Miss Rose Episode 7 Recap

I don’t know why but episode 7 of Miss Rose felt like something intangible was missing. I was hoping that the return of Si Yi’s ex-boyfriend would speed up the narrative but instead the entire episode felt like nothing much happened. I’m not sure anything substantive can happen yet, because Cheng Kuan can’t exactly tell Si Yi how he feels before he decides on whether he wants to continue this business engagement with Vivian, and Si Yi won’t voluntarily take any steps towards Cheng Kuan until he’s a free man. So the two of them continue to circle each other, with conversations clearly loaded with deeper meaning and so much emotion passing through looks and gestures without either daring to clarify anything. It’s exciting and frustrating at the same time.

I loved learning the backstory to Si Yi’s heartbreak, and find it so fascinating that everyone’s always calling her an unattractive old maid (which we know she’s far from), yet her ex-boyfriend turns out to be a super hottie who is smart and successful. Yes, he is also a hurtful douchbag, but I wonder what his deal was that he would publicly betray her and then send her letters over the years plus return looking all contrite and mopey. I think Cheng Kuan needs to step up big time now and figure out which way he wants to head, Vivian or Si Yi, and then make his move. Otherwise I’m going to get fed up with all the eye-sexing between the OTP and want Si Yi to get back with her repentant ex-boyfriend if that means my girl gets more action. Also – Sheng Jun and Xiao Ke? OMG, so perfect together. This must happen as well, drama!

Episode 7 recap:

Cheng Kuan is home with his mom. She watches him tending to his plants with a smile, content to have such a goodlooking son which she thinks is the reason Vivian wants to marry him so quickly. She notices how fast that particular plant has grown and Cheng Kuan explains that the LED light made by Guang Qiang helps it grow. The company actually has a lot of great products, except it keeps losing money every year. That’s why he’s going to work hard to get the company back on the right track. Mom is pleased with how hard working her son is, but wishes he’d be as hard working when it comes to his love life. If he were even a fraction that hard working in the romance department, she’d be a grandma already.

Cheng Kuan gets a text from Si Yi, thanking him for letting her go home early to celebrate her dad’s birthday. Cheng Kuan smiles and his mom notices and points out that he’s clearly a man in love. She thinks the text is from Vivian and is pleased that the two kids are getting along so well. She urges him to get married soon so she’s doesn’t have to worry so much. After Mom walks away, Cheng Kuan presses on Si Yi’s contact in his phone and her picture pops up (he’s saved her contact as “Old maid secretary”). Cheng Kuan smiles at the Si Yi in his phone but then his smile disappears when he remembers Vivian asking to speed up their engagement. Run away, Cheng Kuan, run away from the witch as fast as you can!

At work the next day, Cheng Kuan is in a meeting with the Three Stooges consisting of the General Manager, Manager Kang, and Ting Ai. Si Yi sits in taking notes in her role as secretary. I have no idea why Cheng Kuan is dressed like a Taiwanese gangster, even though he’s super hot in an unbuttoned black shirt with leopard print inner collar lining. He points out the successful winning of the government bid despite a critical page missing from the proposal. The Three Stooges act all surprised and innocent.

The GM wonders if winning one bid is enough when the company lacks a breakthrough new product? Cheng Kuan says the company will just need to develop a new breakthrough product, and he’s already working on recruiting a super star developer to join the product development team. The GM asks to know who this secret recruit is but Cheng Kuan refuses to divulge the identity. Ting Ai hopes the guy is as handsome as Cheng Kuan and everyone rolls their eyes at her vapidness.

After the meeting ends, Cheng Kuan meets with Si Yi to confidentially reveal that man he’s trying to recruit is also being recruited by Guang Qiang’s competition. He hands Si Yi an envelope with the profile and Si Yi is stunned to see that Cheng Kuan is tring to recruit Tang Yi Chun. Cheng Kuan wants Si Yi to attend a charity auction Yi Chun is supposed to attend this weekend, so they can persuade him to accept their offer before the competitor can recruit him. Before Si Yi can say no, Cheng Kuan tells her to study Yi Chun’s file.

Si Yi heads to lunch at the convenience store and sits down to reminisce about her past relationship with Yi Chun. Turns out they were a cute and happy couple way back when, with bike dates, sharing ice cream cones, and goofing off together.

