KBS Releases BTS Videos of the Wedding Bouquet Scene in Big

At this point, I have watched the first two episodes of Big so many times I’ve lost count. Best part is that this drama gets better and better on rewatch. The problems are there, but the story rises to the forefront and smooths over the rough edges. I’m loving the fact that there are so many unknowns to figure out – the OTP, why the souls switched, Yoon Jae’s backstory, Kyung Joon’s backstory, et. al. I read a news article that once Suzy’s Mari shows up, Kyung Joon can’t reveal himself in Yoon Jae’s body but has to find a way to convince Mari to return to the US, while Mari refuses since she’s back in Korea because she believes herself to be madly in love with Kyung Joon and is determined to marry him. Seriously? I totally get where she is coming from. That Kyung Joon is a total chick magnet. Or a Koala magnet, whatever. I also went back and took a look at all the hand scenes in the first two episodes alone, which I will lay out below. The Hong Sisters love symbolism, and this time it’s the angel picture and the hands. I don’t know what any of this means, but it’s nice to ponder. KBS also released two BTS videos of the wedding banquet scenes so check it out for the cute Gong Yoo and Lee Min Jung chemistry.

The first meeting between Da Ran and Yoon Jae is when he fails to grab her hand when she’s tumbling down the stairs. Portending their future? Maybe.

The first meeting between Da Ran and Kyung Joon is when he grabs her hand to get back his umbrella. Portending their future? Maybe.

When Kyung Joon is about to get a face full of knuckle from Choong Shik, whose hand reaches out to stop the punch? Da Ran, of course.

When Da Ran and Yoon Jae are pretend measuring their post-wedding bed, their arms and hands remain parallel to each other, never touching.

The most important hand holding of the drama so far? Yoon Jae reaching out his hand to grab Kyung Joon from drowning. Though strangely enough, we never actually see their hands touch. I wonder if that’s a purposeful omission.

Da Ran grabbing Kyung Jae’s hand, asking him to take good care of Yoon Jae’s body since it’s so precious to her.

Da Ran grabbing Yoon Joon’s hand, crying as she misses Yoon Jae’s soul which she believes is inside of Kyung Joon’s body.

We see a flashback of Da Ran and Yoon Jae walking in the snow. His hand is warm after holding a hot beverage, and he gives it to Da Ran, who is wowed by how warm it is. Yoon Jae says it’s just because his hand was holding the hot beverage can.

OT3 hand holding! Da Ran grabs Kyung Jae’s hand and puts it over Yoon Joon’s hand, hoping the simple act of the two men touching hands would switch their souls back. Not so easy there, lady.

But enough about the hands. How about how our two leading men looked at Da Ran the first time they each locked eyes with her.

Yoon  Jae “Oh no! Come to me……”

Kyung Joon “Hey baby. You have my umbrella.” Come on, do I even need to explain why I’m on the Kyung Joon-Da Ran ship? It’s in the eyes, peeps, it’s in the eyes.

BTS videos of wedding banquet scene in Big:




KBS Releases BTS Videos of the Wedding Bouquet Scene in Big — 25 Comments

  1. Yes, those eyes are saying “WUT? I’m NOT jail-bait!” *hehehe* Just kidding. Awesome pics of all the hands, thanks for sharing. So I’m wondering if KJ will end up falling for Suzy’s character or just pretend he is to see if that gets any reaction from DR? I’m mostly eagerly waiting for KJoon to wake up from his coma. 😉
    Thanks for the BTS vids!

  2. I think I stopped at stared at the last cap for a while. *savesave* I know they’re 6 years apart, and he’s still in high school, but she can always wait for him to go to college? heh If it doesn’t end up that way, I’ll take him 😀 I need to steal some random (super cute) stranger’s umbrella one day…

    Back to the topic lol I rarely rewatch episodes since my watching-now list is always full, so I usually read recaps to reinforce what I saw. I am pretty slow on picking up on symbolism in most dramas, but Hong Sisters are pretty obvious about it. There are still some that you pointed out that I had missed.

