Kim Ji Hoon and Choi Jung Won Reunite Playing Twins in Weekend K-drama

What in the Furby’s name is this craziness! The delicious Kim Ji Hoon was released from military service last month and has been understandably laying low, clearly to plot the right vehicle for his onscreen return. The media has just confirmed that he’ll be starring in a weekend family drama called My Daughter So Young on KBS, taking over the time slot for You Who Rolled in Unexpectedly. I bet it’ll at least be thirty episodes or more given its timeslot and genre, which brings screenwriter So Hyun Kyung back to the weekend drama slot that she hit it big on with Shining Inheritance/Brilliant Legacy (she went on to write prime time dramas Prosecutor Princess and 49 Days). What’s totally weirding me out is that the leading lady is Choi Jung Won, who starred with Kim Ji Hoon in Wish Upon a Star and they were adorable together as the OTP of that drama. Yet now they are going to play twins. Not even siblings, but twins! Oh my head is spinning already.

I decree that there should be a ban reuniting acting pairings who have played romantic couples before and turning them into siblings. That just squicks me out on a visceral level, especially if they’ve made out onscreen before. That just leads my mind to go down fauxcest paths and that’s no good for my sanity. In My Daughter So Young, Kim Ji Hoon will be paired with Park Jung Ah, while Choi Jung Won is romanced by Lee Sang Yoon. While WUAS turned into a giant waste of the great chemistry between Kim Ji Hoon and Choi Jung Won (the first 10 episodes were the crackiest drama crack that ever cracked back in early 2010, and then it all spectacularly fell apart), I’m sad that their reunion is turning into a love-that-can-never-ever-be-so-don’t-even-think-about-it. Helming this will be PD Yoo who recently did Brain (where he worked with Choi Jung Won) and God of Study. The drama premieres on September 15th, after May Queen and Five Fingers have already dueled it out a bit for a few weeks. This actually sounds like the least makjang of the three weekend dramas.


Kim Ji Hoon and Choi Jung Won Reunite Playing Twins in Weekend K-drama — 16 Comments

  1. “I decree that there should be a ban reuniting acting pairings who have played romantic couples before and turning them into siblings.”

    Wouldn’t this put weird restrictions on the career of talented (and untalented) actor.

  2. Korea, why oh why? The twin thing is just weird. I don’t see how I’ll ever buy them as siblings or at least not have the hardest time desiring an Asian version of Jaime and Cersei Lannister. And I especially don’t understand why as an actor, if incest wasn’t the endgame, you’d sign on to do such a time, given your past OTP popularity. Being able to get the audience to accept the twin thing isn’t necessarily the issue, it’s toning done the romantic chemistry between the actors themselves, which seriously seems to be just natural with these two.
    I trust Ji-hoon as an actor, therefore I’m going to roll with it, but I’m very skeptical there won’t be some “I’m in love with my sister” moments.

  3. Ok dis is weirding me out big time…I dont think I can watch this. I may watch it IF there is any possibility of being mistaken twins.

  4. I felt wierd at first, but the more I thought about it, my favorite couple from WUAS was not the official OTP but the relationship between Kim Ji Hoon and the little boy that played Choi Jung Won’s sleep-walking brother.

    Also, am I the only one relieved to see Lee Sang Yoon get the girl? Is there another show where he does? I have been posting about this trying to get someone to point me to one.

  5. Yeah, he get the girl in “Life is Beautiful” – one of the best k-dramas I’ve seen and one where I love almost every character (from major to minor) with one or two exceptions.

  6. O man this so very wierd and kinda wrong but I’m going to have to watch this now that I know who the scriptwriter is (love her!!)
    Now I’m going to have to start praying that this isn’t over 30 eps long

  7. If history has anything to say about the series it’ll go to 58 episodes. Ojakgyo Brothers (58) episodes which was followed up by My husband got A Family/You Who Rolled in Unexpectedly (58) episodes. The bonus is that both of these shows have done exceptionally well (breaking 40% locally/nationally) so this is actually a pretty smart move for Kim Ji Hoon (beyond your affections for him).

    As for the other two shows neither seem to be “exciting” based off what I’ve seen. So I’m hoping that this one will fill the void (if not wash the bitter taste that Dr. Jin has left) for weekend dramas. If they can avoid the family politics and micromanagement of siblings, etc. I’ll be more than happy with this show. Well I’m still on the fence with Park Jung Ah considering every daily show (admitting that I’ve watched them and still have my wits — just barely — says something) she’s been in the last few years has thrown me into a vicious rage over how superficial her character(s) is/are (I’m crossing my fingers and preparing for a “new television fund” just in case).

  8. What the what?! Twins?! Oh man, I’m already starting to get the fauxcest vibes. I hope this doesn’t turn into some makjang where they’re actually NOT twins or related for that matter aka–Autumn in my Heart.

  9. My energy for makjang & weekend drama will be devoted to Five Fingers. But if any of the sites recap this one, I’ll read along for a bit. I have enough KJH love to do that much. haha Who knows…it may turn out to be the best of the bunch. Stranger things have happened.

  10. WUAS was 2010? Where does the time go? I could be okay with them playing twins since they had good chemistry. If it goes makang fauxcest though…it could be hilarious. I am already imagining the fan videos.

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