SBS Announces Eunjung to Leave Five Fingers and Replaced with Jin Se Yeon

Dayum, if SBS wanted to win douchebag television station of the year awards, it just vaulted to the lead today. SBS announced via a press release that, after its weekend drama Five Fingers premiered this past weekend to solid starting ratings, lead actress Eunjung will be leaving the drama and her role of Hong Da Mi will be recast. Her character is still in the child actor stage and she was supposed to start filming today. Of course this is due to the recent T-ara scandal (with bullying rumors and a member leaving the group), but what I don’t get is that the scandal is going on its 3rd week and now SBS wants to change actresses? What the fuck? The drama has already started airing! Eunjung is in all the promotional materials! They could have fired her when the scandal broke and then proceeded to recast her. To do so after the drama has started airing is insane. I repeat – insane!!!

A few notable lead actor changes in recent memory – Kim Jae Won had to bow out of Me Too, Flower! after injuring himself in a motorcycle accident, but it was early on in filming and no promo materials had been shot yet; and I remember Kim Min Jung leaving Hero and being replaced by Yoon So Yi, supposedly because of an injury as well but the situation was murky, and promo materials were shot so I still see Hero stuff floating on the web with Kim Min Jung next to Lee Jun Ki as opposed to Yoon So Yi. What’s worse about this situation is that Core Contents Media has just released its own statement claiming that Eunjung did not agree to leave the drama and they learned that she may be replaced by Jin Se Yeon via the same press release SBS sent out. Ooops.

No matter what the reasons were for replacing Eunjung, which is what SBS did, no one will believe for a minute she decided to leave the drama after enduring the scandal for weeks and the drama premiering to good ratings and buzz, it was such a shitty thing to do this way. Supposedly the reason was that sponsors for the drama had been pressuring SBS to replace Eunjung since the scandal has tarnished her bankability, and SBS finally couldn’t handle pressure and finally sacked her. My one experience with Jin Se Yeon was pretty much a total meh, as she was the younger version of Han Ji Hye in The Duo and she was easily the worst of the four teenage actors. Since I don’t follow Bridal Mask, I have no clue if she’s improved any as the leading lady opposite Joo Won in that drama.

This may be an acting improvement, replacing an idol with a young actress, but I can’t even get past how SBS comes off smelling like shit for publicly firing its lead actress and pretending that it didn’t. What’s wrong with firing an actor or actress? Nothing, SBS is the boss and pays the bills, it can fire and hire at will. But to pretend otherwise makes me sneer at their fakeness and hypocrisy. Eunjung looks miserable and tired at the FF press conference last week so maybe this will work out the best for her. She can take some time away from the entertainment limelight and get some likely much needed rest. Good luck to Eunjung, I hope the cast and crew of FF doesn’t suffer for what SBS did, and the network can go pound sand for all I care.


SBS Announces Eunjung to Leave Five Fingers and Replaced with Jin Se Yeon — 76 Comments

  1. Huh. I though she quit? Like you said, it doesn’t make sense for them to fire her at this point. Either way, this sucks for her and everyone else involved.

    • Apparently once Jin Se Yeon agreed to take the role they dropped Eunjung. According to the the news that has been released Eunjung had been practicing lines with Ji Chang Wook for hours on the same day that SBS or the PD was approaching Jin Se Yeon to possibly replace her. Once Jin Se Youngave the okay to take the role they dropped Eunjung and announced it via press release.

  2. Jin Sae Yeon has been alright so far in Bridal Mask. Not stellar, nor captivating, but just ok. I think I have gripes with her character so I’m in no way interested in her acting. Since Bridal Mask is still currently airing, it makes me wonder how she’ll balance two dramas at the same time.

    • considering bridal mask is her first major role in k-drama land i consider her acting (ESP. for her age–19) quite impressive. I don’t find myself bracing or cringing as i do with some newcomers, that should say alot.
      If you compare it to a few other actresses who have been in the business for a while, sadly, she would make them look like nothing.
      That being sad, her acting alone is not enough to consider A-list yet.
      She still has a long way to go.

      • Park Shin Hye was 19 when she acted in You’re Beautiful. I think she was a lot better than Jin Sae Yeon. I think age isn’t really a big factor. It’s the amount of experience and exposure one gets. Of course, JSY still has a long way to go. Being in Five Fingers would be good for her so she can improve her craft. I can definitely say she improved in the course of the show. But it’s not enough to make me want to tune in to her next dramas though.

