Written Preview for Episode 11 of Rich Man, Poor Woman

Rich Man, Poor Woman is trying its best to drive me insane. When it’s good, it’s ridiculously good. When it wants to be frustrating, it can be so damn frustrating I want to pull my hair out. Which is not good, because I like my hair and a bald Koala would frighten young children. Episode 10 was interesting, and I won’t say too much about it and save the analysis for the recap. Watching this dorama is a lesson in patience, because while it feels like a K-drama in allowing the characters to develop the romantic tension and focuses the story equally on the romance and the underlying corporate plot, it also stubbornly clings to the J-dorama style of keeping the OTP apart in every possible way until the final episode.

J-doramas have perfected what I call “the grand tease”, which only works if we are so invested in the OTP that we’re willing to wait for the well-earned payoff at the very end. I’m not sure following that path was the right thing to do in RMPW, because the narrative actually would have made sense for Hyuga and Makoto to confess their feelings to each other 2 episodes ago, rather than delaying it for the sake of creating tension. I’m disappointed that such fantastic chemistry between two characters continues to be kept apart for no real good reason, but I hope that the story can satisfactorily deliver the catharsis in next week’s final episode for all the major plot threads so that the wait for worth it.

Episode 11 written preview (final episode):

Hyuga has returned to Next Innovation and he’s rendered speechless by the monumental changes in the company. He still thanks Yamagami (for letting him know). He runs into Yoko, who has returned to her job at the restaurant, and they discuss how Asahina is still refusing to meet with anyone who visits him in the detention center. Yoko asks Hyuga if he’s told Makoto how he feels about her? Hyuga says no because he thinks Makoto stayed beside him because of pity over him losing everything. Yoko is angry at his response. At this time, Makoto is at the lab and receives notice that her job location has moved to Brazil.

Hyuga has returned as President of Next Innovation and he holds a press conference. Makoto watches it and she can’t help herself and goes to the company. She runs into Hyuga trying to hide from her. The two people who haven’t seen each other in awhile awkwardly ask how each other is doing recently. Hyuga explains that the situation with the company is dire and this time he may not be able to do anything to save it. Makoto encourages him to work hard and hold down the fort until Asahina returns. She tells him that she’s decided to go to Brazil. Seeing that Hyuga is really stunned at the news, Makoto tries to act like she’s doing very well.

A few days later, Hyuga calls Makoto and asks if she wants to come to the company. Makoto is busy with work and declines. Hyuga insists that she can come after work is done, and he will keep waiting for her. Makoto is very torn, but in the end she agrees to go. Hyuga waits for her but dawn arrives and there is still no sign of Makoto. At that time Makoto sends him a text……


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  1. I was so angry with the writer yesterday over ep 10! Didn’t he/she/it hear us??? We don’t care about Yoko! We didn’t want to see her again! And we definitely didn’t want her to go on that trip with Hyuga!!!! That special trip was supposed to be with Makoto! Only!!!! Aiiissshhgfhuubdfjk!!!

    You pull your hair out, capt. K while I head desk till I bleed.

    • I read about THE trip!! :@@@@@@@@

      What’s annoying is that this OTP makes us squeeeeee when they bicker & are cute with each other. Most prolly we won’t even get to see them being lovey-dovey with each other….I would’ve REALLY liked Hyuga being sweet towards Makoto and not trying to mask his feelings for her by being all stoic. I will weep for all of the lost opportunities if they get together in the last 5 minutes.

    • I totally agree with you that trip should have been Makoto and Hyuga’s to take together. I’m still mad that Asahina gave the address to Yoko in the first place and encouraged her to go after Hyuga even though he knows Makoto loves him; I guess it is his sister but come on the sparks just aren’t there between Hyuga and Yoko. Also, episode 10 was lacking in OTP screen time…or was it just me who thought we didn’t get enough Makoto/Hyuga scenes?!

    • LOL!
      I actually do have to agree with the writers on having H go without M.

      If she showed up to H’s mother, it would have been impossible for Makoto NOT to say, “Mom – meet your son.”
      Although, I have a feeling Mom knew all along that this person was her son.

