I Miss You Still Looking for Leading Lady as Yoon Eun Hye Reportedly Declines

Unless Arang and the Magistrate gets an extension, which is highly unlikely with its low-teen ratings, then at 20-episodes it will end on October 18th. Which means its follow up drama I Miss You is supposed to premiere a week later on October 25th. That’s all good and fine, except we’re here at October 1st already and the leading lady has still not been announced yet. NOT GOOD. Assuming a longer than average childhood portion with teenage Yeo Jin Gu and Kim So Hyun falling in love with pure sweet affection and blah blah blah, the drama still needs to build some time to get a head start on the adult portions. The latest rumors are that Yoon Eun Hye has just turned down this drama, and currently I’ve heard both Lee Min Jung and Gu Hye Sun’s name bandied about as being approached to play the leading lady. What’s getting DC and Baidu Yoochun fans in a snit is the casting of Jang In Ae Mi as the second female lead, since Yoochun’s agency C-JES reportedly insisted she be cast before they would commit Yoochun. I hate bundling like that, though its not that girl’s fault, but the proliferation of all her sexy and provocative pictures all over the web is not helping much for viewers to take her seriously as an actress. For now, the childhood portions have started filming and below are a few BTS pictures of the Yeo Jin Gu and Kim So Hyun looking all school chic together.

I actually don’t mind if Min Jung takes this drama. For whatever inexplicable reason, I really was not keen on the pairing of Yoochun with Eun Hye, but I feel like Min Jung reminds me of the type of leading lady Han Ji Min also projects and she worked well opposite Yoochun in Rooftop Prince so this might make more sense. Gu Hye Sun. Errr, no. By the way, I want to remind everyone that none of this is confirmed, and in fact Yoon Eun Hye was never confirmed to be in the running either, despite all the leaks that appear to suggest she was indeed approached to do it. I am interested enough about this drama to want to know who the leading lady will end up being, and honestly for the sake of Yoochun’s fans, I hope its someone who has lovely chemistry with him.

Whoever cast Yeo Jin Gu as young Yoochun is brilliant. Forget the boy being the next big thing, he actually looks a lot like Yoochun!


I Miss You Still Looking for Leading Lady as Yoon Eun Hye Reportedly Declines — 142 Comments

  1. With all the supposedly declinations of the rumoured leading ladies, and the fact that it still doesn’t have one up to this point..

    It really makes me wonder.. Does the script really sucks that badly? lol

    • Word is that the script is good, but Yoochun’s agency CJ E&M’s shenanigans are really annoying the production, which is also one that is prone to pulling their own shenanigans to begin with. So it’s like stepping into a potential hot mess.

  2. Lee Min Jung is way better than Goo Hye Sun and Yoon Eun Hye as actress , hope she can take the lead because I loved all the previous work of the scriptwriter ( specially Smile You , Can You Hear My Heart and Last Scandal ) .
    Waiting for good news

    • Lee Min Jung is way prettier than Go hye Sun and Yoon Eun Hye period!

      The girl is gorgeous with a capital G! But I have to disagree that acting wise she is better. Watched her in Smile You and her acting on certain parts reminded me of a dying Walrus. Even my husband who was watching with me at that time made a comment about her bad acting. She also got lots of bad criticism regarding her acting on BIG, but international fans who dont speak korean don’t know about it, because her agency is friendly with the reporters. But if you went to dc and other sites, her acting gets blasted!

      Physically, I dont think she and Yoochun match at all. She is beautiful while I wouldn’t call him very attractive. He looks sickly and this will make ma sound shallow but his acne scars bother me. As far as his acting is concerned, when he shows certain emotions his face looks constipated. Though I am not a big fan of LMJ’s acting, I like her enough where I can say, she would be getting the short end of the stick. His management company is shady and will pull anything to make him seem the better actor. Media payoff anyone?! I can already see articles about him, praising him for his acting. Bleh!

      • a good actress can be criticized too, I think Min Jung is a great actress because she showed her acting skills in her previous dramas and specially movies , Yewons(LMJ fans) usually make fun of this : she got the fame with her drama characters and the awards with her movie roles …

        The critics she received during the first episodes of Big were basically because her character wasn’t well received , but in the 2nd part of he drama she received many good reviews form several portals .
        A bad role or a bad script can’t turn a good actress into a bad one , it’s basically the way how few ( or a lot ) of people can percive the character ….. and of course there are moments when a actress can show better or worse performances

        I think the same applies for Yoon Eun Hye who won me over with Coffee Prince , but in all of her projects after CP she received tons of bad criticism from viewers and critics … that means she’s a bad actress? no way =s then it was a miracle her performance in CP?