Sadly Yi Chun turned out to be a major douchebag, as Si Yi’s relationship with him ended publicly and abruptly when they attended a classmate getogether only to have another girl publicly introduce Yi Chun as her fiancée and they are headed overseas to get married. Poor Si Yi is blind sided by this and runs out of the party. She gets a call from Yi Chun apologizing and telling her that their relationship is over. Si Yi sits in the rain and sobs her heart out.

Back to the present, Si Yi warns herself not to cry over Yi Chun again. I’m so proud of her sitting there eating and smiling as she keeps her tears from falling.

Elsewhere, Ting Ai is in the bathroom primping when she gets a text from her boyfriend wanting to take her out tonight. We see the picture of her phone is of her and Ah Zhe, who we all know is Xiao Ke’s boyfriend. Miao Jin is thrilled Ting Ai has a nice boyfriend but doesn’t realize it’s the same guy as Xiao Ke’s boyfriend. Ting Ai voices her suspicion that something is going on with Si Yi and Cheng Kuan, especially since Si Yi must be desperate to get married at her age.

Si Yi goes to Cheng Kuan’s office and begs off on meeting with Tang Yi Chun because she has to meet a relative that day. When Cheng Kuan asks which relative is that important, Si Yi screams that her “great aunt” is here. Cheng Kuan doesn’t register the slang for menstrual period so she needs to scream it a few times. He gets it and tells her to take the day off and take care of her “relative”. It’s so hilarious watching Cheng Kuan awkwardly talk about her “great aunt”.

Cheng Kuan tells her not to eat sweets or anything too icy. He heard that during that period, a woman’s blood sugar is low. Si Yi stares at him so he quickly changes the topic and hands her a document. When Si Yi puts a cup of coffee on his desk, he takes it and hands it back to her. He tells her to take care of herself and makes her drink it, with the excuse that if she gets sick her work will pile up. Si Yi leaves and Cheng Kuan sits there smiling.

Xiao Ke and Si Yi meet up at the convenience store for some coffee. Family Mart must be paying some crazy endorsement money in this drama. Si Yi reveals that Cheng Kuan is looking to recruit Tang Yi Chun into the company. Cheng Kuan walks in and overhears Xiao Ke discussing how Yi Chun was Si Yi’s ex-boyfriend who betrayed her and giving Si Yi advice on not letting his return after six years upset her again. Xiao Ke tells Si Yi to quit this job as the last resort if she can’t stand working with Yi Chun.

Cheng Kuan sits in his office and reads over the LED bid proposal and sees the bridge he visited with Si Yi. He thinks back to what he heard earlier and Xiao Ke telling Si Yi to just quit her job if she can’t stand working with Yi Chun. Cheng Kuan grabs his phone to call Si Yi but stops himself.

Xiao Ke takes Si Yi to the KTV to sing her frustrations away. When Si Yi goes to the bathroom, her phone rings and Xiao Ke picks up seeing that it’s from Cheng Kuan. Cheng Kuan asks who she is and Xiao Ke reminds him that she’s Si Yi’s friend. He asks where Luo Si Yi is and Xiao Ke tells him their location. Cheng Kuan and Sheng Jun arrive and Si Yi wonders how they knew she was here. Sheng Jun and Xiao Ke adorably exchange thumbs up.

Sheng Jun cutely says that Si Yi and Cheng Kuan must have ESP. Cheng Kuan drags Si Yi out leaving Sheng Jun and Xiao Ke to happily hang out. Xiao Ke tells Cheng Kuan to keep Si Yi out as late as he wants. Sheng Jun grabs a mike and says that since his boss is gone, he’s off work now and can play. In a cute nod to Tia Li’s pop star career, Xiao Ke asks Sheng Jun if he can sing “I am Your Dreamgirl” and he adorably says of course.

Cheng Kuan and Si Yi take a walk to the bridge and he uses the excuse that they are looking at more locations for their LED business. Si Yi asks why they couldn’t come another time. Cheng Kuan replies that taking a walk is good for clearing the mind and this place is quite well designed.

Cheng Kuan tells Si Yi that she shouldn’t be sad over a man who didn’t appreciate her. There is no need for her to stay in place for a man who hurt her before. She needs to keep walking forward, and if she gets ahead of him, she will no longer be looking at his back and crying. All that pain is in the past now, and she needs to keep her head held high and show him how well she’s doing now. Only she can pick herself back up.