  3. therev is no way enjung will leave after attending the press con!! its for defo those sbs ppl!! the hell.. poor eunjung.. why is she the only open being harassed.. soyeon and hyomin are doing fine with their respected dramas!!ufff hate korean netizens.. they’re the real bully!!

  4. I’m really upset. I was really looking forward to Eunjung and Ji Hoon pairing together. I don’t give a sh1t about the stupid scandal.

    • Well U or I may not give a shit abt the stupid scandal but korean audience does! And frm what I ve been reading, they ve pretty much shunned all members of T-ara. Not just that, the drama may not even get any ads/ sponsors or good TRPs coz of her, so dat ll b quite a loss. I dont want Ji Hoon’s comeback drama to be affected by some idol grp scandal. Ofcourse the way she is being kicked off is indeed sad and unprofessional but production house will care only abt their drama. And anyway Jin Se Yeon is much much better than eunjung when it comes to acting.

  5. From what I’ve heard Eunjung has really stepped it up since being in Queen Insoo. It’s unfortunate that she can’t display her new skills. I was looking forward to it.

    I haven’t even heard of this new actress. Maybe if they had removed Eunjung at the wake of scandal than they would’ve had more time to search for a better known actress.

    • You may not know her but right know she is the lead in Gaksital, a drama with ratings aroung 19%-20% in Korea, so she is known.

      I see Gaksital, love it. Like people say, her role is not stellar, bt she’s good. I think the role is not that great, but the character, not her as an actor. In real life she’s such a sweetheart that I don’t want her getting into this whole mess, and she still has two more weeks until Gaksital finish, that drama is NOT a walk in the park. She should get more rest before taking another role.

  6. SBS sucks and the netziens are bullying Eunjung now and still they say as she was bullying Hwayoung. Their the biggest bullies take a look at yourself you hyprocrites who are faceless and have zero integrity. You can hide from ppl but God knows your faces and you will be accountable for your harsh words and bullying. Eunjung get some needed rest and come back stronger. Eunjung fighting!

  7. This is horrible SBS is shit! Like seriously they even released a statement before saying how they cast eunjung and that it’s final. I’m so pissed now! Well said koala! What’s even more upsetting was eunjung was trained in acting and that her dream from the beginning was being an actress and now it’s gone.

    • Unfortunately, CCM is terrible company and I’m never quite sure when they’re telling the truth…so I’m not quite sure what to make of this. Maybe it’s SBS being jerks, maybe it’s not. It doesn’t make sense for SBS to waste time and money changing the cast unless they were pressured by an outside source.(Sponsors possibly?)

      Regardless, I feel bad for the entire drama and Eunjung.

      • Eunjung even released a statement saying that the other day she was just practicing her lines and had no idea she was dropped from the drama until SBS released it to the public.

        What you said is true maybe SBS was pressured but they could have done a enter job at fixing it. They should’ve told Eunjung beforehand before saying that she supposedly “dropped” the project.

      • possibly the sponsors … they’re the one buying the product. I think SBS was really trying to negotiate with them, but in the end it’s purely business.

  8. I was looking forward to watch Eunjung on screen again. I do agree that this will definitely give her the time to rest and get away from the netizens and scandal. hopefully she’ll be back soon with a new drama in the future!

  9. I like EJ since Coffee House and planned to watch her sageuk because what I saw of her acting was good.

    I dropped this drama, which is a shame because I really liked it, but will not support such asshattery from station execs.

  10. I feel so sorry for her, regardless of what happened to warrant these vague bullying accusations. I wouldn’t wish that sort of public humiliation on my worst enemy.

  11. The poor girl – this is absolutely ridiculous! I hope everything dies down soon. It’s pissing me off how so many netizens in the world think they have the right to judge as though they know exactly what happened. And talking about those random tweets and stuff that some of the members posted is complete bs.

  12. I don’t think I will watch the drama now I am upset they let her go I was watching it for her and Ji Hoon the other actress is too meek for my liking.

    • I thought SBS wouldn’t replace her because in the end, it hurts them more. But I think it’s probably the sponsors not wanting a lead actress shrouded in a controversy. Either way, I wish they had the decency to let her know before they announced it (if it’s true she didn’t know).

    • I agree. I don’t feel sorry for her at all. I wasn’t going to watch this drama because she was in it but now I’m going to check it out. So this is great news to me.

