Fun New Stills and Fourth Teaser for To the Beautiful You

Ah To the Beautiful You, still looking cute there! We’re a week out from the scrum next Wednesday when Beautiful You premieres along with Arang and the Magistrate. To say the two dramas are as different from each other as night and day is an understatement, plus Gakistal is still around since it got an extension, which makes the ratings game unpredictable and up for grabs. I’m still pleasantly surprised by how charming all the previews and stills for Beautiful You are, giving us a bright manga flavor but toned down a bit from the wackiness of the J-version and the mugging of the TW-version. I wish Lee Hyun Woo wasn’t saddled with a bowl haircut (where did that come from? Not the manga, I assure you), but Sulli looks fantastic with her boy crop and Min Ho is all sorts of yummy. I never finished What’s Up? but Kim Ji Won was adorable in there and looks great here as well. Check out the latest teaser and tons of new stills showing all four leads and one shirtless guy.

4th Teaser for Beautiful You:


Fun New Stills and Fourth Teaser for To the Beautiful You — 8 Comments

  1. Yes! Loving it! Hana Kimi is one of my all-time favourite shoujo mangas and neither the Taiwanese or the Japanese version has done it justice, but I’m very hopeful about this one. I just hope they don’t introduce too much melodrama.

  2. They did it, the kiss! I was wondering how they would manage to get that in in the K version.

    Totally unabashedly really looking forward to this, and my love for idol worshippers’ quickness to sub increases every day.

    Thanks for the delicious tidbits!

  3. Look like the perfect drama to watch with my 16 year old daughter. She loved YAB and BOF. I think she’ll love this… I’ll label it, “Bonding Time.” 😉

  4. Im really looking forward to this version of Hana Kimi simply because I thoroughly enjoyed the Japanese [Hanazakari no Kimitachi e] and Taiwanese [Huā Yàng Shǎo Nián Shǎo Nǚ]versions, including the Japanese remake. The story just doesn’t get old! Among the female leads, I think Ella Chen pulls off the boy look perfectly. But I loved Sulli’s belligerent role in Punch Lady, especially when she ate glass. She’s a really good actress, so I can’t wait to see what she does for this role.

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