Written Preview for Episode 8 of Rich Man, Poor Woman

Despite being exceedingly annoyed with the pointless and meandering episode 6 of Rich Man, Poor Woman, the lack of recapping isn’t because I’ve dropped this drama. I’m traveling so I really have no time, but I was hoping episode 7 would turn this train back on track. To my everlasting joy, it did! Oh hurray hallelujah, I love episode 7 so so much. Every scene between Hyuga and Makoto was perfect, and we didn’t even need kissing to amp up the intensity and emotional undercurrents. When Hyuga called her a lying woman because she missed his call, her answer that she would keep her phone on her going forward even when she went to the bathroom was 100% Makoto. I love how Hyuga is so insanely affected by her, the things she says, her physical presence around him, and perking up whenever he gets a chance to discern what she thinks. I’m glad that all the unnecessary kissage between Hyuga and Yoko in episode 6 didn’t head to tumbling in the sack, and instead woke Hyuga up to what was just some comfort skinship and then he put an end to it. Yoko really isn’t bad at all – I like her candor and confidence, how she joked about making the first move with Hyuga all the time, and how she confronted her brother once she learned about his scheming ways.

It’s clear now that Asahina was jealous and insecure around Hyuga from the very beginning, and his partnership appears to have been calculating from the get go. That makes me sad, because I wanted them to be genuine work friends with Asahina turning to the dark side after years of being in the shadows. To know that he’s always been plotting, which makes sense, does take away the cool Next Innovation rags-to-riches story of two techies using sheer talent to forge a new path. Anyways, episode 7 was amazing and you all need to watch, if only for the scene where Hyuga and Makoto walk home and she confides her desire to work beside him despite having a better job offer. Oguri Shun almost made my heart lurch so hard it turn 360 degrees by his pitch perfect acting. The awesome is back and better than ever.

Written preview for episode 8:

Concluding the resignation press conference, Hyuga confronts Asahina and asks “Did you orchestrate all of this?” Asahina not only admits it, he reveals that this is the result of his coddling of Hyuga in the past. At this time, Yamagami tells Hyuga that the only asset Next Innovation has right now is the personal file project, so Hyuga needs to let go of the company. Hyuga rejects this request and announces that he’s taking employees with him to start a new company.

Hyuga intends to use innovation and speed to battle for the project. He tells Asahina, who is walking out of his office, that NI is a burden and he intends to start a new company. Makoto, who has just returned to the office, stares with a heavy heart as she watches Asahina versus the Hyuga who is tasting defeat for the first time in front of a Asahina who is asserting his presence at last.

As Hyuga packs up to leave the company, he asks Makoto about her new job offer. When he hears that Makoto is moving forward with the new job, Hyuga feels a sense of loneliness. At this time, folks plan a going away party for Hyuga, so Makoto goes to ask Yoko to cater the party. Yoko asks Makoto, whose internship with NI ends tomorrow, whether she feels a sense of sadness about leaving? Makoto denies it, but her feelings for Hyuga is obvious to Yoko.

The day of the going away party, even though Hyuga has lost everything due to Asahina’s machinations, he publicly thanks Asahina. But in Hyuga’s mind, he vows that the personal file project will be his goal at the new company, but he’s also planning something with regards to Asahina……


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  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I can’t wait for episode 8. Even though I’ve only seen episode 7 raw, I agree it looks so good. I’m sure it will be even better once I can actually understand what they are saying. =)

  2. I can’t wait for Asahina to get what’s coming to him (he’s such a jerk) And yes the scenes between Hyuga and Makota are amazing they have awesome chemistry *melts* Next wk can’t come soon enough.

  3. Loved Episode 7!! I re-watched the Makoto/Hyuga scenes over and over, they are just too cute. I loved the looks between everyone during the awkward drinks scene and the conversation between Makota and Hyuga as they were walking home was great too. When they were walking and Makoto told him she wanted to keep working with him I just wanted to scream to Hyuga “Just marry her already and she can stay with you forever and ever!”. 🙂

    Now I can’t wait for episode 8 to air. I hope Makoto will still be helping Hyuga out with that personal file project, even though she has that new pharmaceutical lab research gig.

  4. Thanks so much for the update =) I am glad to read that the drama has turned around. I am personally waiting for the drama to complete and marathon in one sitting, but I may not be able to wait. Thanks so MUCH!

