Koala is Team Chang Hee in the Inexplicably Addicting May Queen

When I first heard about May Queen, it sounded like a potential Giant. It’s not, it’s stupid beyond belief. It could be stupid and sprawling like East of Eden, but it isn’t either. The whole poor girl destined to reach ship building greatness feels pretty small-scale so far, and the amount of beyond ridiculous machinations of the bad guys to get everyone from point A to now has been nothing short of borrowing every makjang element from other dramas and throwing it at the wall. I was headdesking throughout the first eight episodes during the kids portion, which undoubtedly was well acted but I was losing brain cells rapidly. But now the adults have shown up and within the last four episodes my interest level went from negative 10 to 90. All of that is thanks to Jae Hee playing the oppa prosecutor Park Chang Hee, who for all intents and purposes I ought to dislike, but instead I am rabidly on his ship. He’s been dating Han Ji Hye‘s Cheon Hae Joo for the past 15 years! How could they not be OTP! But of course, the whole his dad is complicit in her dad’s murder and then throwing her away bit is clearly a hurdle they might never get across. Not to mention Kim Jae Won‘s rascally ship building supervisor Kang San, who is also childhood friend, is pretty much sunshine and puppies and the saner choice for the heroine. But hot diggity, someone in the costume department put Jae Hee in three piece suits! How the hell am I supposed to concentrate on anything else when he shows up onscreen? Yeah, the Playground is henceforth Team Chang Hee. Imma go down with that ship even if its in flames.

May Queen has been steadily and surely extending its ratings lead on rival Five Fingers, which I long ago dropped faster than a hot potato. Call me when Joo Ji Hoon cuts his hair. As for MQ, it’s totally guy eye candy, and for whatever reason the normally cool Han Ji Hye, who rarely has chemistry with her male leads, actually has chemistry with both guys here. Yay! I can’t wait for the love triangle to unfold, but I’m sure my heart will first be stomped on to pieces because that means Chang Hee and Hae Joo have decided not to be together for whatever reason. 15 years! They were totally secretly dating for 15 years! That’s like a drama fantasy we rarely see, since typically that means the two have a brother-sister vibe. But it is totally not the case here, where I just want Chang Hee to kiss Hae Joo until she swoons. Or something like that.

Chang Hee oppa buys Hae Joo new shoes and a suit for her job interview. He piggybacks her so her feet don’t get cut up when walking on the rocks along the beach. They talk about their dreams and hopes. He calls her “my lighthouse”, the beacon of light that keeps him from going crazy with anger at the unfair world around them. Why can’t they run away with a deserted island and pretend all the horrible people around them don’t exist?

San oppa is adorable beyond belief, but in a drama where people are beaten and murdered left and right, he’s rather an outlier and I need my brooding Chang Hee oppa more.

Drama, please don’t turn Chang Hee evil (even for a little bit of time), and if you break up my OTP I can accept that as long as they end up together after all is said and done. Sorry Kang San, I adore how long you’ve crushed on Hae Joo and how you defend her, but I need my leading man brooding and marinating in pain. Which by the looks of it, is about to happen soon to Chang Hee. Somebody hold me!


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  1. I’m Team Chang Hee too!:D I found him also more adorable as a kid than Kang San. haha Unfortunately we will probably not get our OTP, right? T.T Wae??

    But really… 15 YEARS!? Without… you know… kissing and stuff!? Chang Hee you’re a dream boyfriend being so patient. xD

    • thank you for this article. after all I found quiet a lot of people thibking the same way about chang hee and hae joo. 15years is a lot and we’ve all seen how deep inlove change hee and hae joo are since they were kids. since the beginning there was no space for kang san. no chemistry at all. it is so predictable that the authors will turn chang hee to evil and forced to marry In hwa. poor chang hee, he has to lift all the mistakes done by his father & DH. so knowing the secret he has to let go jae hoo. I’ve just decided not to watch may queen from the episode on, when the writers turn chang hee to evil. I’ll watch then the last episode only to know the ending. just to prevent that my heart breaks for chang hee and hae joo true and longlasting love. btw, may queen has a strong nice story, but guess the child actors of HJ and CH were too good on building up their chemistry so we all fall n love with their innocent first love. and now theyjust tear them apart. moreover, kang san may thought of hae joo, but in between he played around with other girls. unlike CH who always only had HJ in his heart and it will always be. for me that’s not love, kang san. may queen s story is really good,it is just the series realization messed up a lot by not synchronizing many aspects during the childhood story and the grown up story. but still I hope it will be always a success. ^^

  2. Best post ever!! But best part of May Queen is leading lady is strong and not a wimp. The female lead actually kissed the guy first and even had to lure him to a bed. Loool
    But did you see character diagram ? Soooo upset the two are not meant to be.