  13. she realy look sick or not happy in press conf. pictures O.o maybe its better if she will have time for take care of herself after all those things…

  14. omg !!!! Thank god!!!!! I wasnt planning to watch Five fingers because of T-ARA…. I will sooo watch Five fingers now!!! awesome!!!

  15. I’m pretty sure SBS only cares about Korean viewers so I think this move will prove beneficial in the long run. Still, I can’t believe they blindsided her like that.

  16. CCM putting the blame on SBS like they have done at smearing Hwayoung (the bullied girl)’s credibility.
    It’s not SBS’s fault, it’s all about business and money talks.

    • I will not agree with CCM’s treatment of Hwayoung but no one really knows if bullying ever occurred. But if the sponsors were the ones doing the pressure it still doesn’t release SBS of any blame. At the end of the day SBS pulled a really douchebag move.

      • If you want to blame, blame the sponsors. SBS didn’t want to drop Eunjung, it was clearly stated that they wanted her but felt pressured from the sponsors of the drama worrying that T-ara scandal is going to affect the product placements.
        So CCM goes along with the blame game and smearing SBS as the bad guy when it’s not them who wanted this to happen. Blame on business and money talks.

  17. I would rather not comment on T-Ara’s scandal else I might get bullied.

    SBS’s move is quite unexpected indeed as well as quite hard to understand and accept.

    On a sidenote, Mrs Koala, the faux-cest in My daughter won’t happen since both Choi Jung-won and Kim Ji-Hoon dropped it. ^^

  18. i used to think that i’ll watch this drama after other dramas which are airing at the same time, but with the new cast, i may watch it first since i’m following Gaksital/bridal mask right now and the main actress acts well..

    but, poor eunjung, take it easy, you’ll find another good script and don’t give up.. 😀

  19. Poor everyone! Poor drama crew who have put their heart and soul into this, poor actors, director, writer.

    HATE that this happened.
    Seriously, she is an IDOL, not a statesman, or government official.
    Who cares about the scandal? Which, btw, has still NOT been proven.

    Let people do their jobs and if there is more to the story, fine. She can pay damages or something. Cheezus Christmas!

    • Bullying has been a huge issue in South Korea recently – I think there were a couple of young kids who committed suicide due to being bullied at school so the TARA scandal couldn’t have come at a worse time.

      • To be honest considering the rate of suicides in korea, I don’t think it was the kids committing suicide that made it a big deal but rather the fact that one of the kid’s suicide became global news. It even made front page news here in the states. Korea has always had a problem with suicides and bullying is rampant due to the high pressure to succeed tied with the very hierarchical way their society structured. On top of that their is a lot of Nationalistic pride in korea and anything that dirties Korea’s image to rest of the world is a really big problem in the eyes of koreans. So to have their problem with bullying induced suicides make front page news globally they are going to be harsher since eyes on now on them to see how they will handle this now public problem. Had this T-ara scandal occurred last year it probably wouldn’t make news or if so not as blown up as it has become but the fact that this happened so shortly after the news of the boy who committed suicide made global news essentially made them sacrificial lambs in Korea’s attempt to rectify its image.

  20. I feel terribly bad for Eun Jung regardless if the scandal is true or not. I love her ever since Coffee Prince and I always see her hardwork in every project that is assigned to her. I don’t know what to say and I never really imagine that it will come this far. T T

  21. Is it eevol of me to say: YES!!! YES! And YES!?
    Eunjung can’t act, but due credit for her showing signs of actually ‘trying’ in Queen Insu. Don’t know why people seem to be convinced she’s the second coming of Chae Shi-ra suddenly or something.
    Jin Se-yeon is actually quite promising from what I’ve seen of her so far in her career; bits of Duo, My Daughter Kkotnim, Gaksital. She can be lacklustre when handling the wrong material, with the right material she can shine. Which is better than what we can say about Eunjung.

    • is a YES YES!! for me too. I never liked her acting…besides, what happened to her was cruel, but surely she knew it was coming. How are viewers supposed to empathize with a character when the actor in real life is attached to negative press.
      I only watched Bridal Mask a few times, and the actress is okay. She’s better than Park Minyoung, that’s for sure.

    • I actually disagree with you – I liked her performance in Queen In-soo – yes it took her some time to settle in but I was impressed by her acting there so I am disappointed to hear how the network treated her.

