Miss Rose Episode 1 Recap

I’m back – recapping a Taiwan drama, that is. It took something special to get me in the mood again, and is anyone surprised that it ended up being Roy Qiu plus a sprinkling of drama pixie dust to make me sit up and smile. This has been a recap delayed by a considerable number of days because I took advantage of the Olympic preemption of episode 2 last Sunday to concentrate on other stuff before tackling it. Miss Rose wins my affection by being the first TW-drama in months I didn’t want to fast-forward or hit stop in the first episode alone. I’m actually not giving it enough credit, because it’s genuinely quite good. The only drawback would be the glaring neon-light sensation of déjà vu, because Miss Rose is pretty much following the Office Girls playbook play-by-play.

I’m beyond amused that the cast of OG has now split between two TTV dramas – Gong Hay Fat Choy has Alice Ke, James Wen, and Patrick Li while MR gets Roy, Tia Li, Mama Shen, and the cute boy who played Bao Luo. But while the former is dull as beans, the latter captures that effervescence which made OG such a breezy watch. It’s impossible to watch MR without noticing all the similarities in set up and execution with OG, but ultimately that doesn’t lessen the enjoyment for me. While episode 1 wasn’t as good as OG started off, my gut tells me MR has the legs to go all the way, and maybe be even better. The Taiwanese audience appears to think so as well, as MR started off with a bang hitting 2.37 in ratings.

Episode 1 recap:

Luo Si Yi (Megan Lai) is the secretary all secretaries should emulate. She sets her alarm at three different times in the morning starting at 5 am and places calm and professional calls while still half asleep to the various executives reminding them about meetings and planes to catch. All without breaking a sweat or disrupting her slumber.

On her way to work, Si Yi stops by the flower shop to pick up some flowers. She runs into her friend Xiao Ke (Tia Li), who wonders why Si Yi is running errands like this even as a senior secretary. Si Yi doesn’t mind since its on the way. When asked how Xiao Ke’s cafe is doing, Xiao Ke says the Summer season is here and the store is doing well. Plus she’s saved up her money for getting married. Si Yi happily congratulates Xiao Ke.

They enter the flower shop and Si Yi goes straight for the lilies, which upsets Xiao Ke, suggesting Si Yi needs to go for a more romantic flower like a rose. Otherwise Si Yi is just highlighting her on-the-shelf status as an old maid. Si Yi ignores her suggestion and picks her usual lilies and goes to pay. Xiao Ke reminds Si Yi that they are scheduled to finally meet with the fortune teller they made an appointment with six months ago. Si Yi is unimpressed, telling Xiao Ke that fortune telling will make a person lose their good fortune.

The TV is turned to an interview of management whiz Gao Cheng Kuan (Roy Qiu), who at a young age is already gaining recognition for his stellar achievements at turning around failing companies. When asked what his secret is, Cheng Kuan says his top three secrets are talent, talent, and talent. He explains that the success of any company hinges on the people it hires and how to use them.

The interviewer wants to talk about how Cheng Kuan is also known for being ruthless and cold when he uses employees. Cheng Kuan unabashedly says the rumors are true. Any non-contributing employee needs to be terminated so as to not waste company resources.

Xiao Ke thinks Cheng Kuan is dashing but Si Yi is not so impressed, calling him a narcissist. LOL, I love the expression she makes. Cheng Kuan describes all the employees as screws in any company, and if they don’t know how to improve, they need to be ready to be eliminated. When asked what he thinks about his reputation as a bully, Cheng Kuan smiles stiffly and says he thanks people for their compliments. Being decisive and calm is the bedrock of a company.

Xiao Ke asks Si Yi what she thinks about that Gao Cheng Kuan, and Si Yi describes him as looking like a sissy with a full of himself attitude. He sees employees as his cash registers, therefore he’s really just a glorified sweat shop owner. Xiao Ke thinks all successful businessmen ought to have this type of attitude. Xiao Ke wonders if he has a girlfriend and Si Yi disses him again.

A car pulls up to a building as Cheng Kuan angrily walks out. He rips off his suit jacket and tosses it inside the car before getting in himself. The car drives off while Cheng Kuan stews in the back seat. He asks “who is the asshole?” to the person driving. That person is Guan Sheng Jun (Paul Hsu), his assistant and friend.