    • I refuse to believe they are not meant to be. Just because CH marries IW doesn’t mean anything, since IW is only marrying him out of spite of HJ, since IW loves KS but he only loves HJ. And since HJ loves CH, IW is marrying CH to get back at HJ. It’s so fucked up.

      Anyways, this drama will like City of Glass. I will be repeating that mantra every night.

      • Where can I watch City of glass full with eng sub. I watched 7 eps and loved it only to hurt my heart by not finishing it. I need help

  3. I’m a Change Hee fan here as well. I know they’re not the OTP, but that can change, right? Didn’t PSH become the lead in some drama where he was cast as the second lead or something? Can it happen again? They’ve a great relationship, I want more.

    Nice Guy and May Queen are my two K-Dramas right now. Sure May Queen’s ridiculous in a lot of ways, but I can’t help it either.

  4. Eeeep, I’m so behind with my K-dramas. Jae Hee!!!!! Its the first time I’ve read about the story but wherever Jae Hee goes, you can bet I’ll be running boarding that ship. 😀

  5. Hehe, I actually like Kang san more. I feel like his story just hasn’t yet come to play. Totally fell for his back hug with hae joo in the teaser. I can’t wait to see how the story is going to unfold.

  6. Eeeep, I’m so behind with my K-dramas. Jae Hee!!!!! Its the first time I’ve read about the story but wherever Jae Hee goes, you can bet I’ll be boarding that ship. 😀

  7. ,sorry Captain but I can’t aboard your ship this time.. I’ve already packed my bags and bought my tickets and boarded the Hae Joo-Kang San ship… How can I say no to his pouty faces?.. 🙂

    Also I’m loving the wardrobe of the people on this drama.. It looks very pretty on them coz they’re all pretty people but it also looks wearable (even that pink suit) by normal people like me. And they’re age and profession appropriate..

    • I love San oppa, I love his pouty faces, I love his hideous suit jackets, but I do not ship him with HJ. They are perfect as bickering BFFs.

      HJ and CH have been in love with each other for 15 years!!! Genuinely in love, and that love hasn’t wavered or diminished! How could I not ship them rabidly. I’ve shipped them since baby CH piggybacked a bee-stung HJ home.

      • I haven’t seen this one for fearing of having irreparable heartbreaks since just like you I’m totally on CH and HJ’s ship. But I’m too afraid to watch May Queen because of the storyline and the promotional posters. This is Coffee House all over again where the shippers are shipping with all their hearts for their respective OTPs. I don’t have the strength to endure the suspense and nightly prayers for the wind to push my ship.

        Will pray from afar for our OTP. Definitely not watching it if my pray isn’t answered. How could they not be the OTP!

  8. I don’t know who to ship, I love both Chang Hee and Kang San!! Both seem suitable for Hae Joo…if you don’t count all the evil things Chang Hee’s father has done to Hae Joo. But, in K-drama land I just don’t see how they can forgive and forget the past sins of the parents, so that makes Chang Hee and Hae Joo’s relationship doomed from the beginning. Chang Hee will probably do the noble thing and give up Hae Joo to spare her any more pain and live a life of misery without his love, while she moves on with his childhood friend. I can already feel the pain that is going to hit these two once they find out the secrets of the past. 🙁

  9. LOL I ship Kang San smiling.
    This drama is terrible. In the sense there is screaming, crying and slapping. Head pulling. Mother crying. Bitching. Yeah, what else? Bribery? EVERY adult episode.
    But but dammit, it’s got Kim Jae Won. So even though I am cursing as I watch ( because I hate makjang )it’s going to be long, long weeks of suffering from this fangirl.

  10. I’m so totally on Team San Oppa!

    It’s been 15 years Chang Hee has the looks, the suit, a steady job, a nice car and still he hasn’t stepped up. Not cool man.

