Stage Production of Romeo and Juliet with Ishihara Satomi and Sato Takeru to Release DVD

The original star-crossed lovers recently got a stage remake in Japan starring Ishihara Satomi and Sato Takeru. The modern stage version of Romeo and Juliet ran for two weeks in Tokyo and clearly unless I could teleport I wasn’t going to be able to catch it. Lucky for me, the stage production is coming to DVD next week and the powers that be released a trailer that already has me frothing at the mouth. One of my teenage guilty pleasures was the Baz Luhrmann version of Romeo+Juliet starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes, which was admittedly all over the place, but the Romeo and Juliet parts were fantasically done. It captured the youthful folly and intensity of first love that always gets me right there. What little I saw in the stills and teasers of Satomi and Takeru totally convinced me that they were going to bring it in terms of looking gorgeous together, having sizzling chemistry, and delivering the acting chops. Glimpses of the stage show in the DVD trailer below confirms my first impression and now I can’t wait to get my grabby hands on this DVD. The rumors of a real life relationship between these two have died down, especially since the media is all trying to fan the flames that Satomi has been flirting up a storm with her Rich Man, Poor Woman co-star Oguri Shun and making his wifey Yamada Yu pretty pissed off. No comment on the last bit of gossip, but I’m totally a Takeru-Satomi shipper so I hope my ship sails in the future no matter when. 

Sneak peak at Romeo and Juliet DVD:


Stage Production of Romeo and Juliet with Ishihara Satomi and Sato Takeru to Release DVD — 11 Comments

  1. Oh Ms Koala…. luvs u!!! mwah mwah mwah 😉 I know I asked about this before and so happy to see your post today!

    hmmm… how to get hold of the DVD from UK? oh well, it would be sold online soon i guess 🙂

    tanksssss so much again!

  2. Is it English-subbed????? Oh, please, please let it be so. It looks awesome! The little I saw gave me goose bumps – seriously! I didn’t really like the leodicarp/clairedanes movie version of RaJ. But it’s not because I don’t like the concept. CD honestly leaves me feeling cold. Now with better actors, more explosive chemistry (like this one!), and from what I hear, much better music, then I’m totally sold! *now to order….

  3. Nice!! Satomi and Takeru look really good together! Thanks Koala for this piece of news & Jillia for the linky!

    Did a bit of research on yesasia and was surprised that save for ‘Caligula’ none of Shun’s plays are available on DVD! :S Neither his Shakespearean adaptations nor A Clockwork Orange…like, wae?!! A ‘lil video covering Caligula:

  4. Based on the little clips shown above, I can already tell that Satomi has better chemistry with Sato than with Shun. Or maybe it’s just that Romeo and Juliet is definitely more about romance than, say, Hyuga and Makoto. But don’t you think Sato looks a little like Shun? Keke. I had to Google to check if he wasn’t the guy who played Sano’s younger bro in Hana Kimi (he wasn’t).

    As for the rumors on Shun and Satomi flirting, I think they just couldn’t help it (can any girl resist Shun? Or can anyone blame a guy who gives in a little to Satomi’s charm?) But, I am hoping that it didn’t/wouldn’t go farther than mere flirting. Although I’ve seen a few GIF’s of Shun when he was promoting the last episode of RMPW and he was positively giggly. I haven’t watched the entire show though, so I wouldn’t know what he is giggling about. But no, I have faith in all the married actors of Japan (or at least the ones I know of, eg Naohito Fujiki, Matsuyama Kenichi and Mizushima Hiro).

    • I agree with your observation that the both of them are very charming and uber-good looking so I wouldn’t be surprised that there may have been some flirting going on. I have seen gif’s of Oguri on various shows and he tends to laugh a lot…like a LOT & seems to be very friendly! He was on some show w/ Arata and I kid you not this guy laughed for a few minutes straight. The media caught wind of the fact that he calls Satomi “Satomiruku” (miruku means milk), Satomi rocking out the RMPW wear he designed for the cast & crew, and using Satomi’s admission that she tends to fall for her costars and drum up unnecessary drama (he also called Maki “Horikitty” so no biggie). I wish they’d just leave the newlyweds alone given his past indiscretions.

      Hiro can do no wrong in my eyes, lol. He married Ayaka after he learnt that she had Grave’s disease & wanted to support & care for her. Like, HOMGs!! *_*

      • Yeah. I admire Japanese actors for being brave enough to marry young. I guess I’d been watching Kdramas, and K-actors for that matter, for far too long so I’d gotten used to over-jealous fans and actors hiding the true state of their lovelives.

        I was never a big fan of Hiro, but I kinda liked him in Hana Kimi. When I heard his love story, his attractiveness level for me went up a notch. Haha. I guess I just have a thing for married men. I admire their willingness to commit to just one woman especially those who are in the entertainment industry, coz we can all imagine the temptation must be higher because of all those pretty actresses they get paired with.

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