Sheng Jun smirks and corrects Cheng Kuan, the interview insinuated that people think he’s a bully, not an asshole. Cheng Kuan angrily pulls off his tie and discusses the schedule for the rest of the day. Sheng Jun reports that there is a meeting with President Chen to discuss buying the shopping center, then a few more meetings, a report from a subsidiary company, and ending with dinner with Chairman Jiang.

Cheng Kuan says today’s most important meeting is the purchase of the shopping center so that at dinner tonight they can report happy news to the Chairman. Cheng Kuan is always in such a rush that he gets annoyed with how slow Sheng Jun is driving, telling him to drive faster. Sheng Jun awesomely ignores him and keeps driving the speed limit and refuses to run red lights. Cheng Kuan finally gets fed up and makes him to get off so that he can drive himself. Cheng Kuan books it while Sheng Jun holds on for dear life in the back seat.

At Guang Qiang LED Company, SI Yi arrives at work and is handed the quarterly financials by a junior secretary. A quick glances shows her the numbers are terrible, the company having lost millions of dollars already in the first half of the year. The Deputy General Manager Kang You Wei (the amazing Na Wei Xun in MR’s version of the Stallone role) walks in and sees they are looking at the financials and he asks if they are on the Board or are shareholders? Since they are but screws in the company, they need to stop critiquing the company. He wants them to act like the screws they are and do the job they were hired to do. The junior secretary Miao Jin says she’s sorry.

Si Yi covers for Miao Jin, saying they were reviewing it to make sure everything was correct. The Deputy General Manager says the company hasn’t lost as much money this year as the last year, and really the financials are issues that only the higher ups need to worry about. Si Yi cautiously asks what will happen if they keep losing money but the ladies are told not fret about it. Si Yi runs off to copy documents and extricates Miao Jin and herself from the situation.

Suddenly they are called back and the Deputy General Manager says today is a very important day for the company. He asks them to guess but no one knows. He declares that today is the birthday of the savior of the IT industry and the leader of the company, General Manager Wu Jian Shu. The Deputy General Manager wants everyone to decorate the conference room and throw a birthday party for the General Manager. Si Yi is tasked with organizing it because she’s the most competent one of the bunch.

Si Yi is told that the General Manager loves a particular cake from a fancy bakery at a hotel. Si Yi says the cakes there are too expensive and they don’t have enough funds left in the entertainment account. The Deputy General Manager says such an important person needs to be celebrated properly and he agrees to pay for it. He hands her the money and then whispers in her ear to expense the cake on the General Manager’s personal use entertainment account. He wants her to get reimbursed by the end of the day and return the money to him. Si Yi promises to do just that.

Cheng Kuan and Sheng Jun sit in a meeting with President Chen and his son to discuss the purchase of the Jia Shi Duo Shopping Center. The son went to school with Cheng Kuan and is pissed that he’s trying to do a hostile take over bid. Cheng Kuan is merciless and says in the business world, there are only competitors, no friends. The Chen family can’t manage the shopping center anymore, so they should sell it and live off the amount he’s offering. The son says their bank loan will be approved soon so they don’t need to sell.

Cheng Kuan pulls out a file that documents how the son has been mismanaging the shopping center such as changing sale tags and selling expired goods. He thinks President Chen didn’t know what his son was doing behind his back. Cheng Kuan gives them within two hours to sell the rest of their shares to him, otherwise he’ll sell all the shares he’s acquired and make the stock worthless. He’ll also send this file to the news outlets. President Chen is angry at how cold Cheng Kuan is towards his elder and someone who watched him grow up.

Cheng Kuan tells him that life is like a hand of cards and while one can’t control the hand dealt, one can play it right to win. Cheng Kuan and Sheng Jun walk out and the latter wonders why Cheng Kuan wants to buy a shopping center since its hard to run. Cheng Kuan explains that he’s not buying the center, but the expensive real estate underneath. He wants to convert it into luxury apartments and that will be worth untold amounts.

Si Yi is picking out cakes at the hotel bakery and she is indecisive about which cake to pick. As she is browsing, one heel almost breaks off so she’s limping a bit. Cheng Juan and Sheng Jun walk into the bakery and Cheng Kuan picks up Si Yi’s dropped employee badge. He reads her name out loud and she responds.

He walks over to hand her back her badge when she trips over her broken heel. She falls forward into him, all the while holding a cake in her hand.

