Shin Won Ho Makes a Splashing Mainstream Drama Debut in Big

So before Big started I was all geared to love the doctor-teacher OTP played by Gong Yoo and Lee Min Jung. I figured once Gong Yoo’s doctor swapped souls with his fiancee Gil Da Ran’s high school student Kang Kyung Joon played by Shin Won Ho, it would just be funny hijinks and the romance of the jokey variety until the real soul swapped back. Lo and behold, one episode into Big, things have been thrown into a tailspin. For one, the main character appears to be high school student Kyung Joon, and I’m wondering if we’re watching the soul-switch version of Romance (the student-teacher romance K-drama with Kim Ha Neul and Kim Jae Won). Second, if that is indeed the case, I HAVE NO PROBLEMS WITH THAT. I already ship Da Ran and Kyung Joon rabidly, screw the age difference. And she’s not really his teacher since he just transferred to that school having just returned to Korea from the US. I have no clue from which cabbage patch the adorable, nnnnggggggg eye-catching Shin Won Ho popped out from, but he’s been added to my treasure trove. MINE. He’s like a combo Song Joong Ki and Yoo Seung Ho. He almost steals the show from Gong Yoo in episode 1, but thankfully Gong Yoo is taking over now that their souls have switched. Still, this boy has got some serious potential and I’m so excited to find a new cutie pie to watch develop his career.

Just so you all know, Shin Won Ho is completely legal. He’s twenty-one already! Yay for not being jailbait, but he still needs to be in ICOMYM for the time being. Boo.


Shin Won Ho Makes a Splashing Mainstream Drama Debut in Big — 36 Comments

  1. Mrs Koala, i will let you have him. But i must say i spotted him before you in the infamous Bachelor Vegetable Store as the cute Idol Daddy (trademark). ๐Ÿ™‚ He is indeed very promising and a new noona killer in dramaland.

  2. I agree, like, TOTALLY agree.
    I passed by while searching for a love interest board or something
    that could confirm me that Shin Won Ho, or his soul (but I hope his body too),
    would be somewhat the endgame..
    to think that I didn’t even know who he was until like five minutes ago..?

    • It’s crazy how much I adore them already, and it’s only episode 1! The drama itself is rather boring though.

      • To be honest about the drama I don’t know yet..
        they still have to introduce the female rivals and today, with the incident, the drama and all, was just a prologue, I’m really curious about the switch-bodies thing too, will it last? will they go back and forth during the show? anyway, as for now, I’ll trust them to make me laugh in the next episodes, they’re the Hong sisters after all and..
        who cares about “storyline” when you’ve the perfect OTP??
        *lost her mind*

  3. I think I’ll love this pairing from the stills alone! And I’m always in for a fun teacher-student romance. But the age difference is pretty big considering he’ll be what, 17 or 18? To me, he looks like L (Infinite)..

    • It’s six-years both way. Gong Yoo’s doctor is 30, Lee Min Jung’s teacher is 24, and Shin Won Ho’s high school student is 18.

  4. I always associated him with Shut Up boy band, besides also being in Bachelor’s vegetable store. In ep one, one scene and only that one scene stole the whole shipbang for me. it was when gong yoo step out in the white sheet covering with his whole upper body showing. With the dramatic music, min jung smear mascara, and his confuse superior face, i just burst out laughing all the way through the scene then i just fastfoward everything after that. I am a fan of his body.

    • He wasn’t in Shut Up Flower Boy Band. It was Myungsoo (also known as L) from the idol boy band Infinite. But I can TOTALLY see how you would make that mistake. They look like twins at certain angles.

  5. “He almost steals the show from Gong Yoo in episode 1”

    Woahhhh!! Your admission alone makes me want to watch the drama.

  6. I have watched the first episode and I would say, the Hong sisters have lost their steam. Their last romcom, BEST LOVE, was so-so plus the chemistry of the main leads were just average (the second lead actually have more chemistry with the heroine!)