    Plus if Hae Joo h

    • Why hasn’t he stepped up? HJ is the one who won’t let them go public, but he insisted now and brought her to see his dad. I think he’s stepping up big time, which is why his dad is at wits end and everything is starting to come out in the open.

      • It doesn’t matter if HJ said they should go public or not. Chang-Hee is too weak for her he cannot even protect her from his father! He continously allows him to disrespect her, allowed their relationship to be hidden for 15 years, and lied to Kang-San so he couldn’t have a chance with her.That is weak and not worthy of someone like her. The dad actually is going crazy because he knows all he has really belongs to HJ and if she gets Ch then he will lose it all after all the scheming and killing he did. I am Team Kang-San because when he went to America he worked hard to get his dream back and to come back to Korea for Hae-Joo.

  11. Oh,Koala. I’m in the middle of staying away with all the potential 50++ episodes dramas. But now what, I’m pretty much holding a flag for Team Chang Hee. Eeeeeep!

  12. I got interested in MQ because of Kim Yoo Jung (which she was great, btw), but it has everything that I hate in a drama. So I thought, check my brain at the door-watch until the kids are done-wait and see if I’ll continue. Surprisingly, there is something about it that made me stick around.

    With regards to Team Chang Hee or Kang San, I’m team Kang San but sometimes I have this wish of having an alternate universe (fringe, anyone?), where we have 2 Hae Joo. I guess it didn’t help that the character description clearly states that CH would marry IH and Kim Jae Won’s Kang San is just so bright, positive and strong, which HJ needs after(or with the upcoming) pain and hardships she went(or go) through. But, Chang Hee is just breaking my heart. He just loves her so much and HJ just brings out the light and goodness in him. And, the world needs all the good people it can have, but…. I don’t know!!!!!!

    • I know! She is his beacon of hope in this horrible world. T___T She loves him, he’s her Chang Hee oppa. He adores her to pieces. He would give everything up for her BUT FOR having an evil dad he can’t change.

  13. Hi koala …I actually have a question which have nothing to do with this post and I will appreciative if you answer !!
    since I believe in your drama taste I was wondering if you watch ANSWER ME 1997 …You know it is so popular these days but you never mention that …why ? you don’t like it or sth ? I get the latest and the most interesting news about drama here and it is bothering me I almost have got nothing here about AM1997 ! I enjoy reading your opinion around dramas (like this one) because they are different and incredibly funny !
    if you have watched it would you please have a post about it ?
    please ! THANK YOU

  14. Chang Hee needs HaeJoo to stay sane, look at his father! I think this couple is really cute but if they are not together, I’m ok with KS also. I dunno, just give a lot of cuteness.

  15. Can I board the Chang Hee ship…….I just cant blink my eyes when ever JH is on screen as CH in those formal suits, looks so Handsome and a Dream Boy.
    I like both KS and CH in some or other way and for me anyone of them can have HJ as long as she is happy with the one she ends up with.
    But… my preference will be CH and CH only…for his caring attitude towards HJ, his way of treating her like a Princess and that too for 15 years thats a long time for a person to be with a person when they are not together everyday.
    He is A True Gentleman…and epi 12 was all about CH..he was everywhere. Consoling HJ, greeting her Mom, meeting her family and lastly beating that goon (what a punch he gave to the goon…Angry JH is not bad too)

    • I think both guys treat her well and worship her. But I can’t get over and she and Chang Hee love each other and for so long. When its mutual like that, that’s my OTP forever and ever.

      • thats true both treat her well but KS treats her like a childhood buddy than CH who treats her softly.
        and m all the way for CH-HJ as my OTP.

      • and ks is a playboy.. haha.. that is not love 😀 and he could many times go back to korea when he did his masters at least. he has got the money forit. he could have looked for Hj, instead of pushing the fault to CH for not telling where she was, cos CH wanted to keep the relationship in secret.

  16. i started watching MQ because of jae hee but suprisingly i find myself forwading to kang san scenes.he is just so adorable amongs all the makjang and for once i m exciting to find out from the comments that chang hee – ha jo are not the otp . i hope so .

  17. I’m currenly watching this drama raw for fun. I’ll probably end up dropping it midway, and only checking who ends up with who.

    I still don’t know who I ship. Narratively, she and Chang Hee make more sense with all your dad killed mine hurdle. But they also dated for 15 years. We don’t get to see them falling in love, my favorite part. I think your ship won’t sink. But I really like Kang San (so cute and childish), too bad even his revenge plot doesn’t seem the focus. I wonder if it’s going to be like Feast of Gods..