The two of them fall over and the entire cake gets smashed into Cheng Kuan. Si Yi is horrified while Cheng Kuan asks what the hell she just did. As she gets up, she accidentally knees him in the groin, much to Sheng Jun’s shock. Si Yi is even more horrified and asks if he’s okay.

Poor Cheng Kuan grimaces in pain and manages to reply that he’s okay, to Si Yi’s great relief. Off to the side is Sheng Jun cackling like a banshee.

Cheng Kuan is stripped down to his boxer briefs in the bathroom as he tries to wipe cream off his suit. Sheng Jun stands outside and laughs about how that over-the-hill matronly lady went to buy new clothes for him. Cheng Kuan is annoyed Sheng Jun didn’t go do it himself, but Sheng Jun explains that since the Miss. Old is sincere about buying him new clothes, she should be allowed to do it.

Si Yi returns with the new clothes and ducks her head as she brings it into the bathroom for him. She leaves her cell phone on the counter next to Cheng Kuan’s, and we see they have the same phone. Cheng Kuan ducks into a stall to change. Si Yi apologizes again, explaining that her heel broke earlier. Sheng Jun says its no big deal but Cheng Kuan angrily says it is a big deal. Suddenly it gets quiet in the stall and Sheng Jun asks Cheng Kuan to show off his new outfit.

Cheng Juan opens the stall and he’s wearing a yellow bunny t-shirt with print grandma pants. Si Yi says its cool but Sheng Jun cracks up again. Si Yi hands him the receipt and tells him to exchange it for something else if he doesn’t like it. She offers to do it for him now if he wants. Si Yi also offers to clean his suit since her family runs a dry cleaning store. Cheng Kuan doesn’t want her to do it but she insists. He pushes Sheng Jun over to get his clothes back but Sheng Jun allows Si Yi to clean it, handing her a number she can call when its clean. As Si Yi heads off, she grabs Cheng Kuan’s phone from the counter instead of hers.

Si Yi returns to work bearing two cakes and bags of supplies for the party. She sits down to rest for a moment and Xiao Ke arrives with more bags of beverages Si Yi ordered from her cafe. Si Yi tells Xiao Ke that she ran into Gao Cheng Kuan, the dude they saw on TV earlier, when she was buying the cakes today. Xiao Ke wants to know if Cheng Kuan is as cute in person as on TV. Si Yi says he looks alright. Xiao Ke asks if Si Yi was attracted to him but Si Yi cackles and says that’s impossible.

Si Yi sends Xiao Ke off and then answers a call on Cheng Kuan’s phone. Of course its President Chen calling to sell the shopping center to Cheng Kuan, but he wants to sale to be in cash. Si Yi listens and thinks he’s some swindler calling. She tells President Chen that she never shops at that shopping center because the food is expensive and not fresh. She calls him a swindling trash and hangs up on him and then turns off the phone. The General Manager has arrived and Si Yi goes off to bring him to the party.

The Deputy General Manager welcomes the General Manager and talks about the recent financials which were just released. He reveals that they’ve lost millions but its not as bad as last year’s losses. The Deputy General Manager grabs a nose hair trimmer and a mirror, handing it to the General Manager and kneeling down to assist in the nose trimming. The General Manager isn’t worried about the losses since he’s backed by the major shareholder of the company who happens to be the General Manager’s brother-in-law. The General Manager says his brother-in-law is filthy rich and losing a few million dollars is nothing.

Si Yi stands outside the office of the General Manager and hears part of their conversation. She snarks that these higher ups will run the company into the ground and none of them will get any salary. She walks in to welcome the General Manager to attend a conference and he notices that she’s wearing slippers instead of heels. He reminds Si Yi that the workers need to be dressed appropriately at work.

The General Manager enters the conference room and inside he’s welcomed by a boisterous group wishing him a happy birthday. He thanks everyone for remembering his birthday. There is a sexy secretary Ting Ai who bought him a limited edition tie clip, another worker who found the same pen as the one he lost last week. The Deputy General Manager gives a speech about how the second half of the year the company will be profitable under the leadership of their great General Manager. Si Yi rolls the cake out and everyone sings happy birthday.

