May Queen with Kim Jae Won, Han Ji Hye and Jae Hee Release Teaser and Stills

It’s been years since a weekend K-drama hooked me, and maybe May Queen will buck that trend. It’s not that I don’t like family dramas with a good dose of makjang, I’m just always running around on weekends and new episodes sorta slip through the cracks until I dang forget about it. Going up against the piano-playing makjang Five Fingers will be May Queen starring Han Ji Hye, Kim Jae Won, and Jae Hee. Since Kim Jae Won bowed out of Me Too, Flower! due to an on set injury, this will be his first drama since last year’s Can You Hear My Heart, which was also a weekend drama come to think of it. Maybe he’ll end up owning this time slot. May Queen is about the rise of a plucky poor girl in the shipping industry. I have to confess that this drama feels so meh on paper, but I really love both male leads and here they are looking so ridiculous gorgeous it’ll be hard not to resist watching them fight for Han Ji Hye, even though she really leaves me cold in all the dramas of hers that I’ve watched. I love the poster above, which is simple in concept, but the execution is wonderfully dramatic. Check out stills and watch the first teaser trailer below.

I already like Han Ji Hye with both Kim Jae Won and Jae Hee based on the teaser alone. This is definitely a drama where there is no guy1 for me – it’s a fight between two equal leading men. May the best one win the heart of the leading lady!

Teaser for May Queen:


May Queen with Kim Jae Won, Han Ji Hye and Jae Hee Release Teaser and Stills — 20 Comments

  1. I love the two male leads. KJW was awesome in CYHMH & hope JH does well here too. It’s been quite a while since he’s had a hit drama on his hands! Good luck to the MQ team.

    ps: LOVE the header. Put a smile instantly on my face! <3

  2. I’m really excited about this one. It’s giving me “Can you hear my heart” vibes. Not only the main cast is to look forward to, but the chibi versions of them are just too cute. Future leading mans right there (Would be perfect if Jin Goo was there too)~ come to noona. I wanna hug you all in a non-perverted way. As of now. Who knows in 3-4 years my love towards them won’t be that innocent anymore. *cough*

    My poor heart won’t be able to take seeing Jae Won / Jae Hee broken hearted. T___T. Got a very special place in my heart for them. Beautiful life & Choonhyang made me love them.

  3. Kim Jae Won AND Jae Hee?? omg. These two were my oppa crushes way back when, in my early days of kdrama watching. I am so in! I’m also getting the CYHMH vibe. Hope the cinematography is just as gorgeous here.

    But between this and 5 Fingers, I think 5 Fingers may get the slight edge in terms of ratings because of Joo Ji Hoon and because of that whole T-ara debacle. Bad publicity is STILL publicity after all…

  4. Well I could live with the drama only with the child actors! :3

    At least for “The Moon embraces the Sun” it would have been fine with me if it had been a 16 episodes drama only with the child actors! *___* And here I will give it a try because I like the child actors so much… I want to see if it can take me to the adult actors… kkk

  5. it’s clear that she will be in love with Jae hee 🙁 i want Kim jae won as a leader ….. but let’s keep faith maybe maybe MAYBE things will change !

  6. really like this child actress in The Moon Embracing the Sun, although the story I’m writing has her in the entire story, if only I could write in Korean….and yes I have dedicated myself to writing stories for people who are child at heart….Never never land lives in the heart of those who never aged….GOD BLESS!

  7. I like watching week-end dramas on the week-end, so I am completely at the mercy of recappers and subbers, and forever grateful, too.

    Secret Garden was a week-end drama, remember?

    This does feel a little like CYHMH because of the kids,KJW, business guy, dark side, etc.
    I think that as actors, KJW and JH give off a similar soft vibe that belies their hidden intensity. I hope they show off their intensity a lot. Soooo much more interesting.

  8. I love seeing the adult actors side-by-side with their younger counterparts. Casting has done such a good job with this one! I don’t really watch weekend dramas, but I guess I’ll keep my eye on this one, just in case.

  9. Can I just point out how funny it is that Jibin is playing mini-Kangsan and he was also a Kangsan in BOF? Haha. Also, Kim Yoo Jung!!!! I’m in

  10. This is probably the drama I’ve seen where both guys are… on equal footing, for lack of a better word. Both are leading men… I’ll have a hard time choosing if I end up watching.

  11. OMG the teaser!!!! thanks koala!!!!
    i really want to see this because of KJW, and i’m happy to say i love the trailer, the only thing is that i Need KJW to be the main lead, but i’m afraid it would be JH 🙁 why??? am i supposed to suffer of second lead syndrome??? NOOOOO
    love CYHMH (the drama was flawless… best drama ever!!!) so if May Queen is something near it it would de great!!!

  12. Kim Jaewon in new drama…wow can’t wait. I am sure the rating will be good…just like CYHMH drama. Or maybe can be more…Kim Jaewon Oppa, FIGHTING!!

  13. OMG… Kim Jae Won oppa… honestly, i’m head over heels in love with him. He is just too handsome and sweet to resist. I like the casting of this drama, it’s pretty solid, i think this would be great one. You are right about the poster, there’s something on it that makes me very excited… hahahahaha… Jaewon oppa and Jae Hee is a pretty good match… May the best man win…. Fighting….

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