        I wish Min Jung or Eun Hye to take the lead in this drama , I’m a Min Jung diehard fan so I would prefer if Min Jung takes this drama because I want to see her in a melo ( or a action drama so desperately xD )

        P.S : And about her management , more than a “friendly” agency, MS TEAM is percibed like a great management where several managers dream to work in because they have a very low profile – compared to other companies – but their actress are all a success

      • In term of beauty, GHS and YEH are on par with Lee Min Jung. None above the others if you look at the whole package. GHS with her bright face and amazing complexion and YEH, with her youthful babyface feature plus wonderful body. LMJ, beauty is just average at certain angle but her eyes are beautiful but she don’t have amazing figure to flaunt, lack of height and beautiful legs like the rest of other actresses out there.

        In term of acting, I’m not fans of those three, there are just ok to me.

      • LOL. You think that you are the only who knows Korean here? I am half Korean and I don’t have problems with her. And which DC thread did you visit? MBC drama or something else? Is DC the golden standard? I hate this kind of “nativist” comments. If you go on DC, most of the threads are pure junk. I remember when Korea started to have DC gall inside, some fans criticized Jeon Do Yeon for her voice, for her personal life, but look what happened after she got the Cannes Film Award? The same group of fans shut up and forgot all the bad things they said about JDY before.

        DC is a fun place to surf around, but you cannot take DC too seriously. I just couldn’t believe nobody remembers the incidents of Choi Jin-sil and Tablo. Netizens spread rumors and what’s worse, the reporters are being lazy and their “news coverages” are often replications of those rumors.

        Yes. Lee Min Jung did receive negative criticisms when Big was first broadcasted. So what? My favorite Son Ye Jin was heavily criticized in Personal Taste as well. So it’s not true that their agency (both LMJ and SYJ belong to MS TEAM) being friendly with the reporters will stop criticism from fans and reporters.

        I won’t say that LMJ is a great actress–not any time soon or never. But she has potentials. I would prefer to see her take another project IMMEDIATELY; otherwise, her name is always connected with LBH. LOL. If you want to talk about gossips, LBH is the one who has the most gossips ALL THE TIME.

        Anyway. Everyone is entitled to have his or her opinion. But I don’t think it’s useful to “quote” some ludicrous authorities, including Korean news reporters. Everyone’s preference and judgement is different. That’s all.

      • Not everything that comes out of DCMBC is junk as you say. They were right with CJ-ES threatening the production and forcing to get Jang In Ae Mi to get casted.

        DC or no DC I still think her acting sucks. Thankfully for her, she is blessed with good genes, even bad acting is forgiven if the actress is hot.

  3. Like previous commenter said, Goo Hye Sun in – I’m 110% out! She’s forever in my blacklist ever since she ruined BBF with her OTT ‘acting’ and pouts.

    • Luckily she seems to be transitioning into directing in the future. I like her so much better behind a camera than in front of it!

      As for casting LMJ, I hope she turns down the project because I’m not sure she will look quite right with Yoochun. LMJ is a stunner but I can’t help but feel that Yoochun would look like a little brother rather than a love interest. She has a womanly face whereas Han Ji Min is eternally youthful and somehow managed to match well with Yoochun.

  4. Firstly, OMG, not GHS. Not not not.

    Secondly, I thought you wrote, “insisted she be cast or they would commit Yoochun.”

    which would be some sort of ritualized suicide by Pop Idol dancing/singing/kissing band members?

    I agree that LMJ would give a similar balance to MY as HJM. What about that little girl who starred with My Seung Ho in Operation Proposal, Park Eun Bin? Too young?

  5. Park Min young or Park Shin Hye or Kim Seo eun…give me a curious leading lady for Yoochun ..Its just a wishful thinking because I like this 3 actress…

  6. Aww, Yoon Eun-hye, WHY?

    Gu Hye Sun? Lol, no. Also, I thought she was done with acting after that Captain drama? And then, I kind of need a break from Lee Min-jung to be honest. I used to love her but somewhere between Wonderful Radio and Big, that love kind of faded away. Not sure what happened. :/

    I’ve never even heard of Jang In Ae Mi. I did a google search on her and apparently she was in Soulmate? I don’t remember at all to be honest. Then I googled her name in Hangul and I found the provocative pictures. Nope, not taking her seriously.

    I’m side-eyeing Yoochun’s company. These aren’t the only negative rumors I’ve heard about them.

  7. Sounds like its the production people that are the real trouble here…Actually, I’ve seen Jang Mi Inae in Soulmate, and she’s not that bad…wayyyyy better than Gu Hye Sun anyways….JMI was the bitchy girl in there and even so she managed to give her character sass and depth (of course some of the credit goes to the writing)…she really wasn’t that important of a character there but she stood out enough that I still remember her scenes vividly..for the right reasons too…but she certainly has a certain image
    I don’t mind Lee Min Jung here either…she could be game for this since afterall this is the writer that give her real breakthrough drama….would be a really interesting pair

  8. Omgsh if Goo Hye Sun is in this I’d be utterly mad. Her acting is HORRIBLE! She literally butchered Boys over flowers! And killed Absolute Boyfriend! Please please not her!!!!