      Why did he have to take Yoko? He had to talk to someone about M – or least someone had to be there to ask him. Nobody else in the cast could have. Just pretend she is a talking set-piece. Oh, right, she is.

  2. How frustrating! Can’t even give us a whole episode full of sweet moments of the OTP finally together after acknowledging their mutual feelings for each other. I bet that even for the last episode, we won’t really see the OTP officially be together until there are only five minutes left of entire show

  3. Ugh! Really! Now Brazil! If with 5 minutes left of episode 11 and we have Hyuga running thru the airport to stop Makoto, I going to buy two tickets to Japan, one for me and the other for Ms Koala. I figure she would need me to hold down the writer, while she beats the crap out of him or her.

  4. I saw the last 5 minutes of E10 and was SO aggravated. Hyuga-san is a bakaaaaaaa!! Nande?!!! MRAAARGHHHHH….

    Forget about kissing our OTP hasn’t even held hands. At this point that bit of skinship in E10 would’ve mollified me! :/ While I’m annoyed (I shouldn’t be since I didn’t even watch the entire episode) I am happy that E10 garnered the highest ratings for the show. So, wheeeeeee, I guess! Please let our OTP not get together in the last 5 minutes of E11. After 10 episodes don’t we deserve our OTP giddy in love with each other?! huhuuuu

  5. My first drama made me wait 24 episodes for (what I consider) a peck and a half ass hug!!! :/ my co-wrkers
    Were laughing at me because I’m a Latina that used to watch novelas. Where couples through out the whole novela almost eta each other. Soooo yes I was just hoping for a bit more. 🙁

    • The dorama that wanted to kill me the most with this delayed gratification technique was Hotaru no Hikari 1 and 2.

      They cast Fujiki Naohito, who is one of my favorite on screen kissers – so sure, and soft, and wh omakes exactly the right eye contact to swoonify – then tease the living breath out of you.
      I actually was sending brainwaves of his scenes from Love Revolution – still makes me sigh – to remind him he knows how to kiss!!

      Which reminds me, imma go rewatch the end of the first episode of Love Revolution…

      • Hotaru no Hikari was so incredibly frustrating that way! And with such a cute story, good acting, and awesome chemistry, it was such a waste to not have more affection. Especially in season 2. Unnecessary angst, you kill me.

      • Im a sucker for pain so guess where I’m going after reading your comment!?…….. Yeaup you guess it!!! 😉

      • Ha. Good thing I didn’t watch HnH 2. My knowledge of Fujiki only amounts to two dramas – HnH and Proposal Daisakusen. Love Revolution featuring a playboy Fujiki? Hmmm, I’m gonna go drop by my fave DVD store later after work. ;D

      • Geeez… thanks for sharing Hataro no Hitari 1 & 2. I have a quick view on them. Kind of marathon!

        What I found there, Amemiya character is pretty similar to Makoto. And then the coincidence about names!

        1. In HnH 1 – there’s Ms Yamada (this is Shun’s wife’s name!)

        2. Also in HnH 1 – there’s a Mr Tameshi Makoto (Amemiya’s first time falling in love with Makoto) – here in RMPW, Makoto is a female

        3. in HnH 2 – there’s a Ms Satomi – as we know it’s Makoto in RMPW real name 🙂

        (*** ok, I am deviated a bit from RMPW – In the korean movie Cyrano Dating Agency – the main female lead is Lee Min Jung as Hee Joo. Interestingly, her first BF and also the main male lead is named in the movie as none other than “Lee Byung Hun” !!! Coincidence??)

        Then comparing the story line, not that similar but subtle hints of similarities – boss and subordinate love affair! and the tension built up between the OTP ! and how others remarked on their relationship, for example Seno telling Amemiya to stick together with the manager and also in the first series, Makoto told Amemiya that the one she loves is the manager.

        Also in the first one, Amemiya admitted when she realized all that she wanted is to “see her Bucho’s face” and isnt this the same that happened to Hyuga at the temple whilst rolling at the front door he admitted he really wanted just to see Makoto’s face… ahhh… sweet 😉

        and definitely I agree what great teaser the j-doramas are. The OTP only have a peck at the very end !

        wonder what would it be for Hyuga & Makoto. H

        p/s: what a crazy world I am in now to analyse names & characters in movies and dramas. really crazy.

