King of Lan Ling Releases New Stills and Teaser Trailer at Shanghai Film Festival

I think my most anticipated period C-drama this year is definitely King of Lan Ling with Feng Shao Feng and Ariel Lin. I like frothy romance driven period fare, and this one looks pretty epic. Plus the King of Lan Ling hasn’t been brought to the screen often so it’ll be a refreshing story for me. After reading and translating Da Mo Yao and Yun Zhong Ge, I’m experiencing some Han dynasty fatigue, so bring on the Northern Qi dynasty! While Feng Shao Feng’s dreadlocked hairdo is a giant NO from me, and Ariel looks adorable but a tad too boring, since this drama is being produced by Chen Yu Shan (Autumn’s Concerto, Material Queen), I have faith the end product will be glorious eyecandy beyond compare. I still shiver when thinking about how beautiful MQ was.

The cast of King of Lan Ling, minus leads Feng Shao Feng and Ariel Lin, were at the Shanghai Film Festival yesterday doing a press conference for this drama. The production released the first 30 second teaser of it, which looks great based on the shaky glimpse I see.

Teaser for King of Lan Ling:


King of Lan Ling Releases New Stills and Teaser Trailer at Shanghai Film Festival — 21 Comments

  1. I can’t wait until this drama starts airing… which is probably going to take a while but like you said, It’s something new and the plot sounds interesting

  2. Def my most anticipated drama since I love FSF & Ariel. Still can’t believe my dream of my two fave C-actors teaming up is actually a reality.

  3. Wow, I wasn’t super-excited before, but now I am!! The trailer looks beautiful… can’t wait for more sneak previews and the actual end result!

  4. By the way, does anyone know the general story/history of the King of Lan Ling or where to find it in English? I can’t seem to find anything (other than X Family) when I google him. I’m curious about the storyline, especially after seeing the 7 minute trailer.

  5. Ahhhh!!! Ariel lin gets prettier as days passes by. Is she really turning 30 in 4 months? I love her so much. <3333

  6. Really looking forward to Ariel’s latest period drama, at least it can tide us over while Ariel is fulfilling her study plans. The range of acting required also seems quite wide judging from the trailer ranging from quirky and comedic/cute scenes, which Ariel does so well as we know from her previous dramas, to the emotional, love and teary scenes, and authoritative and commanding presence as the wife of a powerful and influential man.

    I can’t help but be reminded of Xiang Qing when Ariel does her crying scenes (that scene in the trailer when she Is crying and kneeling on the ground). Not to say that she is portraying/projecting Xiang Qing but just in her facial mannerisms when she cries. It’s just a very natural facial expression of Ariel when she cries and one that I always just associate with Xiang Qing just because Xiang Qing is the character played by Ariel that cries the most.

  7. With just the trailer, I can already sense the chemistry between FSF and Ariel. They look good together and Ariel looks gorgeous! She really has that uncanny ability to have amazing chemistry with all of her leading men. I’m so looking forward to this drama.

    • Oh yeah. Please anyone. I love viki and I love this drama. Can’t wait to watch this drama on viki with the sub

  8. Feng Shaofeng is the wrong man for the show – he’s handsome but definately no flower boys which r applenty in Kdrama. If I’m the director, I’ll pick someone who looks like Kim Hyun Jung or Jung Ii-woo to play the pretty general.

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