  9. oh no….please not LMJ..she’s the most beautiful on-list and i don’t want to see her suffer in another fail project…Yeo Jin Goo is the only reason if i watch this drama..the other cast (if including LMJ) make me out..It’s simple..,,Saeguk will replace TTBY 1st before Arang ends.,(which maybe can stole Arang viewers)..Nice Guy at the moment prove they is Hit’s drama and still on the 1st half of the episode..on the 2nd half of the drama.,of coz they will make a climax and NG will be unbeatable..So’what can we aspect from I Miss You.??
    ~still didn’t have leading lady
    ~out of time
    ~Yoo Chun emotion acting still didn’t prove
    ~another melodrama(to watch 2 melo in a row is a joke!)

    IMY just will be the same as Love Rain.,I do I do.,& TTBY..

  10. Yep, I’m in with u koala. I agree that min jung gives out same vibe as han ji min. For some reason, their acting style are kinda same with their similar body figures too, heheh.. I thought that yoo chun and eun hye is not very compatible so I’m a bit relieved they are nt workng togther. Not that I don’t like eun hye, I like her and wish she would take a suitable small screen project asap.. And that ent agency cj e&m, I hav nothing to say, but they never give out a good impression, I really hope that they won’t create mess like disagreement and too demanding wants during the production~ anyway thanks ockoala 🙂 cheers

  11. I heard that MBC was unhappy with JIAM’s casting, which makes me wonder if it’s MBC or the advertisers who’re unhappy with her casting? Like what ockoala said, her sexy & provocative pictures all over the net are not helping her and it surely won’t give good impression for the advertisers as well as the viewers. It’s not her fault though ’cause I remember her from Soulmate, she’s not that bad. She’s serviceable.

    But I hope PYC agency won’t mess up with this drama. IMY’s already the underdog here, its first few episodes will compete with 2nd half of Nice Guy & The Great Seer; and then it will compete against 2 sageuks. I don’t doubt the plot since I love Smile You & CYHMH; but the chemistry for melo is extremely important. So I hope they’ll announce the lead actress soon; time is running out.

    LMJ/YEH are ok with me, but please no GHS.

  12. I am with you, Ms Koala. I think Yoochun and LMJ would match really well. They both possess the same boy/girl-next-door good looks. I could see Yoochun having good chemistry with YEH as well though. YEH reminds me of his ex-girlfriend, the ultra-sexy Kahi of After School.

    Let’s hope that castings will be finalized soon.

  13. Oh my God, the only two leading ladies which would make me never check out the drama – cannot stand either Gu Hye Sun (who managed to overact even in a twdrama like Absolute Boyfriend, a drama designed for overacting) or Lee Min Jung (who I hope gets married to Lee Byung Hun and has pretty kids with him and retires forever).

    Please please please let it not be true.

    • agree with you 110%..please not ‘Lee Min Jung (who I hope gets married to Lee Byung Hun and has pretty kids with him and retires forever).’
      hahahahaha…you such a funny..

      • Count me in girls ,it is same here .
        I hate GHS and I just do NOT like LMJ …I still hope yoon eun hye will take the rule !

      • Envious of whom? Are we, as dramawatchers, in any position to envy actors and actresses? Not everybody will like your faves. That’s just how the world works.

  14. Just give the female lead role to Yoona, the second male lead role to Choi Siwon or JaeJoong. All SM artists in one drama. LSM will be very happy while dancing to Psy Gangnam style horse dance.

    • Very unlikely of SME to let any of its current “artists” be nowhere near any one of the JYJ singers whether irl or on-screen.

  15. Uhm, the title is kinda misleading, I thought that YEH has officially declined the offer. (I dont follow this site it just happens that it has IMU PYC related articles.) Also, I would like to correct that YC management agency is C-JES Ent. not CJ E&M^^…Anyways, I love Yoochun but seems like he really needs a lot of homework to do in this drama. I mean others are not into with his acting & think that hes not good enough(looks,acting..wateveritis). It’s ok BB YC, its ok, u can’t really please everyone.
    As for the recent rumored FL candidates LMJ & GHS,i like them but I dont see any possible chemistry with them with YC. I still prefer YEH. And I hope that rumors are not true that she declined the drama cause Im still waiting for her to confirm that she signed up for the role. Please YEH..

  16. Wow – I don’t even know what to say except, I tried very very hard to like GHS’s acting and I just can’t. I know nothing about the 2nd lead but sounds like regular crap that the entertainment industry pulls. I am not a fan of YC’s emotional acting… it’s been pretty poor up to now. I hope he has improved.

    Would LMJ accept something like that, she just finished a drama… and this production sounds like one huge hot mess. I doubt that it can pull in ratings at all… ok – the Great Seer could be a flop but NG has good ratings already. So I don’t know.