Sheng Jun and Cheng Kuan wonder why President Chen hasn’t called yet and its been over two hours. Cheng Kuan says to sell off some Jia Shi Duo shares to scare President Chen and Sheng Jun authorizes it. A call comes in on Si Yi’s phone and they assume its from President Chen. Cheng Kuan answers the phone and its Xiao Ke calling Si Yi to go out to eat after work at the night market. Cheng Kuan asks who she is? Xiao Ke is shocked and thinks Si Yi is secretly dating a guy but didn’t tell her.

Xiao Ke explains that she is the good friend of Luo Si Yi, wondering how long he’s been dating her. Cheng Kuan says she called the wrong number and hangs up. Xiao Ke checks the number and is confused. Cheng Kuan repeats the name Luo Si Yi a few times before he makes the connection. He checks the phone and he reads her calendar for the week and ends with “what the hell!” Ahahaha.

The two guys confirm that this is not Cheng Kuan’s phone and realize Si Yi grabbed the wrong phone on her way out of the bathroom. Cheng Kuan sends Sheng Jun to cancel the sell order on the Jia Shi Duo shares. Unfortunately the shares have already been sold. Cheng Kuan asks how much money they lost? Sheng Jun says they lost NT 30 million. Cheng Kuan clutches his head in shock and repeats Si Yi’s name. He uses Si Yi’s phone and calls Xiao Ke back. He tells Xiao Ke that he is not Luo Si Yi and that name should not be repeated again. He informs Xiao Ke that he is Gao Cheng Kuan and he needs to find the owner of this phone. Xiao Ke is thrilled and asks if he’s really that bully Gao Cheng Kuan.

Si Yi is asked by the Deputy General Manager to prepare minutes for this month’s meeting. Si Yi explains that the meeting didn’t take place since they held a birthday party instead. The Deputy General Manager says the Board will expect minutes from the meeting so she should just write down what should have happened. He reminds the other secretary to pretend she never heard this conversation.

As the secretaries are leaving work, the sexy secretary Ting Ai comes by and acts all friendly with Si Yi. Everyone has left and Si Yi bitches out Deputy General Manager Kang for causing her to pay for a cake today and now needs to stay late to write up the minutes for the monthly meeting. The Deputy General Manager walks up and asks if she’s calling him. She quickly covers up and says she’s writing the minutes. Si Yi sits down and wonders how to make up conversation during a non-existent monthly meeting. Si Yi gets a call from her mom, who wonders why her cell phone is turned off. Mom asks her to come home soon since Si Yi’s younger sister is back from her second honeymoon trip to Japan. Si Yi quickly packs up and heads home.

Si Yi walks home and turns on the phone, noticing that she has 52 missed calls on the phone. Xiao Ke arrives followed by Cheng Kuan and Sheng Jun. Si Yi asks why those two are here and Xiao Ke explains about the switched cell phones. Cheng Guan grabs his phone back and asks if she did anything on his phone?

Si Yi explains she got a call from a swindler wanting to sell the Jia Shi Duo shopping center for cash, so she hung up on the person and then turned off her phone. Cheng Kuan and Sheng Jun repeat that to each other in shock and quickly ask Si Yi how much cash they wanted for the sale. Si Yi says it was just an honest mistake, but Cheng Kuan explains that her honest mistake caused his to lost NT tens of millions within minutes from selling stock. Plus she might have scuttled an acquisition worth NT hundreds of millions.

Cheng Kuan says everything has been lost and it really is a crime to be such a clueless idiot. He says Si Yi caused him to be late for an important dinner and with what she did, his reputation at the company might be at stake. The guys walk off and Si Yi yells at his departing back to not be so arrogant just because he’s rich. She wonders if he really didn lose money and Xiao Ke says its the truth since she heard it on the radio.

Cheng Kuan and Sheng Jun walk into a fancy wine bar and try to get themselves ready to meet the President. Cheng Kuan apologizes for being late but the President says its a waste of even more time to apologize. He asks about the acquisition of the shopping center? Cheng Kuan starts to explain that he was almost there but an accident caused some disruptions to his plan. The President is very disappointed in Cheng Kuan for not being able to close a simple deal. He wonders if he thought too highly of Cheng Kuan?

Cheng Kuan promises he won’t make another mistake, and he will recover the losses today within a month for the company, plus interest. The President asks if Cheng Kuan is that confident? The President asks if Cheng Kuan knows about Guang Qiang LED Company? Cheng Kuan says the company ought to be making money since it sells profitable LEDs to the US and Japan, but its mismanaged. The President wants to send Cheng Kuan to this subsidiary as the Deputy General Manager to turn the company around. Cheng Kuan asks if the President wants to fire him directly instead?

