Yoon Eun Hye Reportedly in Talks to Join Yoochun in Upcoming K-drama I Miss You

I suppose I could have titled this post with the confirmed news, which is that Mickey Yoochun has signed on as the lead for the upcoming MBC drama I Miss You. Sadly his involvement does not get me excited in any drama in the least. This drama is scheduled to air after Arang and the Magistrate which means it really needs to get a move on with finalizing the entire cast. What piqued my interest in this drama initially was rumors that Chun Jung Myung has been approached to play the other male lead, which just sent me into howls of noooooooo. PIE is way too seasoned an actor to be playing second fiddle to anyone, much less Yoochun. Now it appears that his involvement is looking less and less likely. So I wiped away my sweat of relief only to hear the news that Yoon Eun Hye is reported deep in talks to play the leading lady. What? Once again, nooooooooo, this pairing does nothing for me. I’ve now watched Yoochun in four consecutive dramas and still the guy goes not click with me. He’s by far the best acting one out of the DBSK boys, and his real life cuteness cannot be denied. But as a leading man he leaves me feeling this odd emptiness, like he can be replaced by a cardboard facsimile of himself and I wouldn’t feel the difference. Stranger things have happened, and it wasn’t until my 3rd Lee Seung Gi drama that I fell head over heels in love with my boy. Perhaps this pairing of my beloved Eun Hye with Yoochun will flip the switch for me on him.

So far only Yoochun and the two kids playing the child counterparts of the OTP have been confirmed. That would be Yeo Jin Gu and Kim So Hyun, reuniting them from as the alterna-OTP in the child cast of The Moon that Embraces the Sun. Based on the synopsis I read, I Miss You sounds straight out of the early Hallyu vault. It’s about first loves that are torn apart for whatever reason and many years later when they are adults they try to find their way back to each other. Yoochun’s character grows up to be a cop and he’s described as playful off the job but a determined crime fighter on the job. There is no description yet on the female lead. I know I ought to be happy about the possibility of Eun Hye coming back to the small screen, but I can’t lie about being ambivalent about this. I mostly wish she would pick a different genre and have another co-star. But knowing my luck, this drama might turn out to be all sorts of awesome and I’ll fall madly in love with it. I Miss You will air this November on Wed-Thurs.


Yoon Eun Hye Reportedly in Talks to Join Yoochun in Upcoming K-drama I Miss You — 139 Comments

  1. I like Yoochun. For me, he did great in Rooftop Prince. And I’m so excited to hear that he might be paired of with my fave YEH. I just hope the storyline is good too.

  2. “But as a leading man he leaves me feeling this odd emptiness, like he can be replaced by a cardboard facsimile of himself and I wouldn’t feel the difference”

    YES. He lacks charisma and intensity on screen, just like Lee Minho, although he’s technically a decent actor. I’m turned off by the storyline more than the cast though.

  3. I’m going to pray to the drama gods because Yoochun won my heart in Rooftop Prince and Yoon Eun Hye won it in Goong. Hopefully, if she is cast she can be one sassy, badass lead which might make this drama worth its’ while.

    Can you imagine the kissing scenes between these two ’cause he did OK in RP and she got her master’s degree in Lie to Me. 😉

  4. He’s going to look tiny next to her. I like her best with tall big guys like Gong Yu. She made the leading man look so puny in My Fair Lady. She’s a big sexy goddess with broad shoulders.

      • Ohhhh~ I would rather YOON EUN HYE to not accept this project, because she is totally not SUITABLE for the prince yoochun who is perfect in the inside and outside and handsome inside and outside. True.. They aren’t match everything, it’s hard to find a girl that is suitable for yoochun~ uhhh~ maybe YEH aren’t suitable for the princess role. Sorry for the girl fans

  5. I hope YEH will not accept this project… Firstly, her partner is much younger than her(so, i thought), i don’t think he’s good looking to be paired to wuri Eun Hye who’s very pretty inside out. Secondly, I think the producer is just taking advantage of Eun Hye’s popularity after Lie To Me. And thirdly,for me they aren’t match, in everything. Sorry for the guy’s fans, i just don’t feel the chemistry.

      • I think Yoon Eun Hye was born in 1985. Yoochun, on the other hand, was born in 1986. As far as I kow, most of the TVXQ boys are 86ers. That makes Eun Hye a year older only. 🙂

      • YEH was born in October 1984 and Yoochun was born in June 1986, making them only ~ 2 years apart in age.

    • Lie to me was not that popular. I loved it, but the rating weren’t good. Especially when you consider the big name leads.

      I just hope the story is good. And, apparently she is not in talks, she already accepted. But I will believe that when I see pictures of the script reading!

    We usually have the EXACT SAME impressions on things that I sometimes take yours for granted as mine but no no this time I’m disappointed, YOOCHUN AND YOON EUN HYE IS LIKE THE OTP I’VE ALWAYS WANTED TO HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!1 DAEBAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAK

  7. It’s going to be fans war between both side. Both have big fans base and if nothing going smoothly eg, rating fail,-I can’t imaging that.

