Adorable Couple Pictures for Episode 15 of Queen In Hyuns Man

Sometimes a drama just whooshes on by and is over before I even realize it. It feels a bit surreal that Queen In Hyun’s Man is over this week, but that’s probably because I started watching it mid-way so the journey is truncated for me. It’s been such an enjoyable ride I’ll be quite sad when it ends, but I know a happy ending for Boong Do and Hee Jin will wash any nostalgia away and leave me all chirpy again. The official stills for episode 15 reveal such cuteness it’s clearly going to be accompanied by angst. That’s not a spoiler, as every K-drama inevitably throws in a last ditch effort to increase my blood pressure right before the final episode. I’m ready, so bring it! On a completely random note, I now ship Snow White+Huntsman so bad it’s not even funny, even if the movie is atrocious. I love me some revisionist fairy tales.


Adorable Couple Pictures for Episode 15 of Queen In Hyuns Man — 25 Comments

  1. i hope they do not try to fit in too much in the last two episodes, even if they just show these two in the remaining two hours with no dialgoues, i can take it.

    i wonder what happens to Dong Min? He seems so wasted in the show considering he only got few good shots . I think he has a lot more to offer and we get to see him in more shows in the future.

    • really?! i’d splurge on that seriously. looks like i’ll have to stalk soompi like a crazed fan for updates on this after the drama ends. in the mean time, i’ll savour the last 2 episodes. and the special episodes better have some substantial YIN-JHW time. =P

  2. Her body language when she kisses or is being kissed is awesome. She looks so blissed out. Reminds me of Cyndy Wang in that Mike He drama. Usually Korean leading ladies are so uptight and rigid even if their lips are moving.
    I love that she kissed him first …..She met a classy hot good guy and went for it. Her ex looks like a jackass next to him. I wish we could have cool and calm hot Josen era scholars/warriors drop into our lives like that. Would love to show them around.

  3. so. cute. no. words.

    QIHM is the most awesomesauce thing i’ve watched in awhile. and i’ve abstained from watching dramas live for three years now. the trailer made me cave in.

    i love the writer and director so. favourite scene ever wasn’t ANY of the kiss scenes. i think what makes this couple to riveting to watch is seeing that palpable action play out on screen through their gazes and body language towards each other. I could just look at them stare and make goo-goo eyes at each other forever. JHW is a newly discovered gem and has dislodged everyone on my favourite male lead list to come out tops. his chemistry with YIN makes me feel like a voyeur. they don’t even have to do anything and just gaze at each other all day long and I’d watch them do it. and blush.

    My favourite scene thus far was the scene where HeeJin was encircling KimBoongDo in the car. From her initial glee to her realisation that this cannot be, the way the light gradually cast shadows on BoongDo’s face as the camera spins around him until he becomes anonymous, the way the scene was edited, the soundtrack… it actually made me tear in the poignancy of the whole scene, even though there was no dramatics, no histronics, nothing really happens. you’re just made to realise the impossibility of the situation and emphathise with the inevitable. it was amazing. that scene. and the dialogue between them thereafter. and that SCENE in the car thereafter. oh my. that. cemented my love for this drama.

    I rarely ship screen couples so rabidly. But oh what would I do to see these two end up together. The chemistry is too insane onscreen not to have some sparks popping in real life too. And this couple just made me realise the attractiveness of 22cm height differences.

  4. They are so so cute together, love QIHM.
    Ms Koala, so you watched Snow White?
    Joan D’Arc came to mind and then I’m still occupied with the question who will she have the Happily After with?

    • Uh……

      Kiss from Prince William = Still DEAD.

      Kiss from the Huntsman = I am Alive! And making rah rah rousing speech.

      I think its clear that Snow White’s true love is the Huntsman aka Eric. All the potential was there for an epic romance, but the screenwriter totally dropped the ball. Thank god we all know a good thing when we see it. #EROW.

  5. so funny but true about snow white and the huntsman..shipping them totally. though the guy who played william will be fine acting as a vampire hmm..

    thanks always koala for the bits and pieces of qihm..yes i too will be sad that it ends this week. this drama is a breath of fresh air for me 🙂

  6. glad this drama got 2 episode (not extension but special)
    it better the nothing….so we can still watch our OTP for 1 week more..

    argghhh such a perfect 2012 drama

  7. He’s wearing Boston Celtics pants in the kiss scene. I’m taking that as a sign. Let’s gooo Celtics! And I can’t wait for this episode, this looks adorable 🙂

  8. I’m going to stop watching this space for a while till I finish this drama. All the blogs and speculations re the ending is making me very nervous. I don’t mind sad endings I.e Titanic and Iris if the storyline is good… But really hope that the couple will have a good one.

    • I watched Mr Idol too! Hyun Woo so cool… Specially the scene when he danced in the rain…. Hot… Drooling!

  9. Get out!! Snow white and teh huntsman came out already?? WHAT! I have to see that movie, I love me my Thor. Yes yes I says my Thor because he is mine!!!!!!!!! but I totes ship snow white with the huntsman, the prince don’t even look half that good. Koala, this may be inappropriate here but can you tell me more? Is K Stewart acting totes atrocious in it? I dont mind either way because I liked her ever since the movie speak way back when, and stiff. But from the stills I saw, she didn’t look all wrong and stiff and sucky.

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