Cheng Kuan’s calculations show that that subsidiary will be bankrupt within a year and he refuses to go. He’s contributed greatly to the company and he doesn’t want to be sent to a crap hole. The President says their company holds 35% stake in the LED company and they don’t have management control. If they don’t turn the company around, the company’s investment will be lost. He’s sending Cheng Kuan into the company to find a weakness in General Manager Wu so they can get rid of him. Cheng Kuan again refuses to pick up assignment but the President says this is not a choice but a command. Before leaving, he asks Cheng Kuan to spend more time with Vivian. They are getting engaged soon and she’s coming back to see Cheng Kuan. He sighs and says yes.

After the President leaves, the guys sit down and Cheng Kuan is upset that he’s being sent to the boondocks just because of a loss in some money. Sheng Jun says the President is giving his only daughter to Cheng Kuan so this LED assignment must be important to the President. Cheng Kuan blames all of his woes on Luo Si Yi grabbing the wrong phone. He says that she’s a blight on anyone with the bad luck to run into her.

Si Yi’s mom and day are working in the dry cleaning shop and bickering like old married couples are wont to do. Si Yi comes home and her parents are worried about her working late and not having a life. Si Yi’s younger sister Si Qi and her husband return from their second honeymoon to Japan bearing gifts for everyone. The couple is sickeningly sweet with each other.

The family is teasing each other when Si Yi takes out Cheng Kuan’s cake encrusted suit. Dad says this is a very expensive suit and Si Yi asks her dad to make he cleans it because she doesn’t want to buy a new one. Her parents are thrilled when they assume she’s playing sex games with food with some guy and ask her to bring the guy home. Si Yi tries to explain she doesn’t have a boyfriend but everyone teases that she’s blushing and so cute.

Si Yi flounces off to pout and her mom comes by to encourage her not to be disappointed in love. All she had was one bad relationship. Her sister have five failed relationships before getting married, and even mom dated three guys before marrying dad. Si Qi runs over and tells her sister to get over a relationship that ended 5 years ago. She needs to dress better and go out more. Dad tells everyone to eat dinner as a way to save Si Yi from anymore of her family’s nagging.

Cheng Kuan sits in his apartment and thinks about the President ordering him to go to the crappy LED company. He decides that even a failing company isn’t something he can’t handle. Si Yi sees Cheng Kuan’s card in her bag and remembers how she caused him to lose out on a deal. She berates herself for being so careless.

As Si Yi heads to work on Saturday to do the meeting minutes, she walks past a construction site and is sprayed with water from a hose. Cheng Kuan drives up the Guang Qiang LED company with Sheng Jun and wonders again why he has to come here? Sheng Jun asks why he is here to scope out the company if he doesn’t want to come? Cheng Kuan tells him to stay outside and he heads in.

Si Yi walks to her office and grabs her spare set of clothes. Cheng Kuan walks through building and checks out every office. Si Yi finds an office to change. Cheng Kuan walks past the office of the Deputy General Manager and notes that this ought to be his office going forward. He opens the door and sees Si Yi changing inside. The two of them stare at each other in shock.

Si Yi screams and calls him a pervert and slaps him. She tries to run away and slips on the carpet, taking both of them down. Cheng Kuan asks what she’s doing but she’s in a pique and ends up kneeing him in the groin. Again. She asks if he’s okay and he answers that he’s okay this time as well.

Cheng Kuan limps to sit down while Si Yi chews him out for being a pervert and stalking her to her company. Cheng Kuan huffs that he’s not interest in a flat chest. He says men are interested in women with class and that doesn’t apply to her. Before he leaves, he tells her not change clothes in other people’s offices. He’s been so scared out of his wits he needs to go see a shaman.

Cheng Kuan heads out and Sheng Jun finds him limping. Cheng Kuan reveals he ran into Miss. Old, who kneed him again and that is no different than attempted murder. Sheng Jun tells him to go find a shaman to get rid of the bad spirits.

Si Yi finishes changing and checks out her chest, muttering that she’s not flat as a pan. Si Yi gets a call from Xiao Ke that the fortune teller is seeing them today after being on the the waiting list for 6 months. The fortune teller ends up being rather mystic and Hindi, which makes Si Yi laugh that this is all such a joke. Xiao Ke says this fortune teller is super accurate which is why Xiao Ke comes every six months. They see a client leaving sobbing because the fortune teller said she would divorce her husband. Si Yi wants to leave but Xiao Ke persuades her to stay.