  8. Aigoo, drama gods, can you conspire and NOT let this one happen? Please, drama gods, give wuri Eun Hye a MAN for her next drama. I know her Ji Hwan oppa can’t be her leading man for the time being, so can you give her So Ji Sub or my Won Bin instead? If you grant my wish, promise, I’ll be good. (-;

      • or joo sang wook? i really want to see both of them. maybe chemistry?

        p/s: just my opinion 😛

    • or Joo Ji Hoon! Please dramagods!!! Yoochun might be good looking etc etc… but YEH is really like a Hallyu star in terms of acting and she may shadow him with her stellar performance! Please someone with a higher calibre and longer acting in acting! I mean no offense, Yoochun was great in Rooftop Prince but we know that YEH seldom appears in small screen so I wish she doesn’t waste her time with another drama that would have the possibility on being a flop again? I wish she would work again with Joo Ji Hoon….

  9. Happy to hear/read that Yoon Eun Hye will (hopefully and finally) return to the small screen. 😀 I like Yoochun, not such a big fan of his acting (though its decent). I hope they will have a good chemistry on screen. 🙂

  10. Actually, you know how fans are amazing at knowing stuff (they knew about Yoon Eun Hye involvement since JUNE!) we, the rest of the mortals, don’t know… And they say that the second lead male is super important in this drama, just as important as the lead… So, I was alright with PIE doing that if it was true. But I guess it won’t happen.

    I actually liked him in Rooftop Prince, even if the story was meh. That F4 made me watch almost until the end.

  11. I really like both these actorsand yhe script writer but I’m really not sure about this,premise, ut sound very blah…i’m still willing to give it the benefit if the doubt with this writer but I really dont want Yoon Eun Hye picking another romantic comedy or any drama where romance is the key thi.h

  12. I really like both these actors and the script writer but I’m really not sure about this premise, it sounds very blah…i’m still willing to give it the benefit of the doubt with this writer but I really dont want Yoon Eun Hye picking another romantic comedy or any drama where romance is the main arc anymore….i think it’ll be useful to her if she could change up her image and stop acting in mediocre rom coms or the like

  13. I’ve turned into this completely hopeless Yoochun fan throughout these days. I’m pretty much looking forward to this only because of Yoochun. The plot seems to be the old melodrama and I know a lot of Chunsa’s have been pretty much traumatized after Yoochun’s Miss Ripley. Honestly, I don’t have much confidence in MBC. The combination of Yoochun and Eunhye makes me feel empty inside as well rather than excited.

    • Not to mention.. the second female lead is a friggen plastic porn star. The first thing that pops up in Google, are her naked racy photo’s.

  14. I had the same feeling when PIE was rumored to play 2nd lead. I actually don’t mind Yoochun much and while I don’t think he is the best actor , I do think he is decent. As for this pairing, I’m all for it and I really hope YEH takes it. YEH has had nothing but utter flops in terms of dramas post-coffee prince while Yoochun on the other hand has had relative success ratings wise with almost every drama he has been in (I don’t remember how ripley did) so maybe by taking this YEH will finally have a decent drama on her resume again. I mean I have to give Yoochun some credit because he seems to be pretty good at choosing his dramas since while none of his dramas have been my faves they were nowhere near the atrocities that Lie to ME and My Fair Lady . Also YEH can have chemistry with a rock so they might just work.

    • YEH’s MFL rating was higher than all YC dramas almost 19%, even ltm sold out so many countries, I don’t think was a flops anyway. She always had good chemistry with all her actors and YC/YEH know each other since XMAN days. Both of them have big fans base, but this drama will go again 2 other sag/period dramas with popular actors CTH and JS will be very hard to get hight rating. Good luck to YEH/YC.

    • LOL at ‘atrocities’!

      LTM may have been an ‘atrocity’, but I LOOOOVE it! T’was, to borrow Jason Mraz’s words, a beautiful mess. Well, at least to me.

      As Capt. K always says, drama watching is a personal experience. So, best of luck to this melodrama. Hope it’ll do well whoever the final cast will be.

    • I agree, she can have great chemistry with a rock. So I’m not really worried about her having great chemistry with Yoochun. But, this drama may be lacking in other areas, so we’ll just have to see, I guess.

    • Flops? Eun Hye’s My Fair Lady had ratings of 19% more than any Yoochun dramas and enjoyed success internationally, so I dont know what you’re calling a flop.

  15. Wow. Individually I happen to be a fan of theirs.
    However reading the comments here which are straight off with either hate or love and nothing in between, it’s kind of scary to read.

  16. Micky’s so cute in comedies, wonder why he wants to do another melo instead of something action oriented – like a cop show, or live theatre like JIW did to improve his skills.
    He seems to be treading old Miss Ripley ground.