  5. Thank you so much Ms Koala for the update and preview. I feel like you fire the gun at a race, for me to start watching this show again. I was too afraid to watch ep.6 til I knew all was well in ep.7. Now I am off to the races, to watch ep 6. while waiting for ep. 7 eng subs. Aaaaah, I can breathe a happy sign of relief all is well with the world and Ms.Koala didn’t stop recapping “Rich Man,Poor Woman”.

  6. OH Koala! Sooo good.
    The whole post restaurant sidewalk conversation had me in tears with how much they are feeling for each other, yet how much remains unspoken.

    I swear the look Makoto gives Hyuga when he finally turns around to face her hit him like a ton of bricks. It was amazing watching Shun crumble behind his eyes telling her to do what’s best for her.

    Thanks for the preview words. Can’t wait for the showdown.

    • I stopped watching after ep 4 and decided to wait it till its finished before resuming but I had to go and hunt down that post sidewalk conversation as you’ve put it.

      And it was awesome. Toru Hyuga the character just earned my respect a thousand more. What he did was so HIM. It’s like the programmer scene all over again. He looked out for her and gave her a push to pursue a career that is not tied up with him instead of taking advantage of her emotions and have her follow him around like an adoring puppy.

      Also, when she popped the question, my initial reaction was, Gurl haven’t you read the Yahoo headline today? Falling in love with your boss is a big screw up.. 🙂

  7. I never dared to watch ep 6 thus I watched ep 7 five times to make up for one episode I missed!

    Going back, so the real battle begins!!!!

    I am so EXCITED for ep 8! I believe Hyuga will team up with Sakaguchi and since he lost 3 of his programmers, the 2 Sr. programmers of Next Innovation + Hyuga will fill the position in! haay!

    Actually, I admire Hyuga more than ever!!! Despite knowing that Asahina has backstabbed him, he didn’t step down to Kosuke’s level. I mean, it is so easy to justify his resignation and why he needs to quit NI yet he chose to remain silent and took all the blame. I don’t think he will have a hard time asking those programmers and Yasuoka to come with him as they all respected him.

    Instead of Mark Z’s story, I believe this is more of a Steve Jobs story starting from being adopted to the point of being pushed out of the company via board coup. Haay! I am thankful that the angsts are almost over! Now we can only expect Hyuga’s redemption and rising again with Makoto. hehhehe!

    • exactly, me thot so too! I felt there was some kind of resemblance to Steve Jobs story… can’t wait till monday!

    • Carma! Toru helped Sakaguchi now he pays back. I also think they will team up, and probably some of current workers will follow Toru.
      I think Asahina is trying to find, what’s so great about Toru.., but that means his losing friend, after this is no returning back.
      He always thought he’s the one who build company but it never was his.
      Toru is fighting back with good new project, current modified PF. He’s not guy who fights without plan, he has s’thing.
      Ahhh, waiting for good moments with T&M.

  8. I love e’thing about this drama.

    Shun is leaving all actors few steps behind in current airing dramas.

    Ep 7. Mind blowing in all ways. From Toru’s don’t wanna drag you with me, till I’m not servant to anyone.

    This is far the best drama for me after TK2H.

  9. The awesome is back in RMPW! Yey!!! *throws confettis and blows horns!

    I am sooooo happy to see this post, because I was hoping against hope that you will write about this drama again.

    I have only seen episode 7 raw so far, but scrounged for recaps and posts so I could have a better understanding of what happened. I really love the two lead characters. Toru Hyuga might be the most interesting character I have seen in an asian drama in a long time. And Shun Oguri’s acting is nailing it!!!!!

    Like you, I particularly love that scene when Hyuga confronted Makoto about missing his call while lying / rolling on the floor. He is like a petulant child who didn’t get his candy, and Makoto was trying to console him. It’s so funny and tenderly heart-tugging at the same time. Of course, second only to the sidewalk speech – *sniffle.

    I still hope you will recap episode 7. Never mind episode 6, we all hated it! I watched it raw and didn’t bother re-watching when the engsubs came out.

    I am so excited with the show from here on. I hope the writers would now give us less of the siblings asahina / yoko and more of the secondary characters – Sakaguchi and Yasuoka for instance. And of course, more, I say more and MORE of our beloved OTP confessing about their true feelings and solidifying their relationship. Come on, writer, you can do it!

  10. I admit to giving this ep a try for your description alone and it was worth it. The walk scene was indeed awesome and the awkward drinking/words at the restaurant poignant.

    Yet her submissive behavior in a professionnal environment with her willing to bring her cell even in the ladies room reinforced by their height gap has me feel uncomfortable to say the least. It kinda screams “slave” and not the helper a spouse is meant to be.