Si Yi and Xiao Ke enter and the fortune teller immediately starts checking out Si Yi. The fortune teller says Si Yi has had intimate touches with a man these last few days. Si Yi recollects her groining Cheng Kuan twice but insists nothing happened. The fortune teller gets Si Yi’s birth information and gasps out loud and chants when she reads it. She has never seen such a unique birth information ever. The fortune teller says Si Yi will either become a nun or never get married. She was hurt very deeply in a previous relationship and has now locked up her heart. But if she falls for someone again, she is doomed.

Xiao Ke asks the fortune teller if she may have made a mistake reading Si Yi’s future. The fortune teller says she never makes mistakes. She says Si Yi will be alone for the rest of her life. Si Yi is furious and wants her money back. The fortune teller tells Si Yi that being angry isn’t going to change her future.

Si Yi asks what will the fortune teller do if Si Yi does get married. She wants to give her a red envelope with money. Si Yi says she doesn’t care about money, so the fortune teller makes a promise that she will do a pole dance at Si Yi’s wedding should it happen. Si Yi vows that she will get married within the next 365 days. If she doesn’t, she’ll pay the fortune teller NT 1 million.

Thoughts of Mine:

Because Office Girls was a very well-made simple and delicious cake, it’s doable for Miss Rose to emulate its recipe in every way and still come out with an appetizing confection. We have the meet cute between the leads Cheng Kuan and Si Yi, with his groin getting double the amount of pain. We know they are going to be working together soon, and they will be surrounded by zany and ridiculous co-works and superiors who will make their lives difficult and interesting. Si Yi has her BFF in Xiao Ke (just like Xing Ren had Le Le) and I was grinning widely to see that Cheng Kuan’s BFF Sheng Jun was played by the same actor who played Zi Qi’s BFF Bao Luo in OG. Thankfully Tia Li escapes the wrath of the fans this time around by playing the sweet girl instead of the conniving witch.

The acting is solid all around. Nothing to write home about, other than Roy Qiu stealing the show (again) by his precise line delivery and restrained energy. Usually there are a few weak links in the cast, but I can’t find a single one here. Tia is actually very warm and enjoyable to watch onscreen as Xiao Ke, and Megan really nails her character. She’s a bundle of different personality traits, some of which feels contradictory. She’s a spot on secretary, but still a bit ditzy at times. She’s confident and ballsy, but not brash and in-your-face. She’s so tall that it takes me awhile to get used to her next to Roy. While I miss Alice Ke with Roy badly, I know this is just acting and I’m ready to give this new pairing a try because so far they are quite entertaining together.

One thing I loved about OG was the general lack of family drama, aside from Zi Qi’s late-arriving momma’s machinations in getting him away from Xing Ren. But overall OG had really solid parental and authority figures that added to the warmth of the show. I see the same thing in MR, where Si Yi’s family is super cute and loving, while Cheng Kuan doesn’t exhibit any signs of coming from a messed up family. In fact, Cheng Kuan is at first blush an uninteresting character that doesn’t really stand out on paper, but Roy manages to make him really eye-catching. He’s your by-the-book cold, rich, and brilliant business man, but he also seems like a petulant kid at times. I’ll have to wait and see if Cheng Kuan can ever match up to Qin Zi Qi’s awesome, but with Roy in the driver’s seat, anything is possible.

So far the OST doesn’t impress me at all, but the instrumentals are nice. I love how the ending credits show Megan and Roy doing a meet cute at a convenience store but not quite as their characters. I can’t explain, you have to watch it. I’m sure a good chunk of my impetus to recap MR is to save screencaps of Roy, but I really don’t have time to do it unless the drama is good, and so far MR is indeed good. Not great, and might never get there, but a six-month drought of TW-dramas makes me grab onto this one like a thirsty traveler in the desert and MR is my oasis. Because of the Olympic preemption, episode 2 of MR will air this Sunday despite episode 1 premiering two weeks ago. Everyone check it out!