    Put YEH in there and it makes a little more sense. Pretending TCotL didn’t happen, she has had good chemistry with her leads. They could create an OTP I could cheer for.

  17. They actually have a bit of chemistry in xman when they did the of course game in ep 23 but it worries me how much bashin Yoon Eun Hye is getting from his fans…. Like she’s not good enough for him, which is ridiculous because out of all her projects, she was always the more famous one between her and the male lead… And the male lead actually get more recognition after working with her…. I

    • i don’t see anyone bashing her

      and i go on his fan sites
      Yoochuns fans have supported all his co stars so far; Park Min Young, Lee Da Hae, han Ji Min

      Yoochuns fandom even voted Han Ji Min for her SDA award (though admittedly she is Yoochuns fandom favourite)

      idk what will happen if the drama starts though; if its good everything will go smoothly but if it flops there will be mud slinging (on both sides)

      from my perspective i have to admit that as TVXQ/JYJ fans we can be cray at times
      but from my experience as a drama viewer if any actress that had a crazy fandom resembling a kpop fandom that would be YEH; i.e her crazy stans are just as crazy

      I tend not to lump myself as part of a “fandom” and since i adore YEH in coffee prince (even though the rest of her projects appear lacklustre to me; not necessarily because of her but other factors) i will be happily tuning in.

  18. I think EU is a good actress and she needs to challenge herself more. I want to see her in a melodrama or a sageuk. I don’t know about the pairing, have to see the first few eps. Yoochun’s acting is ok. I liked him is SKK Scandal.

  19. I like the writer and the pd of this drama. The premise might not sound as interesting as some trendies, but a well-executed traditional melo is as gripping as any dramas.

    I love Yoochun and YEH, so I would love to see the two pair up. I think they will have good chemistry.

  20. I was never a fan of Lee Seung Gi until The King 2 Hearts. I did watch two of his previous dramas but they didn’t do much for me.

    Yoochun is a little different for me. I loved him in SKKS, but that may have been more of a case of him fitting the role well. And that was a lighter drama. I don’t think he handles the heavier drama as well, but he’s still growing as an actor. I think there will come a time when he too will have a great performance.

  21. I like Yoochun…he was good in RTP (whatever little I saw of him). I hope he pulls a Seung-gi cuz it’ll be such a wonderful surprise. I read that YEH is the lead so here’s wishing the both of them the best of luck.

    I dunno but I find it a bit baffling that in K-ent there’s such a fixation of playing the leads as opposed to taking on character roles which will enable these actors to become more nuanced in their acting and improve their craft. Hence, I wouldn’t have minded seeing CJM as the antagonist if it were an atypical one. It would’ve been something different for him.

    • Actresses in particular have such short shelf lives that it would be career suicide to take roles simply to improve one’s craft. Sad, but true. I think the same is true for actors but it has more to do with building up momentum and popularity.

  22. I was so happy that YEH return with a drama and more if it would be a melo, but like your Mrs Koala not want to be paired with YC, I will not be wars between fans is just my opinion, and perhaps as you say Koala change my opinion, hope for the best, to others still not confirmed anything we can only hope.

  23. I am actually squealing right now. I am totally on board THIS ship! Love both actors, I think they would make a lovely OTP. Sooooo prettty too… I am begonning to dream now. *sigh

  24. Let’s stop attacking each other, the two stars have a huge fan base so it would be something stupid war, as both are star YC Yeh and class A, none of the two is less than the other, so stop attacking telling each other who is better than the other, please avoid this kind of nonsense and only if respectively brindemoles our support will make the drama together or not, however nothing is confirmed yet, we can only hope.

  25. My sentiments exactly. I am not acquainted with Yoochun’s projects and don’t want to be but if YEH joins in I’m going to have to see it… although I gave up on My Fair Lady and Lie to Me very quickly because both have atrocious storylines although I like KJH very much.

  26. i second,third,fourth the motion…NOOOO…yoon eun hye needs someone more dynamic and seasoned opposite her…not necessarily older, but just, a real true to life actor, someone’s acting and energy she can actually feed off from. I like her but I feel her acting is a bit unstable, so she needs her co-star to be more with depth.
    and seunggi and yoochun are different…seunggi’s acting before is uneven but he was always expressive and unreserved. Yoochun from what ive seen from him, he might be the best idol out there to act, but i feel like he’s still expressionless and reserved, a trademark of idol actors…

  27. I love YEH. She’s my favorite K-actress, but I still don’t want to see her in this. I hear it’s a melo, and with Yoochun? Nooooo.

    If the rumors are true, I’ll just savor the days we have left of Arang.

  28. I hope they will confirm the lead actress and the rest of the casts soon to end the speculation. I love the scriptwriter’s works especially her latest, CYHMH, so fingers crossed we’ll get the best leading actor & actress for this drama.