  18. I’m so into this crazy drama! I loved, loved, loved the child actors. Those kids are going places! As far as whose ship I’m on? I’m leaning Kang San. I do love Chang Hee, but KS has my heart. JH needs to stay the heck away from CH’s dad, and those other crazies. The only way she is going to is if she holds on tight to KS.

    • PS. Check your phone. As you requested, I’ve called to let you know Ji Hoon cut his hair this weekend and the ratings went up. Heehee

      • Btw, thanks for the morning text snark session. I’ll go find some topless hot FSF in LLW pictures and share them with you.

    • Thanks for the Joo haircut pic, but that picture above proves to me that I am indeed on the right ship. Jae Hee FTW! You can have your purty lily white boyfriend with the nice ass and the million dollar smile. 😀 I’ll take emo Jae Hee in three piece suits. See, aren’t I a good jie jie, I never fight with you for any of your guys.

  19. The stars must be aligned this week as I picked up this drama last week not knowing that it was the first week I the adults and I actually started in the middle of ep 9 or was it ep 10 where han’s characte is getting ripped by both the interview board and an unknowing San. Then starts all the crying and the crazy things that I hate.. Crazy mom and brother… But I was addicted to it… Even made a huge effort to stream it. I think it was the three of them combined that made it worth my time to watch.

  20. OMG, Koala, you read my mind! I was actually just catching up with the 12 episodes last night like a crazy person, and I completely love Chang Hee. Which makes me sad and cringe for the forthcoming heartbreak I know is in store… 🙁

  21. I’m not sure if I’m ready to start this…As much as I like Jae Hee, I don’t think I can endure him not being the lead and getting the woman he loves. Just by reading the introduction, it sounds so familiar with “My Woman”, lead man Ko Joo Won. God, I hated how that ended. I’m a bad sport and just can’t stand it when “my” OTP doesn’t end up together!!! (why do I watch K-dramas…they practically lead us in that direction, luving the second lead but doesn’t get the girl…)
    Anyway, the mop hair on Jae Hee doesn’t bother you? I guess you’ve become accustomed to it by seeing it on Shun.

    • Strangely it doesn’t bother me, I guess I’m immune to it now. I swear this drama better do an about turn at the end just to keep me appeased.

  22. I’m not watching MQ (I don’t do that kind of drama), but I’m a sucker for guys in three-piece suits. I don’t know why more guys don’t wear them, they’re so attractive.

    But then, not every guy looks like Jae Hee, either.

    • How could I not ship this so hard my brain knows its bad for my sanity but I can’t help it?

      On the other hand there is KJW who looks like he rolled out of bed and hasn’t seen the sun in 20 years.

      My case is closed.

      • Now that you point it out, KS looks like a vampire. He is really pale compared to CH. A little bit of sun does the body good. I never liked 3-piece suits before but it looks so good on him.

      • but that is his skin color.

        I feel offended when people talk about getting some sun light.

        I mean, I have the same skin color, and I really hate when people ask me if I know the ”sun” or if I’m trying to be a vampire.

        even if I get sun, all I’ll look like is like a shrimp and my skin will get some sun burns. People like KJW and me can’t take sun because the possibitly of getting cancer skin is really high and we can’t get a sun to tan a bit. My doctor say I must not get any sun without sunblock. And my sunblock is so high that I don’t get any tan at all.

      • @Lizzie u talk evrything i want to say :I me also have same skin tone and even if i get sunshine my skin get red and hurt then after 2 days ı turn white again… tired of people comments about skin colors -.-;

      • they put the wrong actor as chang hee child and adult. chang hee child is just so innocent and pure. and personally he’s a way more good looking than kang san child actor. chang hee adult is still so pure in loving hae joo.. but he was too badly influenced by DH and his creepy dadin terms of profession,so hechanged a bit. but still chang hee adult is just handsome & attractive in his suit and his shy smile. personally i find him more handsome than kang san adult. sry no offense. ^^

      • Simon Baker in his 3-piece suits on The Mentalist is like 40% of the reason why I watch it. His curly hair is another 25%, his mind…Uh, you can see where this is going 🙂