  17. Ummmm NO! Sorry but I will cry if Min Jung unnie has to be paired with this guy:( I am reading all kind of horrific stuff about his agency and I dont like his past history with violence hitting a female. I know that I should probably seperate his bad rep from prefessional work, but I can’t no matter how hard I try:( she deserves so much better.

    • lol you know her boyfriend also has not a so good past, right?

      he together with a CEO ruined a baseball player life, and even promised things to a girl who lived on Canada and left everything for him just to be kicked out once she got on Korea.

      • I know about Lee Byung Hun,it doesn’t bother me because they seem serious with eachother and Min Jung seems to really care for him. At least LBH didn’t hit a fan. And at least he is a good actor, but Yoochun is pretty bad. People on dc are already saying Lee Min Jung+Yoochun+Jang In Ae Mi+C-JES dirt work=drama flop. If Min Jung is going to be in this, I dont want her to be a victim of C-JES power trip and dirty methods.

  18. I like YC’s acting. He’s actually gotten better. Looks like he’s trying all sorts of roles which is great. Whoever get’s cast with him better have chemistry or it’s going to be an awful show. lol

  19. I find it funny that YC fans are still hoping that the female lead is Son Ye Jin. They are so picky, but do they really think they have the right to be picky?

    I bet SYJ would run far away as possible and reject this. What is she gonna gain from being paired with a lousy actor with bad agency staff behind him? Nothing! So dream on!

  20. I’m also a fan of LMJ and think she is gorgeous. I will watch if she decides to accept the project.
    Having said that @vans your description “Watched her in Smile You and her acting on certain parts reminded me of a dying Walrus” made me LOL.

  21. I hope the female lead cast is goo hye sun. she is very good for the genre of drama melodrama. than LMJ (no no no), she is very old for park yoo chun.

  22. Why I am not surprise when Yoon declined, she has been typecast ever since her Goong, she has been gluing to the romantic comedy dramas, and has never are trying to venture outside this genre. I was glad she declined though.
    Lee Min Jung is good but I am not sure if she is up for another drama when she just finished Big not too long ago. The last candidate is Go hye Sun, Please, this girl is a nightmare to act with (nothing personal against her). Her performance in Boy over Flower was a cringed worthy and has never improve ever since that awful drama.

    • I wouldn’t say that Yoon Eun Hye is always type casted just because she’s always been casted in romantic comedies.. actually, her characters are often different from one another. And she did try acting in a melodrama before in Love Song, but that drama unfortunately never happened because of Park Tong Ha’s suicide and that it couldn’t find a male lead even though she stuck with the drama for almost a year even though most of the other casts already left. She just needs a chance to show what she’s truly capable of instead of being written off completely… And p.s. beauty does not equal talent…. Talent and beauty can sometimes go hand in hand like in YEH, but beauty is never the reason for having acting chops.

    • Dont accuse Yoon Eun Hye of never trying to venture outside of the romcom genre, if you have no idea what you are talking about. The problem is that some viewers just yap their mouth carelessly.

      In 2010 Yoon Eun Hye was about to do a heavy drama with Park Yong Ha, they both already signed and the shoot was about to start weeks later, when Park Yong Ha became depressed because his parents were both sick. One night, he got drunk and then killed himself. Yoon wasted 1 year of her time by waiting for Park Yong Ha’s replacement, until it got officially shelved in 2011 because other male leads were scared to be the replacement of a dead person. She felt bad for the production company Verdi Media for the loss that they aquired, so she promised them that she would be take the next available drama that they produced, hence the badly written Lie To Me.

      It’s kind of infuriating that after all the good that she has done, some people just accuse her unjustly.

      Yoon also said in an interview that 98% of the scripts that she receives from writers are romcoms.

      If Yoon indeed rejected this drama, it’s not because she doesn’t want to try this kind of genre, but because of all the negativity that’s happening behind the scenes, like rumored discord between PD, writer, MBC, Lee Kim against etc. When it’s that chaotic would you wanna work with them?

    • FYI if (the rumor is true that) YEH’s declined the offer it isn’t because that she won’t took a challenge by starring in another genre on the contrary she really love to that’s why she agreed (unofficially) to take this offer in the first place and even taking a leave from her school but with what’s going on right now she doesn’t want to sacrifice her reputation again for staring in a problematic production. MFL & LTM’s fiasco are enough for her.
      Anyway, I don’t get you guys, you bashed her when she’s rumored to be the candidate for female lead, and now after she’s rumored to decline the offer you still bash her. So what’s your problem ?

  23. I think LMJ will work fine out of the two. Feel bad for the second lead actress (who actually was decent in Soulmate)…i think being cast alongside a crazy famous idol is not the best thing for an actress’ ego, eh?! Netizens, c’mon!!