  6. Thanks for this!

    While they stubbonly stick to this formula, which I have to admit, keeps me interested like a crazed lab rat hitting that “play” lever for pellets of maybe kisses, I stubbornly pretend all kinds of things are happening off screen.
    Stolen kisses in the pantry, in the back of the bus, in the darkened office after everyone else has gone home. Seriously, IRL, two unattached people who are mutually attracted and have insane eye sex like that would NOT be able to keep their hands off each other, right?

      • I’m not sure he is that dysfunctional.
        God, I feel sorry for him if he is.
        Remember he initiated that kiss with Yoko and that was someone he didn’t have love and trust feelings for. And he went to kiss M at the beach.

        Especially now that they are working every day with each other. There is a natural tendency to want to be around and reach for the people who make you feel something.

      • I don’t think he is quite dysfunctional. He functions just fine, well almost, in society….it’s only when one would interact with him that’d be when they’d see the red flags. Since I work with individuals with communication impediments I wouldn’t be surprised if Hyuga has a high functioning Asperger’s syndrome (given his high IQ, programming skills, & social ineptitude). I read that in E10 Makoto gives Hyuga pointers on how to conduct himself socially…which was interesting since I teach social skills to my clients who’re diagnosed w/ ASD.

    • Eye sex! @.@ Wow, I will have to remember that one! But I’d say theirs is more eye-foreplay so far. Too cute to be the down-and-dirty just yet #^_^#.

  7. I honestly thought there was a kiss.. Wasn’t there a line in ep 10 preview about him kisser her?! I won’t say the conflict is completely unnecessary from what I could guess from the raw. But I seriously thought he was gonna run to her at the end. I kept looking at how many minutes left and yelling in my head “run!” I’m just sad that we won’t get much OTP couple time at the end….

  8. Grrrr. I just watched ep.10 and I don’t know what to expect on Monday. As much as we want them to be together they’re keeping them apart and that is j-dorama style. Hear us writers, give us the sweetest and perfect ending. Once again, thank you Ms. Koala.

  9. Episode 10 delivered us sweet moments in the beginning and left me frustrated that I had to leave a comment on your other page about RMPW!
    What I don’t understand is, I thought Makoto had already figured out Hyuga and to leave him like that is a no, no. She knows he is so insecure about others leaving him. I know she feels overwhelmed at his greatness, but can’t she at least discuss it with him!? Ep 11 preview didn’t help undermine this frustation.

    • I was a happy camper in the first half of the episode. It was so fulfilling watching Hyuga grow up and mature under the loving tutelage of Makoto. The company was growing, their team of 5 was performing excellently and Hyuga fully recovered from the setback he experienced from NI. But those scenes flashed by so fast and before we know it, the angstfest

      It’s equally Hyuga’s and Makoto’s fault that they are not yet a couple. She should really grow some self confidence. C’mon where did her courage go? Will she be there to love Hyuga only when he’s down? How about sharing his victories too? You deserve it and him! Claim it!

      • I agree with you about Makoto sharing Hyuga’s victories…when I think about it from her perspective what if he never came clean about his feelings towards her she would always be a tag along. I’m thinking this way he would realize that he missed her, actively looked for her, used Yoko as a sounding board, sought her out at the research place, and…then chickened out (WHYYY?!). Since, I’m used to K-drama pace all these goings on in one episode seem to be too much….viz actually great! It may be just be me but there’s just something about the guy pursuing a girl (in a drama) which makes me swooon.

      • @Saima,

        I wouldn’t say he chickened out.

        I think he is painfully shy–

        When he hid from her at the train station in the previous episode, it seemed withing the bounds of regular fear of exposure.

        But Oguri Shun did a fantastic job of portraying painful shyness/insecurity and uncertainty my whole body felt his pain.

        I am getting his hesitation. I’m less clear on Makoto’s issues.