    If I Miss You has similar style as CYHMH, the 2nd lead male will also be as important as the lead.

  29. I soo want YEH to get this drama offered by MBC! cause she has been named by MBC as their MIRACLE! remember coffee prince and goong? it was all shown in MBC! so if all goes well this might be a big hit! I liked Yoo chun in RP, but won’t he just look smaller beside yeh? :/ but on the bright side, if yeh can make oozing chemistry with yoon sang hyun oppa, then she can make oozing chemistry with yoo chun too. heck she can make chemistry with even a rock! Still hoping for good news! ^^

  30. For me this will be another big hit in the Phils viewers, for these two main actors are very much loved & admired by the Filipino people in their portrayals of several Korean drama! Looking forward to it! Keep us posted please. Thanks & Good luck!

  31. really not sure about this drama..hope YEH rejects it….the second female lead so terrible n old…how come Cjes requested just signed new actress as second lead in this drama…i really hate their dirty play!!!!

  32. Hmm… Okay… That’s what crossed my mind. I like yoochun well enough… Really like his voice but rtp was cute and funny enough for me to see at least some acting improvement. Miss ripley was blah for me.

    Both are idols turned actors.. Well yoochun is still an idol but I do remember their decent chemistry back in the day but that was variety. So I think they’d probably be fine chemistry wise. However I think just the story overall worries me. Melo… It’s a tough genre. I just want a good drama for yeh. Sure ltm wasn’t a total bomb but it probably wasn’t close to expectation. It’s a tough lineup right? Is it up against the great seer and nice guy? Anyhow I will remain optimistic for now. I was hoping yeh would pick a project that paired her up a more experienced actor but either way I wish her the best in her endeavors

  33. I have a mixed feeling about this. I’m glad she will return to small screen (if she take this project) but on the other hand I’m wary of YC fans. YEH doesn’t deserved all of their bashing. She’s his senior in acting field after all & well respected in K ent. industry, YC fans should know about this. Now more and more of YEH fans who want her turn down this offer.

  34. The female lead will be Jang Mi In Ae
    this is the cut from the news i read

    An official said, “Through Nam Eun Joo, a hot-tempered girl who becomes a quiet lamb in the face of love, Jang Mi In Ae will be able to show off a new set of charms.”

    who is Jang Mi In Ae btw? I havent heard about her before… perhaps I should google her..

    • No Jang Mi In Ae is only the second female lead not the first lead.
      Jang Mi In Ae is the actress who also belongs to Yoochun’s agency. CJ-ES even threatened the PD that they would pull out Yoochun from the drama if they didn’t cast her as well.

      • lol CJES is scary haha
        good thing then, Yoochun has been paired with gorgeous actresses in his dramas so far.. I prefer not to see him with dont-know-who actress as he is still considered as newcomer in dramaland, decent female lead with solid acting background is important..
        thanks for clarification btw..

  35. *sigh* I am a fan of both Yoochun and YEH and was excited by the possibility of their pairing. Now, I am hoping that YEH will turn down the offer just simply because I am tired of the fanwar, rampant spreading of rumor as facts and general hissy fits thrown by fans from both fandoms. And we are only at the pre-production stage without even a confirmed female lead. Lord help us if YEH actually end up signing on. Eeep, I know that this is a melodrama, do we have to get into the mood this early already??

    Even though both Yoochun and YEH are adults and industry veterans, it freaks me out when some act as if they know/own them and know exactly what’s best for these two. Why is it so hard for fans to just wait and see instead of jumping to all kinds of conclusions? Why are some fans such control freaks of their biases?

  36. As much as I wanted to see YEH participates in a new drama, but I really hope she turns down this offer.

    Not that YC is not good or not popular enough to pair with her, it’s more of I don’t want YC’s fan to have 16 or more episodes bashing her. What has YEH done to deserve such treatment from antis?

    • is yoochon’s fans that scary??

      im a big fan of him btw, but I never bash any actress that work with him


      • From what I read, his fans on various other sites have already started attacking her. I just hope she’ll drop this drama and wait for another good opportunity.

  37. i really” wish that YEH will TURN DOWN this drama… i like Yoochun but i more like & fans to YEH.. i don’t want his fans that some are so crazy bashing YEH..she don’t deserve that…

    hoping that YEH will play another drama with an actor that more mature and have fans base that not so bashing her..

    i really want the best for her, and really want that if the drama rating not good, all the blame not for her..i know she always do best for all her drama..

    Please dramagod & GOD let YEH turn down this drama..she deserve with good drama & good actor beside her…AMEN

  38. I respect ur opinion about the possible team up of YEH and PYC. But this is one pairing that I’ve been dreaming of since I’ve known Yoochun. It’ a dream project wherein 2 of my most admired Korean actor / actress are set to melt my heart …once again!