    And, totally and absolutely LUB your header! <3 That beautiful man *sigh le sigh*

  24. i find lee min jung tolerable w/ SMILE YOU so yeah why not. But we can also have Kim So Eun or Park Shin Hye…idk. but please NOOOOOOOOOOOOO Go Hye Sun. No hate but girl cant act even to save her life. She’s good w/ other things though but certainly not acting. Its going to be painful to watch with the “over acting facial expressions”.

    • Kim So Eun would be perfect but she already has a drama, so can’t be.

      Park Shin Hye is tolerable and her specialty is actually melo. But she won’t be able to bring anything to the table in terms of ratings pull. All the drama that she’s played main lead had sucky ratings even You’re Beautiful did pretty badly. She kinda reminds me of Sung Yuri, not terrible actress…liked by many fans but when it comes down to ratings its major failure. Sung Yuri’s only drama that had decent ratings was Feast Of The Gods but that was only a weekend drama. Ratings does matter in korea whether fans and actors wanna acknowlege it or not.

      • though park shin hye may not bring good ratings her dramas become popular overseas.so idk maybe it will work this time around. Ohhhh Kim So Eun has a drama already?aww i want that girl to have a romcom kind of thing.

      • But dramas that she’s in don’t become popular because of her, they become popular because of who she’s paired with ex. Jang Geun Suk from You’re Beautiful who’s huge in other countries and with Jung Yong Hwa also from You’re Beautiful. Heartstrings tanked in Korea and didn’t do that well abroad. She’s an ok actress with so much potential, but I think domestic viewers hardly take her seriously anymore because lately, she’s been paired with nothing but idols. I think she needs to go back to her old roots, starting with an impressive project and a solid partner, no more idol partner until she re-establishes her footing.

    • Kim So Eun will be perfect, but sad she has a drama, how abt Jung So Min? abt Park Shin Hye, i dont think she is good in acting, she only have one expression in all her drama, pouting one

  25. Yuchun has a role in the drama,then it will guarantee for an award (such as Baeksang and SDA), even his drama flop but his fanbase are solid.LOL

    Good luck for yuchun

    • And that’s something to be proud of? He did not even deserve an award for some of his performances, there were others more deserving than him.
      How do you think he got those awards? Courtesy of his dirty management company and his fans who spend lots of money for votes.
      His company is famous for backdoor dealings.I totally get y they r having such a hard time finding an actress for him. Not everyone will just take that crap from them.

      • Some of Yoochun’s awards–most popular male actor–are voted in by fans-a given when one consider his large fanbase. But other popular idols such as Yoona, TOP and Kim Hyun Joong also won the same awards. His Baeksang Best Newcomer Award though is more performance-based and the result of his excellent debut performance in Sunkyundkwan Scandal. As a longtime drama watcher, I was surprised that an idol with barely any acting experience managed to master the saguek tone and portrayed Lee Sun Joon so convincingly. Of course, there were quite a few awkward scenes, but Yoochun did a good job overall.

        As for rumors of backdoor dealings and power plays, I would like to reserve judgement. Unless you are that fly on the wall when the whole deal went down, I would take any rumor as a grain of salt. I really don’t know how the above poster can conclude that C-Jes is a dirty company just based on such dubious evidence. C-Jes is a very small company compared to other agencies, would they be that stupid to pull this kind of stunt when Yoochun is still only a newbie and does not have that much star power yet? I doubt it.

        As a Yoochun fan, it pains me that rumors are perceived as truths by fans and antis alike. As for fans buying votes, *Headdesk*. In fact, all your allegations are er..headdesk-inducing.

      • I dont have be a fly on the wall to know how dirty his company is.
        Isn’t it already proof enough with how they dealt with the second lead from his company? Picking up fights and threatening the PD while stepping on others toes? Being the cause of delay? Agressively leaking out info to the media about Jang In Ae Mi so that they can get what they want inspite of protests from viewers, MBC and PD?

        I am sure you’ll find some other excuse for that too, but it doesn’t change their negative image and their unethical behaviour.

    • me think like that too, its not bcs i dont like him, but somehow he still need more improve in his acting skill >> just saying

  26. But what the drama needs since it’s going against tough competitions is a female lead who can pull in the ratings…. Someone who has her own huge fanbase that rivals that of idols… And I can only think of one person who can do and has just that… But she doesn’t seem to care about the ratings, rather she just loves to act… And even though she is nice enough to allow some people to take advantage of her, she doesn’t like dirty handlings…
    Anywayzzz, good luck to this drama… Looks like its gonna need it..

  27. is this the face of k-drama? a fan war? antis? bashing each other?

    guys, it’s just a drama… just sit back and enjoy it. don’t waste too much energy for fan war. life is too precious for that. stay away from rumours .. it’s not good for your health…

    • ^lita is a Yoochun anti pretending to be a YEH fan. Hopefully no one takes her posts seriously coz she is only trying to case fanwars between YC & other fanbase.

