Watch Five-minute Trailer as Haeundae Lovers Premieres Today

Everything about the upcoming Haeundae Lovers is just weird. I don’t mean bad, just odd and hard to wrap my mind around. It seems so slapstick and silly, yet it could be good if done right because you have one prosecutor who loses his memory and thinks he’s a gangster and falls in love with the daughter of a mob boss. But I feel like this drama already has the deck stacked against it since its going up against Faith, and we know Korea loves sageuks and Lee Min Ho, not necessarily in that order. My heart feels like petting the underdog, but watching the long 5-minute trailer still leaves me with more questions and answers.

One thing that is definitely answered is: Yes, Kim Kang Woo appears shirtless A LOT, and this drama’s two very well-endowed leading ladies Jo Yeo Jung and Nam Gyu Ri will definitely be showcasing their ample bosoms in bikinis, strapless wedding gowns, and even sexy hanboks. Sadly, the stretching of credulity appears to also increase since Kim Kang Woo’s prosecutor character not only goes undercover, he appears to be a kick ass fighter as well. I guess if he’s shirtless I’ll be willing to accept most anything.

5-minute trailer for Haeundae Lovers:


Watch Five-minute Trailer as Haeundae Lovers Premieres Today — 12 Comments

  1. Jung Suk Won looks so sexy with the glasses and the checked shirt. Korean Clark Kent?! I know I’m weird but I love a bow-legged man. Look at that left leg! He’s the only reason I’m tuning in to this show, so I hope he gets some quality screen time.

  2. OK, I will go out on a limb and say this has ‘trainwreck’ written all over it.

    Not that I haven’t enjoyed a bad drama before (Marry Me Mary, Spy Myung Wol etc) but this doesn’t even look entertaining plus I am indifferent to everyone in the cast and the premise doesn’t ping my buttons.

  3. I knew I would skip this drama but seeing this trailer I was right to do so… This is just weird and confusing! The cast is not really (to me!) and the story.. well it could be good but that’s not enough to catch my interest. And the trailer does nothing to give me a reason to watch it.

    I’m more into Faith, Arang and Nice Guy (Sept.)!:3

  4. Never judge a drama by it’s trailer~ But I guess I’m the only one loving the trailer tho 😉 I love the two leads. It’s so fresh to see Kim Kang Woo in such a role. I watched the first 10 mins of the first ep, still waiting for subs. So far it does not seem as shaky as the trailer. Dramas that have really bad trailers were often the ones to surprise as all. Protect the Boss, King 2 Hearts. While “good” trailers such as Rooftop Prince and Spy Myung Wol totally lead us in the wrong direction.

  5. After seing the first episode, I’m definetely not going to continue watching this. It’s silly and not in a funny way, soo not interesting!!!!

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