Ariel Lin Confirms New Relationship with Non-celebrity Boyfriend

Ariel Lin is one of those magnetic actresses that always leads to people shipping her in real life with her leading men. Most notably being Joe Cheng after they did It Started with a Kiss, or Hu Ge after they did Legend of the Condor Heroes 2008, or Mike He after Love Contract, and most recently with Bolin Chen after In Time with You. Funnily enough, there is hardly any gossip about her and those entertainment co-stars, other than fan’s shippy dreams, and her last boyfriend was a much older divorced non-celebrity.

She’s been single for the past year, and looks like that didn’t last very long. Ariel was recently in LA visiting her aunt and was spotted walking around Redondo Beach holding hands with a tallish early 30s Asian man. At the poster shoot for King of Lan Ling this past week, Ariel admitted to the media assembled for the photo shoot that the man is indeed her new boyfriend. She calls him her “Li Da Ren” after Bolin’s character in ITWY, and is someone she has been friends with for more than 10 years and finally the sparks flew between them. Wow, congrats to Ariel for being so happy and candid!

When asked what she liked about this new boyfriend, Ariel again borrowed a line of dialogue from ITWY and said there was too much to list and he was just so sincere and down-to-earth. To maintain his privacy, Ariel didn’t divulge his name but revealed he was around her age, a normal guy working a white collar job, and her parents have met him and like him. She doesn’t mind the long distance dating since she doesn’t like to keep tabs on her significant other’s life anyways. When asked about marriage prospects, Ariel demurred but conceded that her life, career and family, is based in Taiwan.

Ariel is currently in the final stages of interviewing for a theater post-grad program in England, and if accepted she’s taking a year sabbatical from acting to live in England and enroll in the arts program there. When asked whether her new boyfriend will be jealous of her upcoming romantic scenes with Feng Shao Feng in King of Lan Ling, Ariel laughed and said he wouldn’t be, and if anyone ought to be jealous, it’ll be Feng Shao Feng’s girlfriend. If anyone is curious who Feng Shao Feng’s girlfriend is, he’s recently gone public with C-actress Ni Ni, who was the leading lady in Zhang Yimou’s award winning movie Flowers of War (Jing Ling Shi San Cai) with Christian Bale.

[Credit: UDN news]


Ariel Lin Confirms New Relationship with Non-celebrity Boyfriend — 52 Comments

  1. So bizarre to see the names CHRISTIAN BALE and ARIEL LIN in one article since I stan both LOL. Happy for her but why is she hinting that this thing ain’t going to last?

  2. Maybe Ariel got some tips or her new boyfriend got some tips from In time with you and put it in action and now they are Dating LOL cute <3

    happy for her ^^

  3. Awww, I wish Ariel the best. I love how shes so candid indeed. She has no reason to give a crap. She is very much a grown woman and says I am dating this person and that how it is. Awesome! Too much waste of time with all that lying or hiding. No one wants that. I am so happy for her….Joe, Mianhae. Hehh

  4. Very classy lady in my opinion. And s fine actress to boot. She knows how to pick her projects well and I absolutely admire her for being able to keep her private and public life separate. She seems to know what she wants in her life, and go for it. An arts program in England? You go, girl!

  5. Happy for her! She is indeed classy and has a good head on her shoulders. And the info about them walking around Redondo Beach made me smile. I used to around the area and the sunsets are gorgeous! 😉

  6. So happy for her! The guy sounds like a good guy, and a Li Da Ren to boot! 😀 Sounds like she’s taking things as they come and not rushing anything.
    I hope the England grad program thing works out for her, because it sounds like a fantastic learning opportunity; I loved the stuff she did at the short acting class she took in New York. Gorgeous picture you posted of Ariel with the rose 🙂

  7. it’s kinda hard for me to look at Ariel Lin now, without seeing Ishihara Satomi but I’m happy for her!! stay happy 🙂

  8. Happy to hear Ariel is doing well. I will miss her work for the year she is off but hopefully Wang Lan Ling will us up until then.

  9. Wow! So happy for Ariel! You go girl! The very reason why I like her so much… very classy, honest, level-headed, intelligent and grounded woman. Success doesn’t get into her head. I admire her drive to improve herself and learn more about her craft. This news just made me so happy! All I wish for her is true happiness. Hopefully this guy gives her the happiness she truly deserves. OMG, that is why she is so radiant & her face is glowing nowadays! Go Ariel!!! 🙂

  10. OMG! What a brilliant news indeed!!! All the best to Ariel in acting and romantic experiences both!!
    Be happy, our Morning!

  11. so happy to see u grow Ariel and looking forward of meeting u one day. May all ur dreams come true. I am wishing u joy throughout ur journey to life.

    Cheer !D

  12. im so sad for iswak fans …but happy for ariel .. we cannot push her or their love team..i know they have their own personal life …

  13. kinda sad 🙁 but happy for her at the same time now that she found the love of her life 🙂 But i’m still hoping that Joe Cheng still be her forever Love. :)) Waiting for ISWAK3, when will it be? 🙂

  14. Happy for her :3 She deserves best! Hope she will be doing ISWAK 3.:D Wish her happiness may it be career, family and love.

  15. I still hoping that ariel can be together with Joe cheng :”
    I thinktheir real life is just same with the ISWAK drama, but inversely
    Zhi su’s characteristic as just like Ariel in the real life.
    So i think the story will be interesting if they can be together in real life 😀
    Just wait for the destiny!hahha *wait for joe realize*

  16. nakakadismaya na may roon na syang iba masaya ko para sa kanya pero malungkod din kasi di sila nag katuluyan ni joe chen anu daw!!! ang gulo ng feelings ko basta yun na yun hirap mag explain!!!

  17. Ariel Lin did a good job on Lan Ling Wan. I think Joe Cheng really like her a lot. I wish her happiness with her new boy friend. I wish her all the best in England. I hope Joe and Ariel do a next drama together.

  18. I want Joe Cheng to be with Arlin Lin, i know there is always a sparks between them and they look good together.. so i must say I LOVE ARJOE forever and ever… and we are waiting a part 3 of ISWAK 🙂

  19. I want ArJoe. But it is too late. Ariel is morethan 1year married now. Hope someday ArJoe will still do a show together. I’m happy for her but hoping that Ariel and Joe will be together on their second life. I really really love both of them

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