      I dont any troll-like posts should be taken seriously at all.
      His fans should keep in ming that he is an idol/singer so he has a lot of fans but also a lot of antis who are trying to stir something up.

      I hope his fans won’t take it out on other actresses fandom, because it is blatantly obvious that antis like lita are doing this evil deed.

  28. Yooochun has no chemistry with Lee Minjung! I have no problem with Gu Hyesun’s acting. I still believe that Yoochun has great chemistry with Park Minyoung and Park Shinye! If it’s Eun Yoon Hye, no problem either!

      • ughhh! Like maligning the talents/looks/what have you of the actor and/or actresses in contention for the lead role wasn’t enough…now it has come down to maligning the second lead’s character. Disgusting even if said in jest.

  29. Is it possible YEH declined both because the behind the scenes looked kind of ugly and she had the option to sign on another, more promising drama?

    If I’m not mistaken, a leading lady is needed for Joo Won’s new drama based on a successful movie and I know some fans were wishing YEH could take up the role. With Miss You out of the picture, she would be free to sign on another projet.

  30. YEH thank God that I do not accept, was praying he would not accept, she deserves something better, nothing in this drama convinced me, nor his character, or history of drama and fewer internal problems with certain agencies, sincerely luck this drama YEH because without it you will need.

  31. the only reason why I would go to see this drama was yoon eun hye, but as it will not be very successful I can not bet on this drama.

  32. LMG can not deny it’s nice but not a good actress, honestly the only reason I would see this serious drama Yeh but since you definitely will not lose reject my time on this.

  33. For those who are bashing GHS and YEH, better do your research because both are top stars and multi-awarded in korea and they are seniors to LMJ (not bashing) but LMJ has a really long way to go before she can be compared to GHS & YEH. LMJ have not yet establish a great piece of work like GHS did in BOYS OVER FLOWERS & YEH did that in GOONG, COFFEE PRINCE & MY FAIR LADY. So instead of being biased, fairly criticize and btw I am a fan of LMJ also and I truly wish she would have a great role in a drama. 🙂

  34. I think GHS will decline the offer because she is busy promoting the movie she directed. I hope LMJ would also decline cause I feel that this drama has been a mess from the start. Instead of this drama, I want Yoon Eun Hye to star in the drama that Joo Won was casted in “The Secret Lovers” based on the movie,”My Gf is an Agent”.

  35. OMG! WHAT A BUNCH OF UNHAPPY PEOPLE HERE..don’t worry GHS won’t be able to accept this project as she has her movie and national tour of her exhibit to take care of so she won’t have time..But i hope she will accept this project..anyway so what if you are out of it..WHO CARES compare to her you are nobody..

  36. Yoon Eun Hye said no? Really? Yay, kamsahamnida, drama gods! (-;

    Good luck to this drama though, whoever the leading lady will be. I’ll watch it, but only the childhood/adolescence part. And only because of Yeo Jin Goo.

  37. LOL to all the YooChun haters … i didn’t know we have so much Chunnie haters in this blog …. this actress drama always happen before Yoochun drama airs so i don’t have any problem cause once the drama airs everyone will fall in love with him and actress and story. he has proved in each and all of the 3 drama. Thats it. And he doesn’t need any popular actress because his alone fandom is greater than all three mentioned actress YEH …GHS … and LMJ …. so people chill out … i love all the above actress .. they are good in their own way … don’t be so cruel … even almighty YEH has two back to back flop drama under her belt … so chill out …. For me I love good K drama … thats all … 🙂

    • Correction YEH’s drama MFL you said it flopped had hi rating than all YC dramas..LTM low rating but still sold out many countries and YEH was a big endorsed for her fashion statements in LTM so no loss..Good luck for this drama! Let mighty YC brings home good rating with his 2nd lead actress.

      • LOL …Yoochun drama also sold at high price to many many different countries … and by the way i love YEH … love her in Goong, coffee prince and even her 1st drama about vineyard .. but please MFL no matter how high rating was… that drama is I don’t know what to say …. If you are talking about loss or gain … i can assure you Mickey drama will never ever get loss financially even how bad drama will be ….. he is after all Yoochun from DBSK/ JYJ .. he has like 100s of 1000s fans around the world. by the way i am not DBSK fan … JUST i love k drama and till now Yoochun has not failed me.

      • Well, we can assure you that YEH’s dramas never suffered a loss financially either and yes not even Lie To Me. So you dont like MFL, but just cause you dont like it doesn’t make it right to call it a flop when it had 19% ratings and popularity abroad. If you dont like it just say you dont..but dont resort to making up false data.

    • FYI,YEH only has one flop drama Lie To Me (flop in korea but squashing competition in other countries).
      My Fair Lady 19.0% in ratings + success abroad, license bought in many countries. And still higher than Yoochun’s Rooftop Prince ratings of 15.1%.

      You dont tell people to not be cruel, and then add then proceed to make underhanded comment about other actresses like that. Kinda contradicting me thinks.