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  1. Ohh, thank you Ms. Koala – I’m in the middle of a kdrama drought and looking elsewhere for a breezy summer fix. Loving Rich Man Poor Woman, and Miss Rose sounds like just the perfect addition. Does anyone know if there are English subs for this? Or should I just give up and learn Mandarin? ;P

    • There is a drought on subbers/subbing teams interested in subbing all the new Taiwanese dramas. There are six new Taiwanese dramas out that I am interested in and not one of them is being subbed. Viki seems to be subbing the old Taiwanese dramas instead of trying to keep up with all the tasty new ones.

  2. Argh. How did I not know this already had an episode out?! Haven’t read the recap, just looked at the pretty pictures of Roy. I think I’ll look one more time, get back to work and then look forward to tonight when I can actually read the recap/watch the episode.

    Dear Drama Gods, thank you so much for Roy Qiu….

  3. Sounds fun. Been looking forward to it. Qiu is actually portraying the kind of character I usually gravitate toward but Qin Zi Qi was so amazing…
    Excited about the recaps! Thank you for taking the time. I’m on a drama break but hope to pick this up in a couple wks.

  4. I’m really loving this drama and What is love, they’re definitely the betters tw dramas of this year I think (SOP QUEEN is awesome as well). One thing I’m so mad about is those two strands of hair on si yi, I really wanted to pull them off! ep 2 this sunday yay! I was wondering why it didn’t broadcast last week (but I guessed olympics :p)

    thanks for the recap!

  5. I never knew who Roy was until you posted up pics of him as the ’emperor’ for Yun Zhong Ge, then I saw him in Unbeatable 2 and WUL. His suits in WUL and his suave demeanor and walk made me fall in love with him. I really like him better with his short gel hair in WUL. And absolutely adored him in OG when he was always eye sexing Alice. Can’t wait for this to be subbed to watch.

    • This ———-> when he was always eye sexing Alice cannot agree with you anymore other than to sniffle over how much I miss Zi Qi with Xing Ren. T__T But it’s wonderful to have my Roy back onscreen and firing on all cylinders again.

  6. I’ve been looking forward to this drama. Sadly, although I was able to download it from sugoi, no one seems to be subbing it yet. I can’t even find it on viki yet. Maybe once a few more episodes are released…

  7. Ms. Koala, have you tried Once Upon A Love (with Sunny Wang and Cheryl Yang)? The story isn’t anything new but I’m quite enjoying the series and Sunny & Cheryl are doing well in their characters and chemistry. Though Cheryl usually is terrific in her roles.

    Anyways, will definately check out Miss Rose!

    • Once Upon a Love is the TW remake of the K-drama Thank You, except the kid doesn’t haven’t aids, and Sunny is not a doctor. Almost everything else is identical. China also remade TY with Happiness of an Angel. I love TY, but I don’t feel the need to rewatch the story with different casts. I like Cheryl and Sunny, but its a pass for me on that one. Looks decent, but I’ve seen the story before.

  8. It’s a shame that I notice the T-drama “What is love 花是愛”
    because of your article though I am a Taiwanese.

    I’ve finished ep.2 and it is really great!
    The story is so unique that I can’t wait to see next episode!
    Have you watched “What is love”?

  9. Finally…I have been waiting for your recap on MS ever since I saw that you are currently watching the drama hehehe….thanks Ms.Koala =D

    I have just re-watched Girl in Blue for the 3rd time after finished with CQE’s SoP Queen (which I personally think had a rather sloppy plot). And now, Roy is back on my screen with all his solid act…please dont let me down again drama God.

  10. Thanks for the recap, Ms K. My mandarin is poor and I find it even harder to understand the Taiwanese variety. So, your recap is great! I read it first and then, am able to enjoy the show much better!

  11. Thanks for the recaps of this.
    I knew that I would like the show when very quickly into the first episode I was laughing out loud. I LOVE when that happnes.

    They are completely telegraphing to jokes which makes them even more enjoyable. For example, Miss Rose holding the cake and breaking her heel. When Cheng Kuan arrives on the scene, you giddily anticipate the collision to come, when it happnes, it is 5X more satisfying because they both play the slapstick so well.

    It always impresses me that the handsome male characters who get cake smooshed into them, or kicked in the netherparts manage to maintain their cool, or should I say, manners. Cheng Kuan really should get a LOT angrier, but I am glad his buddy just laughs at him.

    Yvonne Yao as Song Ting Ai reminds me of Drew Barrymore, btw.

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