To the Beautiful You Drops Second Peppy Teaser

I think there is some cosmic drama in-joke somewhere that has resulted in me recapping Oguri Shun’s Rich Man, Poor Woman around the same time Korea’s remake of Hana Kimi is about to premiere. What will original J-flavor Sano Izumi think about his hoobae Min Ho trying on the high jumping champion facing a career bottleneck? I know what I think – the more I see of Min Ho in character, the more I like what I see. Am I crazy in thinking that he looks ridiculously fine in a school uniform? Based on the stills alone, he’s the only Sano who actually looks athletic enough to convince me he’s a champion high jumper (Shun does the brooding well, but athletic he’s not; Wu Zun has more muscles than the rest of Fahrenheit but nothing else is in that pretty brain of his). Sulli is more Horikitty than Ella, which frankly makes me happy. At this point, even Ella is beyond the Hana Kimi stage of Ella. My interest in To the Beautiful You continues to inch up, and then I remember this drama is going up against Arang and the Magistrate. SM idols in a manga adaptation versus Junki/Mina in Korea’s favorite sageuk genre? Oh the disparity. If this underdog can carve out a comfortable niche, that will be success enough.

Shun barely had any muscle tone, and Zun in his natural state is so buffed up he was more body builder than lithe high jumper. This Min Ho feller has the physique that believably can pass as a high jumper. With the J-version and TW-version of Hana Kimi being widely acknowledged as flawed but enjoyable for most people, maybe Beautiful You will turn out to be Baby Bear in Goldilocks and the Three Bears – just right. It’s not letting me embed so you all go watch it at YT.

Second teaser for To the Beautiful You: click here to watch before SM pulls it down. If it gets pulled, I’ll look for another link. SM is being super duper trolls when it comes to Beautiful You related material.


To the Beautiful You Drops Second Peppy Teaser — 18 Comments

  1. The most enjoyable thing about TW-drama version was the supporting characters. Jiro Wang was especially funny as the “I’m gay, G-Y-A gay!” friend.

    In the J-drama, there were even more crazy over-the-top characters…

  2. And YAIYYY for Ms.Koala who also has the same mind! You voiced all my thought, and yep, the more I see, the more I portray both Sulli & Minho as Mizuki & Sano, and LOVE IT!

    I don’t have high expectation thoug, but if they can pull it well, why not?? ^^

  3. I have to admit that I was skeptical, but I am liking the look of the trailer and Min Ho does look more athletic. As an older ahjumma, I alwaya felt like I wanted to feed the track boys in Hana Kimi, but Min Ho does not look malnourished at all so much more like an athlete.

    I have to say that they always have those “dramatic” hair cutting scenes, and I always wonder how we are supposed to believe they have such great haircuts from those huge scissors?!?! Where can I get me some of those magic scissors?

  4. Oooh I’m starting to get excitedddd!

    I usually hate remakes with a burning passion (see: BOF) and the fact that this has the same director makes me nervous, but it’s defying all my expectations and is looking really good! I hope that it can capture the crazy, cracky goodness of the original.

  5. Min Ho is very athletic. I think he’s the most athletic idol in Korea and as for high jumping he’s really good at that sport. I’ve watched him compete with other idols and actors on high jumping and he came out as the champion. As for acting, I haven’t seen him act but this drama looks promising enough.

  6. oh boy
    You know that while Shun is doing interviews to promote his current show, everyone will be asking what HE thinks of the remake cast, the director, etc.
    He will prolly be gracious and lie speak neutrally, right?

    Wasn’t there a video where he met with KHJ? Do you see him meeting with Minho?
    Hmmmmmmmmmm, Probably not.

  7. Hmm. I never really liked Minho. Im barely a kpop person, yet I find Shinee the most interesting cause they just have the coolest dance MVs yo. But whenever I see Minho, he looks so smug and stuff. The feeling I get from him is similar when I see Taecyon and Siwon. But anyhoo his character is pretty easy to play, Sano is your standard leading man cold jerk….so I imagine Minho playing this character with not much difficulty.

    • Aww, I like Minho, he is very caring, humble, and hardworking. His only flaw would be his ultra competitiveness and his inability to accept a loss. He becomes a completely different person when he is competing, which is why most people don’t like him. Other than though he is a really nice kid but then again I say this as a SHINee fan so I probably see him in a different light than other people. Taec, on the other hand, gives me a totally different vibe than Minho, I won’t comment on Siwon because I don’t really pay attention to Super Junior so I haven’t watched enough material on him to judge.

  8. I will follow Koala’s recaps before watching this drama because the BOF Director usually have a good start then suddenly the viewers get hit with everything including the kitchen sink so I will sit back and wait for this one.

  9. But whenever I see Minho, he looks so smug and stuff.

    It’s like you stole the thought right oot of my head. It’s not that I have a problem with Minho as a person (he actually seems sweet)but whenever I see any Shinee MV, he’s the least interesting of all the boys…he always has the same expression and there is just no passion there, even for the most robust songs…which is why I’ve always been iffy about SM promoting him as the “actor” of the group..well like Koala unni I’m glad that he at least looks the part here….not to mention that I was never a big Sano fan in the Jdorama version anyways
    On the other hand, I’m liking Sulli more and more as I see her stills in character…I’ll admit to being miffed that they picked her at first because unlike with the Dream High series there’s no (non-idol)actor in the lead to sort of balance the pair…but I like what I’m seeing of her now…she looks more boyish than most other crossdressing heroines and after seeing clips of her in Punch Lady I think she could be good acting wise

  10. I loved the T version but didn’t like Ella, if that made any sense. I liked the J version’s girl & the guy that played the T’s Jiro Wang character but didn’t like the choppiness/the set/shortness of it. So, this upcoming K version, I’m hoping for more cuteness/romance/new twists within the confines of being true to the story. I’m expecting a lot, cuz if you can’t beat the previous, why make a new version?

  11. I am now 85% on this series. It looks a lot more serious and some scenes look much more in depth than their counterparts. I for one am glad that this version is doing something different cause it would be kind of boring if the same kind of jokes were used again, but with a different language. I just bumped up to 95% now. Can’t wait to see the 1st episode!!!

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