      As for him having more fandom than the 3 actresses. So what? Woopie doo!Arrogance much? It’s to be expected from a male,idol-singer actor.

      • “As for him having more fandom than the 3 actresses. So what? Woopie doo!Arrogance much? It’s to be expected from a male,idol-singer actor.”

        YEH was also K pop Idol by the way

      • Yes YEH WAS also a Kpop Idol. Key word WAS. Last time I checked she hasn’t been a kpop idol since 2004 while Yoochun is still in Kpop and also acting. Most peeps dont even know her as an idol and only know her as an actress.
        So to compare the 2 fanbase is just so ridiculous. I dont know if you are just trying to start some shit with your arrogant comments, or you’re just simply arrogant by nature.

    • Wew chill there for a minute!
      My advice…don’t be too arrogant before the drama starts becoz u might end up regretting what u say later.
      You are not doing him any favors by lifting him up, while putting the 3 actresses down.
      Best thing to do, is to stay humble and wait till he proves everyone wrong.
      All this negativity before the drama is scaring me. This is not what I wanted for him. Not looking good…first they have fierce competitors, 2nd how can a drama succeed when the fans can’t even come together as a team to support the leads?:( All I see is bickering.

  38. Now I totally understand why most people dread that their fave actress be paired with idols. Because it gets ugly like this even before the drama starts.

  39. Not GHS!!!!!!!!! Nooooooooo!
    She still makes me so bitter and angry for ruining BOF. I can’t stand her pale little sour face.
    I was a crazy LMJ fan during SY days but since then she’s gone down hill. I thought she was one of the most promising leading ladies in Kdrama but with Midas , Big ……she just lost that special something. I actually liked Yoochun a lot in S.S. and Rooftop Prince but I don’t think he’ll look good with YEH or LMJ. Both are big girls with matronly figures…….He needs someone more petite and delicate.
    I think the Panda girl from P&H drama would look good with him.

  40. With the way things are going, I won’t be surprised if they end up casting no name actress (but good one) as the female lead (think Yoon Seung ah, Song Ji hyo – lol, Oh Ji eun, etc) . All the better for it – that way, vocal fans of the A-list actresses mentioned here can shut up and leave if they didn’t like their unni to act in it. Big name doesn’t really equal high ratings anymore anyway…

    • Not the actresses fault, the production wants to make this as a Halyu drama and insisted casting only Hallyu actor/actress. There must be ton reasons behinds to promote dramas out of Korea. But which actresses/actors can sell out advertising slots. Also not many Alister with hi rating dramas in Korea popular international as I known.

  41. I don’t see much this kind of bashing to YC when he was paired with Lee Da Hae or Han Ji Min. However LDH suffers lots of bashing from YC’s fans especially in the beginning of Miss Ripley, really fun reading it in the other blog. In twitter, that’ even worst.

  42. The Writer n PD alone were already a solid team. With a great story line n execution i think this drama will do just fine despite all the rumours line behind it.

  43. Goodness! I tried hard to understand both PYC’s & YEH supporters as each side got a point of being bash and criticise but really it is becoming obvious how a few of the posters here from PYC side underestimated YEH just so they can justify who they want to be paired up with him. I don’t want to use the word arrogant but clearly one or two PYC supporters are quite just like that.

    Yes PYC has got potential and did well as an actor but in no way his previous dramas and success can be matched to what YEH had already established as an actress and as a respected celebrity in Korea and major countries in the world. Remember IMY till now has got no lead actress may it be or NOT as a consequence of PYC’s management dealings but for the fact that the production team still has not found an actress to work in this drama it would be better for his supporters to just be more hopeful and wait who it will be and not to undermine other actresses because they have their own bet. Yes not an issue to say your preference but if you couple it with criticising another actress to justify the end then that is so not fair.

    I wonder what his supporters will say if the tables are turned and YEH was the first to be confirmed and PYC being rumoured as the male lead. I am pretty sure most will probably say the opposite that what I am reading here.

    • Glad to read a reasonable opinion from an impartial side. IMO YC has a potential as an actor and he can go further with his talent as long as he’s willing to learn and to improve and being humble. But it won’t helpful much (for his own career) if his fans always belittle other actresses that he will be paired. It won’t be funny if his rising acting career is “slumped” just because of one or two “obsessive” fans

  44. My Yeo Jin Goo looks a lot like Yoochun?! Sorry, Capt. K, but I will have to say NO. My boy looks way hotter and heck, he’s only 15! But I agree though that casting him to play the young male lead role is a brilliant idea. He’s a fantastic actor. I saw Sad Movie last night and boy, Jin Goo the little boy stole the show (or movie). So good luck to Yoochun. He needs to bring whatever acting chops he’s got to this drama. Otherwise, Jin Goo will overshadow him which methinks is what’s most likely to happen.