    • I understand your point. While I am digging the cuteness of Hyuga and Makoto’s interactions, I know they have to come to a point where they can see each other more as equals, in order for them to create a relationship that would be fair for both of them. I am hoping the drama writers would give us this. But if not, it’s fine. I see Hyuga as an extremely needy person, probably because he grew up knowing his mother left him. And as for Makoto, she grew up having the support and love of a family, so I think she would have enough love inside her to shower Hyuga. They are so perfect for each other. And going back to The Scene in Episode 7, I really really loved that scene and both Shun and Satomis acting!

      Thanks for this written preview Koala. I wonder what would lead to that picture of Hyuga strangling Makoto. For sure that would be epic. I also saw a picture somewhere of Makoto riding Hyuga’s motorbike! YAY!

    • Ditto to the submissive behavior. Which was what makes the Walk scene so awesome. Hyuga’s calling her immature and being easily carried away by her emotions and giving her a push to pursue a career that she has labored in school for is something that I think she needed.

      Honestly, if I were a friend of hers, I’d have to control the urge to strangle her if she did indeed stayed just to be a pillar of support for him and squander the degree she earned.

  11. weeeeee!! Thank you SO much….am so impatient to watch E7 later tonight.

    Am on a Oguri Shun kick of late and have started watching his previous works. Wanted to recommend his Stand Up (also stars Yamapi). It’s a HS drama viz funny and heartwarming about 4 friends who’re trying to lose their virginity.

    • Just finished watching E7!! Hyuga-Makoto interactions were so emotionally charged. Gosh, I love them. It was difficult to see Hyuga struggle to do right (acc. to him) by letting Makoto go. aughhhh…

      No words for those two backstabbing cowardly b@stards!! I wanted to go all Chucky on Asahina when he was laughing like a maniacal a-hole at the end. It’ll take more than their cowardly ways to lead NI. Yay for Sakaguchi! Am hoping he’ll come on board as well.

      • The Narimiya-Shun bromance was the best thing abt this show. These two had me in stitches. Their OTT facial rxn were gif-worthy. It never got old when Udayan thought one of his friends would get lucky & he’d guilt-trip them by calling, “Purity Preservation Club Member #__”. HAHAAAAA. These boise were so precious!

  12. I enjoyed ep 6 when he called her and ran expecting to see her at the door. Hmm. Looking forward to e7.

    RMPW for the win baby!

  13. thx God, i know something good happen in ep 7 eventhough i haven’t watch it with subs and ep 8 really promising a good starting war between Hyuga vs Asahina, thx for sharing Ms. Koala and have a nice trip. Btw may i ask you.. May i know how many language u’re good at? Coz u could post any drama or news from Korea, China and Japan, it really amazed me, hehe

  14. Praise the lord! Now, I can go ahead and start watching again instead of waiting to marathon. Thanks for the recap/preview.

  15. Sigh all I can say about episode 7was all the emotional heartbreak expressed in his eyes.It just slayed me.Thank you for introducing me to the drama.

  16. Episode 7 makes me stay with this dorama after the disaster episode 6 🙁

    So much LOVE and PAIN in the sidewalk scene. Gosh. I wanna hug Hyuga, just say that you want Makoto by your side bb. love how Makoto presence really affecting Hyuga based on the office(lying woman)scene. Hyuga is really like a child during this scene HAHAHAHA

    I wanna know the result of the battle thingy because it is Hyuga afterall behind Next Innovation. Writer, please keep your story on the right side!

    P.S. I like Shun’s acting in this dorama. He seems put his “heart” in his Hyuga Toru role. I remember read somewhere that Eita criticized Shun because he’s too technical on his acting nowadays. ILU EITA! 🙂

  17. is anyone else bothered by Asahina’s character and the guy who’s playing him? it’s like borderline psychotic, like he’s gunna bring bring in a gun and shoot up everyone at the office. Iono he creeps me out. Or maybe because the actor just isn’t doing a very good job if portraying a plausible enemy. just my take though.

    • Same here. When he kept laughing and hopping around in his office, that sealed the deal for me. The character is a borderline narcissistic perverse. Creeps me out.

    • He’s definitely crazy AND creepy!! The part when he whispers “bad for you” when he passes by Hyuga at the press conference & smiles devilishly had chills run down my spine. It’ll take more than his backstabbing ways to make NI run & succeed. Neither is he brilliant nor does he have the chutzpah.

    • Iura Arata (the guy who plays Asahina) nailed that crazy moment when he was prancing around the office looking every inch like a psycho. Oguri Shun is good, but Arata is also not bad in the acting department.