    NOW that’s a concrete proof that a Yoo Chun fan is bashing Yoon Eun Hye. Where’s yours? Saw it on twitter? Or maybe you can even read korean and you saw it on DC? It would only cost you less than 20 characters to post the link so we can altogether bash that person to our hearts content. Say, better than just posting something that is never there to begin with and creating unnecessary public fanwars, isn’t it?

    SERIOUSLY. Reading all the posts about this Yoo Chun fandom “apparently” bashing Yoon Eun Hye is so frustrating. From one drama blog to another, it just never stops. Someone has indeed succeeded sparking a fanwar and I’d bet the only toonie in my pocket that this “self-proclaimed Yoon Eun Hye fan” is not even her fan to begin with and is simply an idol-actor anti which that poor guy always gets whenever an article of him comes up in drama blogs. And since they can’t bring everyone to hate the guy, they’re sneaking in to direct the hate to his fans instead. Such a disgusting tactic.

    We are all FANS here, speaking ill of another doesn’t make you any better.

    My apologies, Ms. Koala. If you think this post is unnecessary or if by any chance, offended you, please feel free to delete it. 🙂

    • here’s one *https://twitter.com/dongbangasm5/status/250981716427153408*

      26 Sep 심재민 심재민 ‏@dongbangasm5

      @the_babysky no~~~~~~~ sorry I don’t like yoon eun hye IDEK why.

      26 Sep 심재민 심재민 ‏@dongbangasm5

      @the_babysky she’s too old for him anyways. I want Kim Tae Hee and Park Yoochun collab

      26 Sep 심재민 심재민 ‏@dongbangasm5

      @the_babysky ewww Kim Taehee is always better and CLASSY-ER than yoon eun hye tbqh ~mehrong~

      26 Sep 심재민 심재민 ‏@dongbangasm5

      @the_babysky LOL I don’t like Yoon eun hye’s style either, she’s kinda dare I say it, cheap. I used to like Lee da Hae

      26 Sep 심재민 심재민 ‏@dongbangasm5

      @the_babysky you’re a perv, yes, and despite me being a perv, I don’t want to watch her rub her tits or any part of her touching yoochun lol

      심재민 ‏@dongbangasm5

      @7010thechul @the_babysky because to be with Park Yoochun, you need class and elegance. Yoon eun hye’s got none of that so…. *kanye shrug

    • I have also been puzzled by posts left on various blogs and forums alleging that many JYJ fans have been bashing YEH. And like you, I have not seen any at all. As for some of the comments on twitter posted below, a few immature comments does not represent the consensus of an entire fandom.

      • Unlike the commenter above, I wont post links but I can honest to goodness say that I’ve seen a bunch of his fans bashing her on weibo site and also at DC. The DC post is kinda hard to prove though, because they usually get deleted by the mods.
        The craziest thing that one of his fans posted on DC was them complaining because Yoon Eun Hye was a former idol! LMAO, they said we don’t want a former idol to act with YC.@-@ that comment made me go wtf!

    • why there is no like or awesome button here to click for this comment? just because of some comments from nuts girls, then everyone will generalize them as yoochon’s fan..a true fan of him, wont bash people that he work with..

      poor yoochunnie, part of me glad that he closed his twitter, I cant let him see such pitiful tweets

  40. omg I want this to happen so bad. I love them both dearly and think they could have amazing chemistry on screen. I mean, mostly I just need Yoon Eun Hye to do another drama I can stand to watch lol, but I love YOochun too so I’m excited!

  41. I am a staunch Yoochun and JYJ fan and I don’t see any YEH bashing done by our various sites…Please do not spread this rumor and start fan wars

  42. I have followed all the discussion forumn on YC previous 3 dramas and I have to say his fanbase is most supportive of all his leading ladies.So this perception of bashing is TOTALLY UNFOUNDED and baseless. It is just not fair to pre write all this nonsense.

  43. @Doublebubbles. It is very dangerous to make false allegation . I do follow his fansite both in Korean and English and Japanese sites and there are no such incidence. In fact they are still wondering who the leasing lady is? So these talks of bashing is totally nonsense. My gut feeling is this is a deliberate excercise to bring negatives to this drama from the onset. And it is wrong.The drama should be given the better of the doubt before it even confirm the casts

  44. Not a fan of the actors at all but I’m a BIG fan of the actress !!!!
    Very bad pairing which makes me not want to watch their drama. 🙁

  45. Seems like I contributed to the hostility between Yoon Eun Hye and Yoochun’s fandoms, so I am apologizing for that. I know when to admit my mistakes and when to apologize when there is a cause. In this case, it is to not stain Yoon Eun Hye and Yoochun’s names with my wrong course of action. I should have taken the high road earlier and just kept my frustrations out of public and just to myself, but if it is not too late, I will do so now. I hope that both fandoms will calm down and think of the cause that we both have, which is seeing them and their possible drama project together succeed. Again, I apologize.

