Park Shin Hye Returns to Television in July with KBS Drama Special

It’s already the third season of KBS Summer drama specials, and this year I get a special treat beyond enjoying some fantastic and quirky one-shot fare. Park Shin Hye is making her television return in mid-July starring in an one episode drama special called Don’t Worry, I’m a Ghost. Like the title isn’t contradictory enough already (since the only reason I’m even worried is because you ARE a ghost, lady!), the drama involves a man falling in love with said ghost. I’m sensing a new theme about to join the legions of time slip/jump/skip and soul/body/brain swap dramas out there – the man/ghost love story. Arang and the Magistrate is also going there, which leads me to wonder, aren’t there plenty of alive people to fall in love with?

This drama special co-stars movie and stage actor Bong Tae Gyu, who I last saw in a funny cameo on Personal Taste. He plays a man who’s hospitalized and wakes up with no memory. He then meets a cheerful ghost and falls in love with her. I hope his condition involves loss of memory AND ability to see ghosts, otherwise I’m having a hard time picturing the falling in love process if he can’t see her. Apparently the PD said he couldn’t imagine another young actress who had the warmth and cheerfulness to play this cute little ghost girl than Shin Hye. I’ll take that as a compliment. What I love the most about Shin Hye is how she constantly tries new things and has such a determined and hardworking ethos in the industry. This should be a cute little one-shot drama special to check out in a few weeks.


Park Shin Hye Returns to Television in July with KBS Drama Special — 20 Comments

  1. hahahaha no people alive to fall in love with hahaha nope they seem only lovable in fantasy land where there are scripts….joke 😉

    • or really bad romance novels (okay, but even I laughed my way through many a story, including Double Dating with the Dead, it WAS a hilarious read).

  2. This reminds me of a Jdrama/mangá.

    The ghost helps the guy/girl find his comatose body..

    but in this case is the guy who was in coma and doesn’t have memory?

    Hmmm, maybe the girl ghost was his girlfriend and they suffered an accident and she wants to help him remember?


  3. She is one of those actresses, like Suzy, that I just like no matter what.
    Not the very best drama thespian, but she is natural, and I appreciate that.
    AFTER she calms down. With a good director, I think she can do great things.

    • Planning on shooting her a valium? Kidding, I kid … you know, if I had to pick for Shin-Hye, I’d put her on stage, not screen. She seems the kind that would blow a live audience away with unforgettable performances. She’s not hit her stride there on film of any kind, and I’m not sure she will until she’s in her 30’s (I blame lack of training and early success, which means she’s been able to overact for years and get away with it, failing to really learn to act and relying on her cuteness to push a character through.) I love her to bits, but look for the day when she’ll grow up in her career. Maybe when she’s too old to pull off the cute anymore?

      • I agree, I watched her dramas and she is always the same never improving.

        I also don’t like how she is always pouting when she is acting cute, when she is angry, when she is sad!

      • Why does it seem so obvious to us that she is overacting, but we still keep seeing it?
        First conversation- showing her specifically what mugging she is doing, how to stop the big eye thing, and several follow up conversations. Done.
        It’s not like she is Betty Davis, with years of experience intimidating the PD.
        So sad to think – what happens to the cute when they get old?

      • agree with u, suzy’s much better than her even though suzy new in drama land

      • agree with u, suzy’s much better than her even though suzy new in drama land

  4. About 5-7 years ago, there was a boon in the romance novel industry of ghost-love stories, and it seems it has finally trickled down in a larger way to the movie/television industry, with varying degrees of success, of course. Most here in the States are on cable programming. It all seemed to coincide with the 60th anniversary of the classic film, The Ghost and Mrs. Muir. (Now 65 years old and still standing up to time.)

    Regardless, I love cute ghosts (unless of course, it is Rex Harrison or Vincent Price, then all bets off and I want the creep-lord ghost) and think this could be extremely adorable. PSH practically = CUTE in mathematical terms.

  5. I’m so excited learning that she’ll star in a new drama soon (even for one episode only) even though the character that she’s going to play is not what I’m hoping for.

    She will shooting a new movie too “December 23rd” alongside Ryu SeungRyung, Jung JinYoung etc and the character she’ll playing is something I look forward (a law student and will fight for her father mentally handicapped who falsely accused for a crime) after her kind of cutesy type of roles she had play after YAB. Hopefully some kind of breakthrough happen in this movie.

    But at least, there is something to watch before the movie release. I’m just hoping she’ll back in a dramaland with good script, storyline/ plot, directors etc after “Don’t worry, I’m a Ghost” and “December 23rd”.

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