  10. Is it cultural? Are the Japanese really less forthcoming about their feelings and less inclined to demonstrate their affections? I have seen this in the few J-doramas and movies I have watched. So for someone who grew up consuming Hollywood / western flicks…. Yeah this can be extremmmmmely frustrating.

  11. Oh, RMPW, why do you frustrate us so? You have a beautiful story, but you keep dragging it down with your angst. And Yoko. Please just make us happy. Also, a special episode would be wonderful.
    Everyone Who Watches this Drama

      • I am hoping at least one follow up. to wrap up and tidy all the unfinished business and make the crazy fans a bit of gratifying satisfaction…

        btw, SP here means special episode? help!! so many new words to me ha ha! 🙂

  12. At this point I am more interested in resolution between H and A. They have a long history together. The interplay between rivalry, true genius, appreciation of the genius, the team work, and definition of the self-worth is complex and there are no simple answers. Both have to grow personally in order to even approach each other again.

    • You know, having Asahina off-screen for most of episode 10 made me miss him in some weird co-dependent way. And I’m also keen on watching him and Hyuga finally have a heart-to-heart honest talk. I miss their little chats from the beginning of the dorama where they bounced off each other.

    • And I think M is aware that professionally, SHE is not his life partner, A is/was. I don’t know if she needs to stay away in order for the boys to reconcile, but I do understand why she would go find her own career.

      Why she can’t hang out with H after work, I don’t really understand.

  13. Koala-chan, checking your blog have been my happy little distraction every day, like a sneaky bit of choco on the side. Have nothing to write about until today. Understand your frustration, but you must get the Japanese psyche: it is in their gene, to restrain, to hold back any emotion, hold it in , hold it in, until… In case of these two OTP, both are so insecure in their own ways, one is so emotionally scarred almost to retardation level, and so, so timid in showing his affection,so afraid of being rejected once again, the other is also too pure and hesitant- believe me, in my many years of living in nihon-land, I have seen some hyugas and many makotos, these are not uncommon. And also, in the Japanese way “the less is more” holds true at many levels, don’t be frustrated, you will get your happy ending in the end. Isn’t this one hell of a nice dorama? jaa, mata-ne.

    • Beautiful! I watch these dramas so I can only imbibe whatever’s shown on-screen without sometimes picking up on the cultural nuances (that may escape me). Thank you for your input…much appreciated!

  14. At this point I just KNOW the writer is going to wait until the last 5 minutes of this show to have the big grand clichéd finale between these two. I’ve lost my faith in the writer(s) of this show.
    I roll my eyes at this show’s inability to cash in on two very good actors with amazing chemistry. It’s frustrating and absolutely foolish.
    The plot while good was never strong enough to actually justify keeping our couple apart. There are no obstacles in this couple’s way- and while I understood misunderstandings 2 episodes ago- it had NO PLACE in this episode.
    I’ll save the rest of my rant for your actual recap.

    • Plssss Someone STOP him!!!! We get it ELTON JOHN!! but someone tell him, he doesn’t have to go that far…… Wait I just remember Taemin(SHINee) acouple of weeks got serenaded while he was wearing girly clothes!!! Maybe it’s a culture thing.
      I guess could get acouple of man to wear woman clothes and make up for the right price, in the right time. (like Halloween)

    • I gave up on JGS a long time ago. But whenever I see him do stuff like this I can’t help but wish I can wring his neck or something. He’s wasted so much of his time already, he’s been doing this for 3 years!

  15. While I don’t think the ending will be like Anego (which did give rise to a SP with that ending), I guess I’ve been away from renai dorama for a while that I forgot this pattern of separating the OTP untl the last episode LOL

    Sigh yes I’m talking to you, Sunao ni Narenakute (awww my Eita and Juri >.<)

    I know a lot of ppl would be disappointed with Ep 10 but I enjoyed the whole episode (well maybe except the last 5 minutes) and loved every OTP moments (again, except the last 5 mins). One would expect that Hyuga by this time can be true to himself and express his feeling to Makoto but at the end he just "sunao ni narenakute"….ouch.