  3. I wish there was a “Like” button here! Could never have spotted the symbolism of the hands on my own. It sure makes me even more curious of how the relationships in Big will turn out!!!

  4. Well we will most likely see more flashbacks between Daran and Yoon Jae so he might still grow on us^^
    Right now there has been so little interaction between them.
    And even though I lurve Kyung Joon, he might be looking for another type of affection. (I think he wants a family, especially when he looked at Daran with her brother)
    Plus I’m thinking that Kynj Joon and Yoon Jae are connected somehow, siblings perhaps.

    • My gut instinct tells me Kyung Joon and Yoon Jae are half brothers (same dad). And if he wants family, I think his family comes in the form of Yoon Jae and Mari. Kyung Joon and Da Ran have never given me a platonic vibe. From the first time he stared at her on the bus, that was undeniable interest right there. He never sees her as a teacher, always as an equal. He’s overstepping, yet she’s always herself with him rather than demure and reserved when she’s with Yoon Jae.

      • I’m thinking half brothers too.
        I’d be surprised if KJ and Daran become a couple in the end. Their chemistry was off the roof but I’m guessing that Yoon Jae wont give up without a fight. Now the question is will YJ wake up in KJ body or will they switch back at some point before the end because I think YJ deserves a chance to be honest with Daran.

      • I just love how the kid starring at his teacher/noona like that, it obvious that he is interesting with her.

  5. Nice shots.
    “Kyung Joon can’t reveal himself in Yoon Jae’s body but has to find a way to convince Mari to return to the US, while Mari refuses since she’s back in Korea because she believes herself to be madly in love with Kyung Joon and is determined to marry him. Seriously? I totally get where she is coming from. ”

    Wait a minute, if Mari sits by poor coma-Kyung joon selflessly, dammit, doesn’t she earn KJ later? Doesn’t he wake up in his own body impressed that she came and held his hand, sang sweet OST songs to him and decides, after all SHE is the one for him?


  6. The umbrella scene is my favorite! It’s Hong Sisters, by the time the drama finishes, we’ll be on overkill with the symbolisms, though I hope not. And even if all is well, can they make Gong Yoo the second lead.. without fans going crazy?

  7. Another possibility:
    What if in fact YJ is already dead and KJ’s soul is the one to keep him alive?
    KJ’s comatose body is just an empty vessel, he will wake up if he got his soul back but then that’ll make YJ dead. COz he cant stand watching DR suffer by that he decided to just live in YJ body.

  8. Thanks for sharing the ‘hand’ connection b/w the three central characters. Whenever you post something on Big I remember the “Oh, mother, father…..Jesus” scene. Yes, I fully acknowledge that I’m lame and immature!! heeeeeee

    On an entirely unrelated note: I LOVE your current header. gaahhh, they’re both so friggin’ adorable. Sung Joon’s possibly my favourite up and coming actor. He was SO good in SU:FBB.

  9. I’m also on the Kyung Joon-Da Ran ship all the way. I lost count on how many times I’v rewatched Episode 1 because of Kyung Joon. I’m old enough to be his mother but I still prefer Kyung Joon for Daran. He has so much sex appeal and he and Daran has so much chemistry.

  10. I must be in the minority because I’m still all for Yoon Jae/Da Ran OTP lol. I believe their relationship is gonna be shown through flashbacks and hopefully they’ll show that YJ is not that man we currently think he is. I for one sure hope not. *crosses fingers*

    • I’m on that same hope ship.

      I just think that KJ, more than anything wants/needs family love not romantic love. It would not surprise me in the least if he goes and tries to find a rock for the rock family to represent himself, among other family bonding moments.

      • Ooh good thinking! He may actually do just that since that conversation wasn’t there for nothing.

  11. I can’t wait for more skinship between them YJxDRxKJ
    I root for them three, but mainly for DR and KJ <3 pyong~

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