  23. O man…see the only reason I was even considering watching this drama in the first place was for my Jae Hee and then I decided to drop it when I found out the kids were going to be on for 8 eps…but now you (and some others)are all over him and his ship…and now I don’t know what to do…..aargh…this exactly,the kind of drama that will push up my BP and ruin my health…the kind I swore not to go near after 1000 kisses… but I think I’m going to have to risk it for Oppa…Oppa always wins …sigh

      • thats it, I’m off to do some Oppa ogling, and you say our heroine get slapped at least once an episode?? Is there the (makjang) customary water-throwing-to-her-face too? *pops a couple of BP pills*

  24. I can’t decide between Chang Hee and Kang San, but for all I know, Hae Joo is one lucky ass. Two good looking guys going after on girl…she needs to share lol

    • Kang San is the better guy, but I can’t help but feel for the star-crossed lovers of HJ and CH, especially since they love each other so much. She shouldn’t leave CH just because his horrible dad hates her! I think he’ll leave her to protect her. Silly CH! You two should run away.

  25. Sorry but I ship Kang San and Hae Joo all the way though I don’t want them together just yet as Chang Hee’s dad still needs to beat some sense into HJ. You are not wanted let the person go. Does HJ seriously think that awful man would someday accept her as a daughter in-law? If yes then she’s dense not as smart as I thought she was then.

  26. Haha finally a post about May Queen on this blog. =D
    I love Chang Hee and totally ship him with Hae Joo! I totally agree that they’ve been together for 15 years so how can they not be the OTP? I mean some people argue that Kang San left America but was loyal to her but so what, he could have said no and tried to get his grandfather’s company back without leaving. Since he left he lost his chance and Chang Hee stepped in when Hae Joo needed someone the most.
    Though we probably know that Chang Hee will be the noble idiot and give up Hae Joo once he finds out that his father killed Hae Joo’s step dad. But in continuation with that, I hope he finds out the whole truth and how Do Hyeon’s involved so that way he can marry In Hwa and take down the company from the inside while still protecting Hae Joo from all the evilness of DH and his own dad. Maybe after he manages to give the company to Hae Joo, they can get back together again. (Haha I wish. Though it’ll be a better/complicated story if Hae Joo is confused about which guy to choose. Plus let’s say she doesn’t find out about the secret yet until after Chang Hee gives her the company, then she’ll see how much Chang Hee truly loves her and wanted to make up to her).
    I was confused why In Hwa would agree to the wedding since she’s totally in love with Kang San, but you brought up a very good but messed up point. She’ll marry Chang Hee to spite Hae Joo. Ouch guess she’s still her father’s daughter after all.
    Man I really do wish they’ll change the ending, I thought at first I was in the minority by shipping Chang Hee and Hae Joo but looks like a lot of other people love him as well.

    • It’s a live filmed drama. Anything can happen. I am serious about the ending as to which guy HJ picks in my mind is not set. HJ-CH will definitely break up and HJ will also fall for KS, but the ending I can see her loving both guys and then picking again.

      Weekend dramas are notorious for upending its pre-release synopsis of who is paired with who. Feast of the Gods has the second lead get the girl, City of Glass had the girl marry the first lead only to end up with the second lead in the end! It happens! I shall remain ever hopeful.

      Plus Kim Jae Won is no stranger to being the lead and then losing the girl. He lost his wifey to younger brother Yoon Kye Sang in My Sister in Law is 19. I still giggle about that one. I want to see genuine angst here and end with HJ picking the guy she loves the most.

      • but it is already preditable that IM will get troubles with the law, so his position as heir is empty, then KS refused to marry Ih cos he is plot as the good guy with the nice ideology and he tries to steal HJ from CH. (wow, what a good friend, if he really is a friend to Hj at least, he should have wanting her happy by CH side and tries to give advicea to CH and not to take advantage by provocaing CH to let her go). then IH finds out that KS refused her also cos he is trying to steal HJ from CH. so Ih revenges by taking the chamce and steal CH from HJ to hurt her. CH is forced to chose between his father and HJ, which i find is an impossible choice morally as child and lover. then he choses hos fatjer, since he found out the bitter truth of evil father and DH. ahhh, i just stop to watch it. hopefully they come to their senses and dont ruin CH’s character. i still hope CH and HJ gets a chance.. their live is so deep.. 15 years, come on. also we ve seen on screen how pure their love for each other is.