    And I have to say I laughed when I saw the airport scene in the preview. Totally remind me of the ridiculous experience of watching Tsuki no Koibito *bang head to the desk*

  16. I believe the reason the ratings were so high was because the Episode 10 Preview seemed to promise us that our OTP would finally get together with sweet confessions and revelations. Then all the “cute coupleness” would spill over into Episode 11 where we could enjoy watching them as they grow together and resolve the problems surrounding them. BUT…now, I feel cheated!! I wanted more-more-more of their wonderful chemistry in the last episode, not just a few minutes of it. What a pity!!

  17. Dear Miss Koala,

    I’ve been an avid fan of your blog ever since I stumbled into it while I was going on an insane RMPW review search on Google just coz I wanna know if people shared the same thoughts as I did while watching the earlier eps.

    At first I thought I only felt the chemistry between H and M because of the reviews (something like the thoughts were being fed into my brain) but then I realized how sizzling their chemistry is they MAKE ME SWOOOOON AND SQUEALLL LIKE A HIGH SCHOOLER WHO HAS BEEN NOTICED BY HER CRUSH. They make me go and search for videos reminding me of their moments. In short, they make me silly, go to the RMPW Tumblr page and smile like crazy and feel ecstatic despite the lack of my personal lovelife. Yes, for once I knew I stumbled upon a gem of a dorama and OTP I knew I was gonna root for like mad ever since Atashinchi no Danshi’s Sho and Chisato.

    Which is probably why I had mixed feelings while watching the raw version of ep 10. Ep 10 is THE episode when H finally REALIZES his true feelings for M. While M realizes that H probably does not need her anymore and she needs to pursue her own career and carve a new path for herself(frustratingly, has to be without him). It was all so good, until the parting scene wherein H still would not admit until the very last moment that it was MAKOTO whom he wanted to meet. She, on the other hand, with her lingering looks at him while he walked away, seemed to have been having inner turmoils as well. What was frustrating here was their indecisiveness. But the denial was kinda beautiful to me in a sense that the build-up is already there, but no one was willing to take that final step. The build-up stage was very cute – seeing H run around frantically searching for her and finally admitting to himself and the priest that ‘he wants to see her face’.

    I am not angry that it was Yoko whom he met at the train. For me, it was some kind of closure for the both of them – a necessary step towards them talking on ep 11 like friends and Yoko knocking some sense into him about his feelings towards M.Ironically, it was partly Yoko who made him admit his true feelings, but I’m not complaining. 🙂

    J-doramas are kinda frustrating to watch in a sense that they keep teasing us, and sometimes do not deliver that worthy climax after the partial agony they put us through.

    • cont’d…

      Simply put, waiting for the OTP to finally fess up and come clean with their emotions most of the time is like waiting for rain in a drought.

      Even if they do get together earlier on, they will still put some scenes and situations where they are kept apart for most of the time, get some momentary skinship and that’s it. Or they put skinship first but NO direct confession (Atashinchi no Danshi, anyone?)

      Sooo in my case, I would rather wait till the end. While it is a real shame that they kept teasing us till the last episode despite the sizzling chemistry between the two, I think that’;s what keeps me going and makes me look forward to this drama.

      I’d rather they got everything settled first and THEN come clean. I just HOPE there is a time jump, and a sweet and satisfying climax to this. I’m hoping the airport scene is not the last one.

      And as much as I loved the emotions they displayed through their eyes and their interaction, this time, I beg for a worthy kiss, a worthy hug and a worthy confession along the lines of ‘aishiteru’ and ‘daisuki’ with H charging towards M. M already took charge on ep 8 when she chased after him, now it’s time for H to release his bottled up emotions. A You’re Hunder Arrest season 1 airport scene between Natsumi and Shoji would be awesome :3 I need skinship, I need a verbal confession! Please give it to us, writers!!

