Period C-drama The Legend of Zhuohua with Feng Shao Feng and Jing Tian Wrap Up Uneventful Run with 7.2 Douban Ratings

I feel like period C-drama The Legend of Zhuohua was just THERE, like it existed but it created zero impact good or bad. The drama premiered at the end of August and will wrap its run for VIP this week and the first Douban ratings are out at a decent 7.2 But the early feedback was a lot of criticism for how old male lead Feng Shao Feng looks these days, but his role was older General and Royal Prince so he fit the character. Jing Tian keeps a steady career pace in C-ent but she’s also not a buzz magnet so this drama is getting reviewed as decent, uneventful, but also not memorable. There was actually more buzz for second male lead Zhou Yi Ran since he’s coming off the surprise summer hit When I Fly Towards You.

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Tencent Schedules Period C-drama The Legend of Zhuohua with Jing Tian and Feng Shao Feng for August 19th After Lost You Forever Part 1 Wraps

So while iQiyi‘s just dropped super duper xianxia C-drama Love You Seven Times is so not my cup of tea, I’m actually intrigued about Tencent‘s next traditional period C-drama The Legend of Zhuohua which has just been scheduled for August … Continue reading

Youku Releases Period Drama Shining Just for You on November 30th with Peng Xiao Ran and Feng Xiao Feng Echoing Shades of Her Previous Hit Goodbye My Princess

I didn’t watch 2019 hit period C-drama Goodbye My Princess but it was impossible to miss the pictures and posts all featuring Peng Xiao Ran as the titular princess dressed all in red as a princess from the outer tribes … Continue reading

C-actress Zhao Li Ying and C-actor Feng Shao Feng Announce Divorce After Three Years Marriage, Having Denied Repeated Divorce Rumors For the Past Year

Sigh, another one isn’t going the long haul. Today C-ent reported that 43 year old C-actor Feng Shao Feng and 32 year old C-actress Zhao Li Ying have confirmed their divorce, releasing a joint statement with their respective agencies. The … Continue reading

C-actress Zhao Li Ying and C-actor Feng Shao Feng Confirm Marriage on Her 31st Birthday

Aaaaaaand, it’s official ladies and gents! On C-actress Zhao Li Ying‘s 31st birthday this October 16th, 2018, she dropped the confirmation tabloids and netizens have been waiting for since rumors began percolating three months ago. We have a new powerhouse … Continue reading

First Character Posters of Zhao Li Ying and Feng Shao Feng for Period C-drama The Story of Ming Lan

Filming has started for high profile 2019 period C-drama The Story of Ming Lan, with the mouthful Chinese title of 知否知否应是绿肥红瘦 (Zhi Fou Zhi Fou Ying Shi Lv Fei Hong Shou which means Don’t you know? The Green should be Plump and … Continue reading