      • I really agree with you! Somehow while I was watching FOTG, it was such an agony watching her get together with Joo Sang Wook cause we were rooting for her and Lee Sang Woo and miraculously they ended up together! I hope this will happen here too, although the set-up has her and Kang San ending up together. Besides, what’s the use of the melodrama if there isn’t struggle and strife? Jae Hee looks set to turn bad but there’s always room for reform! HAE JOO DONT GIVE UP HE LOVES YOU SO MUCH!

        Well, i’ll probably get lots of haters if I say that Kang San just doesn’t give me the vibe that he loves Hae Joo as intensely as Chang Hee. Maybe it’s his character, maybe it’s his vibe, but I don’t feel sorry at all that she’s not with him, for him or in general.

        Here’s to the Second Lead shipping!
        Hopefully, if the drama production team realises such a great community out here, they’ll consider changing the script! It’s quite a bit to hope for, but that’s what I really hope will occur, or I probably won’t be able to watch the rest of this ><

  27. Hum, I would be on CH ship if he didn’t help evil chairman to get what he wants!

    I would totally leave that house, and yet he didn’t.

    How he can be sucking up the chairman’s ass when he saw how the chairman treated his dad like shit and beat in his dad over and over again?

    really? If I was him I would like to leave that house and prove that poor people can be sucessful too and all.

    He is a coward for not letting that house, and I’ll more pissed when he accepts to mary In Hwa!

    I mean, one thing is leave HJ because of what his dad did, but marrying the rich girl isn’t right, you’ll just hurt HJ more and more.

    It is a dick move to do.

    Sorry but he might look great but will soon show his colors by staying in Chairman’s side and marrying his sister.

      • But I honestly think that he’ll agree to marry In Hwa for revenge and not for the Chairman to just get what he wants. If not to take down the company then I think that Chang Hee will be marrying In Hwa to show his own father how miserable he’ll become.

        As for him being a coward, I think he hasn’t left the house because his father won’t leave. Now I know he’s already grown up, but he knows how much his father suffered and cared for him. Plus his father is the only family he’s got so he can’t just abandon him.

      • i would say, in hwa takes revenge on HJ by stealing Ch from her, since she may be hurt by KS telling her he is in love with JH. IM will get troubles with the law, so the position as heir is empty. DH tries to get rid of Ch’s father, but as KS refused to marry in hwa, he realized he needs CHon that position to seure him. CH finds out the bitter truth about his father killing HJ’s step father and had to chose between his greatest only love HJ and his evil father who suffered a lot to keep Ch alive. he choses to protect HJ from this bitter truth and let her go. I will just stop watching the drama from the point on they turn CH to evil. ^^
        i dont really like KS somehow. i find CH more handsome and has a more symmetrical face. CH adult and child actors are a way more handsome and pure than KS child and adult actor. also Chis more adult. KS is just childish. if he would love HJ the whole 15years, why heis going to the club (for meeting girls, kissing n more maybe) n such a cheap playboy? that is not love.also if he says he is a good friend of ch and hj, why he takes advantage by telling ch to let her go? why not trying to help them, giving advices to CH and HJ on how they could solve the problem.

  28. “Explicably Addicting May Queen” = perfect descriptor of my feelings. Been thoroughly enjoying this brainless piece of entertainment each weekend.

    But I was ALARMED reading the post b/c I didn’t look at the relationship chart. No way that Chang Hee and In Hwa get married! That just breaks my heart. I knew there would be a separation b/c of guilt over what his father has done to Hae Joo, but not to the point of marriage to someone else. It doesn’t need to be that twisted….does it? Wait, forgot that I’m watching kdrama – ok, it’s more than possible thus my alarm.

    I haven’t lost all hope b/c I think the writers/producers are definitely going a different direction than initially annouced. Notice that Il Moon who has been signficant so far is no where to be seen in the character descriptions or relationship chart.

    Chang Hee oppa – fighting!!

  29. I would argue that Lee Jin Wook’s character in City of Glass was actually the second lead – the synopsis of the drama gave away the fact that the female lead would be getting divorced. She was always going to end up with KSS’s character.

  30. of the airing dramas i’m watching arang, nice guy and may queen. i like arang, love nice guy (i think it’s the best of the 3) but i’m in love and totally hooked with may queen. the reason why is it so addictive to me is KJW… so of course i’m team Kang San!!! even since kids i love little san the best. but i’m shipping HJ with san not only because i adore KJW’s character and looks, but because i only feel siblings vibes between Chang hee and HJ
    so i’m happy KJW is the lead and will get the girl!!!!!!!

