Brain Exploding Awesome Spoiler Pictures from Episode 5 of Big

This spoiler stuffed post for Big is so damn amazing it needs to be accompanied by the header for the Cola Kiss from Lie to Me. Yes, it’s at that level of making me so happy I might’ve burst a blood vessel somewhere. I had an amazing weekend already, so this is like icing on the cake I never expected to get nor needed. Despite it being Father’s Day, I got to go see Les Mis and hang out with my girlfriends and eat so much kogi my belly is declaring a strike. So at the end of the already perfect evening, coming home to these pictures made me wonder if there was a catch somewhere, because so much good things happening at once makes me wonder if I owe a leprechaun some money. I won’t look a gift horse in the mouth, so join me in spazzing.Β 

If you are unable to process the contents of these pictures because your brain exploded (sorta like mine did), then I can describe it for you. Kissing and more kissing. Between Kyung Jae and Da Ran.

Kyung Jae on a bike is adorable, but on the heels of the kissing pictures above, I’ve sorta zoned out already.

The previews for episode 5 show Da Ran discovering that Yoon Jae was planning to go to LA when she comes across his plane ticket. Mari starts to suspect that Kyung Jae may not be just some doctor ahjusshi. And Yoon Jae’s mom returns to Korea and finds out her son was recently in a car accident. Oy vey.


Brain Exploding Awesome Spoiler Pictures from Episode 5 of Big — 40 Comments

  1. Captain! i do hope you didnt burst a blood vessel!!! would not like that to happen to you!

    though i totally understand what your saying, those spoiler does look hot! annnnnnnnnnd to top it off with the cola kiss……..

    well, im with you woman!!!! πŸ˜‰

  2. Koala my weekend was amazing.

    This big spoilers plus Did you see that YIN and JHW was spotted dating? Hahahaha πŸ™‚

    well you had already said they were dating and that the rumors from insiders said so, but still makes me happy seeing them so in love dating on the street.

  3. i know it i know it you would post something about this so happy!~~ But im wondering why kyung jae kiss her, i hope it’s that one moment where he realises he feels something for her, or is it because of the pre-wedding pics’ sake? we’ll know until tomorrow, i hope it’s really this week.. Anyway ockoala, another happy thing here
    yoo in na and ji hyun woo omgggg

  4. You know what Koala? I’m so glad you’re obsessed with BIG! Because of your love for this drama, I can indulge in some BIG goodness. You’re like my No.1 source for any BIG related news. So, thank you so much for your obsession. Lol
    These pictures are totally ‘mind explosion’ worthy! I was squealing like an 8 year old looking at Gong Yoo in those tuxedo! How hot can a man be?? This guy is perfection! And the hair is just amazeballs!! He can totally beat McDreamy in the best hair category! Lol
    I could just stare at this pictures for hours and I’m not even a Gong Yoo fan.
    However, the kiss looked kinda forced though. Probably the photographer asked them to kiss and Daran was reluctant because she doesnkt want to kiss her student but seeing how charming Kyung Jae is, he just kiss her! Ohhh, now I can’t wait for this episode!

  5. OMG Gong Yoo is pure perfection..he looks good in anything and nothing already..but him in a tux!! i can’t..i just can’t handle it..too much..thank you for capping off an already good weekend with this amazing spread =)

  6. omo!!!!! きゃあああああ!!! i can’t wait for tonight’s ep. GY is the best kisser out there!!!
    and yes, so much goodness today! my brain is about to explode. especially after seeing photos of YIN and JHW secretly dating. <3 <3 <3

  7. Gosh, that’s one passionate kiss there. That kiss was reminiscent of Coffee Prince. This might be added to the list of the best kisses in kdrama land, gee (of course, the Cola Kiss is tops for me). Gong Yoo looks so fine and dandy, by George! Yes, I now join you in spazzing, goodness. Thanks Ockoala unnie!

  8. Man, I have way too much on my “plate o’ must watch now” that I had this on the “next on the list watch” list. I might have to reconsider. *sigh*

    • I don’t understand this:
      No matter what is on your plate, Gong Yu pushes it off.
      He’s like the Chuck Norris of Kdrama.

  9. Holy Hand Grenade!

    So, we guess that the photographer was saying “OK,now Kiss…” And KJ, the good sport that he is obliged?

    Btw, just LOOKING at these, I see Gong Yu. Him.Tux.Face. is too burned into my memory for me to see anything else.
    In the show, when he moves and talks, different story

  10. Watched it just now and it’s AWESOME!!! I cannot wait for tomoro!! <3 I'm really that in love with this drama, hope people will comment on ep 5 ending, I wish I could discuss it later on without spoiling it for others! πŸ˜€

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