      • Wow! chibigoten25, your comments may be equivalent to one nice recap of this episode 10 – nicely worded in a more positive way 🙂

        When I first watched this episode in RAW version without engsub – I admit, I have arrived to quite a bit of misunderstanding especially when of all people, it is Yoko that he bumped into on the train!!! but looking at the positive side, Yoko finally accepted “defeat” – now if anyone remembers when in the beginning – in ep2 or 3, where she openly asked Makoto if she is interested in Hyuga and declared they are rivals? so here in episode 10, it is a closure to her and accepting that it is Makoto that Hyuga sought for.

        oh… how sweet, he just wanted to see her face… and even with this realization, he still needs people around him that to actually tell him, for them to get the point straight to him like the priest at the temple and Yoko bluntly asked him that it is Natsui that he was searching and longing for…; he finally realized what exactly he’s searching for. So, when that one person is in front of him – he is again clueless! I have just re-watched Korean movie “Cyrano dating agency” 😉 and how I wish that someone can guide Hyuga to approach Makoto!!

        as for skinship… seal it with a loving kiss (anyone ever heard or watch the 1970s movie SWALK with Bee Gees song?) – it is a trend in Japanese or Korean drama now to have that “ultimate kiss” and here in RMPW, I have the feeling where they wanna the difference and maintain the shyness and that reserved feelings quite common amongst the Asian culture? maybe some people are quite open but still openly show your feelings are not everybody’s forte and especially not to Hyuga? I have followed quite a few dramas in which Abe Hiroshi in them and believe it or not I am yet to see Abe with any kissing scene. Is this true?

        Back to RMPW, let us wait and see for Episode 11. The teasing continues. The tension built up ! 😉 Monday feels too far away now… cheerio everyone – drama addicts of RMPW!!

  18. Thanks for your hardwork.All obout crazy RMPW drama.Now finaly one more episode to go.Every episode finish goforword and excited for nixt episode and dream hope.But new episode came-out we hope will different all the time.This final episode ,please show of everybody’dream true and happly.We will keep for memorable J-drama.

  19. sighhh, so very true… that’s the thing about j-doramas.. T_T Either won’t develop on the existing romantic chemistry in dramas at all, or give us romance, but wait till the very very very like..last 5 mins where you’re just looking at the time go and going like “WTF only 5 mins left!! When the fck are they going to get together?” , then finally… give us either a) the leads looking at each other lovingly (either close or even like 10m away from each other =.=), but just WON’T touch each other. b) a hug or something, or c) if we’re lucky, that KISS we’ve all been waiting for….

    I haven’t watched Ep 10, yet, but wtf ==” I don’t get how they can get Hyuga to meet his mother with YOKO??? How does that make any sense ? =.= He was only able to find his mother because of Makoto, and it’s safe to say he pretty much only developed such a “relationship” with Makoto because it all started from his mother’s name. Do not get!

    Sigh, honestly very disappointed that we will probably be given the typical dorama ending. I’m the type that likes to enjoy “official” lovey dovey stuff for at least an ep or 2 and not the last damn 5 mins 🙁

  20. I sort of gave up on RMPW few episodes back. But I did like to read Koala’s enthusiastic recap. However now even that is not enough to hold my patience. I’m sending RMPW next to Big on WTF ending of the year.

    On the side note, can we get a rich woman and poor man type of drama where the woman is not a total bitch (hint, i do i do)? As a career woman of 2012 I would like to see more stronger female characters who take on life with brain and talent (maybe a little beauty) and not by abusing authority, bitchiness or even over cheerfulness. Those characters are driving me batty.

    • I have to hit reply here. Bc you cant compare Big to RMPW, it’s too good to be on the same level as Big. Most of us here are ranting about lack of OTP skinships but everything else in my opinion is perfect. XD

    • I’d have to agree with r’s comment. 🙂 Hey hey we have not watched the ending yet so please don’t give up on it. I’m sure everything else will redeem it. 😉 In any case, the chemistry itself and the cute short scenes between the OTP is lovely enough for me I guess. I would have that any day over a couple full of skinship but without chemistry. 😉

    • My excitement level for RMPW has decreased as well, but I haven’t given up on it yet. I don’t have any doubt that it’s going to have a happy ending, but I’m gonna wait until next week before watching Episode 10, along with the finale.

      Now, as to why my interest dwindled, mostly it’s because I got sort of turned off with Makoto in Episode 9, towards the end when she seemed so happy upon learning that Hyuga ordered 5 sets of tables and chairs. I dont know, it just seemed overly done. I think she already did that in one of the earlier episodes when she was drunk. Apparently, she doesn’t need that excuse in order to act intoxicated.

