First Trailer from Secrets Hidden in Time with Wallace Chung and Janine Chang

I don’t know how C-dramas do it, but Secrets Hidden in Time (the drama adaptation of the Tong Hua novel of the same name) feels like it started filming a few weeks ago, yet here it is releasing a ten-minute trailer already. I’ve made no secret that I find this novel rather unpalatable, but I still want to watch the drama in hopes the ending will change and because I like the pairing of Janine Chang with Wallace Chung. The trailer convinces me that all my beefs with the characters (shrill and annoying for the most part) and the story (ridiculous and stilted) are valid, but I find myself strangely drawn to this hot mess anyways. Wallace is insanely hot, Janine is gorgeous and makes Su Man less pathetic than she comes across in the novel, and the drama has this punchy modern makjang vibe that just might work if one is in the mood for it.

In dissing the book to left and right, I ought to mention that it does try hard to portray a truly meaningful female friendship that we rarely see. Dramas and novels love to punch up the bromance, but ladies typically are bitchy towards each other. In SHiT, Su Man and her BFF Ma La Tang are the very definition of “gui mi” (the Chinese slang for bedroom honey – not lesbians, but two girls who have each other’s back). I like that Su Man puts Ma La Tang first over her crush on Song Yi, which only hammers home the point of what a douchebag Song Yi is. In watching the trailer, I have to LOL repeatedly over how godawful Jia Nai Liang is as Song Yi. Either he’s just a terrible actor (could be), or he’s been told to play Song Yi with a perpetual dazed and confused look on his face. This doesn’t bode well for the drama, but it does give me plenty to lulz about. I need to thank the drama for making it so easy to dump on Song Yi, who appears to be as pathetic a character as he is in the portrayal of said lout. On the upside, Han Xi Ting as Ma La Tang looks FIERCE and I totally love it. I expect her to wear 6 inch stilettos and stomp all over Song Yi when the time comes for him to get his just desserts.

Ten-minute trailer for Secrets:


First Trailer from Secrets Hidden in Time with Wallace Chung and Janine Chang — 16 Comments

  1. When Wallace was walking around the pool staring and following Janine, it reminded me of Mr. Darcy following Elizabeth at the assembly. Gave me the shivers because of that intense stare; but that is how they make you fall for them! In their proud and stubborn heart, there is no one else, but you. He might just be another type of Mr. Darcy. Unfortunately, Janine is no Elizabeth in this drama. However, I must say that they do make one beautiful pairing… if they end up together.

  2. I saw the trailer yesterday and was thinking you’d be sure to post it soon. I thought the trailer looks pretty good for a modern c-drama. For some reason, I find a lot of the modern dramas quite err..dull. Here, they have gorgeous wardrobes and Janine is looking the prettiest I’ve seen her. I’m still irritated to see that Su Man is still so stuck on Song Yi and dissing Eric. But Wallace is smoking hot and I hope, pray and will the writer to change the ending.

  3. I have mixed feelings about this. The choice of music is odd n parts of the triller looks cheesy but Wallace looks amazingly good as Lu Li Cheng (Elliot). I know the book has insufficient lines to fill a script but some parts are odd, and who dances perfect ballroom to harmonica music on grass floor? And hey scriptwriter! Pls don’t pass off LLC talent as Song Yi’s.

  4. ahhhhhh! I’m so watching this drama! I normally don’t watch mainland modern dramas cause they’re either too boring or too hyper. But, this is such a perfect looking cast and Tong Hua’s story I usually can accept even though the didn’t end to well. They will make it so perfect if Lu Li Cheng gets the girl in the end.

  5. China studio, please STOP the dubbing… Only period dramas are appropriate and NOT for modern dramas. Besides those dubbed voices have no feelings, no emotions, no nothing… Sounds like they are just anxious to get the lines out of their mouths. Janine’s dubbed voice sounds horrible.

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