Jung Kyung Ho Completes Military Service and Heads to the Airport

Jung Kyung Ho happily completed his military service last week and a few days after he returned to civilian life, the media caught him at the airport already rocking the trying-to-be-surreptitious celebrity travel style. The sunglasses and cap clearly can’t hide this cutie pie from the eagle-eyed photogs. I wonder where he’s off to? Seeing Jung Kyung Ho with his post-military buzz cut immediately resurrects my befuddlement over how his fellow actor Kim Nam Gil completed his own military service back in July and less than a month later was photographed traipsing all over New Zealand with his now signature pornstache plus a full head of shoulder length hair. If Kim Nam Gil injested any magic hair growth pills, I hope he shares some with Jung Kyung Ho because that boy looks way too skinny and lanky without some hair to balance him out. I hope he picks a suitable return project soon so I can start looking forward to his onscreen return in whatever capacity. But if I could choose, it’d be as a funny romantic leading man all the way. 


Jung Kyung Ho Completes Military Service and Heads to the Airport — 10 Comments

  1. Welcome back Jung! He is a lovely and charming smile. I like his acting especially his eye expression. Hope to see him choose a good new drama soon.

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