  22. I feel sorry for Eunjung if all this is true, but even sorrier for Jin Se Yeon because she has done a good job in Gaksital till now and I don’t think stepping in this mess is the best idea!

  23. That is seriously the crappiest and most unproffesional thing ive heard about in a while. The poor girl looks so depressed this is yet another thing I dont understand about Korea’s ethics concerning entertainers.

  24. If this is true, SBS is going to suffer a heavy backlash or even a boycott from Eunjung fans and thats going to affect heavily on the ratings. Good luck with that. I feel sorry for JooJihoon though, its his comeback drama afterall and his drama is already recieving thiiisss much drama early on the show. On the positive note, I never really thought Eunjung is fitted to be in this show. I still cringe watching her act, so i dont mind the actress change. What I mind is, why this late when the drama already aired its first episode??

  25. Rid.i.cul.ous….I mean isn’t Jin Se Yeon still filming for Gaksital?? …unless like someone above stated, they are planning on killing her off in the next few episodes or something…..I feel bad for Eun jung but I feel worse for Joo Ji Hoon, who at this point is probably think why he can’t seem to catch a break

  26. I don’t know anything about T-ara except the small bits and pieces about the scandal. I don’t know who really was right and wrong in the whole thing. I’m sure that it wasn’t only one side or another… probably both sides did wrong in the scandal.

    In terms of SBS, wow, I am not surprised. Whether they caved to sponsors or whatever, they should have at least informed them. I guess Eunjung probably knew it was coming either way.

    I must say that korean netizens can be just as much bullies as any of these celebs. Wow! In any case, sounds like break wouldn’t be a bad thing. 🙂 Scandals are so ugly. 🙁 How stressful.

  27. Jin Se Yeon has not improved one bit. Her character in Bridal Mask is meh, strangle worthy. Part of it is that her character is just poorly written and her acting on top of that, doesn’t really help.

    The scandal is just laughable. Korea has a law, where whomever is older, gets to boss the younger ones around. Look at all their teenage films and drama. So to have these girls ban is just WTF (what the fantastic) is going on.

  28. My reaction since finding out about this particular piece of news: denial, outrage and depression. SBS suck big time, what an underhanded move! If they were going to drop Eunjung, they should have done it from the very beginning instead of stringing her along like that! I still wouldn’t have found it OK but at least it’d be somewhat understandable and it’d give us, the viewers, time to digest that fact. Kicking her off when the drama has already started airing is just unbelievable and so utterly unprofessional! And then trying to convince people that she quit on her own accord… it’s truly detestable. My goodness the poor girl must be devastated! What a bitchslap in the face and she looked fragile enough during the drama press conference… I feel SO sorry for her! >_____<

    As for the actual drama, I saw the first two episodes and thought they were pretty good but now I'm gonna drop it like a hot potato just like SBS did with Eunjung. There's just no way I can continue watching that drama without feeling the blood boiling in my veins, so yeah good going SBS I'm calling it quits. I love the remaining cast but I'll support them in their future works instead.

    You know, I was never any Eunjung fan in the past, I simply thought she was pretty decent but seeing how she's suffering in this T-ara controversy from all the cyber bullying has made me much more supportive of her. She's really taking most of the brunt of the whole thing, everyone seems to point fingers at her which is really unfair. I don't doubt there was discord/tension/disharmony in the T-ara group, but that itself does not equal bullying. Sure, there are wild speculations all over the place but no one knows the truth. But no matter what, it's never OK to bully someone even under the utterly misguided notion to "bully back" and that's what's happening right now.

    Sorry, I got kinda sidetracked but that's my two cents. Now I'll go cheer myself up with some "Aarang and the Magistrate" and "To The Beautiful You" (thank goodness for a ton of promising kdramas airing at the moment)!

  29. I think sbs want to retain their high ratings for this past weeks that’s why they cut eunjung from the lead actors and they were thinking that if eunjung’s character appear on the latter part the ratings will drop.. But it was unfairly done, i believe in karma so sbs watched out you definitely did the wrong way and things might change.. Eunjung keep the faith and be safe! God bless always!

  30. Maybe that’s why so many Korean Celebrities kill themselves (suicide) because of this kind of mentality…
    I’m very worried for Eunjung,to be honest.
    I understand why there are so much suicides of famous actresses, actors and singers in South Korea.