      But I still think Makoto is cute. And for me, Hyuga will always be the Japanese version of a lost, adorable puppy.

  21. hai guys,
    what can i said about ep10 is awesome… this ep clearly summarize the relationship between hyuga – makoto n hyuga – yoko.

    the scene where yoko accompany hyuga to found makoto at her hometown is necessary to make hyuga realize he already crash to Makoto. YES i love the scene where he admit he doesn’t feel to said because he has someone that he really want to see and yes it’s MAKOTOsan…

    the summarize of yoko-hyuga relationship is too smooth until they can communicate without awkward feeling. i believed to turn the next level, they must have a great ending. now they can continue as a friends rather than couple relationship.

    i can’t wait for the next monday, OTP is the best

  22. Since I vented in ep. 10 about RMPW’s ep. 11 preview, I won’t do it here. I don’t need a repeat of irritation. Yet, in defense of a few Japanese dramas that I would say were romantic, at least to me, were probably the least viewed by most. Two for sure are Ohitorisama and Nagareboshi. Both ended well with boy and girl or man and woman. I re-watch to satisfy my romantic sweet tooth periodically. These two are the only ones I can recall at this time. I know there are a few others.

  23. I enjoy every moment in episode 10. I loved to see Hyuga and Makoto together, as partner. I’m glad to see there is nothing more between Hyuga nad Yoko (100% sure Yoko would end up with the other chef). And I feel relived that Asahina could take his time off, to realize his wrongdoing and eventually in last episode forgive himself and move forward, by coming back and build NI with Hyuga.

    As for our OTP, I quite understand why Makoto decides to make a distance. It’s hard to stand next to someone whose as big as Hyuga (we can see what happened with Asahina). That’s why first she have to gain a self confident and prove to herself she CAN definitely be with Hyuga :3

    The last 5 minutes is all Hyuga fault! I really hate how he can’t be honest, and made Makoto think that he’s fine without her and we all know it’s not true!!!! ;;____;;

    Anyway whatever happen in the last episode this drama already have a place in my heart 😀 (It’s been a long time since I loved a j-dorama like this <3)

  24. It’s my first time watching a japanese drama after stumbling upon this show at the start of the series. It’s such an amazingly modern story, all about the rise and fall of a high tech company, friendship and betrayal and romance all condensed into a few episodes. It’s truly something that we call all relate to. It’s almost perfect except for the lack of screen time given for the two wonderful main characters to develop. Come on, most of us watch it for the romance and the two lead’s excellent acting and sizzling hot chemistry are the main reason why we all continue watch it. I love how the story progresses and totally agree that there should be more time given for them to show their affection each other. Writers – another episode please??Thank you Ms Koala for your wonderful and humorous write up every week!

  25. Ms. K! I just finished watching episode 11 RAW! I’m so glad I don’t live in an apartment building because my neighbors would knock on my door and ask if I was alright! LOL! I found myself talking to Hyuga via my computer screen quite a bit today. I literally wanted to give him a really good shake to admit his feelings for Makoto! They had quite a few arguments. How I love when she gets either excited or angry and starts talking very fast! Well, she did this time and Hyuga took her by the wrist…Then…Then…THEN (font size 96 pts) it happened! I let out an uncontrollable scream when what we’ve all been waiting for happened! I won’t be a spoiler, but IT FINALLY HAPPENED and 2X!!!!!!! Right smack dab in front of everyone at the airport!!! Through her tears even!!! Next, Hyuga’s a good man and a man of his word where Asahina is concerned. I just love the 3 analysts and how the one Hyuga couldn’t recall his name who was very clever and instrumental in bringing Hyuga and Makoto together! Wow…what one photo can do! Actually, the entire New Innovation team helped as well to locate her flight info! There’s a wedding between two of the co-workers, photo is so very cute. He’s short and she’s tall. Now there’s a photo wall for photos at New Innovation!

    I’m really going to miss them. Yet, in the meantime, I’ll look for the subs to ep. 11 and rewatch this drama again!

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