  45. Remember everyone, we are talking bad about the GHS the actress, not the person. I know she is very talented in other areas but acting isn’t one sorry. The girl just has no meotion when she acts and has always the same face and moves….

    • Agreed! I actually feel bad I called her sour faced. I meant in BOF. In real life ….she seems smart and nice. Just don’t want to see her in dramas opposite my fav male stars.

      • Hope GHS will accept this Drama…some may not like her acting but some kdrama followers may like it,We all don’t have same taste…

  46. when I thought of this drama, one of the actresses that came to my mind was Moon Geun Young. they would be perfect. I was reading some of the comments made about the actresses and actors. People are really harsh… esp the one about YooChun’s acne marks. Seriously, is that really a big deal? You can’t even see it that much.

    • I’m a Yoochun fan and I decided to read but “ignore” all the comments here. He is an inexperienced actor, so I’m totally fine if people think his acting sucks. Well, maybe it does suck. But I truly dislike it when people put blame on something that cannot be helped. Yea, he’s got some acne scars. So? What do you want him to do? Get plastic surgery or should he apply ten layers of foundation? Heck, Hyun Bin shouldn’t be allowed to appear in a television drama cause he has a friggen dimple. Eh, what?

    • Moon geun Young already has a drama “cheondamdong Alice” pairing with Park Shi Hoo … actually YC and MGY was my fav pair, even YC still need improve in his acting but he can learn some from MGY (she has Daesang Award for Painter Of The Wind) and both already met on stage @ Baeksang Art Award last year for the same genre

      • Why MGY? I like park shi hoo but he is so much older…. What is with these pairings? Always have younger actors with older actresses and older actors with young young actresses.
        I read the comments halfway through, noticed all the bashing, and then skipped the rest. I don’t have a problem with any of these actors or actresses acting. I think they each have their strengths and weaknesses and it is not only their actions but also depends on good directors, a great script and story line to make the whole drama better. I think everyone has their own view as to what is “great” acting.

  47. I would love for GHS to take on this drama with YC i love them both, but i think GHS is too busy right now 🙂 Good Luck I miss You I love the child actor as well he’s very good cant wait for this drama

  48. Despite all the minus points on GHS’s acting which I do agree, she IS author, director, artist, pianist and can even sing as well. I guess she is a compact disk.

    LBH is in a league of his own. His acting prowess is a feat to be reckoned with. Unfortunately, he does create a lot of news, whether wanted or unwanted attention, only the man knows.

  49. ghs ruined bof??go and look at the ratings..i was a hit everywhere if u all dint know..she saved bof.everyone loved her in bof,then suddenly when her 2 dramas flopped she became an eyesore!!as if the other actresses delivered hits after hits..they too had flop,single digit rated dramas..
    now i really hope she won’t accept this stupid drama!!

  50. Wow. For all this time I’ve been lurking here, I’ve NEVER EVER seen a comment section FULL of childish, immature and nonsense comments. What left my jaw hanging was the “acne scar” comment. SERIOUSLY. LIKE. WOW. O_O Dude, if you think you’re just “shallow”, think again.

    Oh yeah, there’s another “Yoo Chun topic” a few days back and it was reminiscent of World War 2 in there. I’m not sure if those comments are from the usual bunch of sane people losing their cool & just turned into batshit crazy antis or simply masquerading to join and spread the hatefest ‘cos you know, we can’t be sane all the time. ;D

    But really. I’m just disappointed.

  51. in BOF she was perfect, she was suitable for Jandi, for BOF concept! is her best character! because the character was very good defined!
    i think what you don’t like about the other series is their concept, their are not melodramas, are another type of series!!
    personal i don’t like AB because is not my type of drama, i like more captain and the musical! and BOF was like an ambassador for Korea!
    i hope she won’t accept this drama, i have a feeling is not a good drama, very good written! should be more selective!
    the best drama of Korea still remain BOF! lol

  52. Hey!Evryone, who just full of jelious to GHS!All of you like a barking dog ,hehe))Remember!!!All Over thE world adore Boys Over Flowers!There is no point to say that BOF failed or ruined because ,its rating is raising in geometric progress.Only BOF opened for me South Korea,and my first impression was great!BRAVO!!! So GHS is the best!If somebody else mix her name with dirty, Inter-multinational Fandom of BOF will destroy all of you! 😀 Remember!!!Titanic Support to GHS from the fans in Central Asia!

  53. Despite of many critics of GHS ,anyway i believe that she is very gentle like a beautifull flower.Only great film directors can find and show treasures like GHS and Lee Min Ho.So advice to them declain all the boring projects that injure their image,and accept only the brights one like BOF!Just be tastefull in it ,Aaaand Good luck! 😉

  54. yeah, today 4/10 and IMU still can’t get leading lady and second male lead. what a drama.. tskkk tskk.
    the drama seem mess to me.oho, poor yuchun
    This time he choose the wrong and bad project.

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