    And how could Jin Sae-yeon even said something like this “If Eunjung is leaving the show, I can appear in the drama.”
    What is this?

    SBS already made press conference and so on why remove Eunjung now… why not earlier… Huh??

    This is a mess…

    • And the even sadder part is even if Eunjung does end up commuting suicide those horrible Antis wouldn’t care. Soyeon got into a car accident and they cheered! So disgusting. Everything you wrote is so true.

  31. According to koreaboo:
    “A representative from SBS commented, ‘The issues surrounding the departure of a T-ara member ultimately helped to promote the drama since Eunjung’s casting was mentioned around the same time. However, even if Eunjung might not hurt ratings, people still may not buy the products being advertised if she is in the drama, and in the advertisers’ opinions, it would be a waste.’”

    —>> Whaaaat?! So it’s about the products being advertised? A good drama have good ratings because it is a good drama. A product is not purchased because it is a bad or an unnecessary product. Why put the blame to Eunjung?

    Of course, the 1rst thing they care about is products/goodies….

    • Well this is business and not charity therefore the official statement should not come as a surprise. One wishes it be done ethically and respectfully but clearly the well-being of the cast/crew has never been an agenda to the TV networks.

  32. It is comical that some people don’t realize how serious cyber-bullying is. I believe that we do not have the facts but something happened. Bullying sucks in every way. Are we angry because of a drama or because someone got bullied out of a job.

    The facts are that the dollar speaks louder than any of us. It takes revenue from ads to get the dramas, movies or shows on the air.

    Bullying/cyber-bullying is wrong.

  33. what the??? this leaves me speechless….I can never understand the korean drama industry…firing the lead actress when the drama already aired…
    I am not checking out this drama so not affected by it at all. but poor eunjung, I kinda grow to like her from coffee house and we got married reality show….

  34. I am super upset about this. I was going to watch FF for Eunjung because she is a wonderful actress. It doesn’t hurt that Ji Hoon will be in it too… But now that they’ve pulled this stunt, I’ve decided I will not be watching it anymore. How disappointing!

    Eunjung, as well as the other T-ara members, have suffered so much with the recent controversies (that lack complete evidence), that I really feel for her/them.

    SBS is handling this in all the wrong ways. It is despicable for them to reassure viewers that the drama will proceed with Eunjung and then to drop her without her knowledge the day before filming. Absolutely disgusting and horrible behavior. Not at all professional.

  35. The way the drama production handled this is really low! They were using her! I read that in the latest report that while they give hope and encourage eunjung when she was practising her lines, they approached jin seyeon and ask her to take over eunjung’s role behind her back. That is rude! I was looking forward to watching this drama because of jihoon and changwook. But now that this happened, I can’t bring myself to watch it.
    I just don’t think that a production that is this shady deserve any support. Sure business is business. But can’t they handle this more professionally? They could have kicked her before the promo shooting n press con but no they had to string her along and kicked her out once they gt the green light from jin se yeon.
    That is simply unprofessional, rude and insensitive of them.

    *sigh* I want to support this drama for jihoon and changwook but the production company are complete douchebags.

    As for jin se yeon, I’m watching her in bridal mask right now. Her acting is just okay for me. She hasn’t wowed me yet. But 1 thing I’m worried abt is that she’s young. How is she to have chemistry with jihoon whom she have a huge age gap with when she doesn’t even have chemistry with joowon whom she have not so much of an age gap with? Gahh. I was so looking forward to jihoon and eunjung pairing since they look like they have chemistry with each other from the press con. But now…..

  36. I saw the first 2 eps, and it’s actually not bad. I was never a fan of Eunjung to begin with, so whether she’s in it or not, doesn’t matter to me. While I think what SBS did is indeed douchbag, but that’s just show business. They are not an exceptions. I think all other productions would do exactly the same, and probably did the same many times in the past. If I was to boycott a drama just because of that, there wouldn’t be anything to watch. Above everything else, the drama doesn’t just consist of Eunjung. It has other much more talented actors in the drama that I’m eagerly watching for.

    • I agree. I do not enjoy Eunjung’s acting and I’m glad to see her go (though don’t like her replacements acting neither). As much as I don’t like how SBS went about it (granted Core Ent is telling the truth and not trying to gain sympathy in the mist of a bad scandal) that’s the entertainment business for you, and since I was never in it for her, I won’t quit for her. SBS still sucks for dropping her after sicking by here when fans were petitioning for her to be fired.

