Song Joong Ki Reveals His Nice and Angry Look for Nice Guy

Now that is the look of an Angry Guy. So why did the drama Nice Guy choose that for its name, when clearly the titular male lead is likely to be pissed off and vengeful for a good chunk of its run. Perhaps writer Lee Kyung Hee wants to hammer home the irony of it, or show that a genuine Nice Guy will always retain that goodness inside even when he dabbles in the dark side? I dunno, but Song Joong Ki shooting ragey glares left and right makes me giddy with glee (though he is a hairsbreadth away from the crazy-eyes in the above picture). Who doesn’t love watching an actor completely act outside his real life and typical onscreen image? It’s like watching Moon Geun Young be sullen and bitchy in Cinderella Unni or watching Chung Jung Myung be broody and angry in Fashion 70’s – ah, those were some good times. Check out the latest batch of official stills from NG as we sit back and wait for September 12th to arrive and drop this baby on our lap like a detouring stork that finally reached its destination.


Song Joong Ki Reveals His Nice and Angry Look for Nice Guy — 14 Comments

  1. I’m so excited to se Song Joong Ki in a dark role. I adore him in Sungkyunkwan Scandal, and he was my favorite part of OB/GYN Doctors, so it’ll be fun to see him in a different light. Who knew he had so much intensity?

      • He’s fiercely intense in TWDR, and ICAM, a must-watch for any fans of SJK. But as some fans have pointed out to me, the difference here is that there appears to be a feral side to his character’s intensity and that’s going to be very interesting to watch.

  2. Watching him side by side (and interact) with Moon Chae-Won, all I can say is if their chemistry is as good as it’s been hinted in the BTS stills & footage AND if the writing lives up to my expectations, I’ll ship my heart out of Maru & Eun-Gi.

  3. Isnt the title literally “There’s no nice guy anywhere in this world” thus “Nice guy” for short? So depends on where the author takes the character and his redemption route, it may or may not be ironic. I just hope Not Nice Guy >>> Bad Guy
    MCW looks kickass on the bike. Can’t wait

    • Yeah, I read it on Dramabeans, the complete title is “There’s No Such Thing as Nice Guy”…but the irony is so fitting, I think.

      I just hope no one will die in this drama..other than that, 2nd that : Can’t wait~

  4. Omg, he doesn’t even look like my Joong-Ki in that first photo. I really like it though. I’m slowly anticipating this drama.

    Sang-yeopssi!! Hmm, he kind of does look like Eric in that picture. I’m excited to see him in something other than ILICDD~ ^^

    I’m waiting for Hyun Woo to score a good role soon too.

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