Lee Da Hae Does a Stunning Wedding Pictorial in China

A stunning wedding-themed pictorial always gets my inner princess ready to go. I think wedding photo shoots that are just shy of edgy, but with enough punch and pop that it captures the eye to more than the wedding dress itself. Lee Da Hae’s most recent wedding shoot for a Chinese magazine is glorious, the perfect combination of the model hitting all the poses and the photographer nailing the background shots. I love the slight antique-y quality to these pictures, the colors muted to bring out the feeling of a Fall afternoon by the beach. This easily vaults up there as one of my favorite Da Hae pictorials ever.

[Credit: all pictures as marked]


Lee Da Hae Does a Stunning Wedding Pictorial in China — 14 Comments

  1. LDH is so beautiful here but this is an old pictorial from some years ago but of course I don’t mind looking at it again and again. So nice, thanks a lot Mrs. ockoala for posting 🙂

  2. Ockoala, thank you for your lovely post about my Lee Da Hae in wedding dress 😀
    My girl was dazzlingly beautiful in these pics.
    Just saying these r my girl’s fashion shoots for Korea “My Wedding” in 2008.

    Ah, I must say I’m your blog’s silent reader :D.
    I’m really fond of your posts. We have a lot in common: love for The King 2hearts, Queen In Hyun’s Man, Bu Bu Jing Xin…

    Once again, thank you so much 🙂

  3. The 1st pic the hat throws off everything to me
    In at least two(the veil&crocheted hat) pics someone went ps crazy
    I don’t get the socks and strappy heels in the last pic looks kinda trashy
    Scenery is gorg some pictures are cute

  4. so that’s why Lee Da hae looked kinda different here than how she looks now… must be the eyebrows…she looks prettiest here in these pics last 2008..

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