      • They already admitted that they dropped her due to the concerns of sponsors so the fact is they fired her.

  37. Since I don’t follow Bridal Mask, I have no clue if she’s improved any as the leading lady opposite Joo Won in that drama.

    She hasn’t. She is easily the weakest link among the four leads, heck the entire cast (and that includes the background players). She is so damn monotone and has one facial expression for every emotion known to man. I mean she tries, but girl needs/needed more experience before being given lead roles such as these. Now my girl Rie on the other hand….flawless. Also she still has weeks of BM left. I hope she has enough energy to do both and doesn’t wear herself out.

  38. This is what i feel as an objective observer.

    If i was SBS, i would keep her. Eunjung is perfect for the role! In fact, she would be the dream actress i would want in my drama for that role?


    With her current situation, she will put in 150% effort into her role, especially with all the support from her crew and co-actors. She will be able to relate fully to the pain/misery/heartache called for in her role.

    If I am not wrong, the character’s father will die in a fire and gives up her dreams to be a pianist. The character in question will always have a twinge of sadness in her eyes/expression behind her “smile” and she will be able to bring that out to perfection. She will also always have that vulnerable part in her acting, which would actually create more chemistry with her “love interests” who would want to love her and protect her.

    When you are cornered and nowhere to run, you have to stay and fight. People will respect Eun Jung for doing her best regardless of all the dumb hate and stressful circumstances. And the ratings for drama will go way up as she fully realises her role in conjuction with the rest of the cast.

    Anyway what’s done is done. It is not often that dire circumstances can actually help an actor to bring out their best and in this particular instance, this might have been the greatest and most memorable performance for her and for us viewers. Oh well..

  39. hmmm, this is sad news for the girl. I don’t know exactly what “Scandal” is going on, I so can not follow that crap and make sense of it, but I wish her the best. I do like SBS though, they just appeal to me on so many levels. I’m just like bleh.

  40. I don’t understand these big companies who can hire/fire at will, yet they dont have the balls to break it to her and her management? Obviously, they were using her for the publicity, but seriously, what a douche and disrespectful thing to do in business. Yes, she was involved in a scandal, but they can’t even give her some dignity to discussed it with her before dropping her via the press?

  41. SBS fired Eunjung because they scared the rating of the drama will drop..
    Let see,whether the rating will rise or not after replacing her with other actress..So unfair for her..Just hope she stay strong to faced all these…

  42. In Gaksital, Jin Se Yeon basically frowns, glares or shouts the whole time. Maybe it’s because she’s 19(?), but when she glares, she just looks like a petulant child. Many actors get better with more experience and years, so there’s no reason why JSY won’t improve in time as well. I doubt Eunjung was better when she was 19. Besides JSY is pretty and pretty actresses always get a lot of leeway in the acting department, lol.

    The only thing about JSY that rubs me off in the wrong way is that she decided to accept’s 5F’s casting offer without any consideration for the Gaksital production team. It makes her seem kinda disrespectful? And I don’t think it was quite ethical of her take someone else’s role behind his/her back.

    And there are so many reasons why SBS/Yein E&M production company mishandled this situation.

    1. It was pretty cruel of the producers to make Eunjung participate in the press conference if they were in the midst of negotiating for a replacement.
    2. They should have fired Eunjung before searching for a replacement. Instead, they secretly found a replacement behind Eunjung’s back.
    3. They used her for publicity.
    4. They lied that she voluntarily dropped out because it was too burdensome. The reason they lied is to cover up their unethical treatment of Eunjung and because they didn’t want any negative press.
    5. Because they pretended like nothing was wrong in front of Eunjung, this news hit her completely unaware. She even rehearsed her lines with Ji Chang Wook THE DAY BEFORE news was released that she was replaced. It’s really sad imagining her diligently practicing her lines and practicing the piano without knowing that the producers were scurrying to find a replacement.

  43. this is bullshit, Eunjung deserved that role and fired just like that, the other actress who neither accept it as it is called, it is an opportunist, I hate it, is a bad actress as to compare with Eunjung even comes on the he

    • Well apparently karma agrees with you because the drama has progressively dropped in ratings and recently hit the single digits. I am a fan of the the male leads and I feel bad for Joon Ji Hoon since this is comeback drama and all but with the way SBS handled this a teensy tiny part of me is glad to see that the station is getting its just rewards.

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