    • Hi, Vegaspink. thank you and truly appreciate your message to clear up this and put a lid on it once and for all , Hope that this will see the end of all the false allegations and give this drama the chance to succeed. thanks again for your reply.

      • here’s one *https://twitter.com/dongbangasm5/status/250981716427153408*

        26 Sep 심재민 심재민 ‏@dongbangasm5

        @the_babysky no~~~~~~~ sorry I don’t like yoon eun hye IDEK why.

        26 Sep 심재민 심재민 ‏@dongbangasm5

        @the_babysky she’s too old for him anyways. I want Kim Tae Hee and Park Yoochun collab

        26 Sep 심재민 심재민 ‏@dongbangasm5

        @the_babysky ewww Kim Taehee is always better and CLASSY-ER than yoon eun hye tbqh ~mehrong~

        26 Sep 심재민 심재민 ‏@dongbangasm5

        @the_babysky LOL I don’t like Yoon eun hye’s style either, she’s kinda dare I say it, cheap. I used to like Lee da Hae

        26 Sep 심재민 심재민 ‏@dongbangasm5

        @the_babysky you’re a perv, yes, and despite me being a perv, I don’t want to watch her rub her tits or any part of her touching yoochun lol

        심재민 ‏@dongbangasm5

        @7010thechul @the_babysky because to be with Park Yoochun, you need class and elegance. Yoon eun hye’s got none of that so… *kanye shrug

      • ^This is personal twitter followings. not the fansite of Yuchun.It is very dangerous to lump these in public . I do question your real intention though

  46. Oh at last there’s this news of YEH’s project. This has long been anticipated by her fans. But if the story line, tells about a first love that was torn apart, I think it would be more realistic if the pairing will be of the same age, or the guy is say 2 to 3 years older than the girl. But with YEH and YOOCHUN’s case I believe YEH is older than YOOCHUN. I think a leading man who is a bit older than YEH will be more appropriate. But anyway, let’s just wait for the latest development and see what will happen.

  47. Will definitely check this drama out because of the writer’s works. I read in a korean news portal that they’re currently casting 3 actress(es) right now and the confirmation should be out in the 1st week of October. If YEH confirms this, it’ll be a learning experience for her acting alongside a younger, male lead (not by much, i know.), since she’s always been stuck with older ones. Mickey Yoochun is decent enough of an actor, IMO, a growing one at that and if I can probably just set aside my preconceived notions about his idol status (i admit to having trouble on this part) and concentrate on his acting, I may be able to warm up to him in no time. So yea, bring this drama on! 🙂

  48. Weeewww. Korean Entertainment Industry is very scary. I’M GLAD MOST YOUUCHUN’S FANS ARE VERY SUPPORTIVE ^_^ If I already feel the stress, excitement and worry, how much more the cast ??? I JUST HOPE FOR THE BEST OF YOON EUN HYE. I just want her to be happy ^_^

  49. I can’t believe the way people taking about Yoon eun hye !
    It is unfair …She is kind of senior .I am shocked ,you know .
    they should be happy not mad …she is awesome ,sexy ,gorgeous,cut and …!
    But it is ok they will regret it and feel sorry any way .we all know she has anti-fans as much as fans .As a fan of her I am fine with this cut couple …I am goona wait her to confirm then celebrate it .I make you sure it is going to be hit, so it is up to them to like and watch it or not because we will watch and enjoy it to death, since i seriously miss her pretty face !

    • Yoon Eun Hye is the biggest Hallyu star, is the most famous Korean actress, popular and beloved especially in Latin America where his series is requested. Fans should be grateful for any actor to have the opportunity to star alongside her.

  50. I love both PYC and YEH…I thought that this pairing is unusual yet fresh at same time. Having said that, i do believe that they will make a good combination in this melodrama. I just hope for a well written story ,if not the best, that will bring the magic within the 2 and also good performances from all the cast.
    Park Yoochun & Yoon Eun Hye Fighting!!!
    I Miss You Fighting!!!

  51. I love YEH..I love her despite of all her shortcomings,she makes all her leading men looked good..and she is kissing goddess..Her kissing scene is so real that even I as a woman find it very interesting..I don’t know why recently a lot of drama has older woman with younger man..I am very old fashion they should put her with some serious actors ..(my wishful thinking)I love Lee Sang Woo..another good kisser and serious actor..Kim Nam Gil very expressive actor too,to name a few..I find MYC is younger but we never know.. as almost everyone have to agree even a rock looked good with YEH..hahaha

  52. I’ll reserve my judgment on D’Day. . . Meanwhile hope YEH will confirm is she accepts this project and who is the second lead so we can move on. . .
    It has not even started but the bashing does? What a pathetic state we’re in.

  53. “like he can be replaced by a cardboard facsimile of himself and I wouldn’t feel the difference.”