Cheng Kuan asks her to use her confidence and professionalism to face the man who will be working with them in the future. He tells her not to take tomorrow off using an excuse and he’ll see her at the charity auction. God I love his pep talk to her, which was all for her benefit only.

Xiao Ke goes to Si Yi’s house to tell her mom Yi Chun is back. Mom wants to beat him up but Xiao Ke tells Mom not to worry, Cheng Kuan will stand up for Si Yi when she sees Yi Chun again. Mom is so pleased Cheng Kuan is such a considerate guy, and even happier to learn that Cheng Kuan took Si Yi out for a walk tonight.

After Xiao Ke leaves, Mom opens up a box which contains unopened letters from Yi Chun to Si Yi. Turns out Mom and Dad had hid those letters written over the years to Si Yi, to try and protect her. Mom wonders if they did the right thing?

Si Yi comes home and plops down on the sofa. Mom sits down and Si Yi grabs her for a hug because she’s so emotionally exhausted. Mom hugs her back and counsels her that the relationship between people is very hard to explain but it’s all destined. If it’s not meant to be, she can learn from that mistake. She tells Si Yi not to hold on so tightly to the past. The sand she was clinging onto in her palm has all fallen but her hand is still tightly clenched. She needs to release her fist now so she can use that hand to hold another person’s hand and walk with him. Si Yi smiles and compliments her mom on being so wise. Mom offers to cook Si Yi ramen but only if they each get half.

Si Yi is lounging in bed looking at all her old pictures with Yi Chun, which she had folded up to conceal him. She doesn’t think she is ready to see him again when she gets a call from Cheng Kuan, who is outside her house and tells her to change and come down. Si Yi comes down wearing the same dress she wore on that horrible blind date with the professor, which Cheng Kuan immediately recognizes. It’s also the dress she wore when they had their awkward first kiss.

Cheng Kuan takes Si Yi to a dress shop and commence make over session. Cheng Kuan finally settles on a slate grey silk one-shoulder above-the-knee dress. He checks out Si Yi intently and then tells her that she is actually a very pretty girl. Si Yi smiles awkwardly and thanks him for the compliment.

She turns to walk away but he calls her back. Cheng Kuan picks out a necklace and gets close to put it around her neck to complete the outfit.

A charity auction is underway and Tang Yi Chun is in attendance. As Si Yi is walking into the auction, she tries to turn and bolt but Cheng Kuan grabs her hand and keeps her by his side. Cheng Kuan, Sheng Jun, and Si Yi arrive and immediately the media spot light is on them because of Cheng Kuan. Yi Chun and Si Yi finally meet again, and Cheng Kuan notices Si Yi’s hesitation and discomfort.

Cheng Kuan extends his arm to Si Yi and tells her to not be afraid, he’s there for her. Si Yi smiles and takes his arm before walking forward to say hello to Yi Chun. Yi Chun tentatively greets Si Yi. The media asks the two men to shake hands for the cameras and they do.

Everyone sits down and the charity auction commences. Si Yi gets a call from her dad who is worried about her meeting Yi Chun again. Dad sweetly tells her to come home right after work is done and her parents will be waiting for her at home. Mom grabs the phone and reminds Si Yi that she did nothing wrong and she shouldn’t be afraid to see that bastard again. Her parents will always love her and support her.

When the final piece, a beautiful rose necklace comes up for auction, Yi Chun bids on it and makes it clear he thinks it’s very a very beautiful and unique necklace. Rose symbolizes everlasting love and a hard to forget memory. Cheng Kuan raises his bid and explains that he really likes the necklace. Yi Chun ups the bid and reveals he wants to buy the necklace for Si Yi because it’s very suitable for her. Cheng Kuan up the bid again and says the necklace is perfect for the lady sitting next to him.

Cheng Kuan wins the bid though Si Yi tries to dissuade him since the necklace is so expensive. Cheng Kuan says a rose neckace for Miss Screw (pronounced luo si similar to the word rose) is perfect. After the bid ends, Yi Chun gets up to politely congratulate Cheng Kuan, and he asks what Cheng Kuan’s relationship is with Ms. Luo Si Yi. Cheng Kuan replies that in his mind, she is a woman who cannot be discarded easily.

Yi Chun reminds Cheng Kuan that he hasn’t accepted the job offer from Guang Qiang yet. Cheng Kuan knows but pitches to Yi Chun that he’s the best work partner for him. Yi Chun smiles and says he’s curious what sparks will fly if he goes to work with Cheng Kuan.