  7. I totally ship these two – age difference be damned. Especially with Gong Yoo’s character being a douche. (well, not a complete douche but yea…) He’s too busy for her? Then I’m all for the younger, hotter guy stealing her away. *hee* (I’m just making up my own plot)

  8. I watched ep 1 raw, and Mrs Koala you couldn’t be me right… eye candy indeed!
    I just wondered how’s their relationship gonna go if they push wedding on…

  9. I know!!!! I ship her with Kyung Joon so badly!! I am sure I will still ship her with him when he is in Gong Yoo’s body, but the fiancรฉe personality seemed so horrible to me.

  10. I loved Kim Jae Won’s Romance with Kim Ha Neul. But, I honestly don’t know if I will ship Kang Kyung Joon in Shin Won Ho’s body more or in Gong Yoo’s body more?

    • I KNOW!

      I can’t figure out which of the two Kyung Joon’s I ship more with Da Ran. I think Kyung Jae will be awesome when it lasts, but it works even better knowing that when the souls get swapped back, Kyung Joon will be just as sizzling with Da Ran and in it for the long haul. HOMG, they have to be together otherwise I’ll snap a nerve somewhere in my brain.

  11. i love them1!!!1 and for me baby shin won ho is the one who stole this whole ep!!!
    i love him to death!!!
    end end! we dont need anything more!!!!!
    i just want that boy back know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Listen, koala, I actually mined him a looooooong time ago.
    You can ask leonardswench. Right?

    It was back when he was in the commercials in FBRS for Skinfood.
    You know that brown stuff they put on their face?
    Anyway, I won’t fight you because I threw him back in because I felt a little funny about it.
    NOT ANY MORE, DAMMIT! What the hell was I thinking?

    LOVE this set-up. Best ever. Totally on board the second he touched her hand and she kept sticking her head under the umbrella. I tried like crazy to figure out how they were going to FBRS them together, and actually thought, to HELL with Dr. Gong Yu!

    Plus, it is interesting that in Biscuit Teacher Gong Yu was supposed to be 18 (yeah, right) and had pretty much the same physique as he does now, same as JIW, no way he was a highschooler, but uri SWH with his slight frame actually does look that age.

    • LOL….you are so right
      actually I was thinking: “where is that cute little boy? and who is Gong Yoo?”, but didn’t dare to say it out loud, because I feel so bad for Gong Yoo

  13. I remember him from his makeup/skin care(?) CF. Whenever I saw the CF, I was wondering who this pretty boy was. Anyways, he was surprisingly okay in the first episode. I had very low expectations for Big, and for the most part, I enjoyed it. I don’t think I love it yet, and I already miss Kyung Joon. Lee Min Jung and Shin Won Ho had so much more chemistry than I had expected/imagined possible. Please wake up from your coma soon! I didn’t care too much for Young Jae, but we didn’t really get to see much of him before the soul swapping anyways.

    I definitely agree with you on how Shin Won Ho has a bit of what makes Song Joong Ki so charming. I absolutely adore SJK, so obviously, I would fall for SWH. ๐Ÿ˜€

  14. All I can say is that Shin Won Ho does have potential. He is not that bad on the first episode. Gah. Now, I want him to be in more episodes so we can see how he fell in love with LMJ or him being in love with her in Dr. YJ body. Gah… this show is driving me crazy…. =P

  15. The first time they met was so “CLICK” that im right way wanted them to having each other already<3
    He might still look like a boy next to her, but thats what make this teacher-student love story more thrilling to watch.

  16. LOL when i see that first pic in the post I was like is that SJK? Then i read ‘Heโ€™s like a combo Song Joong Ki and Yoo Seung Ho.’ you made a statement again Unnie:D We luv ya:D

  17. I agree that he’s super cute with really delicious-looking skin & mouth (Byun-teh XD) but but but but, *small voice* I’d rather mine lee hyun woo from God of study, who went on Invincible Youth 2 recently. He was paired up with Suzy too!

    Peace to all shin won ho lovers! Hahahaha!!

  18. I watched BIG episode 1 over and over… and still thinking why final episode, the drama did not show his face….

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