time, with an very good story, good on everything, two thumbs up & CONGRATULATIONS! Such as wonderful cast of players! Keep it up. Thanks!

  16. Thumbs up to the best drama ever The King 2 hearts. The happy & sad moments of this couple will linger forever. Hope to see them both doing a movie because they got a superb chemistry……. The king 2 hearts the best drama of all the dramas i’ve ever watched.

  17. actually watched the finale but i can’t get myself to watch the 19th episode. took me a couple of days before watching the finale but somehow i felt ‘betrayed’ by the drama when i heard of SK’s death. i appreciate ms. koala’s say in it — that’s life and all, but still i can’t make myself watch 19.

    ms koala, thanks for sharing all these pics from their farewell celebration. so nice to see all the cast members including Bong Goo, which we all could agree did a great job at being so horrible. i especially loved the last shot with both the dead king and dead SK smiling, looking so gorgeous. all of the cast, i think did a great job of making us care about them. all dishing out such deabak performance. oh but wait… where is the queen mother? hmmm….

    while SK stole our hearts with the awesomeness of his character, i still think that LSG did a great job with the development of his character to a wastrel prince to an outstanding king, worthy of the love of an equally awesome HA. i didn’t know he was so capable as an actor. K2H really made me see him in a different light.

  18. still waiting for the courage to endure/watch the last two episodes =X
    end of drama celebrations are bittersweet </3
    thanks for always updating/sharing these posts with us, Koala <3 =D

  19. Please please please LSG, keep you hair short just like in the drama!!!!!!

    Why top your beautiful face with haircuts that look like something just died on your head?

  20. Seung Gi looks so young and adorable in the above pics, like in 1N2D. Really miss seeing him on a weekly basis, ah, back to re-watching the drama.

  21. I love seeing end of drama celebrations. Hopefully a video will be included in the D-cut. I have a feeling it will be a part of my collection bec of JJS.

  22. another succeses project of Ha Ji Won..Love all the thing she did.
    but i’am so sorry for Eun Shi Kyeung just so curious about his role but he must died..but TK2H was excelent, daebak!!

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