TW-media Heats up with Speculation on Rumored New Couple of Peter Ho and Janine Chang

Take it with a grain of salt, but its looking like it really could be true. I’ve heard these rumors for some months that since co-starring in Ring Ring Bell, Janine Chang and Peter Ho might actually have something going on in real life. They got along fantastically during filming and onscreen their chemistry was mindblowingly good. Despite loving Janine with Mike He in Sunny Happiness, I might have to give the edge to Peter even though the RRB story was ten shades of stupid. The TW-media have been speculating about their offscreen relationship for months now, since Janine and Peter were caught being chummy during the RRB promotion in Japan a few months ago, all the way to them getting together in China during breaks from their respective drama filming. Both insist they are just good friends, but during Peter Ho’s 37th birthday party fan meeting this week, his good friend Vivian Hsu and Janine herself added more fuel to the fire.

Vivian sent a video song message where she changed the lyrics to Teresa Teng’s famous classic “The Moon Represents My Heart” where one particular passage went like this “We’ve known each other for 8 years, you can’t continue to not have a girlfriend. Actually Janine Chang is pretty swell, what do you think? You can tell me secretly.” Apparently Peter smiled and blushed when he heard that. Even better was the follow up video birthday message was from Janine, who is currently in Mongolia doing charity work. Apparently for her birthday last month Peter sent her a birthday kiss via a pretend kiss picture between him and his latest co-star Ivy Chen, so now it’s Janine turn to flirt with him by saying “I’m sending you back a kiss” and took a picture of her kissing the image of herself in the mirror. If these two can work out, I’ll be doing the Snoopy dance of happiness.


TW-media Heats up with Speculation on Rumored New Couple of Peter Ho and Janine Chang — 24 Comments

  1. I LOVE your updates on rumored couples in Asian drama land! Especially since I don’t read the K-pop and Asian drama gossip sites. So, thanks for filtering the info and sharing! 🙂

  2. Oh please – yes!! They are really cute together. And honestly most of the rumored TW couples or officials – I’m all eh over it… it’s their personal life that kind of thing. But this onscreen couple is super cute – so I’d be super happy if they got together 🙂 I’ve had a soft spot for Janine after her role in The Hospital, oh so many years ago. Anyhow, either way, I hope they are happy in life!

  3. Wait, she dated Mark Chao? If she’s 4 years older than Mark, I wonder why Mark’s parents have a problem with him dating Gao Yuan Yuan.

  4. Peter kind looks too brawny for Janine (she has an intellectual aura about her)..,
    But they are cute and sizzling together in RRB.

    • Despite feeling conflicted about Summer Desire (I really hate Barbie’s character there) I was totally rooting for Peter Ho but RRB is where I finally falling in love with him. I think my love for him is getting bigger than my love for Mike He.

      And beg to differ, although I love Mike He a lot, and enjoy Sunny Happiness but there’s something about RRB that makes it more endearing to me. The simplicity perhaps. I don’t know. But totally in love with Peter Ho. 37? You’ve got to be kidding!

  5. Janine and Peter? It does sound pretty possible aint it? I remember them both participating in volunteer projects here and there, even before RRB. I’d love for these 2 to get together!

  6. Sounds possible,, they work well, they respect each other.. he’s a gentleman, she’s a down to earth girl.. I guess I can’t really object as a fan.. Peter deserves to be with someone and if it works out.. thats good, if not.. thats okay.. I still love him either way! 🙂

    Thanks for posting!

  7. they should just get together and make babies already. TT-TT seriously.
    I love Janine to death and i think she has chemistry with almost all male lead she acted with.

    Peter is not bad himself. It makes me happy whenever a couple come out from a drama being OTP, turning their reel into real~ 😀

    Both should settle down already 😀

  8. This couple are not perfect. Janine is too much ugly. She is really not suit for peter. Peter is nice guy! I Love him so much! Peter should be choose prettiest actress as his girlfriend. I so sad for peter! Now, my heart was broken because of peter. T_T 🙁 :'( :”( :'( :'( 🙁 T_T. In future, I hope peter will be love the most beautiful actress as his wife but not janine chang. :p 😉 :p 🙂 ;p

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