The auction ends and the partygoers move to the cocktail party afterwards. Yi Chun sees Si Yi arriving with Cheng Kuan and Sheng Jun and he walks up asking if he can invite Si Yi to dance. Cheng Kuan says it’s all up to Si Yi, who hesitates awhile before accepting his dance

Yi Chun leads Si Yi into a waltz and quietly tells her that he’s back and he didn’t marry that girl. Si Yi tells him there is no need to apologize since it’s over now. When Yi Chun tries to explain more, Si Yi tells him to stop talking about it.

Sheng Jun whispers to Cheng Kuan that Si Yi and Yi Chun are dancing ever closer together, asking if Cheng Kuan is just going to let it be. Cheng Kuan shoots Sheng Jun a look and Sheng Jun goes to ask request a song from the orchestra. The waltz ends and Cheng Kuan takes Si Yi for a tango.

Si Yi trips on the first move and Cheng Kuan tells her to just relax and follow his lead. He tells her to pretend, whether in the dancing or emotionally, that there is no one else around. He asks her to pretend that there is just the two of them.

Si Yi closes her eyes and in her mind all the lights dim and suddenly they are alone on the dance floor with only the orchestra playing. Though the tango is quite awkward and not very good, it’s clear that Cheng Kuan has only eyes for Si Yi while she’s fully immersed in the dance as well.

The tango ends with Cheng Kuan dipping Si Yi on his knees while the two of them stare at each other.

Thoughts of Mine:

I thought this episode set up a lot of great potential that was merely hinted at before. I really like the emotional baggage this show saddles its leads with – Cheng Kuan as a cold man who never paid attention to romance, and Si Yi as a woman who had used work to mask a previous heartbreak that she has never fully worked through. I wouldn’t be surprised if Yi Chun turned out to have another reason for dumping Si Yi so ceremoniously, because it’s clear he wasn’t happy about doing it 6 years ago (despite doing it), and he’s back now clearly still having feelings for Si Yi. By the way, who else was screaming “OMG, its totally Han Xiang and Mi En from Fondant Garden!” during the engagement party scene where Si Yi was conked over the head with the giant hammer of betrayal. I’m still so damn bitter about FG actually. But back to MR, I liked that Si Yi was so hurt by what happened, as she should be, and still she’s trying to deal with it maturely and with dignity and grace. Having Cheng Kuan be her prince charming at the auction was so satisfying to watch, even though I wonder how he’s going to keep Vivian from going batshit insane once she finds out.

I’m pleased that the drama has its share of silly characters, such as all those Guang Qiang employees, but then surrounds both Si Yi and Cheng Kuan with really warm and loving family members and friends. Si Yi is one of the most functional female leads I’ve seen in years, with loving parents, a fun sister, plus a super supportive best friend. Cheng Kuan’s mom is pretty clueless about her son’s personal life, but she seems caring and a decent person. Not to mention Cheng Kuan has his truly observant and insightful wingman in Sheng Jun, who I am dying for him to start hanging out with Xiao Ke more. Obviously Xiao Ke’s boyfriend is two-timing her with Ting Ai, and I’m pretty bored with that little plot I want him kicked to the curb ASAP so Sheng Jun can swoop in and sweep Xiao Ke off her feet. I was pretty bitter Tia Li and Paul Hsu‘s characters got together in Office Girls, but here I’m rooting for them all the way. I’m still loving MR to pieces, but I do hope the drama ups the pace in letting the OTP start getting together and stop circling each other with knowing glances and unspoken interest.


Miss Rose Episode 7 Recap — 24 Comments

  1. Yea, I can’t we believe spent that much time at the dance/charity event. Yep, about right now is when pace usually slows down in Taiwanese dramas. Sigh.
    But! Xiao Ke and Sheng Jun is finally in the same episode! Yay! And they were cute in that one scene!

      • Also, I find it confusing why Ah Ze would cheat on Xiao Ke with a woman obviously much older and less prettier than Xiao Ke. They better explain this, and not have Ah Ze two times just for the sake of two timing.

      • @tvwithrice their reason and purpose is so that sheng jun and xiao ke could couple up lol that’s it!

  2. Thank you for the recap! I enjoyed this episode quite a lot, especially the energy between the lead actors. There’s this undeniable spark between them, but like you said, they’re dancing around it, each aware of each others’ growing feelings for one another but can’t do anything about it.

