Swoony BTS Stills of Hu Ge and Liu Shi Shi From the Set of Da Mo Yao

If you’ve read Da Mo Yao along with me, then you should all know exactly where this scene is from in the book. Can I just say a “oh hells yeah”, and then give the poor long-suffering GeShi shippers out there a tissue so they can weep tears of joy. The filming for Da Mo Yao continues to chug along, and I feel so calm and sane now that enough time has passed for me to feel less invested. Hu Ge as Meng Jiu and Liu Shi Shi as Yu Er look adorable and so so pretty together, I might even muster up the interest to watch the drama for their scenes alone. Though if Brother Wolf turns out to be a CGI turd or some Huskie dressed up in a wolf suit, I might bust a gut laughing and be unable to continue. I love DMY so much, but its really just a wonderfully addicting romance novel that will likely be a fun cinematic diversion. I’m officially on the Yu Er-Jiu Ye ship for the drama version, so holler for hot kissing on the snow!


Swoony BTS Stills of Hu Ge and Liu Shi Shi From the Set of Da Mo Yao — 14 Comments

  1. Swoon at the two. Love.

    But WTF is that cape Hu Ge’s donning in pick two and three? My, my. You’re so lucky I adore you, Hu Ge.

    • At first I thought he was a sitting scarecrow… Oh my god the kiss looks adorable though. I can’t wait for Da Mo Yao to come out. I hope the underwater scene turns out well, since it looks like it is going to be cgi.

  2. I so badly want hu ge and liu shi shi to end up together!!! But huo qu bing gets the girl in the end right? Damn…

  3. Wow… so pretty!! I have read Da Mo Yao along with you and fell so hard for this novel like i hadnt for any for awhile. I do hope they do justice to the book.. Hu Ge does look good I have to say… *dreamy smile*…

  4. *wipes tears of joy* The closest to a GeShi pairing so far, the fangirl in me will probably watch or skim thru the drama just so I can watch their scenes! XP

    And yeah, time sure does wonders. I still remember how upset and disappointed I was when the casting was announced, but now I kinda feel detached. Who knows what kind of changes will be made to the story… Might as well see it as another version of the book.

    • This is the scene where she falls into the ice and meng jue jumps in to save her and then breaths air into her. This scene is going to be full of cgi.

  5. Altho I like the book, I feel detached from the drama with the castings. LSS looks so matronly and madame-like in her over-dressed costumes I just see no hint of the wolf-girl in her. Eddie Peng is attractive as he is tall and well-built but far from handsome. Still, he can win me over if he acts well like Deng Zhao in Jinyu’s Sword but look-wise, he’s still no HQB.

    Will I watch this ? Sure, I will give it a chance to watch Hu Ge but really, I am now more excited for Wallace’s Swordman.

  6. What?! I thought Hu Ge is HQB! It’ll take time to rearrange my thought about the two male leads. But I’ll definitely watch this one when I have time. Who knows it will replace Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre as my most favourite series.

    BTW, thank you so so much for translating DMY. I love it! There isn’t enough words to express my gratitude for what you did. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  7. I love these two…I have been waiting quite a long time for them to play a couple in the dramas lol, so I can’t wait!!! Plus Eddie is very handsome too!!!

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