Vic Zhou is a Refreshing Drink of Black Tea in New CF

Oh Zai Zai, wai so gorgeous? Vic Zhou‘s had a weird last few months in terms of total random scandals. The tabloids had him secretly married to Bowie Tsang (HK actor Eric Tsang‘s daughter), then secretly dating his Black & White co-star Reen Yu. Both were just so random, and Zai Zai clarified it was all not true when he was recently back in the media spotlight as the face of a new line of black tea drinks. Zai Zai confessed that he does want to get married in the near future, and hopefully he’ll meet the right girl. I’m totally magnanimous when it comes to my Zai Zai, who I just want to see totally happy forever and ever with whatever girl is lucky enough to land him. He looks so sexy and sporty in this new black tea ad, so have a tall drink of Zai Zai.

CF for Black Awakening Tea:


Vic Zhou is a Refreshing Drink of Black Tea in New CF — 23 Comments

  1. Look at those arms…since when did he become so muscular? Love him since his Meteor Garden day and have his albums too. He’s like fine wine, getting better as he gets older.

  2. *squeals* it’s been tooooo long since the last VIC ZHOU post! boy he still blows my mind and have my heart fluttering!! Love his new body !! been shaping up because of the warrior yang clan??!! gosh can’t wait for his two dramas to come out!!

    have a great wknd, ms k!

  3. I’m sad Zai2 still haven’t found a new girl , maybe he really was deeply hurt with his last relationship…

  4. ArmsOMGArms!!!

    Mars was my very first TW drama and I adored Vic Zhou in it. What new dramas does he have coming out?

    • Hi never2muchcoffee! you’ve got a cute id name. lol. MY ZZ (oppzz, don’t hate me Ms K) have 1 drama (HOME) and 1 movie (Saving General Yang) in the can. Let’s cross our fingers, they gonna show them SOON.

  5. *sigh* Every day should start like this – with a shot of Zai Zai. He just gets better and better with time.

  6. He seems to have been better these days, at last. Wishing him the best on and off-screen.

    Mrs Koala & others familiar with C/T-entertainment world, who would you picture him with irl, besides yourself, of course? 🙂

  7. Oh, Koala, I want him married and having babies that look like Daddy — we must repopulate the world with this manly feast from the gods!

  8. vic happy birt day 9 juni 1981 from kartika i will always love u kapan ya u ke indonesia aq ingin ketemu kamu

  9. I like so much Vic Zhou.I’m impressed about his acting, he’s a great actor.
    I wish him a great career and a girl that love him forever.
    Thank you Koala…

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