    Really now? could you be a little less cynical? your comments about Yoochun are way too harsh Koala!
    i love YEH! adored her in Goong and Coffee Prince but after that i didn’t find any such drama…LTM was a freakin mess!
    As for Yoochun LOVED him in SKKS..skipped Miss Ripley..and then loved him some more in RTP..
    i have no idea why you think he is a bad actor!!

    ignoring it all…Best of luck to both the leads! you guys are fabulous and i will be watching the drama!

  54. @craycray.With regard to the twitter link on the bashing on Yeh. If you had trace their twitter conversation history ,you would have notice that they are Homin stans not JYJ stans. Homin stands for Changmin and Yunho after TVXQ5 break up.So there you go…They are just trying to create false rumours around to stir bad feeling for JYJ .They can’t break up the fanbase of JYJ members from TVXQ and are using this to hurt them by creating a divide and ill feeling with Yeh’s fans. There is a reason for their twittering and at the onset with negatives on Yuchun’s drama.Hope you are not part of them .

    • Also JYJ fans members Yuchun and Jaejoong have both pick up plenty of new and more matured fans from their dramas.Both locally and internationally Junsu has pick up many as well from his musicals.They are new fans after the break up.They are the ones with the buying power and financial support for JYJ .These are in addition to their TVXQ fanbase . So you would have a fairer idea that their fanbase is larger than their days as TVXQ5

  55. I am a fan of yhe and PYC,,, I am glad to see acting in the drama Replay Miss PYC with LDH. But after I read the rumors about yhe PYC and will act with me so worried …. We saw this during our girls (Yhe) is always paired with an older actor and really be able to balance their act together.
    Why should PYC???

    If in the end the decision to act in Drama yhe “I Miss You” I’ll try to watch the drama.

  56. YEH rejected.i heard goo hye sun will be female lead. aigooo
    IMU confirm totally will be flop.. poor this guy
    with 2nd female look old and not pretty and she doing many adult movie. i’m sure this drama will be disaster

  57. That’s fine with me if GHS is selected but to bring her in if she is a rumor is very wicked because of the legal action she is taking against netizens who tarnish her name with the false report on her.

    • Actress Goo Hye Sun has taken legal action against a netizen who spread groundless rumors about the star.

      On the 28th, Goo Hye Sun tweeted, “If you spread groundless rumors, you can be punished,” and attached a capture of the rumor in question. source :nate

  58. I dunno why people keep saying YC’s fans bashing her. Stop accusing people wrongly. YC is low profile and so are his fans. Among all idols’ fans, his fans are the most supportive and humble.
    YEH’s fans are usually arrogant. So I dunno. But if they are in, I am willing to support both. I will ignore all the fans and just focus on the drama.

      • @julieng this is old news about 1 year ago when Rooftop was first announced with Yuchung confirmation.This is done to tarnish YC image. Luckily the korean public and mainstream media support YU and counterattack with documentary on these so call stalkers.many celebrities also spoken about their counter with these stalkers. Thses happens to a lot of the celebrities as well. It has since proven that it was a set up and spread by a news tabilot .That new tabliot has since been sued for damages for the tarnish stories and lies by the agency of JYJ. The case is still ongoing.

      • saesang are not fans. YC’s REAL fans are really supportive. It is so frustrating some people try to make us look bad when they dun even know how our community is. So if you dunno, u’d better stop all your accusing. We have never complained on how YEH’s fans keep looking down on YC, those are everywhere, so why do you people keep doing this? I dunno if u want fanwar even before the drama starts or not, but if u fans keep that attitude, it only gives bad impression for people who are not in your fandom.
        I always have not so good impression on YEH’s fans on drama blogs even before this, but I don’t think talking about that would help at all, esp when I think YEH has high possibility to be in this.

    • @IDEK You really think you calling her fans arrogant is gonna help calm things down?

      You said to stop accusing Yoochun fans wrongly, yet you are so quick to point your finger at YEH fans calling them arrogant. You said Yoochun fans have never bashed YEH are you 100% sure about that? because I have seen them bashing her a lot on DC a few days ago. The reason why you probably haven’t seen it, because posts like that gets deleted quickly. But just because you didn’t see it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. If you get turned off by the pairing because you said YEH fans are arrogant and you’ve seen them bashing Yoochun, that’s how us YEH fans feel too when we see his fans bash her, we also get turned off. What I am trying to say is that it takes 2 to get along. You can’t just say that all Yoochun fans are really supportive angels who would never bash other actresses, because you dont know all of them. Just like I can’t say 100% that YEH are innocent little angels either. So it would be really nice if you’d stop calling YEH fans arrogant.

      YEH and Yoochun fans hostility with eachother first started when they were rumored to star together in drama Maids that they both rejected. After he took on Miss Ripley that’s when we saw comments from his fans saying that he rejected it because he didn’t wanna be paired with YEH, that he wanted to be paired with Lee Da Hae instead. That’s fine and all that’s his choice, but what irked us was when they added that Yoochun has so much influence and power coz he had the power to choose which leading lady to accept or reject. If the situation was reversed, wouldn’t you feel insulted too? Isn’t that also considered arrogance coming from his fans?

