Su Ae and Kim Kang Woo Sign on for jTBC Thriller K-drama Working City

Well this is a nice pairing and a drama genre that works well for both. Kim Kang Woo and Su Ae will be the leads for mid year 2021 jTBC drama Working City, a thriller about covert actions and sacrifices to maintain society, and the scheming people who covet more power and wealth. I’ve really enjoyed the more tense thrillers this year such as Kairos and Awaken (Night and Day) but eschew the makjang melo thrillers like Penthouse as it’s just too over the top for me. I think jTBC continues to do well in the serious hand with their darker dramas and this one looks promising. Directing will be the PD of Mystic Pop-up Bar, What Happens to My Family, and Queen of the Office, with the script by the writer of Neighborhood Lawyer, Jo Deul Ho 2.

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