  31. I just simply cannot pick one of these two outstanding actors! I refuse! I ship that no one ends up with the girl because they will both find the right prospective women for them.

  32. At first, I was sure about Team San, but now I don’t. While chang hee has a long history of suffering with his psycho father, san seems kind empty, he doesn’t have a strong conviction (only about his love to HJ), i can’t explain. Maybe it’s because he’s a little childish.

  33. I am totally swooning over chang hee and squealing over him and hae joo…but i always loved Kang San and I want him to be with her too.

    But I love that Kang San and Chang Hee have a suppressed bromance…which I know is doomed, but they have so much chemistry together too.

    I baisically love all the characters especially Hae Joo’s adopted uncle and aunty who are her real uncle and aunty lol.

    There a lot of melodrama but they give us comedy with those characters.

  34. I love both Jae Hee and Jaewon, and although it’s a wet dream come true to have them star in the same drama… it’s also cruel because I don’t know who to root for.

    I know for sure that Kang San and Hae Joo are the OTP. Why? Even though HJ and CH loved each other for 15 years, they didn’t show it in the drama. They didn’t show the process of falling them falling in love. A love story is only a love story when we see the process (Plus, they haven’t kissed, whereas HJ and KS already had a CPR-Kiss). We all know that if the couple has stayed together for a long time, they are never the OTP. Because to be honest, we all love the tension “are they getting together? when are they going to have their first kiss? etc.” but when they actually get together, the drama tends to get a little bit boring. Yeah, it’s sweet to watch, but still.

  35. Glad you write about May Queen.Ms Koala..I love the way you write about each K drama you watched..I watched this because of all the 3 main lead..and I have to agree with you Jae Hee is so damn good looking here.I hope Hae Joo will be a strong character till the end.Thanks for this awesome place where I get doses of pure happiness away from daily routine life.

  36. Eeeeeeps! Yaaaay! You’re watching this too!

    I’m on both ships. I just can’t give Jae Hee and Jae Won up. I want Changhee to get the girl more tho. I just feel so sorry for the guy and their doomed romance. But I have a feeling she’ll end up with Saneee. I just hope there’s more romance. Or the ending song is totally relevent. “Da da da da dun Goodbye to romance~”

    I learned from kdramas that the main characters often mirror the older casts. The Chairman, Hae Joo’s Mom, and Haejoo’s Dad seem to have a similar relationship. Changhee fits chairman’s shoes too well tho. When he beated up the loan shark, I think the drama was telling us, “He’s dangerous” the only one stopping him from the dark side is Haejoo. Chairman too, he listens to ANYTHING his wife tells him to do.
    I dropped Five Fingers too. First 4-6 EPS were so good. I was like “OH!” And “AH!” Then I was like WTFery. I’ll probably pick it up again when it becomes fully subbed.

  37. I wanna scream…at last I manage to board on the Chang Hee-Hae Joo ship…I really ship them so hard I decided not to continue watching MayQueen after my heart have calm down from the disappointment I have when I knew Chang Hee decided to be a bad guy. But at least he let go of Hae Joo so that he doesn’t hurt her anymore which is a really honorable deed for a guy. On top of that, Jae Hee is a really suitable cast for Chang Hee as he portrayed it very well! We can understand all his anger and sadness that turn him to be a revengeful guy. Not to mention the kid actor, Park Geon Tae, who played Chang Hee is awesome as well. I really wish that the writer is planning to make Chang Hee sacrifices for the sake of Hae Joo..as what Jae Hee said in an interview:

    Jae Hee explained, “Park Chang-hee is a guy with a lot of pain. Rather than living life according to his own will, he gives up a lot for the sake of those he loves, doing things he dislikes because they need to be done. Even as he can’t enjoy his own life, he’ll still do whatever he can for the people he cares about.”

    credit: http://www.dramabeans.com/2012/08/may-queens-leading-men-jae-hee-and-kim-jae-won/

  38. i love oppa jae hee. i still remember how he stole my heart in his first appearance in Delightful Choon Hyang..years passed and I am still one of his fan..my fl korean actor now playing one of the major roles in MQ as Park Chang Hee.. 🙂

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