    I am totally not for Si Yi even considering to get back with her ex. Whatever his reasons, he betrayed her, and that’s that. He didn’t even sit down and have a talk with her – and up till the day his engagement was announced, she still happily thought they were together!

    Love Cheng Kuan and Sheng Jun though. 🙂 The former being so supportive of Siyi I just want to give him a big hug, and the latter is just…cute. Hahahaha.

    • Hahaha, I find Sheng Jun beyond adorable. All his knowing looks at the OTP is precious. He’s a total gem, and I’m glad Cheng Kuan treats him as an equal work partner and friend.

  3. Oh gawd, listening to Roy talk about menstrual periods was so awkward, but so hilarious. Totally crossing my fingers that Shengjun/Xiaoke will end up working out — I’m the same in that I hated how Paul and Kai’er got together in OG (poor, poor Paul), but they’re just too adorable here to not root for.

    TWdramas are usually pretty good about the product placement, but they’re really hitting us over the head with the FamilyMart stuff. I mean, the entire ending theme was filmed there, lol. Not that I mind, though — FamilyMarts are generally more aesthetically pleasing than Sevens. Makes me wonder how many more convenience store trips the characters will make. xD

      • I drive a Prius, and I smile thinking about Miss Rose whenever I get in the car. It sure helps with the commute!

        And can I say, there will be some blow up over the letters that her parents kept from her, but I still LOVE her parents. They are adorable!

  4. The second half of this episode made me feel uncomfortable. I had the impression that Cheng Kuan crossed the line… He is engaged to Vivian, right? And yet he goes for the auction… and the tango… I know he is concerned for Si Yi and wants to help her face her ex-boyfriend… but still… it just didn’t feel OK… I think I would more appreciate some subtler help…

    Loved the “great aunt” conversation 🙂

    • He’s not engaged to Vivian yet, and they are not dating as a couple. They have a business arrangement to get engaged and get married. He’s technically breaking a verbal contract with her. I’m not bothered by it.

  5. Sheng Jun and Xiao Ke definitely need to happen! He’s seriously one of my favorite characters in this drama! I love how he encourages Cheng Kuan to pursue Si Yi, yet reminds him not to take things too far.

    I loved the whole Great Aunt scene. Cheng Kuan’s complete sincerity while trying to figure out how to address something so uncomfortable was great. And I adore his concern for Si Yi. They are sooo meant to be.

  6. Thanks so much for the recap! Scenes when there is intense but unspoken feelings between SiYi and Cheng Kuan are simply not advisable for the weak-hearts. I feel myself eagerly waiting to watch their relationship take place and develop but I’m also dreading the angst that must follow – like what you said Mrs Koala, I wonder how Cheng Kuan is going to deal with the “batshit insane” aftermath when Vivian finds out about the necklace and the dance.

  7. After watching the action packed Bridal Mask, I’m was really in the mood for some rom-com and this drama fits the bill. I’m enjoying the main leads but they need to pick up the pace a little bit.

  8. I am rooting for Xiao Ke and Sheng Jun so badly. I already loved him in OG. And now when he sasses Cheng Kuan, he’s adorable. And since Tia is not playing a bitch this time round, I want them together 🙂

    • I concur. Btw congrats on the job fast and well-done with the witty subbing team on viki who came up with “Aunt Flo”. Brilliant punny translation work!

  9. Hopefully we gets lots of good stuff in the next episode. I was wondering how you felt about Fondant Garden. You posted so many raves about it for awhile but never said how you felt about the latter half.

  10. Thanks for the recap.
    I have to say I have no history with the actor playing Yi Chun, and absolutely no positive feelings towards him. Whatever his reasons were for breaking the engagement, he was too cowardly to tell her BEFORE THE fiancee announced it.

    The only tiniest sympathy I have is he DID write her with an explanation that her parents kept from her. It doesn’t let him off the hook for being spineless upfront, but it does show he tried to make amends.
    If CK weren’t in her life, I’d approve a second go with the pair…but I think CK is braver so I like him more.

  11. I LOVEEEEEEEE THIS DRAMA!!!!!! I love its soundtracks especially dao bu ru and wo hai shi yi yang by della ding…btw…..what is the tittle of the song that si yi sing in KTV with xiao ke???? ANYBODY KNOW???THX!!;)

  12. Does anyone know the name(s) of the songs luo si yi and Xiamen were singing on karaoke? 🙂
    Thanks in advance

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