Joe Cheng Enlists in Military Service and Misses Love Actually Promotional Events

I’ve got some good news and some bad news. The good news is that the cast of Love Actually has been actively promoting the drama in China, appearing on the popular variety show Happy Camp and doing media events such as a cooking demonstration. All very cute. The bad news is that leading man Joe Cheng has been absent from all the promotional activity in China since he’s currently back in Taiwan. The reason he can’t join the cast to promote the drama will make you cry, though I was expecting this for quite some time. Following on the heels of Ethan Ruan and then Ming Dao finally enlisting for military service earlier this year, Joe has enlisted in the military as of August 8th. Yes, he secretly enlisted and then let the media know afterwards.

This leaves Mike He pretty the last TW-leading man who still hasn’t served his time. Military service in Taiwan has been reduced from two years down to eighteen months and now only twelve months, so a year away isn’t a huge career blow. With that said, LA has become Joe’s last project before he enlisted, so that means we need to savor it while we can. Unlike Ethan’s service, which is a civilian post working in Taipei, Joe is actually enlisting for the army and after orientation training, he’ll be assigned to a troop likely down South. Does this mean abs when he comes back? Oh the possibilities. I’ll miss you, Joe, so take care and serve your country proudly. I’ll be watching LA with a tissue in one hand sniffling over your absence.

I can’t believe how cute Feng Feng and Da Hae are together. Apparently during the filming of LA, the cast celebrated his birthday and the prankster Da Hae bought him a pair of red underwear as a inside joke (since they filmed a peep show shower scene in the drama). I’m sure that broke the ice between them big time.

Because Joe had to miss the promotional tour, for the cast’s appearance on Happy Camp, he pre-recorded a segment that will be shown during the airing.


Joe Cheng Enlists in Military Service and Misses Love Actually Promotional Events — 10 Comments

  1. I’ve seen that white-with-black-spots dress before—on History of a Salaryman—but it was a LOT shorter! LOL. This drama looks super-cute. At the beginning of this post, I was all like “wait, he can’t leave, they must be in the middle of filming”, but then I remembered that this isn’t a kdrama. Haha!

  2. Been doing a JC nights this week end by re-watching “That Love Comes” and “Channel-X” prior to watching LA, and now the news is he enlisted already?? Not end of the year?!

    Oh, Joe, I miss you already… come back soon darl! *sobs*

  3. It is good that Joe left us with some projects to look forward to. Hope he come back healthy and we will surely miss him.
    LDH and Feng Feng really looks adorable together. So cute ^_^

  4. How did I miss their Happy Camp appearance? I’m slacking on variety shows lately since I’ve been so focused on EXO-M shows LOL.

    Joe snuck off to training…good job Joe

  5. In watching the first episode I realized this is a remake of the Jdorama Lunch Queen. With fewer brothers and the added drama of a nephew for the female lead. That just makes me more excited, since I loved that dorama!

  6. Thanks for your posts about Love Actually. I won’t have checked it out otherwise. I enjoyed the first half of the drama but episode 18 onwards became very “makjang” with crazy revenge plots galore and strange illnesses. For me, Joe’s acting range is limited but he sure is pure eye candy. He and Lee Dae Hae are lovely together and I like Li Yi Feng as well. The 2nd female lead drives me nuts though with her cutesy, over-the-top voice and antics…

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