      We fans accept anybody being paired with YEH,it doesn’t have to be a famous actor infact Joo Ji hoon wasn’t famous, Oh Man Seuk was married and his very first drama acting job was with YEH, Yoon Sang Hyun wasn’t that big, Gong Yoo wasn’t big either until Coffee Prince. Out of all of YEH’s partner only Kang Ji Hwan was somewhat big but not huge. We supported them just like we did with YEH. So we are not picky whatsoever. We only have one requirement, that her partner’s fans dont bash her. They dont have to love her, just dont bash her.

      • I can speak for myself as a fan of JYJ , I am happy if Yeh is selected as the leading lady ,in the same way, I was happy Han ji Min was the leading lady for Rooftop.Same with the other 2 previous leading ladies. I will support whoever and I am sure the majority of JYJ fans too. I want to see a good storyline and a good plot drama .Most importantly, the drama be given that chance to succeed from the onset it deserves.

        If both of them have the chance to work together,Lets work together to make this an even better drama than their previous works.

      • @sunni, I concur! The best way to help them is to work together by supporting them if they indeed end up working together in this project. It will be a tough battle because they have a huge competitor. Ji Jin Hee has so many loyal sageuk following since Dae Jang Geum days. It’s hard to even stand a chance against sageuk dramas. It doesn’t help that I Miss You wont start till November. Not having a headstart makes it even tougher.
        I have pretty much given up on the ratings aspect already, I just wish for solid writing and directing at this point. A good script is so important cause that’s where the actors get there strength to showcase their acting talent. Lousy script ruins everything.

        I like everything that Moon Hee-jung has penned so far except for Smile You. Crossing my fingers that the story will be as good as Can You Hear My heart.

  59. Same thing for YEH’s fans, they very supportive whomever coleads with YEH. Just when you posted YEH’s fans arrogant, I disagreed with you for this, most of YEH’s fans went through this in all YEH dramas so we underderstand the feeling very mutual. Especially, YEH was an idol turned actress. I am YEH’s fan also watch YC dramas even listening to DBSK when they still in group so not bashing here! Just not liking what I read at all.

  60. @opinion.thank you. Lets hope for a good script and story telling plot with good direction from the PD that will showcase the talents of all the casts.:)

  61. i have bad feeling about this drama (maybe flop).. i hope at least it still can get at least 2 digit number.
    i confirm Jisung drama will be lead for wed-thurs slot, since korean more to saeguk drama.

  62. @opinion, very well said, love it. Our Yeh doesn’t deserve to be criticize like that, such a very nice person to be called names by some barbaric fans.
    @IDEK, & to others who badmouthed Yeh, please, if you have nothing to say but to attack Yeh, just zip, you got it? KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT!!! study your lessons instead & learn how to be human.

    • @chichamiming calm down please! Like I said before, using force is not the right way to keep the peace.

      For some weird reason, I have this feeling that some people who posted here are not really fans of any side. They just wanna start a fight so that both fanbase will have bad blood towards eachother.



  64. I am surprised, as there are people spreading rumors on various blogs to create a war between fans of Yoon Eun Hye and Mickey Yoochun. I personally find it ridiculous this situation because a true fan supports her favorite actor or actress unconditionally . In my case I am a fan of Yoon Eun Hye from the coffee prince, of Mickey Yoochun i not know any drama, but if he were to star opposite her (Eun Hye), would support them no matter what.

  65. I adore the both of them. Yoon Eun Hye is awesome in CP & Goong, and did pretty good job in MFL & LTM in spite of the bad writing. As for Yoochun, I thought that he had done a good acting job with his dramas. Hopefully YEH accepts the female lead role here *crossing fingers*. I dont know, but i just want to see them together in a drama & THIS is the chance. Well I havent seen the writers prev. works but ive heard that he/she’s great in this kind of genre. SO im really in on this one…

  66. Oh Em Gee. I dont know how I feel about this. I Know that YEH could act any part, and I do want her to get parts that broadens the use of her talent, but IDK if ill watch it. I cant always expect her in a rom-com, I wouldnt want that for her. With a good script, I think she could hit anything out the park rating wise. With an OKAY script, she still be boss but only her loayls turn in I think. Im not attracted to Yoochun, thats just me, but I wouldnt worry about chemistry–YEH has chemistry with a plastic ball! heheh, its just the premise of this show…idk. But ill def check it out for YEH.

  67. Let’s wait for the final casts announcement before we let out fires from our bellies.

    There’s no fun in fighting but in supporting a project together.

  68. Yoon Eun Hye supposedly rejected the drama already since September 20.
    The production were trying to get her back, but she still rejected it anyway because she was unhappy about the chaotic handlings & drama between the production and someone’s meddlesome agency.

    So now rumor lead is Lee Min Jung.

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