  18. i really didn’t mind ep 6 and loved your recap on 7. boy was ep 7 a emotional roller coaster. i really loved this episode. so much emotion and longing and pain between hyuga and makoto. i loved the scene with hyuga on the floor, soo adorable and the restaurant scene, the looks they were giving each other at crucial moments it really lets you know or gives you a hint of how they are feeling. but damn the walking scene, that has to be one of the saddest non death related scene i’ve seen. my heart was going in every direction. i especially loved hyuga/oguri shun here. his acting was spot on amazing, showing hyuga struggling with his emotions. i felt sad for both of them in this moment. also i’m loving the soundtrack.

    i have to say like someone mentioned here hyuga is i think on of the very few interesting characters in asian dramas. i was expecting him to be a total rich jerk, which he isn’t really. his just really weird and i like how his handling things and the revelation. ep 8 looks good. can’t wait. the acting by the two leads was great. so much intense chemistry which i prefer then a kiss at that moment

  19. I LOVED episode 7 too! Just amazing! So many things happened in one episode, can’t wait to see what next *_* Also, 11 episode is just not enough for me!!! I hope the last episode will be a 2 hours long episode!

  20. A big thanks Ms. Koala for the preview of Ep. 8. Just take your time and enjoy your trip. So true, the walking scene is really emotional. He is trying to control his feelings towards her. Gosh, his acting is superb on that scene. Thank you once again.

    • @ clarice –

      Wasn’t that walk just….perfect?! You could see every emotion play across his face and his struggle to say things that were completely contrary to what he was feeling. Makato is a part of him now and having to face the future (the next chapter, if you will) without her by his side is just piling on the emotional injuries to our Hyuga. **Oguri Shun was pitch perfect throughout the whole ep!**

      We could see in his eyes how much he wanted to ask her to stay with him. But in his (expanded – thanks to Makato!) heart, he doesn’t want to stand in the way of her future -especially now that his is so precarious. They both know what we’ve known from the beginning, but with things still unconfirmed (unconfessed) between them, it seemed like Hyuga didn’t feel like he has a “right” to hold her back.

      Again – pitch perfect performances by all. CAN’T WAIT for ep 8!

      P.S. And how great is it that the 2nd female lead (and the OTP, for that matter) are acting like mature ADULTS?! No whining, no cattiness, no “if I can’t have you, no one can.” I love it!!! Such a refreshing change from the typical 2nd female we’ve all been conditioned to hate. I could gush and go on and on, but suffice it to say I <3 this drama.

      • Hi! Yeah, PERFECT is the word. He is not selfish, encouraging her to take the opportunity rather than staying with him. How difficult to be in that situation. Yay!! 4 more episodes before saying goodbye. Monday should come fast 🙂

  21. Thank you very much!It’s my first drama and I got so obsessed with it I just can’t wait for the 8th episode ah I’m so glad I read this Thanks again can’t wait…

  22. oh god I am so happy now that things are turning out well ah how I hated the 6 ep man I got really involved in this drama I mean I saw 2 to 7 ep continously and when I was done it was 4:54 my mom got mad but it was sooooo worth it during that scene in 6th ep I was totally about to flip a table my friend (who came for a sleepover)ended up watching it because of you know who was literally banging the table at that scene man it was so loud i still hear my ears ringing but then when it came to the 7 ep i was all revived and ended up in tears (now I have a cold)i cried so much.But hope stands and with that lying women rolling on the floor scene i was shocked thinking would an adult really act like that its all full of mixed up emotions but i enjoyed it like hell it was so good hyuga and makoto are such good pair i mean hes a computer geek and shes totally the opposite he forgets thing in a little wh

  23. oh god I am so happy now that things are turning out well ah how I hated the 6 ep man I got really involved in this drama I mean I saw 2 to 7 ep continously and when I was done it was 4:54 my mom got mad but it was sooooo worth it during that scene in 6th ep I was totally about to flip a table my friend (who came for a sleepover)ended up watching it because of you know who was literally banging the table at that scene man it was so loud i still hear my ears ringing but then when it came to the 7 ep i was all revived and ended up in tears (now I have a cold)i cried so much.But hope stands and with that lying women rolling on the floor scene i was shocked thinking would an adult really act like that its all full of mixed up emotions but i enjoyed it like hell it was so good hyuga and makoto are such good pair i mean hes a computer geek and shes totally the opposite he forgets thing in a little while and she has an endless void of memory in her head their the perfect couple.

    I wonder how long it will take for the 8 ep to come would be nice to know i for one would surely mark it on my calender !!!

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