Five Fingers Release Pretty and Makjang Suffused First Teaser

I’m sure Joo Ji Hoon fans must’ve been thrilled that he’s coming back to TV-land with his comeback weekend drama for SBS called Five Fingers. The drama released its first teaser this weekend and I was suitably impressed…….by how makjang it felt in a few short seconds. I loved the piano playing tracking shots and all the intense performing-at-Lincoln-Center vibes in the beginning, and then we get kids looking happy and clearly not so happy things about to befall them. I think this drama will end up being palatable to fans of the leads, who also include Chae Si Ra, Eunjung, and Ji Chang Wook, rather than the story looking really intriguing. Doesn’t help that the production saddled Joo Ji Hoon with a terrible middle part haircut, rendering him on the cusp of ahjusshi-hood. So not cool, but the drama gods have balanced it out by making Eunjung absolutely drop dead gorgeous. Weekend dramas skew towards family makjang fare to begin with so I’m not surprised by the vibe FF is giving off. I might check it out regardless since piano-themed dramas usually are very pretty to look at and listen to.

First teaser for Five Fingers:


Five Fingers Release Pretty and Makjang Suffused First Teaser — 21 Comments

  1. I was impressed by how much makjang they packed into it. I am a JJH obsessive fangirl AND makjang is my love (I enjoyed the horrific Bad Love to bits, even if for no reason the maker intended), so I am all over this.

  2. i hate that hair since i first saw it….why on earth does anyone want to uglify (yes, I’m making up words now) him is beyond me….but funny enough he doesn’t look as terrible as I imagined he’d be after seeing the clip…goes to prove some people can pull off even the worst…that said I kinda love the teaser…especially the beginning where everyone is playing the paino…so pretty..I think I would’ve watched this for JJH if it was only 20 eps long, but 50??….hell no!…I did that with 1000 Kisses and NEVER AGAIN….I’ll only watch long family dramas again if they’re another Life is Beautiful or Sons of Sol Pharmacy or at the least a Smile You or CYHMH

  3. I might be the minority but even after watching “Goong” and “Antique Bakery” Joo Ji Hoon doesnt do it for me. It’s Eunjung and Ji Chang Wook that have me hook line and sinker.
    I adore Eunjung to bits, ever since her ground breaking performance as Baek Hee in “Dream High”, and have been whining to friends that she needs another role, as the leading lady. The dream has been realized! And JCW stole my heart in “Warrior Baek Dong Soo”. Even though BVS was a wreck I continued to love him – but I’m a little anxious to see him play a baddie. Seeing him on evil mode in T-ara’s MV was hard enough, But fifty episodes?
    Regardless… SO IN!!! Put your best acting foot forward JCW… lets see if you can get me to hate your character despite the fact that you are playing him!

      • Heh. Every single kpop idol I know is because they were in a drama. Not the reverse. BECAUSE I watched DH I looked into T-ara, 2PM, and Miss A, and frankly I dont care a bit about her as a KPop performer.
        But I strongly feel her and Kim Soo Hyun were the only two who took their characters on the paper and really breathed life into them. Which may not be a huge feat if the cast was almost purely idols, all fresh in the acting field. But nevertheless to play a hateful character so beliveably but still able to make her seem uncertain and lost, that is something that does require talent. And I look forward to seing her put it to use in FF.
        I find it interesting that everyone has different opinions on the same subject (which can be clearly seen by visiting different bloggers sites and seeing completely opposite viewpoints on the same drama/actor[ress]) and I respect differing thoughts – which you evidently don’t.

      • I also agree…Eunjung was sort of mehhh in Dream High. Actually Dream High was overall mehhh~ the only good thing out of that drama was kim soo hyun.
        But to each his own..I guess.

      • I saw the Japanese version of it (Maou) and have always wondered about the original. Iโ€™ll take you up on that offer! After all, these next two weeks will be brutal โ€“ no โ€œGaksitalโ€ and waiting on โ€œFaithโ€ AND โ€œArangโ€ =_= Thats more than enough time to marathon a drama! Thanks for reminding me about that series!

  4. I saw the Japanese version of it (Maou) and have always wondered about the original. I’ll take you up on that offer! After all, these next two weeks will be brutal – no “Gaksital” and waiting on “Faith” AND “Arang” =_= Thats more than enough time to marathon a drama! Thanks for reminding me about that series!

    • FAIL. Anyone know how I can delete a double post like this one? >_< Adding to the comment count with empty comments. SORRY OCKOALA.

    • Oh, so you watched Maou. Then Mawang may not work its magic on you. Watching Mawang when you do not know what to expect is a bless, and you missed it.

  5. Every character looks freaking gorgeous, especially Ji Chang Wook and eunjung. JJH stands out like a sore thumb, though, with his horrendous hairstyle…are the directors trying to MAKE us like the villain more?

  6. JJH, I love this guy acting. And I think he has chemistry with all his co-stars! Even with guys btw LOL (watched Antique Bakery)

    When I watched Goong, eveyone was shipping YEH and the second guy, and I never shipped them. I hated the second guy and I adored the cold Shin.

    Maybe because I read the Manhwa… but I loved Shin and I rooted for him open his heart and win the girl ๐Ÿ™‚ people hated his character saying he was a jerk, but I couldn’t.

    Then I watched The naked Kitchen and the guy is just so sexy!Hope to see him and Shin Min Ah again but this time on small screen, please.

    I watched also Antique Bakery and he did well in his cameo.

    So far all I saw of JJH made me like him more so I can’t wait!

    I still didn’t watch The devil… someone know where to DL the torrents?

    • ops, just realized JJH and Shin Min Ah were together in the devil on small screen….

      Well, wish to see them together in a rom-com ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. I’ve been a fan of JJH since Goong so I’ll give this a try because of him. But 50 episodes is asking a lot.

    P.S. Maybe somewhere in those 50 episodes his hair will change. ๐Ÿ˜›

  8. Of course, it’s makjang.. It has piano!! Haha that’s the vibe I get from kdramas with pianos.

    And what’s with the haircut? He looks so wierd…

  9. Good news: I’m glad JJH has given chance to start working in a small screen again.. Bad NEws: I maybe I won’t watching it. I’m okay with makjang element as far as it’s not too much.
    But I’m afraid it will kind of makjang I hate the most… Then for it’s fuckin a long drama, So it means It will takes a Loooong time before he jumped into a New projects sighhh

  10. his eyes look different in the is smaller than the other..or is it just me?? well i am really not into makjang lets see..but a big yay for jjh..

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