The King 2 Hearts MV Set to Lee Seung Gi Singing Love is Crying

Oh The King 2 Hearts, I miss you so much! I try to move on, and other dramas will engage my interest, but you’ve managed to worm your way into a corner of my heart forever. I imagine Hang Ah and Jae Ha somewhere being all happy and fearless together. At Lee Seung Gi‘s Budokan concert last week, he sang a track off the TK2H OST. Of course it’s K-Will‘s “Love is Crying”, which was Jae Ha’s track for the drama. Fans have recorded the performance and a short MV was put together using the track. I think Seung Gi’s rendition is better than K-Will purely on the emotional impact. It is Jae Ha singing the song, you can hear it in the way the feelings are released in his voice. Listening to this made me all teary and sniffly for my beloved Hang Ah and Jae Ha.

TK2H MV set to Lee Seung Gi singing “Love is Crying”:


The King 2 Hearts MV Set to Lee Seung Gi Singing Love is Crying — 38 Comments

  1. Oh god.My heart feels the heartbreak. in his voice.K2H I am trying to recover from you but it is just impossible.

  2. I totally agree his rendition is better!!!! King 2 hearts I miss you so much!!!! They made a playful kiss special can they make king 2 hearts special via YouTube too????!!!! Love love love this drama. Thank you ms k!!!! So far I’m watching big, I do and a gentlemans dignity. Love the 3 but I’m not that sold the gentlemans dignity so far is triggering my interest… Hmmm… Ms K please update us more maybe we can download his full version of the song.

  3. My heart skipped a beat reading the title of this post on your homepage.

    I miss TK2H, the actors…esp Seung-gi as Jae-ha SO much!! T_T When I finished watching this show I thought I’d rewatch it asap but haven’t been able to bring myself to re-watch or listen to the OST without getting teary-eyed. His rendition was beautiful and emotional!! *sniffles* I’m sure he’ll perform it for those lucky ones who attend his annual concert at the end of the year.

    arghhh, what were the producers thinking of not having him sing on the OST…i get that they didn’t want to give way to fanservice but… :/ I read earlier today that the producers won’t be releasing the director’s cut DVD as well!! You suck!! blerghhhh…

    Ms. Koala thank you again for this tidbit!! =)

    • Nooo! I so wanted a director’s cut DVD! I can’t think of another show that would warrant a DC DVD than this one.

      ps. I’ve missed ya, Saima!

      • It goes without saying that I miss all of you chingus/comrades/hearties as it has made it more difficult for me to move on!! All of you strengthened my TK2H love SO much more than if I’d have watched this show by myself and not have had many a lively and interesting discussions with you.

        Hope another drama comes along that sweeps us off of our feet & moves us emotionally; has interesting, non-stereotypical, & complex characters; and is laden with cultural-specific details that allows us to tease apart all these and much more! <3

        Ms. Koala I've been recommending the following fanvid to everyone. It is brilliant!

  4. A friend share me a full and clearer version. I cried hearing it T_T
    Credit to purple1d2n

  5. Ahhh~ so happy that other also can’t forget this drama..when I know he sang this song we were saying: Seung Gi is singing ‘Love is Crying’..and Airen is Crying (they who were in concert because touched, they who didn’t -me included- because of jealousy)

    I’M CRYING!!!

  6. Woow! I miss the K2H so much!!
    Really LOVE SG’s version of Love Is Crying !! I wish we could see him sing it more often and with his queen in front of him!! 😛

    P.S. Just a reminder for all of us to support our King and Queen on Mnet voting !!! 😉
    Let’s make them walk the red carpet TOGETHER!! 🙂

    • Yes! Pls vote for LSG and HJW! Maybe we will get to see LSG sings Love is Crying during the awards ceremony 🙂

  7. Koala unnie, you’re right. I’ve been trying to find other dramas to watch, but somehow I end up re-watching TK2H over and over again. I miss them!!

  8. Hi Ms. Koala.. been a week since i visited your thread.. im so happy seeing post again about tk2h.. … I know we love Jae &hang ah , in lieu i hope we fellow lover of Tk2h kindly support them in winning the 20’s drama star for male &female category.. I wanna see together and won the title.. Pls. visit .. thanks .. thanks…:D

  9. What do you think, will TPTB let him record it and release it as a special single? Oh how I wish that’d happen.

    And I do agree with you, chingu: his rendition is wayyyyy better. Gah, now I’m all emotional! *sniffs*

  10. I just suffered a relapse after watching this…I thought I’ve recovered from my TK2H addiction…I miss this drama so much…off to re-watch my favorite episodes!

  11. I want to finish this drama because Koala likes it, but I couldn’t take Ha Ji Won’s way of talking in this drama. It annoyed me beyond belief. I am afraid If i try to finish it I might end with another city hunter on my hand. A drama everyone was saying was the greatest thing since slice bread, but left me scratching my head as to what went wrong.

    • @coolrepublica:
      Hi dear, this drama is a real great and grand if you able and willing to open your mind, especially in North-South Korea relationship, it’s not like city hunter at all…but I admit that not everyone can hooked this ship easily. A thorough discussion is needed to understand this drama more, there are lot of symbols, subtle sarcasms in this drama, many of them!
      If you don’t mind, go check comments for this drama here, and dramabeans..hearties are discussing there..a lot!

      • Yup, agree with Reglest. This drama’s not like your normal kdrama. Nothing went wrong, just that it’s not some people’s cup of tea.

  12. Oh eonni,,,same with u I can’t move on,,, thanks for sharing,,, *cry
    I love lee jae ha,, king 2 heart and you, eonni

  13. I just completed this drama and couldn’t get it out of my mind. The love story here doesn’t need a third party to show how exclusive/selfish love is, it’s shown on a much bigger, grander scale, that can render one helpless, and at the same time, give one strength to move on, and step up to the occasion. The plot is illuminating and enlightening, and the acting simply blown me away. LSG is a pretty good actor, but I never knew he could act like this!

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